Essential Survival Skills Which Youth Should Learn From Parents & Grandparents

People never stop learning during their lifetime. Every day brings us something new and unexplored – it can be material things, thoughts, emotions, events, etc. And it is essential to thank life for everything it gives us and take the knowledge as much as you can from the positive and negative situations.

From early childhood, our parents and grandparents care about us as kids, and all they want is for us to be happy despite any circumstances. They want to keep us safe, healthy, smart, and teach us everything they know about life and share the most needed tips depending on our age.

When we are still kids, we think that these pieces of advice are useless and irritate us as we believe that we know better than our parents do. However, nothing can compare to the experience gained through their whole life as our parents and grandparents were in such different situations in life that we can only imagine.

Some lessons from them are memorable, some are not, but we have to listen to every tip they give to us to share them with the next generation, not only our kids.

There are essential tips from our parents that are discussed in practically every family worldwide and are supposed to be standard rules in society. And now we would like to present to you the vital survival skills which parents and grandparents learn in the younger ages.


The basic rules of self-defense are evident for people of all ages. We do not know what can happen to us at the next minute, so we always have to be ready to protect ourselves and our surroundings. Mostly, older adults are aware of some self-defense activities that will somehow help their kids in any attack to be able to escape from thugs. To perform self-defense exercises, kids and parents should think of special training to learn the proper movements that would work for them in time. In addition, children can attend some classes where a trainer who is aware of all needed activities would teach the kids of how to behave themselves in case of an attack of bandits, what words are better to say, and what equipment to have (like gas spray) to protect themselves.

Harvest planting

Planting fruit and vegetables seems outdated and useless, but it is a necessary survival skill that parents and grandparents should teach their kids. Different situations may happen in life, and kids need to be ready for most of them. Gardening is the way to feed themselves and their families in case of losing jobs and absence of payrolls, epidemics, wars, disasters, and so on. Some kinds of vegetables and fruit will grow in any conditions with no rain or sun. Moreover, planting can become a family business because, as we all know, farmers are relatively wealthy people whose products will always be in demand.

Growing animals

This survival skill is also related to people who live and visit the family farms. Just like gardening, raising animals is one of the efficient ways of avoiding starvation, economic problems, and so on. You can grow animals for the needs of your family only and also can raise animals for sale at the local market as animals or as meat and milk products. Home meat, milk, cottage cheese are much more helpful than those from shops as these products are fresh, ecologically clean, and tasty. If children are taught how to care for home animals to get income properly, it can also develop into a family business with excellent earnings in the area. The demand for clean products produced at someone’s farm is growing worldwide as people start to care more about the state of their health and aim to improve it by changing their eating habits.

Refuge building

Building a shelter with improvised materials sounds complicated and impossible for people with no experience in architecture. When your parents can teach you how to make a temporary refuge, what a great survival skill, is not it? You do not need this knowledge in your everyday life, but it will be helpful if you are lost somewhere, disaster, fire, etc.

We hope that any of these awful situations will never happen to your family, but you should always be ready to protect and care for your relatives despite any circumstances. Basic knowledge of shelter building can also fascinate the younger generation to develop this skill into a real profession of architects or designers that are in high demand worldwide.

Making a fire

As essay writing website reviews claim, this skill can be useful for survival purposes and in your daily life. First of all, youth should know the real danger of fire and all tragic consequences that can appear after playing with it.

Building a fire can be required when you are having a barbeque picnic with family and friends, when you are climbing mountains, firing the chimney in your summer home, and also in critical situations. For example, in such cases, you and your family can get lost in the woods, can get into the epicenter of the disaster, etc. You have to be ready for any incident that may happen to you and your closest relatives to be prepared to protect them and provide a safe place to stay.

First aid

Due to the review of essay writing services related to healthcare, first aid need can wait for you in places where you do not expect the need for it – at work, at home, in the street, in public transport, literally everywhere. Usually, people panic and do not know what to do first and how to help the person in trouble right now.

It is crucial to have an unconscious mind and calm down as you will not help other people if you are too nervous and scared. First aid rules teach young people to create the needed equipment to stop blood from improvising items like clothes or belts. All in all, you have to do everything possible to remain the person alive until the doctors arrive.

Orientation without mobile maps

We all go through orientation lessons during school life. Teachers try to make us learn how to navigate with a written map, without a map looking at the natural direction, and so on. Even if you have a simple traditional map, it is vital to read it correctly to save yourself, not lose in emergencies. Practice is the key to making this knowledge work. Show your kids the path from different city points to your home and, on the contrary, from your home to different points that can be needed in case of evacuation, etc. Then, you can go hiking with your children to teach them how to orient in wood or an unknown area.


A small percentage of young people love and can cook delicious dishes just like their mothers or grannies. Commonly, women within the family share all their knowledge and family recipes with the younger generation of girls and boys. The food should not only be well-done but also taste and smell good. It should not be complex recipes to make delicious dishes, just the basic combinations of different products and spices.

Home cooking is always much more pleasant than restaurant pizza or sushi. You can quickly get tired of burgers at cafes, but you will never give up on liking the home food prepared by yourself or your family members. It is also great when you and your mother\granny write down all unique recipes in the family recipe book to share with the next generations and never lose your family’s identity.

To sum up

The list of survival tips from our parents and grandparents can last forever as they manage to be in so many diverse situations, which give them priceless lessons and knowledge. It is an excellent opportunity for the youth to learn about possible problems in their lives and how to make them profitable as much as possible.

If young people think that these survival tips are irrelevant and outdated, we would say they are wrong. This knowledge is fundamental and should be learned by every kid in every family. The world is constantly changing and impresses us with new situations (like pandemics or wars) that influence humanity. We have to be ready for any surprise life has prepared for us and become winners in each of these circumstances.

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