Prep Blog Review: How To Build Your Water Reserve

When prepping for survival, you store food, guns, meds, tools, and some other items that you might need to get through if everything around collapses. But first comes first: you’ll need water more than food, otherwise your body will dehydrate so much that you won’t survive.

So you’d better be sure that you know how to collect, purify and store water for the worst days to come.

This week we’ve stumbled on some articles that tackle these issues. See below our weekly Prep Blog Review on the topic, and don’t be shy to use the comments form to tell us what you think.

Review--barrel-small1. Hydration for the Apocalypse: How to Store Water for Long-Term Emergencies

“A big storm and earthquake hits your town. It’s a certifiable quakenado. Your house is spared structural damage, but the power and water are out. According to news reports, the grid is down in your area and several water mains are broken. Conservative estimates are that it will take crews at least a week to get water service back on.

Would you have enough water in your home for you and your family to last until the water came back? Or if you live in the southwest, would you have enough in a situation where your city just plain runs out of water?”

Find out more about how to store water on Patriot Net Daily.

2. Rain Water Catchment and Storage At Tiny Prepper Cabin

“A quick look at our very simple rain water catchment system and water storage”

Video first seen on Prepper Retreat.

Review-small-water_purify_peels-300x2103. Four Ways to Filter and Purify Water with Fruit

“There is a cheap and easy way for any community in the developed (or underdeveloped) world to purify their water.

The peels of some of the most widely consumed fruits in the world are remarkably efficient at absorbing a wide variety of harmful pollutants, including heavy metals, and they can be transformed into effective water filters with only minor preparation.”

Find out more about how to use fruits to purify water on Wake Up World.

4. How to Collect Water Using the Ground

“Hey guys, sorry it’s been so long, I’ve been reallllly busy recently. Finally got round to recording and editing and I hope you enjoy.

In this video I’ll show you how to collect and store fresh, clean drinkable water using nothing other than your hands and the ground beneath your feet!”

Video first seen on The Adventure Men.

review-water4. Preparedness Quick Tip #26: This Water Tastes Dirty!

“There’s nothing like picking up a glass of water, expecting a nice refreshing drink, only to find it tastes ‘dirty’, ‘dusty’, ‘flat’, or tastes sort of like the chemicals it was treated with.

A way to help that, and to give yourself a happy boost is to use flavored powdered drink mixes to boost the flavor!”

Find out more on Mom With a Prep.


This article has been written by John Gilmore for Survivopedia.

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