July 2015

Border collie puppies

Dogs are awesome working animals for homesteads because they’re so versatile. Regardless of what kind of dog you’ve decided to use, you need to choose carefully if you want to have top-quality animals that will perform the way that you need them to.

We’ve discussed the reasons that a dog would be a good idea in survival and post-SHTF situations in this article. But let’s move further and see how to choose your survival dogs and how to start and build your own kennel.

Protect animals from heatJust like with people, extreme heat can be devastating to animals, regardless of the type. Some are more sensitive to it than others but all of them require some care in order to protect them from overheating because they can die from exposure just like people can.

We’ve already written an article about How to Protect Your Farm Animals From Winter, so now we’re going to talk about to protect them from the hot months of summer.

Illegal immigrantsA little over a week ago, a young woman in San Francisco, California was killed for no apparent reason. The news has been rather quiet about the details of this crime, not even giving a reason for it. From all I can tell, it was a totally unprovoked killing, based on nothing more than the killer’s desire to kill.

That may not be all that far from the truth, considering who the killer is. According to police reports, the murderer of that young woman is an illegal alien who has been convicted seven times of felonies and deported five times. That’s just for crimes he committed here in the United States. We have no idea how many crimes he committed in Mexico, before coming north.

Sun goes outThe sun is our source of vitamin D, it keeps the Earth warm enough for life and it nourishes our plants so that we don’t starve, so life as we know would change forever if the sun were to go out. The question for many is “Can we survive if the sun goes out?” The final answer is simple, but the hows and whys are often supposition based upon scientific speculation.

Though most physicists say that the sun’s sudden termination is physically impossible, others say that it could happen. The results would quickly be chilling (see what I did there?).

home intrusionHome invaders are among the most psychopathically deranged criminals on Earth. They have no concern for the sanctity of your privacy and absolutely no respect for your life. They have no reservations on the most heinous of behavior toward their captives, and little fear, if any at all, of consequences.

Unlike burglaries where the perpetrator does not like confrontations with the owner/occupants of the property and only wants to steal the property itself, and prefers to wait until the occupants are not at home, home invaders integrate their sociopath hatred in their  larcenous behavior. Their murderously evil thought processes rival the madness of the fanatical jihadist when it comes to hurting people in the process of other activities. 

Survival mossWhat do you know about moss? It’s green and grows on trees, rocks and the ground, right? Sometimes it grows on the sides of a building, giving it that picture-pretty appearance. But is it good for anything? Well of course it is, especially in survival situations. If SHTF, moss can come in handy in several different ways. There are over 12,000 varieties and they all have uses.