Prep Blog Review: SHTF Survival Tips and Arms

In a SHTF situation it’s not enough to have everything you need with you, you must be able to use whatever you have at hand or find to survive.

This week we found these great articles on survival gear as well as how to stay alive. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

 1. What Happens When You’re 1000 Miles Away and TSHTF?

Survivopedia Survival Tips “Hello Everybody. A reader just sent me this question: ArmyVet here again; I am an over-the-road trucker, Mrs. Army is a housewife. My SHTF concerns should be obvious, what if I am 1,000 + miles from home when IT hit the fan.

I have my ruck and 1st aid bag on the truck always, my big concern is how to cover a lot of distance quickly, safely in a worst case scenario. At 57, I don’t have the stamina of yesteryear and I fear getting home to Mrs. Army may not be possible and that is where you and your blog followers come in.”

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2. Baseball Bat Weapon Modifications: 6 Zombie Destroying Baseball Bats

Survivopedia Survival Bat“I’ve just finished a several week writing project that required way too much cerebral effort.  Quite frankly, my brain hurts.  After being trapped in front of a computer that long I normally feel like just going outside and blowing something up or burning through 1000 rounds of ammo as fast as humanly possible into my burning barrel.

Not this time though.  This time I fought the urge to be destructive and instead decided to do something constructive with my time, skills and energy.  Something that would make the world a better place.  Something, I decided, that would make my Mom and Dad proud.”

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3. How to Hide from Drones/Thermal Imaging

Survivopedia Survival Drones“Thermal imaging is the primary method human detection on the battlefield.  Whether it be a drone, an Apache helicopter, or an individual soldier, thermal imaging is the best tool available for the job. Thermal images work by “seeing” heat.

Everything emits thermal energy, dirt, trees, rocks, humans. Thermal imaging is so successful at detecting human beings that it poses a threat to the average citizen. Don’t get me wrong, I feel every citizen should own a thermal imager as well.”

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4. Understanding Knife Metals – Stainless & Carbon Steel

Survivopedia Survival Knives“As an equipment mechanic & welder I have a basic to intermediate understanding of metals, in particular steel & stainless steel.  Stainless steel being most familiar to me like 304, 304L & 316 stainless steel are metals I work with on a daily basis.

As I further my knowledge in bushcraft & enjoy the looks, feel & engineering behind good quality knives I felt that I should better educate myself to not only further my knowledge in basic metalurgy but to also be a better informed consumer.”

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5. How to Cleverly Use a GPS Tracker

Survivopedia Survival GPS“It’s very simple to use a GPS tracker. Anybody can do it. But I’m pretty sure you’ll find here some useful information you’ve never thought about. Life is far easier nowadays than ten years ago. We live in the technological age where the availability of data is just a button away.

Everything is monitored and tracked with the assistance of spyware, tracking systems and GPS systems. Whilst the resultant privacy issues are a major talking point, it is also true that these technological advances have definite advantages in our everyday lives. There are so many systems and devices on the market to choose from and anybody can afford them.”

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  • always in the car: thermal vest ; nylon / dacron with survival bag…90% you will be near your car..except taking public transp to other places …maybe a surv bag in the office ..super basic stuff in your public transp bag..such as joe’s suggested fire striker ; thermal blanket; water bag ; water straw; nutrient bars ; even a multi tool has a good knife blade ..saw blade …can opener …screw drivers …
    my flt instructor and i flew a cessna from lincoln park nj to altoona pa ..i recall he threw boots and a warm coat in the cargo area before we took was winter and instrument all the way …

  • barb wire in windows a quick and dirty zombie stopper…steel shutters might be a long term solution