Prep Blog Review: Gardening Season Is Coming

There’s no season I look forward to more than spring! After a winter that can’t leave sooner, with layers of clothing and juggling the heating bill, I can’t wait for the warm rays of spring sun. And to get back working in my lovely garden.

This year I want to get more organized when it comes to my crops, so I am already planning and prepping and I bet you feel giddy about it too. So let’s take a look at some articles that will quench our gardening craving.

1. 27 Tips From A Master Gardener

gardening“A few years ago, I attended a class taught by Marta Waddell, a Master Gardener in Arizona. I’ve referred to my class notes over and over again, and decided they were good enough to pass along to you!

February isn’t too early to think about gardening! It’s the perfect time to start planning, especially since some plants need to be started inside weeks before the final frost.

  1. Practice eating what’s in season locally. This will get your family used to eating seasonal produce, and, therefore, what you can grow in your own garden.
  2. Learn what herbs might help your family’s health issues.”

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2. The Keys To Starting Vegetable Seeds Indoors – Spring is Near!

seeds“For us, starting vegetable seeds indoors is a long-awaited signal that Spring is right around the corner!

All of those long Winter months of cold and frosty mornings somehow become more bearable when those little seeds start to sprout through the soil. We spent this week getting our seed starting rack and soil mix ready – knowing it won’t be long until those harvest baskets are filled with tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and more!”

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3. How to Save Seeds from 10 Vegetables in Your Garden

“John from Growing Your Greens shares with you how easy it is to save the seeds from 10 common (and uncommon) vegetables that you grow in your garden. John will share many seed harvesting tips with you he has learned over the years.

In this episode, John will share with you how you can save seeds from Dandelion, Basil, Onions, Parsley, Achira (Canna edulis), Ashitaba, Water Pepper, Hot or Sweet Pepper, Okra, Surinam Spinach and Malabar Spinach.”

Video first seen on Learn Organic Gardening at Growing Your Greens

4. Getting Started Herb Gardening

gardening“Wondering how to get started herb gardening and what herbs to grow?  Unsure about soil preferences of herbs or their growth habits?

Interested in growing your own herbs for herbal healing?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, there are a couple of books I’d like to recommend to you – The Practical Herb Garden and The Complete Illustrated Holistic Herbal. (There may be others that are just as good, but I have these, and I like them, and they are CHEAP because they are no longer brand spanking new.  🙂  If you have a favorite you’d like to recommend, please leave a comment below.)”

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5. 20 Uses for 2 Liter Water Bottles

bottles“When most people finish drinking from a water bottle, they simply toss it in the recycling or trash. After all, what can you really do with an empty plastic bottle? Well, it can actually serve multiple, extremely important purposes- especially in a survival scenario where supplies will be difficult to come by. The 2-liter variety is especially useful because of its larger size.

By the way, if you’re looking for more survival items with numerous alternative uses, I suggest you take a look at the articles about duct tape, paracord and bandanna uses.”

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This article has been written by Brenda E. Walsh for Survivopedia.

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Brenda E. Walsh loves nature and all its wonders and has took up gardening as well as canning whatever thrives in her urban mini-garden, being especially interested in herbs and spices. She also loves animals, traveling, walking long distances, hikes and reading. You can send Brenda a message at editor [at]