The Sad Untimely Death Of Chief Justice Scalia

The death of Chief Justice Scalia on February the 13th marks the end of an era in American law. For the last 30 years, Scalia has been the main conservative bulwark, protecting the original meaning of the Constitution as ferociously as a mother bear protecting her young. Scalia’s opinions and dissents will be studied by lawyers and trial judges for decades to come.

But his death has left the country in a quandary, surrounded by controversy. As can be expected, cries of “conspiracy” and “foul play” have been raised by his death. This is not without reason, considering that found dead, lying on top of an unmussed bed, with a pillow over his head. Adding fuel to the fire, the judge who pronounced him dead was a Democrat, who decided an autopsy was not necessary.

To me, his position demands an autopsy, unless he were to die in a hospital somewhere, under the care of a physician. But to the judge who made the decision, there was no reason for an autopsy, especially considering that there was no sign of wrongdoing. A pillow over his head apparently isn’t a sign.

While the decision reached is legal, it’s still fishy. It’s especially fishy when you take into consideration the number of suspicious deaths there have been on Obama’s watch. Everyone who could even be an embarrassment to Obama has mysteriously died, including just about anyone who knew anything about his childhood, people who have opposed his extreme liberal politics and even Seal Team 6.

But, at least for now, anyone who committed any wrongdoing in Scalia’s death is going to get away with it. Other evidence will have to come forth, before enough of an outcry can be raised to warrant Congress launching an investigation. Were they to do so now, it would look like nothing more than a witch hunt.

However, the bigger issue here isn’t how Scalia died, but what that means for the country. For the last several years, the Supreme Court has been fairly well balanced between liberals and conservatives. Many say that it has been a 5/4 split, favoring conservatives. But if you look at the voting record of the various chief justices, it’s really more like a 4/1/4 split. With one justice who has been more of a moderate than a conservative, siding with the liberals in many cases.

We see this clearly in the Obamacare case. If there had been a true 5/4 split in the Supreme Court, Obamacare would have been adjured unconstitutional. But the swing vote went to the liberal side and Obama won that case. The same thing happened with the case on same sex marriages. So, while Obama hasn’t won everything he wanted from the Supreme Court, he has had some major victories.

But now things are likely to change. The most liberal president in the history of our country is poised to nominate the next Supreme Court Justice. Does anyone want to bet that he’ll pick a conservative? No, I seriously doubt that he’ll even pick a moderate. I am sure he’ll pick the most liberal justice he can find. One that will continue Obama’s work of fundamentally transforming America.

If he manages to appoint a liberal Supreme Court Justice to the bench, it will turn the Supreme Court’s makeup to 5/1/3 with five liberal justices on the court and only three conservatives. Even if the lone moderate were to side with the conservatives, they would have no chance of winning. Every case would come out in favor of liberals, pushing this country more and more down the path of progressive liberalism (otherwise spelled socialism).

This means that the death of Justice Scalia could spell the end of the United States as we know it. Federal judges are appointed for life, so there would be no recall election. The only way the court could ever change would be if the next president was a staunch conservative and had the opportunity to replace two liberal justices with conservatives. While there’s a chance of that happening, it is by no means guaranteed.

So, What’s Really the Big Deal about This?

So what if the liberals get their way on things? Right? Wrong! This isn’t about whether or not we get socialized medicine or whether the constitution allows someone to marry their dog. It’s about whether the Constitution itself even survives.

There is a very basic disagreement between liberals and conservatives about the Constitution itself and how the Supreme Court is supposed to interpret it. Conservatives hold that the Constitution is not only the founding document of our country, but it is unchangeable, except by properly executed amendments. But liberals see the Constitution as a living document, which can be changed by every generation to match their ideas.

This means that a strongly liberal Supreme Court would be actively working to change the Constitution. Although they couldn’t make amendments to it (that has to be done by Congress), they could change it in their interpretation of case law and the judgments they handed down.

This is basically what happened in the same sex marriage case. The Constitution doesn’t say anything about marriage at all. In this, the Founding Fathers left marriage either in the hands of the several states or, considering that this nation was founded as a Christian nation, probably in the hands of the church. Yet, the Supreme Court ruled that gays and lesbians had a “Constitutional Right” to marry.

Anyone who has any understanding of the law and of the Constitution can see that the Supreme Court had no right to make the judgment they did. They shouldn’t have even accepted the case for judgment, as it didn’t have anything to do with Constitutional law. But they did, and by their judgment they extended the Constitution into an area that it isn’t written to address. Essentially, they changed the Constitution.

By the way, even that judgment shouldn’t have forced the states to allow same sex marriages, because there was no law passed allowing same sex marriage. Their actions should have kicked the issue to Congress, so that they could pass a law. But in today’s twisted system, their judgment became law.

So, the thing to do is to block Obama’s appointment. There is ample precedent for that and Mitch McConnel, the Senate Majority Leader, has vowed to do just that. If anyone can block it, he’s the one in the position to do so. All he has to do is not allow the confirmation vote to go before the Senate. But McConnel hasn’t been good at standing up to Obama in the past. He’s basically caved to everything that Obama has demanded. So, there’s no real guarantee that he’ll stand his ground this time.

Democrats are already screaming that the Republican controlled Senate “do their job” and approve whoever Obama sends to them. This is not surprising, as they have been screaming for Republicans to rubber stamp everything Obama has wanted for the last seven years. Why should they change now?

But the same Democrats blocked President Bush from appointing a Supreme Court Justice during his last year in office. So, they are clearly hypocritical in their demands. Of course, they say that this situation “is different” because Bush wasn’t doing the will of the people, whereas Obama is. Apparently, Democrats define “the people” to mean anyone who agrees with them. I wonder what that makes the rest of us.

Blocking Obama’s nomination is risky, politically speaking. Democrats, and their lapdog media will make it appear that the Republicans are being obstructionists by not approving Obama’s nominee. That could cost Republicans votes for Senate seats in the November elections. If enough seats are lost, control of the Senate would revert back to the Democrats.

Now, here’s the thing. The new Senate will be sworn in about 20 days prior to the president. That means that they could push through a vote of approval in that time. Harry Reid already exercised the “nuclear option” changing confirmation votes to simple majority (51%) rather than super-majority (66%), as well as eliminating the possibility of filibuster. While Supreme Court approvals were specifically left out of that change, it wouldn’t take much to vote to allow it. Then, a Democrat controlled Senate could confirm the appointment, before Obama left office.

The other possibility is that Obama could make a recess appointment, as he did in his first year in office. The Constitution allows for recess appointments, although they are only until the next time the Senate goes into recess. So, any appointment Obama made like this would be only temporary. The only way to prevent that, is to not have any Senate recesses until the new president is sworn in.

Here again, we have to count on the strength of Mitch McConnell. There is a Senate recess scheduled and he’s the one who would have to cancel it. That’s the only way that he could prevent Obama from using a recess appointment to fill the vacant seat.

Friends, the country is quite literally at risk. Conservatives need a number of things to go right, or the Constitution will become irrelevant. We need the Senate to stay in session, Mitch McConnel to block the vote on any nomination by Obama, a true conservative president to be voted in to replace Obama and the Republicans to retain control of both houses of Congress. That’s a lot. It can’t happen if you and I don’t do our part. We’ve got to get the vote out, or the liberals will win.

It seems that each election cycle has become more and more critical. Well, this is the most critical election our country has ever faced. As the country has become more and more polarized, the risk that we face is greater and greater. If we don’t stand together and block the actions of the liberals, we will lose. Worse than that, our children will lose. The country we turn over to them won’t be the one we inherited from our parents.


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.


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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • I believe this conspiracy happened to save Hillary from being punished before the Supreme Court

  • If America doesn’t get tough and grow a backbone we are going to be a 3rd world country. Trump for president!!!!!!

    • Oh its much more sinister than that

      • Trump said it himself, he “loves the poor and ignorant”. They’re the easiest to rile up and bamboozle. But, too bad he’s unleashing the ugly under belly of America and making a mockery of us to the civilized world.

  • It is time for the senate to ignore, ignore, ignore any nomination of a new Supreme Court justice, then delay, delay, delay. The country needs to have its will be done and by waiting for the next elected president that is what will happen.

    • By “it’s will” you mean that of a very disgruntled Minority.

    • There is a downer here tho…should a Dem get elected (God Forbid), he/she/it could put Obummer in as the candidate!!

    • Great idea but the senate has gone along with most of Obamas shit so far…why would they change now?

  • I have recently read about the electoral college and I wonder if it even matters if we vote. Whoever is appointed to vote the electoral vote can vote any way they want regardless of the popular vote. This will determine who becomes President. ( I will vote anyway.) The electoral college is corrupt and should be done away with.

    • The whole voting process has become corrupt. I think that is truly why alot of people say my vote won’t count anyway. The electoral college has no right to decide, when the voters have spoken. You may as well take away the voting right in this country. Distuging!

    • You are wrong. If the electoral college goes there is no point in voting. The entire United States cannot out vote New York and California. Those states will elect your president.

      • The USA would be better off if the successful, educated civilized parts of the country did elect presidents.

  • How can we believe anything here. Scalia was not the Chief Justice.

  • Yes, I believe he was murdered. His beverage was drugged with a strong sleeping drug and then someone came in and smothered him with that pillow. Results? No known cause (unless there is an autopsy that shows the drug used in the toxicology test.) Suspects? Owner of the ranch; the Sheriff and of course, the Demo judge. Who ordered it? (Look no further than the White house) That’s my theory – and I’m a psychic!

    • you mean “psychotic”

    • i agree with your scenario. i can’t believe the family isn’t demanding one. we are really in trouble as a country

      • If the wife is smart, she will tell his physician to do one before the burial otherwise there will be no ace in the hole.

  • Great article! It is Leftists/Neo Communists that hide behind the “Liberal” label. You are enabling them to continue to hide under this cover. Please read The Black Book on the American Left by David Horowitz. Thanks for your insight, and keep up your good work.

  • What is this hold Obama has on everyone? Why hasn’t he been arrested for high-treason? Why hasn’t he been removed from office? The people responsible for taking him out, will have to answer for it! There is no invisible force field around Obama, do your damn job! Everyone knows he’s a fraud, everyone knows he is intentionally destroying America! There is someone out there that has the responsibility of taking Obama out!

    • THE ‘invisible wall’ around BHO is the ‘race card’; any attempt will be called racist.

    • true that Ed

    • Hes got something on all of them…the general the was fired had an affair and people mysteriously die…just look at Obama becoming pres at all!? It was strings being pulled by someone for some reason…he was “groomed” for this…

    • There are to many people that see Husein as the first black President, and if they have him tried for treason, they will be seen as racists. Makes no difference that he is an anti colonialist, and wants to destroy America, for her ill gotten wealth.
      He has almost accomplished his goal.

  • Neither The Constitution, nor Justice will be served in the usurper’s appointment!

    The end of The USA is near. The end of civilized society is near. The last bastion of True freedom is about to fall!

    I hope everyone is prepared for what will now happen!

    • Do you mean civil war, to take the country back? I can only imagine what our founders would have already done.


    • Not giving a fair and honest hearing will hurt the Republican Party. Those in the Senate who don’t want a hearing will be sorry because their not following the Constitution. The people who are saying this junk now don’t like the Constitution. Now they want to ignore the Constitution of the United States of America. These people are very un-American. Sad they think of themselves as good Americans, They are trying to take over the country. They want to take away our Freedom and Liberty. They want an one Party Country and want to take away our lives and imprison all of us.

  • When there is such a blatantly obvious murder, then the disgusting acts by Obama and the first tranny at Justice Scalias wake, this has got to be heavily investigated, by a team of unbiased investigators who will do their job with integrity! We the people, deserve better and our country deserves better! We have been attacked by global elitists with only one thing in mind, and that is a “New World Order” Justice Scalias death was key, to their plan! We need someone to step up! If this continues, we are doomed, there won’t be any presidential election, they didn’t go to all this trouble for just 8 years! Think about it, Obama isn’t going anywhere!

  • I am a resident of Texas. I THOUGHT Texas law required an autopsy IF the deceased had not been a hospitalized patient for 24 hours. If I am correct, the Judge should have known that!! He should be held accountable. Am sure if Greg Abbott or Rick Perry had been telephoned things would have been handled differently. It was reported in media that the fact it was a Supreme Court Justice was not mentioned to authorities. I find it hard to believe that the owner of Cibolo Ranch could not contact the appropriate authorities that would enforce the autopsy law if it is still in existence. It is no wonder that people are questioning the death. Who has the most to gain?? Certainly not the American people.

  • Scalia’s family was complicit if they didn’t DEMAND an autopsy. This was a pretty remote, ultra conservative gathering and venue. Do we think some assassin snuck in and whacked him? I also heard after 1-2 days that the pillow was above his head, not over his face. Besides, if a hitman came in and suffocated him with a pillow, it would be pretty f***ing stupid to leave it in a telling place, don’t you think?

  • Who could think a 79 yo obese male suddenly dying of heart attack or stroke is suspicious? A Republican wing-nut of course! (And, why was Scalia on a Free trip to a swanky resort owned by someone he helped win a legal case?)

  • The idea that Supreme Court Judges hold position for life is not in accordance with the Constitution, which says, “The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behavior, …. I believe SC decisions that are in clear contradiction to the specific language of the Constitution is, at the very least, poor behavior.

  • Yes. We are standing on a precipice, looking over the edge, watching the fall of America as it slides off the cliff, Constitution first.
    Isn’t it obvious what Obama will do? He will appoint himself to Justice Scalia’s position, and be ecstatic about taking our country down the rest of the way.
    I don’t agree that Republicans in Congress would lose votes or be unelectable if they voted against Obama’s appointments/ bills. Conservative people are in the majority in this country, and would vote for anyone who stood against Obama’s policies, so, if that is their excuse for voting against the Will of the people who elected them, it seems irrational and impossible to believe. The members of Congress who have been afraid to vote against Obama on TPA, TPP, the bad Iran deal, Obamacare, ( etc, etc, etc), may be terrorized by something, but it isn’t the fear of the Will of the people. I don’t know precisely what that is, but I guarantee you that it is something that makes them afraid, and it doesn’t come from their constituents.
    Our country is not going to survive if we have to depend on men like Mitch McConnell, or Paul Ryan, ( etc). How will an election help if Obama never leaves office, or takes Justice Scalia’s seat? He promised we would never get rid of him, and that position IS a lifetime appointment. I think the truth is staring us in the face. Linda

    • He can’t assign himself because he has to be confirmed by the Senate, and the Republican’s are the majority in the Senate. Besides, we don’t allow dumb animals on the Supreme Court. Period.

  • Having studied and practiced as a biochemist it is very easy to kill a person in such a fashion as to make it undetectable. There are a number of toxic plants that can be placed in a salad, soup, stew etc. which will cause death by shutting down the nervous/respiratory systems and/or initiate coronary failure.
    If Scalia was a victim of such methods the next step would be to stack the judicial deck with a leftwing supreme court justice. In the event the next president investigates and prosecutes the current administration and the final decision is made by the supreme court

    • Which is why the Senate should not go into any recesses between now and the next legislative session.

      They can “consider” anyone Obama nominates, but they have no requirements or time limits as to WHEN or IF they will vote on that individual. Let the committee vet the nominee, it could take a dozen months.

  • The senate needs to let Obama make his nomination and say nothing about him not doing so. LET HIM.

    Then, in a few weeks after Obama nominates a left wing radical, ring it up to committee “for review.” Then delay, delay, delay. Ask for information Obama doesn’t want to release, and cause further delays.

    Soon thereafter it will be January 20, 2017

    • Oh, and absolutely NO SENATE RECESSES between now and the next session of Congress

  • This was a nice article, except for one thing – this nation was founded on true freedom of religion. Not just freedom within Christianity. Freedom of religion. That means we can basically believe whatever we want, as long as we don’t infringe on another’s Constitutional rights. The most influential of the Founders promoted a wall of separation between church and state. The Declaration of Independence contains reference to the “Creator”. This doesn’t have to mean a creator in the Christian sense. Some of the most influential of the founders seemed to be Deists. There were a lot of Christians in the country, but the country wasn’t founded on Christianity, it was founded on true freedom of religion. It was founded on true freedom of religion – not freedom within Christianity.

  • Since it all about time and timing. Can one say we closer to that alarm that will go off and wake up us up out our sound sleep, our warm covers, and our comfee pillow. I see a little window it is still big enough to climb out of but there will be a time when it will boarded up. I have no survival skills other than my faith in Jesus the Christ. Keep us informed because we perish due to lack of knowledge. True survival does not come one it comes from us. Yes you are your brothers keeper.

  • The Scalia crime is the failure of the MSM to say anything about it. This emboldens BHO to increase his/these crimes.

  • I have no respect for a “justice” who rules that “innocence is no bar to conviction. “