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Having enough food during a crisis could make the big difference between survival and death, for you and your family.

It’s good to have a well organized stockpile, but any stock finally reaches its end, while producing food by your own means, raising animals and growing plants, gives you freedom and resources to barter.

See below three useful articles about food for long term survival we found for you these days on preparedness blogs and websites.

1. 12 Common Food Storage Mistakes 

12-food-storage-mistakes“Having an emergency food storage supply is pertinent to preparing for disasters, and you can save a lot of time and money by starting ahead of time. There are, however, many mistakes that are commonly made by both expert preppers and those new to the game, and mistakes can lead to hard times during an emergency. It is important to avoid these mistakes and have a safe, well-stocked supply so you’ll be ready for any situation!

Whether you buy your food storage items from a supermarket, superstore, or prepare them for storage yourself, you can learn something from these common food storage mistakes.”

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2. 8 Recipes to Make Homemade Extracts

extracts“There is nothing like pure extracts to use in baking your favorite recipes. Using high quality extracts make a big difference in the outcome of your food’s flavor. Additionally, those who are wanting to live a more wholesome lifestyle should be aware that the imitation extracts are made from wood byproducts and often contain chemicals.

Rather than spending an exorbitant amount of money stocking up on delicious, aromatic extracts, you can make you own in 5 minutes – all you need are a few ingredients: alcohol, herbal leaves or flavoring beans and time. That’s it!”

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3. Do You Have What It Takes to Raise Backyard Chickens?

backyard-chickens“The simple fact that you even find yourself reading this article probably means that you satisfy the first requirement of raising backyard chickens: desire. Obviously, without a strong desire to keep chickens the occasional hassles and burdens of doing so would quickly become overwhelming, leaving you wondering why you ever got started with such a silly idea in the first place!

So let’s go back to assuming that you do at least want to have and raise chickens, whatever your reason may be (and the reasons can be many). There are a few more requirements that cannot be overlooked in this hobby, so let’s take a look at each one and hopefully that will help you to determine personally where you stand.”

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This article has been written by Gabrielle Ray for Survivopedia.

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Alan Urban is a full-time blogger, work-from-home dad, and survival enthusiast. After a miserable experience during hurricane Katrina, and when the financial collapse of 2008 cost him his job, he realized how fragile modern society is and began preparing for a collapse. His favorite hobbies are upcycling, gardening, natural medicine, off-grid cooking, and camping with his friends and family. He and his wife Heidi own and operate and

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