Prep Blog Review: DIY Survival Projects at Your Hand

Collage (1)In the worst preparedness scenarios, the world as we know it ends due to anarchy and societal breakdown, or a major disaster. Would you be ready to make good use of anything at hand in order to survive?

This week we found some articles on DIY projects for survival, using multipurpose tools, materials and herbs that you have on your hand. Did you know there are so many ways to make use of those items?

1. DIY Bamboo Knife


“It may seem strange, but you can make a knife out of bamboo. I’m not talking about the handle — the cutting edge itself is made of the woody part of a bamboo stalk.

It occurred to me to make a knife out of bamboo when making other bamboo tools because the first step after splitting the culm is always to scrape off the sharp edge to make it safe to handle. This is part 2 of a series on bamboo tools. Part 1 — Chopsticks introduces you to the basics of working with bamboo.”

Read the article on Survival News Online.

2. How To Setup an Urban Rappel and Emergency Rappelling Techniques

“Rappelling is an often underappreciated skill for use in an emergency situation and one that could potentially save your life one day.

A common misconception of rappelling is that it’s only for fun and thrill seekers of all kinds, but my hope is that after this article, you’ll start to think more outside of the box about it.”

Video first seen on ITS Tactical.

3. Step-By-Step DIY Survival Cement

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“One of the most useful substances one can use outdoors is Survival Cement.

This mixture of mud and grasses can be used for a multitude of projects, from construction of shelters, cooking structures, kilns and food caches, to wrapping food for clay baking (as seen in my articles on these subjects in Wilderness Way magazine ) and much more.”

Read the article on Practical Primitive.

4. Homemade Mosquito Repellents

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“If you’ve ever been to Georgia in spring or summer, you’ll know just how bad the “skeeters” are down here. I know we haven’t cornered the market on the little suckers, either! Most areas of the world with standing water and lots of trees have their fair share of the little pests!

Now, I was raised on Off! as a mosquito repellent, but these days, it seems we’re looking for things that are a little less toxic to the skin. Unfortunately, the easiest and most effective method to repel mosquitoes involves the toxic chemical DEET. “

Read the article on Survival At Home.

5. Herbs and Natural Remedies for Prepping

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“As a prepper it is beneficial to be a well rounded person because when a teotwawki scenario does come the more skills you have the better suited you will be to live through the changes and the tough times.  If you only have knowledge of the security side of prepping you may not do well as you may know nothing about food storage, water collection, first aid and other areas of survival.”

Read the article on Beat The End.


This article has been written by Brenda E. Walsh for Survivopedia.

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Brenda E. Walsh loves nature and all its wonders and has took up gardening as well as canning whatever thrives in her urban mini-garden, being especially interested in herbs and spices. She also loves animals, traveling, walking long distances, hikes and reading. You can send Brenda a message at editor [at]

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