Prep Blog Review: Are You Ready To Bug Out?

Millions of people around the world find themselves in the situation to bug out. Think about how Hurricane Matthew messed up the lives of so many Americans from Florida to Georgia and Carolinas.

But not all of them know all the useful things about bugging out that you are reading about. Bugging out is not just about having a go out bag to grab when SHTF. Bugging out requires a lot of thinking, planning and physically and mentally preparing.

This week I’ve found 5 great articles on this topic to help you answer this one simple question: are you ready to bug out? Let me know in the comment section bellow.

  1. What mistakes to avoid when bugging out

Bugging out mistakes

“Whether you chose to bug out on your own terms or you are ordered by local authorities to leave your home, make sure you have everything covered. Survival for you and your loved ones may depend on the preparations you make and your chances increase greatly if you avoid these bugging out mistakes.

Bugging out requires some thorough planning and deep thinking because the road is never safe and there are too many unknowns you will have to face and overcome. Even those who prepare for a bugging in scenario must take into account that at some point they will be forced to evacuate.

It’s impossible to precisely predict how a disaster will unfold. Your fortress may be well-equipped, but if you have to leave everything behind, survival will depend on the bugging out plans you’ve made.”

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  1. Have these go bag essentials

Go bag essentials

“It’s also common to mix up the definition of a go bag and a bug out bag, so let’s first discuss the difference between the two. A go bag is generally a bag that you carry with you that has the essentials of short term survival inside. These bags are designed for 24 hours or less of survival, containing the very basics to help you survive long enough to get home or to another secure location.

Bug out bags are generally used when you literally need to evacuate and leave your home. Bug out bags have enough supplies to last at least 72 hours or more in a survival situation. Inside of these larger bags are essentials for your survival over a longer period of time. In contrast to the go bags, bug out bags are larger and store a heavier amount of gear and are designed for surviving from a few days to a few weeks.”

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  1. Have a bug out vehicle plan

Bug out car plan

“In the face of disaster, preppers know we need to move quickly. We should be prepared to act in a minute’s notice when we realize our family is in jeopardy. We each have our Bug Out Bags ready to go or they should be but it is a different matter altogether if the family bug out mobile is involved.

How many times have you watched a Prepper show where the family simulated loading all of their gear to escape town? Often it took them much longer than they anticipated and in at least one case, they couldn’t even take their main prep with them.”

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  1. What papers and documents to take in your bug out bag

important-papers-for-bug-out-bag“A ‘Bug Out Bag’ (or BOB) containing some food & water provisions and various supplies is purposed for an evacuation of sorts… a time when you need to get out or ‘bug out’, for whatever reason or circumstance.

One consideration is to include important papers and documents (or copies thereof) in your BOB, just in case you might need them.

For example, let’s say that there is a high confidence forecast of a hurricane impact in your area and you have decided to leave. As you are putting ‘stuff’ in your vehicle, you realize that your home might be damaged to the point of losing it, and the things inside. Are there important documents that you should take with you?”

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  1. Why a dog is the perfect companion for bugging out


“When you are in danger, it is natural to get stressed. However, the way you handle your stress and respond to the danger make a huge difference to whether you will come out a winner. And, your odds improve if you have a well-trained dog at your side. So if there is a bug out situation, you definitely want a dog at your side. It will give you peace of mind and also ensure you come out unscathed from the SHTF situation.

If you are skeptical about taking a dog as your companion for bugging out, here are 10 reasons to allay your fears and change your opinion.”

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