Prep Blog Review: Survival Food Knowledge

There are a lot of things to know about survival food. From how to grow it, where to get it from or how to keep it, this topic never gets old because we couldn’t survive without food.

That’s why this week we’re looking at 5 articles that will help us with all the issues mentioned above, and more! So keep scrolling and remember to drop us a line in the comments section below.

1. 13 Things To Know Before You Dehydrate Food

dehydrate food“Dehydration is a fantastic way to preserve food for the future. There are many reasons why I like dehydrating food: it’s safe, it’s easy, and it’s cheaper than buying dehydrated food. Better yet, the food itself is more nutritious, it’s lightweight, it doesn’t take up much space, and some of it is absolutely delicious (like banana chips).

Of course, if you want to dehydrate your own food, you’ll need a good dehydrator. This one–which I’ve used a lot–is about $70. It’s not one of the high end dehydrators like the Excalibur, but it definitely gets the job done.”

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2. Survival fishing: How to make a trotline from paracord

fishing“Statistics show most lost people are found within 24 hours if they stay put. Your priorities, if lost, should be water, shelter and fire, and preparing to signal rescuers.

550 paracord has seven filaments of nylon thread in a plastic sleeve. Each filament is about 30-pound test and can work in a pinch as fishing line.

But time is a precious commodity during a long term situation, and prioritizing activities will be critical. If you can make a fish trap or place a trot line, these methods can gather food while you’re doing something else.”

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3. 6 Foods To Store For Your Survival

storing food“Whether it’s an incoming natural disaster (hurricane, earthquake or wildfire) or an upcoming attack on U.S. soil, it makes little difference, as the end result will be imminent disaster. And in the case of such a scenario, you’re going to need to survive. Even if everything will change around, your need-to-feed won’t.

And food will no longer be the commodity we got used to, it’ll be a scares and necessary energy source. To better your chances you’ll need to stock provisions and fast, while they’re available and easily obtainable.”

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4. The Survival Buzz #181: How Not to Harvest Lettuce

harvest lettuce“Welcome to this week’s Survival Buzz with an update on my own preps plus news and announcements from the Backdoor Survival blog.

This week I get the idiot of the week award.  I had some romaine growing on my front porch and thinking that it better get harvested before it goes bad, I picked it early in the day and put the leaves in the refrigerator.

Come dinner time, I had a basket of limp lettuce.  Nothing would save it.”

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5. The 4 Best Berries For Warm-Weather Homesteaders

berries“Those off-the-gridders living in the south, where freezing temperatures are rare, have the opportunity to grow a wide array of berries that we northerners can only dream of.

What makes a berry the best choice for a southern garden? Well, that’s subjective, of course. However, for those homesteaders that are off-the-grid and preparing for an unknown future, the best choices in my opinion share two characteristics. First, they can be eaten fresh or preserved, so that some form of the berry is available all year for consumption.”

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