Why South Africa Is Taking Guns From 300,000 People

South Africa has been in political turmoil as long as I can remember.

From the troubling days of apartheid, which ended in 1994, through the presidency of Nelson Mandela, up to modern days, the country has been torn with strife, despite the best efforts of some good people on both sides.

Today, South Africa seems to be just one more country which is on its way to socialism, as the socialist-leaning African National Congress (ANC) and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) parties have control of the government and are pushing to redistribute the wealth of white South Africans into the hands of “more deserving” blacks.

The Latest Gun Trouble

A recent court case has overturned a lower court ruling which stated that Sections 24 and 28 of the Firearm’s Control Act were unconstitutional. This has put some 300,000 gun owners in jeopardy, who are being told that they have 60 days to turn in their guns.

The specific sections of the law which are causing the problem are:

  • Section 24 – which states that any person who seeks to renew a license to own a gun must do so 90 days before its expiration date.
  • Section 28 – which states that if a firearm license has been cancelled, the firearm must be disposed of or forfeited to the state within 60 days. Disposal must be accomplished through a licensed firearms dealer or the police.

What this means to the man on the street, is that if they depended on the previous ruling, which nullified this law, they are now in violation of the law, due to the law now being back in effect. So if they didn’t renew their license, it is now expired and they must turn in their firearms to the police, who will destroy them.

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Talk about a catch-22 situation; the gun owners affected by this ruling had no chance. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the whole thing was orchestrated, behind closed doors, in order to get the hands out of these lawful gun owners. No evidence has come out to support that theory, and none may ever come out, but if I was a suspicious man, I’d think that.

This is not a buy-back either. The owners of those guns, who bought them legally, have not only lost their guns, but whatever investment they had in them as well. But for many, the financial loss might be small, compared to what else they might lose.

There are those amongst the gun-control crowd who will say that this is no big deal; only a few people were affected and they wouldn’t have been affected if they hadn’t broken the law. But the reality is that the gun-control crowd is never satisfied. They will smell blood in the water and seek to take the next step towards total gun confiscation. As with any other such measure, each victory for the other side opens the floodgates a little wider, preparing the way for the next encroachment on people’s liberty.

A Serious Blow Against Freedom

Anyone who truly understands the US Constitution also understands that the First and Second Amendments are our only guarantee to our other freedoms. This works in other countries as well, like South Africa. Leftist progressives, who are working towards gaining total control, need to get guns out of the hands of citizens, so that they can impose their will on people who can’t fight back.

Taking guns away from citizens, disarming them, is a classic part of any socialist or communist dictatorship, which has played out over and over again. Hitler disarmed the Jews before rounding them up and sending them to the gas chambers. Mao disarmed China before killing tens of millions of their citizens. The list goes on and on.

An armed population is able to resist tyranny, which is why the Founding Fathers of these United States made sure to include the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights. They had just fought a war against tyranny and didn’t want to see it rise again. Yet that lesson has been forgotten, perhaps intentionally, by many today. Those on the left who haven’t forgotten this lesson know that to accomplish their goals, they are going to have to disarm us, just like the South African government is trying to disarm their people.

We must realize that this is a world-wide, coordinated movement, by those on the political left. Disarming citizens is a prerequisite to implementing their plan for a one-world government, so they are taking every small step they can, wherever they can, to remove more guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens.

As we all know, this doesn’t affect criminals in the least. They don’t buy their guns legally to start with and definitely don’t register them, even if there are registration laws. So none of them got caught in this situation; nor will any of them be turning their guns in. Rather, this law, like just about any other gun law, penalizes law-abiding citizens for the actions of criminals.

There’s Some Real Danger Here

The timing of this legal reversal is interesting, because the South African National Assembly recently voted in a 241 – 83 majority, to amend their nation’s Constitution to allow for land expropriation without compensation.

This calculated move is aimed at white farmers, who hold much of the best land in South Africa. While it hasn’t yet started, as of this writing, the expectation is that government officials will start taking white farmers’ land from them and “redistributing” it to others.

These farmers have been living under a considerable threat lately, not only of losing their lands, but also of losing their lives. Murders of white farmers and their families has been rapidly increasing, with a considerable percentage of the murders being gruesome, to say the least. Some farmers have been looking to sell out and leave, but they really don’t have anywhere to go. South Africa is their home.

If some of those 300,000 gun owners who have to turn in their guns are white farmers, disarming them is going to put their lives at even greater risk, inviting attack from the criminal groups who have been attacking the farms. There is no demographic data yet on who are included in that 300,000 figure, but it would not be surprising to find that a majority percentage of them are white citizens of South Africa, not the trouble makers who have been killing whites.

What Does this Mean for Us?

The same sort of situation can’t really play out, in the same way, here in the United States. While the legal maneuvering or blundering which has caused these people to lose their gun rights could, the people who would be affected are not the minority. There are something like 90 million lawful gun owners in the United States, and they are not likely to give up their guns.

But there are those on the political left which could be looking at the situation in South Africa and seeking ways of copying what they have done and applying it here. So regardless of whether it was intentional or not, the next time around it will be.

Once again, the goal of the left is to disarm all citizens of all countries, so that they can take and keep control. With so many Second Amendment proponents in the United States, they will have to use every trick they can come up with to accomplish that goal.

As we know, the left loves to use the courts to push through what they can’t succeed in pushing through Congress. They did this with abortion; they did it with gay marriage; and they’re going to do so with any gun control they can. Their lack of success in passing any “meaningful gun control measures” through Congress doesn’t mean defeat for them; it just mean that they need to use different tactics. The courts have been an effective one for them in the past.

We Must Make a Decision

At some point, each and every one of us is going to have to make a decision as to whether we turn in our guns (or some of our guns) or practice civil disobedience. I highly recommend making that decision now, before it comes down to the wire.

The thing is, when the time comes, it will probably come as a surprise. I’m sure those gun owners in South Africa were surprised that the earlier court decision was overturned. That surprise works in favor of the other side and against the gun owner. Waiting until then may not give you the time you need, to think the situation and all its ramifications through properly.

If the left gets its way, some day police or military forces will be knocking on doors, searching for guns. When that day comes, we will have to choose whether we submit like good little sheeple, turning over our guns or we stand and fight. That’s the sort of decision we have to make.

We also have to realize that if that day comes, it would be much better for us to band together and fight the government’s forces, than allow them to take us on individually. None of us can withstand a SWAT team alone; but working together we are the world’s largest army. That’s something that should give the other side pause.

Written by

Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at] survivopedia.com.

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  • So True

    • It should be obvious. The SA govt. wants to disarm its land-owning citizens so that they can’t complain when the govt. steals their land.

      What those gun/property-owning whites should do is take their guns, their seed, their livestock — and money and expertise — and move to a more sensible country — like maybe Liberland or Switzerland in Europe — and leave South Africa to go the way of Zimbabwe.

      • Yup. Agree 100% with you, Leslie. And once the Dutch farmers are gone there is a very good chance of seeing another Zimbabwe. Or worse. If they do decide to move to some place like Switzerland at least there, gun ownership is mandatory and every household is required to have at least one long rifle in the house. Just a difficult place to get into. The United States must be one of the few countries in the world where they feel it’s necessary for everyone to run around with a hand gun under their coat. There’s no good reason for people to run around with a hand gun unless they’re planning to shoot each other.

        • Self defense.. Maybe you should read up on whats happening in Chicago or any one of a thousand places in the United States. Crime is rampant and we cannot expect the police to be there when it happens. I myself appreciate the FBI, they found the missing ruby slippers, but failed to protect the parkland students.

  • Is the world going to stand by and watch as genocide rears its ugly head once again? I lived in SA from 1986-91. The general black population in SA cannot even make coffee much less run a company or run a Government! The way they do it is the President appoints one of his nephews to a position with a huge salary, company car, big home they confiscated from someone…. then they hire a white guy (Mostly Dutch or Russian “pro black”) to actually do the real work while the nephew and many more nephews go to lunch and sit around expensive hotels drinking expensive scotch and talking about nonsense!!!! That is the way it’s done. Remember it’s not about race at all… it’s about SA owning 90% of the World’s platinum which is necessary to make stainless steel, most of the world’s Gold, most of the world’s diamonds, they feed Europe and Russia with produce! If the World doesn’t support the Black Communist Gov., they could dump all this on the World commodities market and send the World into a financial spiral we would never come out of! No one is going to stop the genocide, they want in on it! Goodbye innocent White farmer and family!

  • It opens the door to Isis and every other terror group Maybe better this happens to show the world that Socialism and Racism is a disaster for the people.In the end the Government will introduce disease that will kill millions and then the leaders will leave south Africa and live wealthy some where else.

  • Abide by the law, get your license renewed–end of problem!

    • Gun registration is only the beginning of problems. Criminals don’t register their guns. The next step after registration is confiscation.

    • and what happens when owning a firearm is against the law? even though you are a law abiding citizen? this is about standing up for what is right. if americans give up our means to resist, we will suffer the same fate or worse then hitler’s jews, mao’s chinese and stalin’s russians.

    • Historically registration is the end of the problem for the tyrannical governments. The government has a phone book to confiscate all weapons which is the exact ploy Hitler used to disarm the German people.

    • Obviously you didn’t read the whole article! Many of the gun owners didn’t renew because the lower court ruling stated that that renewal la was UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Which means the law was nullified! This screwed everything up when the next court overturned it an now because they didn’t renew their permit in time the other law requires the weapons to be destroyed or turned in, no renewal available!

      • AND this is exactly why gun registration is bad. The government KNOWS who has guns as well as what kind of guns – which means there ins’t any excuse when they come to your door!

        If a confiscation begins they need to fight with deadly force.

    • I’m going to reply to your comment, Donna, because you’ve hit the nail right on the head. Hopefully it’ll put this to rest once and for all. And you are right and the rest of us are wrong. Sometimes women need to expand on their concepts a little because, sometimes; only sometimes mind you, LOL, men, including myself are stupid. Bill White likes to write from a sensationalist point of view and get everyone all up in “arms”. See how well I tied that together. LOL! I did a little more research into the matter because apparently anything to do with guns is a hot button item for Americans and makes them crazy. The purpose and intent of the 2nd amendment has been perverted to the extent that now everyone feels it’s necessary to have a concealed carry licence. The American people have been manipulated and played for so long regarding their 2nd amendment rights that now they’re basically hypnotized and anything to do with their “god given right” to bear arms elicits a knee jerk reaction from them most of the time. Can Americans not see or realize how wrong that is and how indicative that is of a very, very sick society? Is it any wonder that a mass shooting happens every day of the year? Is no one concerned about that or questions why? For me long gun ownership is about hunting animals for food not hunting my fellow citizens for sport. I don’t need a hand gun unless I’m in security or a peace officer. I am neither misogynistic nor a coward berating women from behind a keyboard for their views. Some men just don’t understand talking with women and how important communicating is. They’d rather take the low road and berate others to make themselves feel better. They probably own VERY big guns to make up for their many inadequacies. LOL! I digress. I really hate being mean but frankly if the South Africans haven’t done anything about it up to now and waited till the last moment then they have no one to blame but themselves and tough beans on them. They deserve what they get. This is not a last minute or a new issue for SAn gun owners. What Bill failed to mention, and he does like to get people going and push their buttons, is that the South African government passed a law called a firearm Control Act of 2000. In some ways I don’t blame them. All kinds of horrible violence seems to be endemic to SA and a lot of it is gun related. Obviously they passed this law in 2000 which gave the SAn gun owners 18 years to do something about and if they haven’t by now because they’re either too arrogant or too stupid or both, then again, tough beans on them. Apparently two sections of this law were of “grave” concern to the gun owners of South Africa. Up until this time a gun owners licence was valid for life under the Arms and Ammunition Act of 1969. Under the new law, the licensed gun owners had to renew their license every five years. What’s the big deal? Laws change. You change with them. Get your frickin’ gun licence renewed every 5 years and you’re good to go. Under section 24 of the law, gun owners must renew their licence within 90 days of the expiration date. If gun owners did not renew their so-called “white license” within the 90-day time frame, then the license would be considered canceled. This stipulation would mean anyone who did not renew their license within 90 days of their licence’s renewal date would be in possession of an illegal firearm. SO RENEW YOUR GD LICENCE WITHIN 90 DAYS OF ITS EXPIRATION DATE! The law was changed in 2000 NOT YESTERDAY! Didn’t realize South Africans were still marrying their sisters. LOL! Apparently a lot of them didn’t comply with the new laws, and now they find themselves in the pickle that they are currently in. Again, too bad for them. Boo, hoo. And now, Ramaphosa, realizing just how stupid the south Africans really are has just been handed a “wonderful opportunity” by them to steal back the land from them that they initially stole from the natives in 1913. In one fell swoop, Ramaphosa, now has the “opportunity” to both disarm the people and steal their land. Looks good on them. They’ve had 18 years to get used to renewing their gun licence every 5 years and if they don’t want to comply with the law, than they have to face the consequences. This is a disaster of their own making. I can’t feel sorry for them. And SAGA (South African Gun Association) sees section 28 of the Firearms Control Act as “even more troubling”. It stipulates that if gun owners do not renew their firearms licence in time and their licence is canceled, then they must dispose of their guns or forfeit them to the state. Firearms owners would have 60 days to comply with the confiscation order of their firearms by the state or turn them over to a licensed dealer to be disposed of by the dealer. I’m sorry. maybe I AM stupid but I don’t see the problem with this. What is the big deal? If you don’t renew your gun licence within 90 days of it’s expiration date (and they should have been doing this since 2000) then, yes, they are in possession of an illegal firearm and yes, the state then has the right to confiscate that firearm. As Donna so succinctly stated, get your gosh darned firearm renewed in time and there should be no problem. If they haven’t done that by now then too bad for them. Then the South Africans really are stupid. What added fuel to the fire was the lower court getting involved and ruling those laws unconstitutional. And the gun owners must have seen that one also coming. It couldn’t have happened from one day to the next so they would have had time to renew their gun licence and if they didn’t then they’re retarded. The upcoming ruling must have been covered by the media for quite some time before its inception. The gun owners must have realized that the ruling could only go one of 2 ways and if they hadn’t renewed their licence before the ruling came through then they didn’t deserve to own a gun. And when the ruling did came through deeming the laws unconstitutional everyone breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed a little bit. Letting their guard down and again not thinking far enough ahead again. When the higher court overturned the ruling of the lower court I’m sure some were caught unawares but again a consequence of their own making. By now they’ve had plenty of time to renew their gun licences NUMEROUS times since 2000. For those that chose not to comply with the new laws they are now in violation and are in danger of losing both their guns and their farms. And really that’s the worst part of this whole tempest in a teapot. That there’s a very real possibility that the farmers will lose their farms and that makes this whole thing so sad for want of them not doing something so simple as renewing a licence in time. It’s been hinted that Ramaphosa IS corrupt and wants nothing better than to steal back the land that was stolen from them in the first place. The white man did the same thing with the North American natives and that too will come back to bite them in the ass. Is it any wonder that the white man is so reviled by both the blacks and the NA natives? But what Ramaphosa is trying to do is patently wrong even though turnabout is fair play but not in this case when so many farmers are in danger of losing their homes and their livelihood all over some of them refusing to renew their gosh darn gun licence every 5 years. SINCE 2000! You should have gotten with the program long ago and if you didn’t, well, I’m sorry to say; but too bad for you. NO GUN FOR YOU! LOL! A la Seinfeld and the soup Nazi.

      • The amount of land stolen is far less than made out. The Voortrekkers bought a lot of land by treaty with Bantu tribes. Much of the land in the interior was vacant as the Zulus had chased everyone out with their genocidal raids. The Zulus granted the Voortrekkers land in Natal in exchange for the retrieval of stolen cattle from enemies of the Zulu. The Zulus then went on to massacre a delegation of the Voortrekkers and launched attacks on the rest. The Bantu had only settled as far as the South East of the country when the whites arrived in the Western Cape and the land they had settled was taken from the Khoi and San. The movement of people during the apartheid era was not always as claimed. People were sometimes moved to places where they had infrastructure built for them which they had not previously had. Sometimes tribes were moved for environmental reasons because they were destroying the land.

        The ANC narrative is a lie. They have lots of already possessed land, once productive and now unused, which they are not handing out to co-ops to farm. 90% of successful claimants under the compensated expropriation scheme took money rather than the land, which shows the claim that blacks have a hunger for agricultural land. to be a lie.Their statistics on land ownership are false, as are their statistics on the percentages of South African company ownership.

        The sick joke is that the ANC gov usually leave the black co-ops awarded farmland without the promised support and it is often the white farmers in the area who volunteer to help them get on their feet.

    • evidently you didn’t read the article. the government passes a law saying they had to register their guns by a certain date then changed they law which automatically made them have to turn them in (confiscation) because they can’t renew their license with the deadline already past.

  • Bill, this is the Best and Most Important article that you have contributed yet. Thank You ! Bill M.

  • Stand your ground. These Socialist and their needy citizen’s will starve to death . They know nothing of taking care of themselves or their own. It is a shame, South Africa at one time was a wonderful place to live. Just like all these other people who think they deserve a free ride, they have done nothing to contribute to their society. It will happen here in America if the Democrats, Liberals, Progressives and Socialist ever get back in power. They are nothing more than COMMUNIST . They need to be exterminated.

  • Well you can bet the weapons dealers are licking their chops to arm these people “illegally'”. As well as the multitude of guns that can be assembled from purchased parts without serial numbers that are used to register. Hooo hummm. The government of SA wants to confiscate all private land from its owners in a curiously similar fashion to Fidel Castro.

  • Is Donna Millsaps uninformed or just plain ****

    • I’m sure that Donna is not stupid, Gary, or she wouldn’t be here on this page. Don’t be unnecessarily cruel, instead try and help her out a little. We all need to cultivate a little more understanding, patience, compassion and kindness towards each other. You never know whom you may have to lean on in the future. Hopefully it doesn’t end up a dystopian future. One of the trends that I find disturbing is that quite a number of the video game producers are bringing out a lot of POST-APOCALYPTIC games. Do they see the writing on the wall and in their own small way are trying to get us used to the idea?

      • You need to calm down, Jake. I am so sick and tired of having to explain myself to ignorant red neck assholes like you. And no question or comment is stupid. I said nothing about commenting. What I did say was that because she was here she is obviously thinking ahead. And part of the prepper community which makes her family. She just sees things in black and white and perhaps misspoke without thinking. And because she’s part of this community it’s up to us to help her understand things a bit better. Instead of putting others down from behind a keyboard why don’t you step up and explain it to Donna if you’re so smart. You’re obviously afraid of or threatened by something and you take it out on others and only you can figure out what it is. Beat your wife or dog much? I very much doubt you’re married. No woman would put up with you for very long. You seem old enough to be in much better control of your emotions than you show us. It’s time for you to grow up and do better than have the developmental age of a 12-year-old. We’re all part of the prepping community and working towards a common goal so putting others down to make yourself feel better is not part of the agenda. On this page we’re all the same and instead of berating each other we should be encouraging and supporting each other. We’re not all as smart as you claim to be, Jake.

  • There are to things to do and do both……Join forces and hunt down BAD GUYS and stake their weapons….You never know what one can collect from them…AK-47s seem popular with them among other rifles…Especially Poachers after Rhino Horn or Elephant tusks or various other animal parts………

    Then they have 300,000 KNOWN Firearm Owners…..They could arm and equip with ammo and supplies and take over their Government…….
    Look hat happened to Zimbabwe…….A great Nation to one that cannot produce much at all……….All because of Mugabe’s Policies to steal the land from Farmers and give it to his cronies that have no idea ho to grow things………Socialism in Action..

    IT DOES NOT WORK……..IT HAS NEVER WORKED.Mugabe proved it in Zimbabwe former Rhodesia………….More Recently it has been proven in Venezuela that Socialism DOES NOT Work!

    Either UNITE AND Fight and take a chance ………….or just simply give up and lose everything is your choice to make ! ONLY YOU can make the decision on the future of our Country……Your back is against the wall……..You have a fighting chance as a solid body……………or you an give up and walk away …….that is IF they do not slaughter you and hop ou up with Machetes……….300,000 armed individual is a considerable force and one can alas recover weapons, ammo, and other gear from those they have defeated……..
    Your Country…..our decision to make……Look what happened to Zimbabwe and Venezuela……… Socialism is so great it is FORCED upon People………Progressives are going to learn the Hard Way Socialism is not welcome in America………Socialism has never worked…….Do not let them destroy your Country in another attempt to prove that it will FAIL!
    Much easier to UNITE and to fight them NOW before they confiscate and disarm every Law abiding Citizen………There are White South Africans have lived there for over 400 years and can trace their Lineage to prove it.. There are White South Africans that have immigrated to the US…they are Truly African Americans………….every American that wants a hyphenated name should be AMERICAN FIRST before any other country UNLESS the are an immigrant from another country BUT IN GENERAL the are proud to become an American Citizen I understand if they want to place America First before the Hyphenated name………..
    Hyphenated names are nothing but MORE Division….WE ARE ALL AMERICANS FIRST…….PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

  • I really do have to jump in here because it’s important. I’ll try and be brief. And I’ll apologize beforehand. I’ll be quite direct in my speech. Some on this page have said that it’s not about race. I think it IS about race. From the little that I know about SA, and correct me if I’m wrong, it seems that for most of the history of SA the power and money has been in the hands of the white minority and the blacks have basically been second class citizens and have held most of the menial jobs. They’ve grown sick and tired of it and they want more and now they’re in a position to take it by force with the election of Ramaphosa as President. Apparently he’s a rich bastard. Has questionable business practices. Some really good connections. But a false smile and bad eyes. This is someone to keep an eye on and maybe even fear. If any one can fuck the Boer farmers it’s going to be this bastard. I think there has always been a simmering hatred there by the blacks towards the whites. The whites are the minority with about 80% being of sub-Saharan ancestry. Most black south Africans were disenfranchised up until about 1994. Apartheid from 1948 to 1994 didn’t help either. So, yes, I think it’s a race issue. Payback can be a bitch. You all know about the wars between the Boers and the Xhosa tribe. Then the Zulus and the British got involved. Many perished. Finally in 1931, with the passage of the Statute of Westminster, SA finally severed all ties with the UK. SA has been and still is a violent place. I can’t find any info on it but am I remembering it correctly that in the early years of SA’s formation there was a great deal of violence against the Dutch farmers by the blacks? I remember stories of Dutch farmers being macheted to death and rape and all kinds of bad things. It didn’t help that the Natives Land Act was put into law in 1913 which awarded the ownership of 87 percent of land to South Africans of European descent. And there you have it.The reasons for confiscating arms from the Boers. First you take their weapons and then you steal their land. Is turn about fair play because in the beginning the white minority stole the land from the black majority? What comes around..etc. etc. And you don’t think the blacks weren’t pissed off about The Natives Land Act? The modern discontent among black South Africans has caused populists to call for a confiscation of white-owned farms in the north. Notwithstanding, for whatever reason, the blacks can’t farm worth a shit. Or don’t want to. They would rather run huge herds of cattle across the landscape and live off of that. Certainly a lot easier than the back-breaking work of farming. If blacks were such great farmers then by now they would be the dominant land owners but they’re not. Are they lazy bastards? I’m not saying that……. Ramaphosa has the clout and connections to even the odds. It’s not about gun confiscation. It’s about stealing the land back from the Dutch farmers whether the blacks do something with the land or not. I’m betting they won’t. The farms will fall into disrepair and disuse. And as I mentioned before SA was and still is a very violent place. Apparently the child-abuse capital of the world. SA has a notably high rate of murders, assaults, rapes and other violent crimes, compared with most countries. So there’s still a lot of hatred in SA. Around 49 people are murdered in South Africa EVERY DAY! About five times the global average. SA has one of the highest incidence of rape in the world. With some 65,000 rapes and other sexual assaults reported for the year ending in March 2012, or 127.6 per 100,000 people in the country. The incidence of rape has led to the country being referred to as the “rape capital of the world”. SA has amongst the highest incidences of CHILD and BABY rape in the world. And then it goes on and on and on. Car hijackings. Taxi violence. Cash-in-transit heists. Cash point robberies. Ongoing farm attacks. Kidnapping with a child GOING MISSING EVERY FIVE HOURS. Is there an “undercurrent” of violence and hatred in SA. I would say so. Not a nice place to be and if Ramaphosa has his way the white minority are going to get well and fully screwed. And some of you are saying unite and fight. Unite and fight. Good in theory. Unite how? Who can you trust that much? There will always be collaborators. And are you willing to die for a patch of land? I see no easy resolution. Even if the whites managed to initiate a coup and depose Ramaphosa they would still be the minority and then the situation would be even worse for them. Could end up being a protracted civil war and then it ALL goes to hell in a hand basket. If most of the guns end up being confiscated and then the farms shortly after that, the Boers may as well pull up stakes and leave SA to the blacks and see what the blacks can do with it. The only things left will be the mines and then the mining companies may have to bring in troops or mercenaries to protect their assets. South Africa has Platinum, coal, gold and diamonds with platinum being the most important. SA accounts for 80% of the world’s production. Platinum has many applications, the most notable being used in catalytic converters. So until the general acceptance and adoption of the electric car the mines in SA are still worth protecting but at what cost? With the election of the latest government in SA it is a huge problem and the farmers may be the biggest losers.

  • Great article- but just to clarify: Hitler didn’t gas Jews. He deported them. Research the ‘Transfer Agreement’. Hitler made a pact with the Zionist leadership; it worked for both parties- it helped get Jews out of Germany and into Palestine, in preparation for the founding of the modern state of Israel. Those Jews who remained in Germany, about 200,000, were placed in work camps. The idea was to use them as cheap labor and deport them later. The inmates had access to money, commissaries, libraries, swimming pools, even brothels. They were treated much better than the ethnic Japanese, Germans, and Italians imprisoned in the US, UK, etc.
    The only inmates executed were convicted criminals, terrorists, and Communist leaders. The German guards were strict but not abusive. Don’t believe me? Well guess what: The first commandant of Buchenwald Karl Otto Koch was EXECUTED FOR MISTREATING INMATES. That’s right: the Germans did not tolerate mistreatment of prisoners.
    Conditions only became bad in the camps in the last months of the war, when inmates from the more Easterly camps were being evacuated to Germany(of their own free will) to escape the advancing Russian military. Camp populations roughly tripled overnight. Most prisoners died of Typhus, a disease spread by lice(That is why you see piles of hair, shoes, and clothing- all were contaminated with lice. Upon arrival, prisoners were stripped, shaved, showered, and issued camp uniforms). Typhus, combined with lack of food- all caused by shortages of food and medicine AS A DIRECT RESULT OF THE ALLIED BOMBING CAMPAIGN- is what killed most of the inmates.
    The ‘gas chambers’ are post-war Russian constructions, created as a Communist propaganda stunt, These have been thoroughly debunked by researchers such as Fred Leuchter and Germar Rudolf. Besides the lack of physical evidence of gassings, there are no written orders, no ENIGMA intercepts, etc. etc. In fact, the only ENIGMA intercepts show that the Germans were desperate to keep the inmates alive! Not only were they important munitions workers, they were important as bargaining chips(supposing peace was reached or Germany won) in retreiving German POW’s. So it logically made no sense to gas prisoners also…

    • Thank you for that information, Alouicious. You’re very courageous to post something like that in today’s political climate and as far as I can tell what you say is true. There is so much more we could add but if people are interested in the truth they can do the work of digging for it themselves. God bless.

    • Wow, nice references. Maybe you could include Hitler and members of his inner circle to back-up your claims. How about using statements of hundreds of military personnel who discovered the camps or some of the thousands who were imprisoned there. Typical holocaust denier.

  • Another thing I would like to point out: 90% + of those pushing gun control are Jews! This is a worldwide Jewish agenda. Look at the names of the most prominent gun control advocates in the US/Ca government:

    Emanuel Celler
    Howie Metzenbaum
    Herb Kohl
    Charles Shumer
    Diane Feinstein
    Arlen Specter
    Barbara Boxer(Levy)
    Gavin Newsom

    They’re all Jews!!!

    • When you name names, Alouicious, would it be more correct to say that these are the Zionist Jews that are trying to implement this agenda worldwide? I am not Jewish but have met some wonderful Jewish people in this world that would give you the shirt off their back. Not all Jews can be bad.

    • Good man. I recently realized what Zionism was. These are fake Jews mind you. They pretend that being Jewish means a nation/people. IT ISN’T. It’s a belief, a religion. These Zionist Jews are using the Jewish title to try to be untouchable, because when you criticize someone who is “Jewish” they label you as an anti-Semite or a Nazi, despite the fact that someone like George Soros (a fake Jew) literally helped sell out Jewish people during the Holocaust. He called it “making happy time”.

  • I am basing my comments on the comments above …

    It is clear that the majority of people who commented are either not gun owners or gun owners not wanting to get involved in the fight.

    If you were an involved gun owner you would now that an organisation name Gun Owners South Africa (GOSA) has lodged subsequent court proceedings that put a halt on the whole “disarming” idea. The SAPS were instructed to get their house in order and to allow late applications if good cause for these late submissions van be shown.

    Please get involved and join GOSA. We need another R1 000 000 to try and change the law. The proceedings are already on its way, but we need funds to pay the legal team. Search for GOSA on Facebook and please get involved.

  • Oh please, let’s stop talking about the Left like they’re the only ones who want gun control. The whole left-right paradigm is a façade. BOTH sides want to control us, they just have different methods of doing so. Globalists are on both sides of the game, and this game quite frankly has been rigged from the start. Exit the Matrix.