Prep Blog Review: The Good Ol’ Medicine

What’s good about the old, tried and tested remedies is not only that they work, it’s that they work in times of struggle, when other options are not available. Makes sense, right? After all, if they managed to keep our ancestors healthy, they will surely be useful once SHTF (but before that, too).

So let’s take a look at four articles we found this week (plus, we published our own take on the subject last Sunday) that will help us stay on top of our health the good old fashioned way.

1. 16 Tips to Help You Deal with Seasonal Allergies After TEOTWAWKI

allergies“Spring is upon us and so are seasonal allergies.  Now I have bad allergies and over the years have spent some miserable springs and falls.

Now much of what I do to mitigate them goes out the window when the system fails.  I can no longer hide in an air-conditioned house and most medications will be in short supply.  So what is the solution?”

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2. Homegrown Pain Relief/Leaf

garden“I just visited my first pot shop and all I can say is, wow, man. Cannabis use is legal in Washington State, so we can buy and use various forms of cannabis treats as well as trips. There are bonbon bombs and brownies, bongs and assorted pedigreed splif-stuffings as well as more mundane ointments and salves.

I was in search of a cannabis cream that has helped a surprising number of my friends find relief from arthritis pains as well as sore muscles and aching joints. My amazing massage therapist had used some on my hands and back and the result sent me straight off to the local den of iniquity with very rewarding results.”

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3. 7 Old-Fashioned, Grandma-Approved Health Remedies That Actually Do Work

grandma remedies“Many old health remedies are defined by folklore, myth and the varying claims of natural healers across the centuries. Beyond the claims, however, studies have shown that certain natural remedies actually can provide effective relief for illness and disease.

Here are seven of the best natural remedies that have stood the test of time.”

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4. How To Make A First Aid Kit For Survival

First aid kit isolated on white“How to make a first aid kit for survival has been on my mind a lot lately. I’m grateful I have neighbors who will call me when they have giant hives and ask if I have some Benadryl. Of course, I do.

His wife called me and the first thing I asked his wife was, “is he having trouble breathing, because if he is call 911”. This is the third time I have been over to help this wonderful neighbor of mine. He was not having trouble breathing, thank goodness! I asked, “does it feel like your airway is closing?” He said no to his wife who relayed that message to me as I’m talking on my cell phone running over to their house with my bottle of Benadryl.”

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This article has been written by Brenda E. Walsh for Survivopedia.

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