Prep Blog Review: A DIY Break For Survival Projects!

We should enjoy warm days while you still have them and try, test, build, practice whatever we can. There are a lot of DIY projects to develop for your homestead, and your probably have a long list on hold.

Here are a few more to add to your TO DO list!

How to Make Your Own Rocket Stoves (Tin Can & Long Burner Rocket Stoves)

“As you might already know, a few weeks ago we published the first tutorial on how to make your own log rocket stove for free. You are now reading the second part of the tutorial on how to make two extremely cheap, yet extremely durable and portable rocket stoves.”

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How To Harden Your Home Using the Cheapest Materials on the Market

“Purchasing sandbags have always been sold in late summer early fall as a preparedness product that is associated with the flooding attached to the fall rainy seasons and hurricanes.  The time to order and purchase your sandbags is now, but for a different reason: to harden your house if possible.  Those sandbags can be filled with more than just sand and can be used to stop more than just water.

Look at the world situation right now with North Korea, China, and Russia: need I say any more to encourage you to prepare and fortify your homes for a SHTF event?”

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Survival Fishing: Making A Primitive Fish Trap

“If you ever find yourself in a survival situation, it is important to try and use as little energy as possible. It may happen that you get stranded in an area near a water body that has fish. Well, you can eat the edible fruits or plants and also top up your meal with some fish.

In survival fishing, there are many ways in which you can catch fish, be it by noodling, traps or improvisation. However, most of these activities require you to move around and consume energy. What if you have a lot to do and catching fish to make a meal out of it is one of them?”

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This proven-to-work portable device which provides clean fresh water 24/7! 

17 Awesome DIY Woodworking Projects ANYONE Can Do- Even You!

“Woodworking is like riding a bike: once you get the hang of it you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! Trust me, I speak from experience; for the longest time, I refused to attempt making a simple wood shelf for fear of failure.

Until I had no choice and needed a wood plaque for a client. Let me tell you, that project changed my life forever and now I’m going to pass that favor along to you.”

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60 Incredible Gardening Hacks

Nothing to see here, just lots of gardening tips, tricks, secrets and hacks!

1. Honey for rooting slips

Instead of buying hormone rooting powder use honey – when you cut your slip for planting, smear some honey on it.

It will significantly increase the success rate of slips and give them a measure of protection from soil borne attacks. Just remember to keep all slips moist to encourage roots to form.”

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