VIDEO: One Stick Poncho Shelter That Works Anywhere

Sometimes your only choice of a campsite isn’t ideal, and you have to improvise some of the basics. In this video, Jason Salyer shows you how to use a pole, a bit of cordage, and a poncho to efficiently rig up a shelter regardless of available anchor points.

Jason also has plenty of tips to make your shelter setup quick and easy. It’s incredible how quickly a storm can pop up, and when that happens, you don’t want to waste time fumbling with cordage and knots.

The poncho is a required piece of gear since it can be pressed into duty to fill a variety of needs. Obviously, as rain gear, a shelter, a bivy, a portion of an improvised pack, a mattress, and the list goes on and on.

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Jason has years of experience as a professional strength and conditioning coach, working with everyone from college athletes to Naval Special Operations. He's also an avid camper, hunter, fisherman, and general outdoorsman. If that isn't enough, he also frequently heads out for long-distance dual-sport motorcycle trips, where his improvisation and survival skills are honed.

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  • What size poncho did you use?