How To Survive Stupid People

Foreseeing disasters and preparing for them is what preppers do.

I mean, that’s what makes us preppers, right? So we should always be looking forward, seeing the next potential disaster and trying to figure out how to survive it. While many of those potential disasters will never come to pass, the one that does makes it all worthwhile.

But all this looking forward can have its own consequences. We can end up having tunnel vision to the future, and end up not seeing what’s going on around us. We can be looking to see the zombie apocalypse that’s coming in the future, and because of that, not see the zombies walking all around us.

Yes folks, we are living in the midst of a zombie apocalypse right now, and we haven’t even noticed it. I am speaking, of course, of all the stupid people around us. You know what I mean… or at least I hope you do. Otherwise, you might need to check yourself… for you might be one of them.

Trigger Warning: If any of you are stupid enough to not recognize that this article is satirical in nature, then you are at risk of being just the type of people who are likely to be qualified as stupid people. Beware! You are at danger of natural selection.

Please note that this article does not refer in any way to people who have a low intelligence quotient, more commonly referred to as the IQ. Rather, it is actually referring to people who have no common sense whatsoever; the other type of intelligence necessary for survival.

While common sense is by no means common, it is what protects humankind from destroying ourselves. Perhaps it is this lack of commonness, which is causing the downslide of said humankind.

The level of stupidity in the world is on the upswing. To prove this point, scientific studies have shown that functional illiteracy rates amongst industrialized English-speaking nations are dropping. It’s not just here in the USA either; this phenomenon is happening in all of the major English-speaking countries, around the world.

I’m not sure what’s happening in countries where English is a secondary language, because as best I know, no studies of this type have been done in those countries.

Some are proposing that it is the English language that is causing the dumbing down of these countries, but I beg to differ. There is ample evidence that this is all a part of a sinister government plot; one designed to make us all into slaves of the government, doing nothing more than what our betters in government service tell us to do and not doing anything they don’t tell us to do.

Just look at all the stories on the Internet that are talking about nefarious actions on the part of our government to dumb us down. I’ll mention just four here:

  • Fluoride in the water, which has been shown to destroy brain cells, is common throughout the United States. The excuse for this is to improve dental health. But if that was true, then why doesn’t our water carry things to heal us of other diseases as well?
  • Smart-meters, which are replacing normal power meters, and surrounding us with a field of electromagnetic radiation, as if our smartphones weren’t already sending enough electromagnetic radiation into our brains to damage them.
  • Chemtrails, where the government is forcing the major airline companies to poison us, putting chemicals in the upper atmosphere, so that they will fall down upon us. We have all become human lab rats, part of a great experiment to turn us into the walking brain dead.
  • Common Core curriculum, which teaches children how to come up with the wrong answers to math problems and penalizes them for being right about just about anything.

The list goes on and on. Secret and secretive forces in our government are clearly bent on nefarious purposes; ones which will turn us all into mindless slaves, just like the dumb people all around us.

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Just look at how people live their lives today. The average stupid person lives like little more than a two-legged animal. Perhaps that’s why they are referred to as “sheeple.” They get up in the morning, eat and dress. Then it’s off to work at some mind-numbing job which hasn’t yet been replaced by a computer.

After work, it’s home to eat again, then sit in front of the boob tube, mesmerized by images of actors and actresses acting dumb for big bucks. TV programming is available around the clock, so that those who have insomnia can continue living their lives vicariously through the actors, rather than living a real life of their own.

Eventually it’s off to bed, resting in preparation of another day of work and television.

You call that a life? I suppose if you’re a cow it is. Eat, work and sleep; that’s it. Not much of a requirement for a brain in all that. Definitely no need for any form of higher thought. They can dumb us down, and still get the day’s quota of work out of us.

One Potential Solution

There is one potential solution, which has been offered to solve the problem of all the stupid people who are taking over the world. That’s to simply remove all the warning labels off of products and outlaw warning statements like, “don’t try this at home” on YouTube videos.

That one simple act could have far-reaching consequences, allowing natural selection to once again take over.

In case you’re not familiar with the concept of natural selection, it’s part of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Put simply, it states that only the best and strongest of a species survive, while the weaker members of a species die off due to natural causes, such as being hunted by predators.

This process “cleanses” the gene pool of defective genes, allowing future generations to inherit the stronger genes and have a better chance of survival.

This is a slow process, simply because dumb people and animals tend to breed rapidly, even more rapidly than their more intelligent counterparts. With little else to occupy their minds, it is easy to turn to thoughts of sex, simply for entertainment.

Little in the way of morals impedes these thoughts, so the dumb people seek each other out, rather than forming lasting relationships with more intelligent people and with purposes beyond just sexual pleasure.

Currently, product liability lawyers and our government are interfering excessively with the process of natural selection. By mandating warning labels, many of the products and activities that would naturally work to eliminate these stupid people from the gene pool are prevented from doing their job.

Those warnings provide excessive protection for these lower forms of life, allowing them to continue living and breeding, filling the Earth with more stupid people.

Eliminating these warning labels would merely return things to how they should be. Stupid people would do what stupid people do best… stupid things. While it would be unfortunate for the stupid people in question, this would then cause the aforementioned cleansing of the human gene pool over the next several generations.

The trick to putting this plan into operation is to eliminate the armies of product-liability lawyers, lobbyists and of course legislators who think it is their divine responsibility to protect people from themselves. No solution to this part of the problem has yet been proposed.

What to do with Stupid People

Since we can’t just eliminate stupid people, or rather, allow natural selection to eliminate them, we must find more subtle ways of dealing with them. Avoidance is a good method, but the problem there is that stupid people are everywhere, making it very hard to avoid them.

The current political climate makes it impossible to force these people to identify themselves, perhaps by wearing some sort of tag with their IQ listed on it in bold numbers. But even if that were a possible option, it really wouldn’t help, because there is no known CSQ (common sense quotient) or means of testing for it.

As it is really these people with a low CSQ that are the problem, such an identifier would be necessary so that we could avoid them.

Unfortunately, there is no outwardly visible sign of people with a low CSQ, so we can’t just watch out for them and avoid them. The only way to find out if someone has a low CSQ is to spend enough time with them, that you can observe their actions and reactions, seeing times when common sense would dictate a particular course of action and noticing that they don’t avoid it.

Once that happens, it is best to find something harmless for these people to do, in order to prevent them from causing further problems. Since it is still considered murder to eliminate them as a risk to society, we cannot use that as an alternate means of cleansing the gene pool. Rather, we must direct them towards activities that will keep them from causing problems for everyone else:

  • Put them in a round room and tell them to sit in the corner.
  • Give them a bottle of “experimental” shampoo and tell them to wash their hair, following the instruction on the bottle to the letter… lather, rinse, repeat.
  • Get them a job cleaning the bottom of swimming pools, but don’t give them the normal tools, which allow them to clean the pool from the level of the deck around it.
  • Put them to work reviewing television programs.
  • Put them to work reviewing electronic games.
  • Send them on a jackalope hunt, to remove this dangerous pest.

There are many other similar activities which can be used in the same manner. Any thinking person can come up with a list of them, rather easily.

Always Assume the Worst

Considering the high number of stupid people we find in the world today, life can be extremely dangerous. One never knows when a stupid person might jump up right in front of them, doing something stupid that could cause them harm.

It’s bad enough when these people do things to hurt themselves, but all too often they get away scot-free, not even realizing that they’ve caused a problem. It’s the other people, normal intelligent ones with a high CSQ who end up suffering the consequences of their actions.

The only real solution to this problem, other than herding all the people with low CSQs into a large penned-in area and keeping them there, is to do what I taught my children to do, when I was teaching them to drive. That is, always assume that the other person is going to do something stupid.

That way, when they end up doing something stupid, you’re ready for it.

This simple philosophy has saved me from countless dangerous situations created by stupid people. I don’t just apply it when I’m driving, but in all situations. I literally walk through life, watching to see what stupid things others are going to do.

Of course, part of the process here is using my superior brain power to not only think of the stupid things they might do (and I’ve got to say that some of these people can be brilliant in coming up with stupid things to do), but in coming up with my own response to their actions, should my supposition be proven true and I find that they truly are stupid people, doing stupid things.

Those of us who have seen the latest Sherlock Homes movies, with Robert Downey Jr. playing Sherlock, have seen this in action. In a number of cases, the great detective thinks through a pending conflict, foreseeing the actions of the stupid people and developing his responses.

Then, when the stupid people do what stupid people do, he is ready to counter their actions, sallying forth victoriously.

Of course, that’s a movie and you and I must deal with these things in real-life and real-time. That’s a bit harder, as we don’t have script writers to help us. Nevertheless, with a little practice, we can master this ability. Start with something simple, like driving; and then allow yourself to apply the method in other parts of your life.

Don’t Let Yourself Become One of Them

The worst thing that can happen to any of us is to become one of them. I know that’s a scary thought, but if you spend enough time watching television or playing video games, it could happen. Even the smartest amongst us are capable of becoming zombies, if we allow ourselves to succumb to the “entertainment” of today, which is all intended to dumb us down.

The key to avoiding this is to use your brain. After all, it really was created to do more than just fill up the space between your ears. So exercise it. Force yourself to think. Find activities which require thinking and do them. What activities? Things like:

  • Reading
  • Learning to do something new
  • Practicing a new skill that requires thought and concentration, like shooting
  • Watching the opera
  • Listening to classical music
  • Making things with your hands
  • Speaking with foreigners, in another language

Again, there are many possibilities, limited by only your own imagination and curiosity. Let that curiosity loose and follow it where it might lead. The worst that could possibly happen is that you find out that you have already succumbed to becoming one of them, and end up hurt for doing something that you really shouldn’t have tried doing.

Granted, the ideas I’ve mentioned there deal with the IQ and not the CSQ, but that’s alright. While there is not actual correlation between the two, the things I’ve mentioned as possible activities require more than just thought; they require action on your part.

Doing activities which require you to do something more than just think, while also requiring you to think, have a high probability of increasing both your IQ and your CSQ. Activities which just require thinking, such as purely academic pursuits, will not increase your CSQ, even if they do increase your IQ.

Avoid at all costs institutes of higher learning. They have been taken over by people who are severely lacking in CSQ. That’s a direct result of the saying, “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” Our institutes of higher learning are filled with people who can’t… so they are teaching.

You can’t learn common sense, from someone who doesn’t have it. If you want to learn more on how to survive anything, this is just the thing. And take this SEAL test! You will learn a lot from it!

Written by

Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • No, I don’t take the article as satire. Stupidity is a real problem in todays world. Its truly upsetting we cant just eliminate stupidity when we are exposed to it. In a time when information is at our fingertips available in an instant, there are more stupid people now more than ever.

    • I agree, Stupidity is everywhere. Ever been to Walmart?

      • Just had to post – this article was a hoot and so totally true – your comment on WalMart really nailed it. It is amazing the stupidity in this country. People read an opinion on Facebook and don’t even research it but just assume it must be true. The ignorance is staggering. I learned a great deal and still do by just reading the Bible. I also faithfully read this website which has helped me format a wonderful notebook where I now can make drinking water from air using materials I already have; I learned how to use hurricane lamps to light my house instead of buying candles; I have learned how to dehydrate foods especially fruits and vegetables. Also, collected easy recipes especially ones for how to make bread like pita bread, Indian fry bread – yummy, matzoh which I love, and even sourdough biscuits. I have learned how to start a fire and use a solar generator. And this is just a few of the things I have learned this year. There is stupidity because people do not want to invest in learning but rather want the government to take care of them. It is appalling. I read an article in a newspaper I respect that printed an article about the huge support of Communism by Democrats – the survey only included 119 people – totally invalid. I pointed this out to the publisher. But – yes I agree – stupidity is everywhere and it is because people like it that way. That is why communism is taking a hold in this country. We may all have to move to Texas!! LOL. God bless you and keep you and yours safe.

        • Kate, I am so relieved there are knowledgeable pious folks like yourself out there. Unfortunately, the military sentenced me to do 3 tours in San Antonio.1st at lackluster Lackland AFB, the other 2 at Fart Sam Houston, where I went to the Army Physician Assistant School in 1981. Wastin’ time at Camp Bullis twice, was the decider, happiness was seein’ Texas in my rear view window. My oldest dau born at Brooke Army Hospital. When she does something dumb, her name changes from Jessica to Tex. My experience with all them redneck and rowdy Texans left me with this impression…ya can always tell a Texan, ‘cuz ya can’t tell them anything.

      • ever been to the grocery store or had to live in a apartment??? It’s that bad where I live… California, the most can’t do place I know welcome to all dum dums. ( Just for the hell of it I’m going to invent a snack and call it dum-dums. Surely the process will help me save my mind and raise my csq score ever higher. Good luck out here my comrades.

  • I love this article !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIll White and his amazing survival info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • That’s a lot of words…I would have made this article much shorter.
    “How To Survive Stupid People; kill them”

    • LOL – Send them to a city where they have defunded the police and allow BLM to rule. That will settle the problem.

      • You got my amen sister,on this one. I live in hor lando, florida where folks who make up the lowest common denominator cause the most trouble, crime wise, and they are not the majority here…yet. Once their numbers increase it’ll be time for me to vote with my feet and find a VA medical facility in Appalachia somewhere, Hill country with running streams is all a person needs to get off the grid.

        • John Hanley: Hello! Lakeland preppers here! Hope you found your Appalachian Paradise! My husband and I are preparing to move too. Hopefully North Carolina foothills Sooner rather than later. Alot of Stupid people here too.

      • Welcome to Los Angeles…

  • That’s a great article, Bill. Had to laugh my ass off. May be a little more truth than humour in the article. Many times truth needs to be clothed in humour to make it more palatable. I think that one of the great truths of this era is that our “smart” devices are actually making us dumber and people are flocking to them in droves like the proverbial lemmings jumping over the cliff. My pet peeve are these devices like alexa. I’m not even sure what they call them. For want of a better word, “smart speakers”? And this will be the nail in our collective coffins. People are giving over their personal power to these electronic devices and it will just make them dumber and dumber. was the movie of the same name a harbinger of things to come? As far as I’m concerned these are devices for very lazy people. The latest I’ve heard about these bloody “smart” phones is that a great number of people can’t do without them even to the point of texting each other across the dining room table at meal time. I worry about the future of the human race. maybe the elite are right. maybe the human race does need to be trimmed down to half a billion. can you imagine how wonderful this earth would be with half a billion smart people living here? I do take exception to one thing you said in the article and I know most of it was tongue-in-cheek. About dumb people having large families. there are three main demographics having large families these days and they’re not all dumb. the Chinese, the east Indians and the blacks. apparently these three groups do have a little more time on their hands and access to a lot of Viagra. LOL! Take care and keep up the great work. with the latest “invasion” of syria by turkey to fight the proxy forces of the US we could see a game changer in that area and not for the good. hope for the best. be prepared for the worst. If the worse does come to the worse come on up to Canada, bill. I’m sure you’ll be welcome.

    • Ever think that no one hears you when you talk? Frustrated? Grive no more for She is here. Alexa and Syri are listening. Alexa and Syri ALWAYS listen….

  • @J. Gumb I know a lot of Bill’s article was tongue-in-cheek. But I do agree with you that stupidity is becoming epidemic. And stupidity isn’t the worst of it. Common sense seems to be a very rare commodity these days. And critical thinking for the most part has gone the way of the dodo. Maybe this IS one of nature’s ways of reducing the population. The earth is a finite system and can only support so many of us. we are getting close to that number and doing a horrible job of being the stewards of this planet.

    • Stupidity isn’t just epidemic, it’s now pandemic.

  • I survived colossal stupidity the entire time I was in the army just to get a chance to experience the world outside the land of the round door knob. I learned 3 languages I would otherwise never have a need to know, much find a place in the USA to learn them in their native habitat., besides the ebonics I learned in the army.

    I am allergic to stupidity, and knowing there is no cure, my solution was to find a self sustainable hide a way not that far off the beaten track, but not so accessible to the sheeple I am allergic to. When The Good Lord decides planet earth has reached is best used by date, we will all go in an instant in an incandescent glow at armageddon, if one is unfortunate enough to have to be there.

    As a for instance, the Catholic Church has been blest over 2,000 years with pious folks who were allowed to experience the stigmata Jesus endured and these saintly souls were given glimpses into the future of their time, for instance Therese Neuman, a nun stigmatic ig=n Germany told a Catholic Chaplain in 1945 when he asked her what will be the fate of his native Ireland, she said it will go in a single inundation in the 21st Century, our current time period.. The chaplain asked what will happen to the US, she said it will become so corrupt it will collapse from within, yet no outside force will ever attack it, this accurately describes our present status…yes?

    If the seers at Garabandal ever experience what they saw in a marian apparition in 1960 and relate this event as they were told to do means the Great Chastisement mentioned at Fatima will evolve into the Great Tribulation predicted in the Apocalyptic book of revelation. This is a 7 year long escalation of the events Moses predicted to the Pharoah of Egypt. …Then comes armageddon…and sandwiched into all of this the Gog-Magog invasion, which may well be what is going on in the mid-east at this moment.

    Stupid people will never be able to comprehend what is in store for them and they out number the folks who are aware of what is gonna happen in a not so distant point of time.. Best solution is to put your head between your knees and kiss your arse adios amigo…

  • There are stupid people in the world, and they vote, placing other stupid people in positions of power. The really bad things happen when the stupid people who got elected start to think they are better than everyone else and thus try to force others to live life by their stupid rules. If you don’t Believe this to be true, just go back and read over the past comments from members of the California Democratic delegation. Many believe they are more qualified than the lerned forefathers who could speak and read multiple languages and had not yet been dumbed down by the inane stuff coming out of the modern TV sets.

    • I heartily agree, Glen. The Stupid find their power in groups by bonding together in political parties, lobbying for intrusive and brain dead regulations, or connecting online to boycott companies or harass individuals over political correctness.
      Our connected and online world is a great threat to the freedom loving individual. It gives power to the Stupid to attempt to force conformity and to harass resourceful individuals who cherish all of their Constitutional Liberties.
      the first hole in the dam was made with the national Seat Belt law, It scares me that so many find this legislation over personal safety perfectly acceptable, if there was a federal law mandating brushing your teeth in the morning they would obediently just tell Alexa to remind them each morning, and report any neighbor with bad breath to the police!

  • i agree this is not a satire. I have noticed an increase of stupid people. I see it everyday while driving to work. some of the people i deal with at work are some of the most clueless people i’ve seen. My csq test would be hand the suspected idiot a can of “dehydrated water” and watch what happens.

  • Ha. Scott Adams couldn’t have done it better. There are exceptions to ‘those who can’t teach’, but teaching is not their profession, or vocation. Oh, and Jake; the Rapture has already happened, and we’re still here.

  • Sam…uhhh…are you for real? The Rapture happened?…and your proof is…what exactly? The Rapture Ready website has a minute before midnight gotta get outta dodge ASAP section that has remained frozen in that position for over 20 years of saying…any second now and the ‘select elect’ will be gone quicker’n stink on a fart. Yet, every bible thumpin’ fundamentalist website out there rantin’ and a ravin’ the Rapture is gonna happen any second now…and like Rapture Ready…they are still rantin’ and a ravin…so Sam, who exactly got Raptured?

    Jesus clearly stated there will be a separation of wheat from the chaff, a separation of sheep from the goats meaning nobody is gettin’ a get out of jail free card, we all will have to be judged prior to entering heaven, even those who are alive at the 2nd Coming are put thru the wheat/ chaff and/or sheep/goat process prior to HIS arrival.

    Stupid folks who got suckered into the Rapture craze will be in for a rough ride come armageddon. SAM, I ain’t no Rapture freak if that is what you are inferring…I am calmly awaiting the next phase out decimation of humanity.St. Paul predicted the current age of apostasy and the huge falling away of folks who lost their faith…that is…if they actually had any faith to begin with. The Rapture freaks …IMHO…fall into this trap.

    • Amen Jake. I am a retired pastor and an evangelist and have been studying end times for years. The Rapture does not happen until other criteria has been met. Is it close? Yes, I think so. The Great Judgment is where all of us will stand one by one before God and be evaluated. Lots of false evangelism and false prophecy going around today – I have learned to ignore it and just preach the truth – always for free. I enjoyed your comment.

      • Yours is the 1st sane response I got on this topic in the past 70 years, I am 80 y.o. and am as rock solid a Christian as can be found.I am also a deeply devout Catholic the only religion which offers us salvation thru partaking in Communion. No other religion has a unbroken apostolic succession which consecrates its clergy. The other sects imitate the communion ritual, but its a sad counterfeit’cuz its not genuine. Jesus sends HIS mother as HIS advocate to appear before unblemished children who never waver in their faith. Marian Apparitions only happen to Catholics…how come? Mary’s message is constant, repent and be saved. The once baptized and saved for eternity is a gnostic scam to deceive the true believers.Jesus said the way to heaven is a narrow path, only a handfull will enter Heaven by this path, HE left open another path when HE went to LImbo on the day of HIS crucifixion to release those trapped souls, HE created purgatory for those souls that need to be burnished clean. HE knows its the extremely rare person who lives a spotlessly clean sinless life like HIS mother and saints who suffered grievously for HIS sake. There are unpardonable sins, like those who deny Jesus is God, and those who accuse HIM of sorcery and witchccraft. Baptized folks can’t sin their way to Heaven, it ain’t gonna happen.

  • You can’t fix stupid and the lack of common sense around us will destroy this country.
    From those in teaching positions to those now leading corporations and government we will destroy ourselves. We were and could be a great country but we have become soft and got away from God and what the bible teaches— common sense. All to broaden our minds we have become dumb.

  • Hi,

    I find people who have moved away from yahweh fit in this category.

    Good insight and a good read.

  • Great article.

    I would add that people who watch, listen, or give money to televangelists such as joel osteen fit into this category as well.

  • The Bible says when Israel becomes a nation that generation will see the coming of the lord. This happened in 1948 the year I was born. Keep looking this world cant keep throughing God out everything and keep going.

  • Someone posted on Facebook a few days ago – don’t worry about the Zombie apocalypse, worry about the dumbass apocalypse. It’s here in full force.

    • That’s no way to talk about democrats. Shame on you!

      • no i usually call them Dummycrats.

  • Sign posted on my gate;
    “If you help yourself pass this gate, I will help you greet God.”

  • Prepare, prepare, prepare. Three most important words in the English language. Stock up on dehydrated foods, canned goods, seeds and water. Don’t have access to water such as a lake or stream? Get an above ground swimming pool, get water filters to make it drinkable. A good pistol and rifle as well as a shotgun and ammunition. Buy hand tools that don’t need electricity to work, and know how to use them. Learn how to can vegetables and learn to garden. This is how you survive the stupid people, they don’t prepare. USMC vet and former law enforcement.

  • The easiest way to protect yourself from stupid people is to break every mirror in sight.


  • absolutely, 100% correct. billed as satire to keep the hounds at bay but in real life it is real life……..g


  • I agree most of the list you mentioned is stupid but although I don’t agree with the way the core curriculum was stated by a nit wit was wrong the Core Curriculum is a way of dumbing down our children. I home schooled all three of my children.. I used the McGuffey Readers and Rays Arithmetic and other old Textbooks along with what I could find on the internet that wasn’t put out by fake news. My daughter had received a diploma from the Mission School they were enrolled in for homeschooling she decided to take the GED to see how she would do against those who were taught in P.S. She got the highest score in our state and the only subject she did bad in was reading because she wrote answers how she believed they should be answered and she still got a high grade in that. We talked to a friend who was a P.S. Teacher, (one of the good ones), and she was told it was because she was homeschooled and I didn’t have to teach her with Core Curriculum., The good teachers do not like Core curriculum and they call it baby sitting not teaching.

  • Thank you! I thought I was the only one who “saw stupid people”! I had to teach a young man, 21, how to use a shovel!!! And I am a truck driver and can not get away from them on the road! The road is MY office and the stupid people just wander about at will!

  • Bill, You have Dawrin wrong, Natural selection is not about survival of the fittest its about survival (fit or not) long enough to breed more like me, whether you are a “stupid person” or not.

  • Great read, haha, It is very true what you are saying, people like to keep you down also, not just the gov. they will say here watch tv, you don’t need to read, have some coffee and come help me cut my grass, or move, read-write, and figure things out don’t let anyone tell you ,don’t need to do it .

  • First a I big laugh. Then to a straight face. With no laughs.

    This is the real deal.

    Now more true than ever.


    Speaking to others in a foreign language..

    I have learned there are levels of stupid in foreign languages and cultures that even out shine and surpass our levels.

    Thanks for the website.


    Also.. Stupid is now available with Auto type .i had to fix this and resend.

  • Quick story.

    A group of people land on earth.
    No one else is here.

    One guy labor’s and labor’s and builds a house. And plants food.

    The others do nothing.

    One day it snows.

    They start yelling and complaing…

    We have to tax this guy.

    It’s unfair he has a house.

    And we don’t.

    What gives him the right!!

    The end.

  • We have one Shepherd(Jesus Christ) Keep your eyes on him and common sense will fall in place. Problem is a lot of people in society rely on the false shepherd of government. Government creates stupid people, stupid people elect government, government can’t even handle and agree on simple tasks let alone anything more complex than simple. They only thing both false shepherds of the government can agree on is taxing all more if it helps the government. Yes it is illegal to get rid of stupid people but rest assured government will help out when shtf. When shtf from economic collapse, disaster manmade or otherwise you can’t rely on government to help as it does not help them. By the time the government tries to help most of the stupid people will have probably died waiting for help by natural cause or otherwise. .
    I like this: “The key to avoiding this is to use your brain. After all, it really was created to do more than just fill up the space between your ears. So exercise it. Force yourself to think. Find activities which require thinking and do them. What activities? Things like:

    Learning to do something new
    Practicing a new skill that requires thought and concentration, like shooting
    Watching the opera
    Listening to classical music
    Making things with your hands
    Speaking with foreigners, in another language”

    Stop watching mainstream media, both sides like the government put on oscar worthy performances to blind the sheeple. One side is all about control and taking away and redistributing, the other side is about keeping your rights but then trying to pass stupid laws that act like they are keeping your rights but opening the doors for the other side to put in control to eventually possibly take away.

    • Jenna, your observations are spot on. You forgot 1 thing, everybody can use a write-in vote for candidate of choicee. I have been urging folks to vote for themselves for every position in every election the past 60 years. Unfortunately, my feller amareekins are dumber than dogshit. They are so entitlement fixated to feed their their own greed , they have no time nor sympathy for their own neighbors.

      The world is going to hell quite rapidly as a result of this satanic based greed, so IMHO, LORD please bring on Armageddon NOW and usher in Your Promised 1000 year period of peace on earth. At lest this way, who ever enters that millenial period of peace won’t be subjected to the insane stupidity we endure at the present moment.

      For those who haven’t seen the movie ‘1984’ with Richard Burton need to see this gloomy dystopic portrayal of what life will be like during the 7 year Tribulation about to be foisted on us, prior to Armageddon. Stupid bureaucrats will be the cause of this dystopia, and the evil they perpetrate on the masses.

      • Better yet, read the book. Also read “Animal Farm.”

        • Animal Farm was written to be a response to Jonathan Swift;s Gullivers Tales, section about the noblest animal, horses. Keep in mind, Swift said this about the British as the lowest vilest level of creature that the earth suffered to have crawl over its face. To Swift, being British is to be below the level of a sewer rat.

          In Animal Farm, the author attempted to upgrade the British to a level of being brutish creatures with sinister intentions, that resemble the humans they came in contact with, in this case, actual British abject wretches.

          IMHO, both descriptions of the brutish British is spot on

  • America… sheeple governed by psychopaths. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Tostop begoming a stupid person is one of the easiest thing to do, Just turn of and throw out your tv set. Its that simple. Its amazing the amount of time you with free up to do better things just by permanatly turning of and throwing out your tv set.

  • I just came upon this site today.

  • Fortunately for us we’ve been largely successful in addressing this issue……a log cabin in a remote AK location in an area larger than France with no more than 280K population within 500 miles. We are isolated from the sheeple masses in the lower 48 and the stupidity so evident in the degenerating cities. Splitting wood for winter heating is not a past time here. It is a survival chore.

  • Darwin is busy thinning out the gene pool with Covid vaccines.

    • Unfortunately its not fast enough and Mr Darwin is missing the people who realy need to be thinned out, The actors, teachers, leftoids in general, celebrities, MSM talking heads, politicians and their corporate/bankster/globalist owners and the similar who are responsible for so many of the world’s problems.

    • Lol. True that!

  • Couldn’t we just put out something like giant rat traps for them baited with something like pizza or whatever most of the population can’t resist. Boom. Problem solved. LOL!

  • When Millenials wrote this short tale
    Millineals Aresmart | July 3, 2019 Reply
    Quick story.

    A group of people land on earth.
    No one else is here.

    One guy labor’s and labor’s and builds a house. And plants food.

    The others do nothing.

    One day it snows.

    They start yelling and complaining…

    We have to tax this guy.

    It’s unfair he has a house.

    And we don’t.

    What gives him the right!!

    The end.

    He should have amended it by saying, this is the typical mindset of a socialist kommie.. These evil blood sucking leeches have a new mantra they say in a mind numbing manner. EQUITY, translates to mean, everybody should be equally poor and entitlement brainwashed in order to survive. Biden psychophants in the DEMOniC-RAT Party go so far as…free college education…free medical care…free food stamps, butt, never once do they tell their EQUITY adherents, they get these things thru their labor and their bottom of the food chain existence., they are enslaved into for life.

    Proof of this socialist kommie EQUITY agenda is seen in Russia, China, ,N.Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and every country that got suckered into this socialist kommie EQUITY mantra trap. It just takes stupidity on the part of the brainwashed masses to ensure this outcome. .

    BTW, in the slugfest called Armageddon, the U.S is not mentioned as being a participant when the 200 million man army invades from the East. after Russia is eliminated after the gog-magog battle in Izra-hell, ‘cuz it was nuked. out of existence.

    One more thing, read 2 Peter to see in a brief paragraph that describes what happens to the universe as we know it. In a flash, it returns to its pre-Creation state of a nothingness void. .No chance of stupidity occurring in this vid…yes?

  • Great tounge-in-cheek article with many salient points. I wholeheartedly agree that attorneys are a part of the problem; I work for a law firm and see new law suits come in several times a week. It is so important to keep one’s mind active with good things as suggested.

    May I also suggest four points four all-around health:
    Keep up one’s physical health;
    Have good social relations;
    As noted, improve intelligence; and
    Have a spiritual relationship of some kind.
    I believe these four points will strengthen one’s overall being

    Thank you for an excellent article!

    • Bambi, have you been reading my journal?

  • The natural selection is set into motion with the Covid shots. My wife and i were at the store a few minutes and i was noticing the number of people already wearing the non required masks ( all over again). Living rural with alternate food and water sources, wild game, plenty of other necessities. It’s gonna be less congested around here.

  • Hehe…it’s just that we prepped have a lot in common 🙂

  • I hate to write anything negative because I really enjoyed the article and agree with in at almost all points, however, I feel constrained to point out that in your 8th paragraph you state that “functional illiteracy rates amongst industrialized English-speaking nations are on the decline.” I think you meant to say that functional literacy rates are dropping.

  • The biggest problem with stupidity is that it has infiltrated both the Democratic and Republican parties. Even when presented with facts, they seem to believe whoever their favorite “News”” person says versus the facts and critical thinking. Its ironic that they can recognize propaganda coming from the far side of the other party, yet fail to recognize the propaganda coming from their party. Its like Jesus’s parable about recognizing the splinter in one man’s eye while being blind to the log in yours. Then we throw in other forces present like religion or its equivalent and we get a whole new brand of stupidity. I am a big believer in Occam’s Razor whereby the reason something happens is usually the simplest explanation. Yes it could be alien’s with Jewish space lasers, but most likely can be attributed to something a lot more simple.

  • Spot on. For decades as a publisher and part time college instructor I’ve often noted how even a college grad has a limited vocabulary [even among American citizens], limited self-awareness, the inability to reason and analyze life events, and little grasp of US or world history…I believe TV & lousy teachers enable this.

  • People are as they are.
    Christ died to save us all…so a little humility is in order, it would seem.
    I have been helped by brilliant people…. and also helped by people sincere and caring, but very slow.
    I have also been engineered out of work by brilliant individuals with more ambition than conscuence.

    Suggestions :
    count your blessings. And hope Holy God will not hold more practical, brilliant people in contempt of His court…after all – none of us is flawed creatures are any thing more than retarded to infinite intelligence and infinite mercy.

    • I don’t think stupid means slow or gas anything really to do with IQ. I don’t think the author did either. Stupid is willful ignorance because of laziness in my book. It takes some work to think for oneself and not just follow along. Unfortunately our public education system has brainwashed the last 2-3 generations into not thinking for yourself among other demonic doctrines. Yes, God loves stupid people He loves everyone but not everyone chosen. There sure are plenty of “ brilliant “ people who are stupid. Lol.

  • Forgive a couple of typos…if you can…ty.

  • How many phone numbers can we remember without looking them up on our smart/dumb phones?
    Before cell phones, I could remember 30-40 phone numbers, now I can barely remember mine and my wife’s number.

  • There are several types of fluoride. CALCIUM fluoride is the beneficial one, SODIUM fluoride is the poisonous one that the con artist convinced community water systems to put in the public water supply. It is waste from aluminum manufacturing. Some knowledgable persons believe ‘”PAYOLA” is involved. We must get it out of our water..

  • Just shun them. Stupid people are a lost cause. Hopefully they’ll be the first casualties in the coming so0cietal collapse.

  • With all of the clever and truly evil people in power, this crowd of peppers chooses to attack “stupid” (ignorant) people. Wow….very telling, huh…

    • *preppers

    • Yo Rm have you ever ‘attacked’ the powers that be? If so, enlighten we the sheeple, us, as to how you successfully changed their evil deranged minds to become honest, ethical citizens. Go into copious detail how you succeeded. For you to play prepper denigrater, what did any of these ‘preppers’ ever do to you? Spell out all the gory details about these ‘preppers’. Cheapshot artists like yourself love to play god with folks ‘lives and yet have no practical cogent advice to give them IMHO ,you are ignorant from the jump for your presumptuous ‘attack’ Yep I’m a prepper, in a very devout Christian Catholic sense. Jesus advised us to prepare our souls.What satanic entity do you ascribe to?

  • Sorry but you are 100 per sent wrong………Your post was NOT satire BUT the God All mighty TRUTH. You did hit one of the top problems of today right on the head of the nail. BUT It will take longer then just a few decades (sorry) to fix the mess, since all the public and now most private schools push the children into the…..stupid……ranks. Clean the schools up as a starter and maybe that will help or (stop) more people joining the STUPID……ranks.

  • That is the purpose of War.

  • wisdom…the ability to foresee the consequences of your actions, like King Solomon and splitting the baby in half. Another really scary thought: I was about 12 when I ran into this kid that was really stupid, and I reallized that he didn’t know that about himself. Then i realized that probably no body that’s stupid realized that about themselves. Nobody knows their stupid .and what if I didn’t know that about myself…scary thought, which maybe means that maybe means that self-realization is part of being smart?

  • We can educate the ignorant, medicate the crazy, but the stupid? That is an entirely different problem. The stupid don’t respond to logic or critical thinking. They are, seemingly, locked into whatever their delusion is and nothing can sway them, especially the truth.
    There ‘is’ a cure for this malady, though, and medical science and experts agree that it works. It’s cured with a special implant. It’s small…from .22 to .308. If implanted at the base of the skull and angled upwards at about 45 degrees…it will cure all forms and strains of stupidity. It is a proven method the world over. Sometimes, if implanted incorrectly, it will take more than one implant. Unfortunately, this has not been approved by the FDA, although that agency has approved many other devices and drugs that have proven to be injurious or fatal or cancer causing if used over a period of time. Law enforcement has not approved this cure, either.
    The stupid will be always be with us, it seems. Dealing with them, though, is like dealing with a swarm of mosquitoes, when you don’t have any mosquito repellent or bug spray to kill them. They seem to swarm towards those who carry the light of truth and their incessant buzzing can drive all but the most sane individual to acts of desperation. You have, too, those who, much like their very close relative…the cockroach…scurry away from the light of truth…because they don’t want to be squashed by the descending shoe of truth, logic and critical thinking. Stomp quickly because, like their cockroach relatives, they can be quick, cunning and sneaky when avoiding the truth.