Prep Blog Review: Survival Projects For The Summer

There is no better time for testing your off-grid projects and bushcraft skills than summer. There are so many interesting ideas to test when planning to become independent, and survive whatever happens…

We found five of them for you while stumbling upon other survival websites and blogs.

Check them out and choose the one that suits you, then don’t be a stranger and use the comment form below to share your experience!

1. Calculate Gallons Of Rainwater Runoff From A Tarp

rainwater-runoff-from-a-tarp“When it rains, there is a stunning amount of water that falls from the sky, and it adds up very quickly for every square foot that you capture and collect from runoff (as from a tarp).

For survival and preparedness, or for the purposes of simply collecting rainwater for your various uses, having a method of capturing the rain will potentially provide you with a large quantity of water.”

Read the article on Modern Survival Blog.

2. Make A Trash Bag Shelter Part Of Your Survival Kit

“I’m not sure how the early settlers along the Oregon Trail or the western frontier  got along without duct tape, WD-40 or trash bags, but life surely would have been easier with them! Trash  bags, in particular, are included in all my survival kits. They have a multitude of uses, including being trash containers! But in an emergency,  when correctly used, trash bags can prove a quick, temporary shelter from the elements.”

Read the article and see the video on Survival Common Sense.

3. 10 Tips for Canning Over A Wood Fire

canning“I guess wood fire canning is pretty uncommon these days, but we decided to try. Like everything else on our homestead, we try and we learn!

We are choosing to use a fire (instead of our propane stove) for a few reasons.  We’re trying to learn to be self-sufficient.  Propane costs money and wood from our property is free!

Our All American pressure canner is huge and it doesn’t fit on our stove.  We don’t want to heat up our house even more in the summer.”

Read the article on An American Homestead.

4. The Top 3 Tools For Mechanical Advantage In Bushcraft


Survival TV scripts promote the “get out alive” theme – as they should – it’s survival.

The idea of survival conjures up roughing it, eating nastiness or not at all, sleeping on muddy ground under leaky cover, and drinking your own urine until rescued.

Sounds fun, right? Not so much.”

Read the article on Survival Sherpa.

5. DIY Survival Fishing Kit

survival-fishing-kit-1024x614“Whether you’ve bugged out or made the decision to bug in; fishing to feed yourself in a SHTF situation is an important skill to have.

There are many ways to fish and methods vary depending on your location, type of water (fresh or salt), and the equipment you have.

We’re going to take a look at my particular situation and also look at some DIY items to supplement your kit.”

Read the article on The Prepper Project.


This article has been written by Gabrielle Ray for Survivopedia

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Alan Urban is a full-time blogger, work-from-home dad, and survival enthusiast. After a miserable experience during hurricane Katrina, and when the financial collapse of 2008 cost him his job, he realized how fragile modern society is and began preparing for a collapse. His favorite hobbies are upcycling, gardening, natural medicine, off-grid cooking, and camping with his friends and family. He and his wife Heidi own and operate and

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