Prep Blog Review: Survival Gear Tips and Tricks

This week we’re talking survival gear: how to DIY, how to use it in ways you might have never thought of and how to train your kids to use it right.

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1. How to Make a Homemade Long Bow With Wood From the Hardware Store

Prep 1“In my attempts to learn more skills that could be valuable in any post collapse society or shtf situation I decided to try my hand at making a homemade long bow.

My plan original plan was to make the long bow the primitive way and use one of the branches off of our ash tree.

That plan was quickly squashed by Lisa and we decided that it might be a good idea to start with a 1 x 2 from home depot and see how it turned out.

Now that this has been successful, she might come home to a few branches missing off of the ash tree very soon.”

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2. How Much Ammo Do You Need?

Prep 2“A common question is; how much ammo should I store for SHTF?

First, several questions need to be asked.

1. Exactly what are you storing it for? For the Survivalist, it is food gathering (hunting) and home or self-defense.

2. How long will the situation causing the need last? Let’s assume TSHTF and commonsense says it will be 5 years. So for a baseline let’s use a five (5) year SHTF time frame.”

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3. Urban Get Home Bag (Part 1)

“A “Get Home Bag” (GHB) is specifically designed to provide an individual with emergency preparedness supplies to make it home safely during an emergency. While “Bug Out Bags” are stored at home and used to evacuate ones dwelling to relocate to a safer location, a GHB is usually stored in your vehicle or even at work since these are likely locations for you to be at when an emergency situation arises. “

Video first seen on TheUrbanPrepper.

4. Emergency Cooking Methods: Cooking with a Thermos

Prep4“During an emergency, where power and gas may be hard to come by, a thermos can be a great way to cook a wide variety of slow cooking foods. Cooking things like rice and beans can take hours, using a huge amount of fuel that you usually can’t afford to waste during an emergency.

Using a thermos can be a great way to save that precious fuel when cooking things that have a long cooking time. If you’ve ever cooked with a crock pot, then the concept of cooking with a thermos is pretty similar. It allows you to simmer foods for a long time, with only the fuel that’s required to boil the initial water.”

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5. Bushcraft Knife Safety for Children

Prep 5“While I was Course Director of Woodlore Ltd I hired Emma onto my team of outdoor staff and we have worked together for the past four years.  She has worked as a conventional classroom teacher and while instructing for Woodlore Ltd, Emma taught both children and adults including leading Family Bushcraft courses.

Emma would like to point out that by far the worst knife incidents she’s had to deal with were with adults. Kids are much more receptive to and likely to follow advice.”

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