Prep Blog Review: Surviving Whatever’s Thrown Your Way

Prep Blog Review 19 Sept 2015All we hear on the news these days is about violence, attacks, terrorist… so on and so forth. It makes sense to give your security more than just a second thought and look twice over the shoulder whenever you feel in danger.

This week we’ve gathered 5 articles that will help you prepping for some of the worst situations you could find yourself in. What else would you like to read about?

1. Terrorism Survival Guide: What to Do When Major Man-Made Disasters Happen

“Imagine when a nuclear bomb hits your city, decimating everything on impact. You miraculously survive the initial blast, but will you manage to escape the lethal effects of the radioactive fallout?

Or how about when a terrorist hijacks your plane or subway train – do you know the most important safety measures you need to observe to survive?

These doomsday scenarios can happen anywhere with brutal suddenness, and you must be prepared to do everything you can to protect yourself from injury and harm.

Even today the threat of a terrorist hijacking, bombing or even nuclear attack is palpable, but you can increase your chances of survival by reading through this terrorism survival guide.”

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2. Bug in Security: What’s Your Plan?

Prep 2“You are sitting in your favorite recliner after dinner at the end of a day of work that stressed you out mentally and wore you out physically.

All you need is a quickie thirty minute nap to revive you for some work you need to finish in the yard. Before you doze off, you click on the nightly news only be informed that the SHTF has finally hit.

A riot has broken out in a nearby shopping center after a mob swamped a big box store for some electronics sale. Two people were shot and several were injured from a crowd stampede.

Now the rioters have moved to burning cars in the parking lot and are moving down the street breaking into other businesses, looting, and setting them on fire.”

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3. What To Do If You Think Someone Is Following You While Walking

Prep 3“If you are walking on the street (or anywhere) and you ‘get that feeling’ that someone is following you, or if you know that there really is someone (or more than one) behind you and your suspicion is that they are following you, here’s what you should do…

Your situational awareness has kicked in (knowing what’s going on around you), but you’re not sure about the people behind you as you are walking to your car, walking on the street, or walking ‘anywhere else’. What should you do?”

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4. How You Are Tracked

Prep 4“Remember the days when you only had to worry if someone was physically tailing you? You could use some creative evasion to disappear into a crowd or around a corner. Well those days are over. Here are a few ways on how you are tracked.

How You Are Tracked

In today’s world of modern technology, you have to take extreme measures to hide and to remain anonymous. The Nazi’s and Secret police would have loved to have had this type of technological tracking to keep it citizens in line. Here in the USA, we even pay the bills for our collars (cell phone, internet access), which they use against us. What does it take to hide? First you need to know how you are tracked, then you might be able to do something about it.”

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5. Prepping Your Car For An Emergency Escape

Prep 5“We are used to have one or two cars per family and we can’t see us living without these useful vehicles.

Your car will provide you with transportation to safety and it may even become your shelter during a disaster.

Prepping your car could save lives and it’s critical to always have a well-prepared and well-maintained vehicle.”

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