VIDEO: A Survival Ready Backpack from Jason Salyer

Your survival depends on your ability to prepare, and beyond all the things you do to prepare your home or your vehicle for dire situations, you can’t just pray and hope that those situations catch you at your well-prepared home or with a full tank of gas, nor is it feasible to have a cumbersome EDC.

That’s where a survival pack can come in to save the day and your hide. In this video, Jason shows what he keeps in his pack at any and all times to maximize his survival chances. And while you could and should add to it, there are just some things you shouldn’t leave behind.

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Jason has years of experience as a professional strength and conditioning coach, working with everyone from college athletes to Naval Special Operations. He's also an avid camper, hunter, fisherman, and general outdoorsman. If that isn't enough, he also frequently heads out for long-distance dual-sport motorcycle trips, where his improvisation and survival skills are honed.

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  • Nice video. Down to earth.

  • It’s great to be able to not only see but to hear why you have in different packs

  • Great Info!

  • Thanks for sharing. The only improvement I would suggest would be a printed list that we could click to download because frankly I didn’t get clearly what the name of that really neat water filter was and I’d like to have one. seems better than a water straw?