How to Survive the Next 4 Years

This seems to be an “all over but the shouting” sort of moment.

With each defeat in the courts, it seems more and more certain that Joe Biden will be sworn in as President on January 20th. As a presidency, his time in office will probably look just like “Obama II;” if anything, even more extreme, especially with Kamala Harris, who just so happens to have been the Senator with the most extreme leftist voting record, since Obama himself.

This has caused some quiet panic amongst those of us who consider ourselves to be conservatives, with some people already stopping as low as the left, by saying “not my president,” just as they have for the last four years. Others are denying the election, hoping for a “hail Mary pass” which will give Trump a second term.

It’s clear that Team Biden is planning on undoing a lot of what Trump and his administration have accomplished in the last four years, just as Trump undid much of what his predecessor has done. This is a sad part of the political process, showing just how politically divided our country has become.

Let me say that I firmly believe that Biden won the election through voter fraud. Whether that came out of his campaign or it was more grassroots is immaterial. The fact is that there are so many “irregularities” in the 2020 presidential elections that it is statistically impossible that he won without massive fraud.

But as the courts either overturn or flat out refuse to hear cases that might give Donald Trump a win, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that without a miracle, our country will have a new president on January 20th. Just what sort of president he will be and whether Harris finishes out his term, is yet to be seen.

Our bigger concern is how to make it through the next four years, with Biden and Harris in the highest office in the land. How are we going to do that? Let’s look at a few key areas.

Get Your Facts Straight

To start out with, we need to make sure that we understand exactly what we’re dealing with and not led astray by either fear-mongering or political rhetoric. Politicians seem to be experts on making campaign promises that they can’t uphold. So many of those need to pass through Congress and be written into law, before the president can act.

The real danger is if one political party gains control of both Houses of Congress, as well as the Presidency. In that case, they can do whatever they want. That’s how we got Obamacare. But like Obamacare, the more extreme agenda items will be challenged in the courts.

Nevertheless, starting back in the second Bush presidency, there has been an increase of the use of executive orders to carry out a policy that wasn’t passed into law. 9/11 pushed Congress into abdicating much of their power to the presidency, something that Bush and Obama both took advantage of. Trump has as well, although to a lesser extent, perhaps because he’s not really a politician, but rather a businessman who has entered into politics.

The other important thing to realize is that little of what we receive as “news” actually meets the definition of that word. We talk about the mainstream media and their “fake news,” which is really political commentary that they try to sell as news. But we are in danger of the same thing from the right. Many of the best known right-wing news personalities aren’t giving us news, but rather their opinion. While that usually aligns with our own, it’s still not news.

Finding actual news today, which reports just the facts, is challenging. But if you can, you’ll probably find that it doesn’t agree with what either side is saying. So don’t get caught up in the hysteria that comes from commentators telling us what they are thinking; even if it is coming from the best conservative commentators there are.

Think things through for yourself. Get the best information you can, and then think it through. Ask yourself the question, “How is this going to affect me in my day-to-day life?” In many cases, it’s not; or it will be in subtle, hidden ways that you can workaround. If that’s the case, don’t get stressed.

Packing the Supreme Court

One of the more dangerous proposals of the Democrats in recent times is packing the Supreme Court, changing its traditional makeup in order to garner a majority. Should that happen, a Democrat-controlled Congress would then be able to get away with just about anything they wanted to. To a large extent, we would become a one-party system, much like the old Soviet Union. We might be able to vote for another party, but it wouldn’t make any difference.

From my viewpoint, this is what the Democrat Party wants, more than anything. That’s something to be afraid of, as it is true tyranny. If we actually get to that point and there isn’t a civil war, then it would be the end of the experiment the Founding Fathers started almost two and a half centuries ago.

Freedom of Speech

The left has been attacking our First Amendment right of freedom of speech for years. As time has gone on, this has increased, with the left inventing the term “hate speech” and applying it to anything they don’t agree with. Political correctness is a major part of this campaign, invented by the media as a means of silencing anyone with a voice that doesn’t align with their left-leaning sensibilities.

President Trump has shown us how to deal with political correctness. That’s to ignore it and say what we want to say. The First Amendment guarantees our rights to do so, regardless of what the left says. If we continue to cower to the pressures of political correctness, we will soon find that we have no right to say what we think at all.

I would recommend using a bit more tact than Trump does though. One of the things people don’t like about him is his manner of expression. A conservative message is offensive enough to those on the left, we don’t have to go out of our way to offend them.

Freedom of Religion

Another area that the left has been attacking for a number of years is our First Amendment right to freedom of religion. Many have commented on how restrictions have been overly stringent on churches during COVID-19, compared to businesses that have been considered “essential.” Obviously, those restrictions were put in place by people for whom religious beliefs are not important; and who are applying their own beliefs to others.

One inconsistency in religious tolerance in this country is that anything restrictive of religion seems to only apply to the Christian and Jewish religions. Strangely, the same doesn’t apply to others, especially Islam, which has somehow come under the protective wing of the left.

One of former President Obama’s many statements was an attempt to redefine Freedom of Religion as “the freedom to practice the religion of your choice, in private.” That’s obviously not what the First Amendment means, but rather an attempt to change the meaning.

Those of us who are Christians need to realize that religious persecution is something to be expected, even in the land of liberty. It was foretold in the Bible and is bound to come. As it does, we need to seek out how to embrace it and maintain our faith, even in the midst of adversity. The good news is, the church has always thrived under persecution.

Keeping and Bearing Arms

Team Biden has made it clear that one of their priorities is to go after our guns, specifically AR-15 style rifles and normal capacity magazines. We’ve all heard it before, as the same litany has been repeated over and over again.

Biden is treading on really dangerous ground here, politically and legally speaking. First of all, there is little he can do, without it being challenged in the courts. Changing a Constitutional Amendment requires agreement from 2/3 of the states, and that’s not going to happen. So, he’s limited to trying to enact restrictions through laws and regulations, which we’ve survived before. Secondly, he’s attacking his own base too, as 40% of the gun purchases made in the last six months have been to first-time gun owners, most of whom are Democrats.

I would recommend doing what you can to make sure that you have firearms and ammunition which can’t be found. Either bury it underground or construct a truly invisible hidden storage space in your home. Another idea is to build an 80% firearm before ATF makes those illegal. If you want to be able to defend yourself, then you’re going to have to find a way to keep the government’s hands-off your guns.


One of the things we can be absolutely sure of is that Biden and company will increase our taxes. They’ve said so themselves, making it very clear that in their minds, Trump’s tax decrease was not in the best interest of the country. After all, that’s why we earn money, isn’t it; so that we can pay taxes?

Knowing this is coming, I’d start preparing for it now. That means restructuring your finances so that you can live on less. We should be doing that anyway; but if you don’t do it now, you’ll be caught having to do it once whatever new tax laws take effect. Even if the Republicans manage to hold the Senate, I doubt they’ll stop a tax hike.


We’ve all survived the COVID-19 pandemic to this point and we can continue to survive it, regardless of what our government, at all levels, does. For the record, I think they’ve done an admirable job, dealing with a developing situation, with little information to go on. Most people forget just how little we knew at the outset, yet the disease hasn’t ravaged our country as badly as it could have.

According to my own figures, the death rate in April was 36.56% of the people who contracted the disease. That has been steadily coming down, to the point where it is currently 3%. As far as I’m concerned, our medical community has done an outstanding job of studying this pathogen and applying the lessons they’ve learned in real-time.

Sadly, many on the right are saying that it’s all a hoax and that the disease isn’t any more deadly than the flu. While that might be somewhat true today, that’s only because of the actions which have been taken in the past months. Had we paid attention when they started saying that, we would have seen a lot more people die. Even now, these people are ignoring the numbers of their fellow citizens who are suffering from long-term medical problems due to the disease.

But now we are faced with something new. It appears that there are two vaccines that are now approved for the disease, one of which uses a very experimental methodology, which has never been used in a vaccine before. While the FDA has certified these vaccines, there is a lot of skepticism about the safety and effectiveness of these vaccines.

That’s understandable, as the fastest a vaccine has ever been developed in the past was four years. Yet, our medical community has put a herculean effort into this and it appears that it might have paid off. So, that leaves us with the question of whether or not we take the vaccine.

Actually, that question might be taken away from us, as apparently, the government has the authority to force us to take it. Legal scholar Alan Dershowitz, whose option is respected on both sides of the political aisle, has opined that the government has the right to do that. While I’m sure any such law or order would be challenged in court, I’m pretty sure the government would win that one.

So what do we do? As far as I’m concerned, I’m going to be one of the last people in the country to take the vaccine. If they force me to take it, I will; but I won’t be rushing to get to the head of the line. Let others be the guinea pigs, I’ll wait to see what happens to them. If we’re all going to turn into zombies, I prefer to be one of the last.

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Before Trump got him to the bargaining table, Kim Jong-un was putting a lot of effort into his ballistic missile and nuclear arms programs. While I doubt that he has stopped, he seems to at least be doing so in quiet now, without all the saber-rattling and threats he was making before. We aren’t really any safer from him than we were before, but it has the appearance of that being the face.

Let me say here, that I never believed he went to the bargaining table in good faith. Rather, I always thought that he did so as a means of seeking what concessions he could get from the rest of the world. Both his father and his grandfather did that, and he was taking his shot at it as well.

The other part of that is that I think he was honestly afraid of President Trump. His famous statement about having a button on his desk and Trump’s response to having a bigger one just might have brought some reason into the situation. Kim realized he couldn’t win that contest, so backed off publically, while continuing to work in private.

Likewise, Iran has been eerily quiet since Trump backed out of Obama’s illegal treaty with them (it was illegal in that it was never presented to the Senate for ratification). Did they realize he wouldn’t cave to their bluster or was it something else?

Nevertheless, with Trump and his brash ways out of the Oval Office and Biden in, are we going to see another presidential apology tour? More importantly, are we going to see these bad actors, as well as ISIA and others, take center stage again, as they see an opportunity presenting itself with the new president?

It’s hard to tell right now, but I will say this; the danger hasn’t gone away during the last four years, it’s just been swept under the rug. As long as these counties exist, with the governments they have, there will be a danger. We’ve just closed our eyes to it as if we were taking a nap.

Are You Ready?

As we end this year and prepare to face the next four, I think we all need to ask ourselves if we are ready. Have we allowed ourselves to slip up in the past four years and let our guard down? Has COVID depleted our resources and reduced our readiness? Are we ready to face the next four years?

We’re preppers and getting ready for the next disaster is what we do. So, whether you think any of the above is a disaster or not, you should be prepared. It’s time to take inventory, both of our stockpiles and our general level of preparedness. If there’s something that needs to be made right, now’s the time to do it, regardless of what it is.

At the same time, we need to encourage our brothers and sisters on this journey of preparedness. There has been a distinct slump in preparedness over the last four years, as those of us on the right have become comfortable and stopped being worried. Maybe it’s time to worry again. At least, if Biden causes us to worry, let us put it to good and use it to upgrade our preparedness.

Written by

Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • “from my cold dead fingers”

  • I follow this for the useful information but this is the same old crap. The fact people still believe in the 2 party system and voting matters amazes me. 8 years of Obama and we still got most or our rights.

  • Referring to “undoing predecessor’s accomplishments” our country has been just about every four years going 4 steps forward and 4 steps back, which leaves you in the same place.. Democrats support worker’s unions Republicans do not. Democrats believe women have freedom over their reproductive issues, Republicans do not; Democrats believe national healthcare should be a right (even 3rd world nations enjoy that) Republicans have continued to repress that. Democrats gave families “family leave” for illnesses and new babies, Republicans still oppose that. Everyone that took their workplace healthcare instead of Obamacare have lost their healthcare when they lost their job whether it has been the covid-19 pandemic or other reasons. You believe our election in 2020 is fraudulent even though all of the investigations even by Trump’s own people have proved otherwise. Trump lost the popular vote in 2016 and 2020 and those are the facts.

    • Then why don’t you national socialists go live in Europe? They already have all the things you “think” you’re entitled to. Then you wouldn’t have to be around We REAL Americans and We could start making America Great Again! Most of you swore an oath to leave the USA if Trump got elected in ’16, but you all lied about that too, didn’t you?!

      Please get out of my Country, since you seem to hate the way that REAL Americans want to live! You may leave NOW!

      • First, TAL, I am not a nazi (National Socialist). Why do you say I am when it is you who is using NAZI tactics to seize power. Why do you think you are a REAL American who would MAGA when practically everything you say and do weakens America and polarizes the country. Democracy cannot survive behavior such as yours if enough people adopt your ideas. I have never even heard anyone who swore to leave the country if Trump was elected. Is your comment just wishful thinking? America is possibly even more my country than yours, so why should I even consider leaving America in you unproven hands? Why should you believe your opinion is of more value than the majority of opinions? Cool down and let’s reason together. I will admit that the Left Wing has many very serious faults, but so does the Right Wing. I wish we could talk it over and see if we couldn’t agree on ways to improve things without trying to kill each other. Incidentally, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and non affiliated people here in my home county have organized a discussion group to approach our differences rationally. Try it. You’d like it. No, I have not said that on this thread!

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      • JR, I have been trying to call attention to some of the faults in our election system since I don’t know when, but the Republicans would never listen until they lost this election. Democrats like me want to fix things? Is it possible that you would only trust elections when your side wins? I read more conservative literature than any hundred people like you, but I recognize what is true and what is untrue and treat both Right Wing and Left Wing stuff accordingly. You would feel better if we could sit down and calmly discuss the things you said in your post. America has fought many wars to preserve our ramshackle democracy. Let’s not just casually throw it away because a failed president complains and fans the flames of hostility. Especially since the alternative to democracy is dictatorship. It is impossible for you to live under a one party democracy if I am forced to live under a dictatorship.

        • USA is not a democracy it is a constitutional republic

    • Just to clarify, where you said, “Democrats believe women have freedom over their reproductive issues”, you were being evasive.. What Democrats actually believe is that “Women have freedom to murder the baby in their wombs” Just be honest. And I’m glad if Republicans don’t believe in murder of the innocent.

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      Don’t know why they won’t look at this con mans history
      Open your eyes peeps quit believing the Russian bots sent to create division and lies to divide this country
      Trump is Putin’s bitch
      Trump has given over trillion is tax for billionaires and can’t help the middle class!
      Thought something was wrong with trump but there’s more wrong with his blind sheeple
      Democrats and Republicans have more in common than is stated
      It’s trump that wants to divide and conquer our country he is the problem
      I hope and pray Biden can bring truth integrity and be able to talk to each other

      • I thank God for Lin’s comment and showing us that there are still sane people in America. Trump’s satanic influence over so many people is terrifying in the extreme.. At the same time, we just don’t seem to be prepared to deal with people like him in times like these.. Human knowledge and the population are exploding, and nobody seems to have the answers to the problems that seem to become more complicated every day. Unity, open minds, common cause, focused study, uncensored discussion, and cooperation are called for, but Trump and his followers represent none of these things. Still, it is hard to see how we can make progress without them. We must never, never, never give up, though, because it would mean certain disaster for the human race.

      • I thank God for Lin’s comment and showing us that there are still sane people in America. Trump’s satanic influence over so many people is terrifying in the extreme.. At the same time, we just don’t seem to be prepared to deal with people like him in times like these.. Human knowledge and the population are exploding, and nobody seems to have the answers to the problems that seem to become more complicated every day. Unity, open minds, common cause, focused study, uncensored discussion, and cooperation are called for, but Trump and his followers represent none of these things. Still, it is hard to see how we can make progress without them. We must never, never, never give up, though, because it would mean certain disaster for the human race. This is not a duplicate comment.

      • I thank God for Lin’s comment and showing us that there are still sane people in America. Trump’s satanic influence over so many people is terrifying in the extreme.. At the same time, we just don’t seem to be prepared to deal with people like him in times like these.. Human knowledge and the population are exploding, and nobody seems to have the answers to the problems that seem to become more complicated every day. Unity, open minds, common cause, focused study, uncensored discussion, and cooperation are called for, but Trump and his followers represent none of these things. Still, it is hard to see how we can make progress without them. We must never, never, never give up, though, because it would mean certain disaster for the human race. This is not a duplicate comment. Are you attacking my freedom of speech?

    • Spoken like a true democrat

    • Actually, according to studies done by Trump’s people, In Nebraska alone around 60,000 people voted illegally and in Georgia and other states the election machines ended up being connected to the internet when they weren’t supposed to be. This was so Democrats could hack the machines and change the votes. The media has been lying which is why it appears that those studies say something they don’t. Also, by the opinion that Democrats believe that women should have control of their reproductive organs, I believe they should choose who the have sex with but that abortion (murder in a domestic way of putting it) is legal is sickening. Democrats also want to take away our right to bear arms which is there so the government doesn’t take over. Republicans do not, Democrats believe that we shouldn’t be able to say what we think, Republicans do not. Democrats believe Trump (who donated $ 123 trillion of his own money to the research fund while democrats did nothing and grounded all flights from China when the virus is discovered) didn’t do enough to stop the virus, and that it’s Trump’s fault the vaccine is rotting in freezers in democrat run states.

  • there is no 46th President until Donald J Trump step down and that is not happening any time soon. QED

    • You are right, Phantom30. It is taking an eternity for January 2o to get here.

      • Yes there was a fake news item yesterday about Pelosi being arrested at the border. Well not true although I would not be against it.. Insurrection act has been initiated. The current congress should have no power because they are the result of a fraudulent election. So nothing they do is legal. We are like Mosses with our backs up against the red sea. God’s hand opened the sea, Mosses escaped and the threat drowned. We need so see the hand of God work. George Washington said “Appeal to Heaven”. We should follow suite because it still works.


    • You’re right CASTELUCCIO. The American political system has become a two man con.. The Democrats and the Republicans are just two groups of rich people who have different approaches to taking advantage of the rest of us.

  • Let me ask, if there had been voter fraud, don’t you think we would have gotten rid of Turtleman McConnell and Pansy Graham? Trump has lied consistently, played endless games of golf, insulted and mocked people. What a joke of a president and what an insult to humanity.

  • You are right, Phantom30. It is taking an eternity for January 2o to get here.

    Are you attacking or repressing my freedom of speech? 🙂

  • OK, I’ve said what needs to be said. Have a nice day.

  • This is the BEST article yet that I have read on this site.

  • on the contrary, some of us have redoubled our efforts at prepping, as we were expecting this to happen,

  • First, realize that much of what the federal government does is unconstitutional (e.g. Social Security, Medicare, “gun control,” printing paper “money,” etc.), and so isn’t lawful. By the 10th Amendment and according to the original understanding of the constitution ONLY the powers listed are given to the federal government. Second, understand that executive orders have no real direct bearing on citizens. They aren’t law. They are merely like the commands of a CEO concerning the actions of his subordinates. Third, even constitutional laws passed with the appropriate procedures aren’t necessarily just. An unjust “law” isn’t a law and doesn’t – morally speaking – HAVE to be “obeyed.” Finally, buy a gun and conceal carry WITHOUT an unjust “permit.”