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June 2015

Guns play a key role in maintaining personal safety before, during, and after a major social collapse.

When you are up against superior forces, you would be amazed at the kinds of simple weapons that will make it possible to evade capture, or even kill a determined enemy.

In fact, if you study the ninjas and samurai of Japan, plus martial arts, you will find that even the best trained and armed soldiers can be beaten with simple tactics.

Mckinney IncidentWell, it seems the police are at it again; or at least as far as the race baiters are concerned. Once more we have reports of police brutality and once more we have people up in arms. Only this time, thank God, there was nobody killed.

This latest incident took place in McKinney Texas at a party in a gated community. Apparently there were a few trouble makers at the party, getting a little rowdy. When the police arrived, the trouble makers didn’t cooperate and the police had to get a little rough with them.

As usual, someone caught it on their camera phone and it went viral. That’s all it took. 

CouponingThe cost of food has grown disproportionately to cost-of-living allowances and for many, it’s difficult to make a paycheck stretch far enough to pay the bills AND eat. When you’re doing this, stockpiling for an emergency seems like a faraway dream.

Many people find themselves choosing between eating and paying the bills but if you’re willing to invest a bit of time and energy, I can teach you how to shave up to 75 percent off of your grocery bill by using coupons and you’ll be able to start building your stockpile, too.

grow peppers

Peppers are one of Nature’s most versatile foods; there are many different kinds and you can eat them raw or use them to add flavor to many types of dishes.

Nearly all cuisines include peppers as staple foods because they’re easy to grow and they don’t take up much space. It’s this last feature that makes peppers such a great prepper’s plant; you can grow them literally anywhere that has some sun.