February 2014

BIG-diabetCoping with diabetes is hard under normal circumstances. Diabetics need to take regular medication; they must stick to a strict diet and are prone to illness and infection. All of these problems get exacerbated when SHTF. If a disaster happens, a diabetic is left much more vulnerable than the average person. He must take special precautions in order to ensure that he is fit to handle the situation.

After an SHTF event, people with diabetes need to attend to their special medical needs. If they are lucky, they still have access to medical help soon after the disaster strikes. This is not always the case, however, but, if it is, they need to be prepared. They might not be able to communicate with the healthcare professionals due to injury or shock. 


The decision to train your kids to use weapons is a personal one. If you’re of the opinion that knowledge is power, then this article is for you. We’re not debating the merits of teaching your kids to handle weapons; that’s a completely different discussion and one that we don’t feel has a right or a wrong answer.

We’re simply providing some tips for those of you who have already decided to train your kids to use weapons if SHTF.


Hunting and fishing are the bread and butter for all survivalists out there. Besides being a very enjoyable activity for your spare time, hunting actually serves a purpose, i.e. putting food on the table in a survival situation. Knowing how to hunt and how to dress small/big game might really save your life at some point.

Now, dressing game is not the most pleasurable thing to do. But, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. I like rabbits too, but when it comes to survival, you know, better him than me!

This post have been revised and republished with a new description of .308 included. We wish to thank to our readers for noticing the error and reporting it. 

When SHTF and security is a concern, the best firearm is the one you have with you–so long as its loaded and you know how to use it.  While that notion holds true if disaster were to strike tomorrow, you have time to consider the logistics of your firearms preparation before a threat becomes imminent.

To that end, some ammunition is considered more viable and effective for survival use than others, though specifically can be considered the best.  In a survival scenario, availability is key when it comes to weapons and ammunition selection.

Thus, the following five types of ammunition have been selected primarily for their high availability in normal times, which is likely to linger on when SHTF.

Every prepper has his/her own idea of what a major disaster will look like and how likely it is to occur.  However, one of the most catastrophic–not to mention scientifically plausible–is the EMP strike, which could be either natural or manmade.

EMP stands for electromagnetic pulse, and occurs in the form of a large burst of electromagnetic radiation that has the potential to disrupt electricity, radio waves, magnetic fields, Wi-Fi, and most other forms of electric currents we use on a daily basis.