VIDEO: Bug Out Power Solution with ALP Propane Generator

Tyler’s search for the Ultimate Bug Out rig lead him to ALP Propane Generators. These lightweight and powerful units have lots of advantages over liquid fuel generations.

First off, there’s no need to worry about spilling fuel or transport, it offers a neutral for a ground wire, and it’s powerful enough to be used for a variety of devices. With 1,700 steady Watts, two AC outlets, and dual USB power ports, the ALPS generator can easily keep your electronics and equipment running.

This generator can run for 60-hours on a 20 lb at 25% load. We think these offer a huge advantage over many power options on the market when considering off-grid travel and emergency preparedness. Check out the video and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Tyler White is one of those rare creators of online survival content who is amply qualified. Growing up on a ranch, Tyler learned about homesteading and preparedness as a way of life, taught by grandparents who had lived through the Great Depression. Although he had already worked at a guide in Alaska, served with U.S. Army, Tyler knew there was more to primitive survival than he could learn from military schools or other outdoorsmen. His passion for primitive survival drove him on a quest to track down the most knowledgeable instructors in the field, traveling from Utah to the Amazon to Canada and finally back to Utah. Like all competent survivalists, Tyler has experience in a broad range of subjects. Highlights from his background includes criminal justice, law enforcement, archery, small arms, amateur radio, farming, gardening, raising cattle, and poultry. He has attended classified schools, worked in law enforcement, studied too many martial arts to list, and achieved the rank of 2nd Dan in Shōrin-ryū karate.

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