Have Calls For Racial Compensation Gone Too Far?

There’s no question about it, whether you fall to the left or the right on the political spectrum, you’d call slavery one of the dark chapters of American history.

But, while the left points to that as if it was happening today, rather than having been abolished in 1865, the right looks back at the Civil War with pride, as it demonstrated the resolve of the United States at large to do away with this blight.

The truth of the matter is that the United States was one of the first countries in the world to abolish slavery, although not first. A few European countries, namely Spain, France and England beat us to it, but not by a wide margin. Sadly, there are still countries in the world today where slavery is allowed.

Likewise, the blight of European colonization of Africa can be seen as a form of slavery, although one that took nearly a century after the end of slavery in the United States to end. But ending the “official” colonization of Africa, compared to the political and economic control of African countries by their Euro-Anglo citizens are two different things.

Even though apartheid ended in South Africa in 1991, most of the arable farmland in South Africa is still owned by the white minority.

Today, 22 years after the official end of apartheid, whites still own 73 percent of the active farmland in South Africa. The figures are similar in nearby Zimbabwe, where whites own 70 percent of the farmland.

This may not seem like a big deal to us in the “modern” west, but to the tribal people of Africa, like our own ancestors of the pioneering days of America, land ownership is an important part of being a citizen.

We can understand this a bit better, if we look back in our own history. A little known fact of American political history is that in the beginning only landowners held a franchise to vote. You could be an American citizen, born and raised in this country, but still not allowed to vote, because of being so poor as to not own any land.

This hearkens back to our European roots. At the time, the vast majority of land in Europe wasn’t owned by the farmers and craftsmen who lived on the land, but rather by the nobility.

There were a few “freemen” who were not attached to any lord and had a “freeholding” of land, either granted to them by a lord who gave it to them in gratitude for service or bought with booty won in foreign combat. In either case, the number of those who fell into this category was a very small percentage of society.

This idea of land ownership being connected to the franchise to vote helped fuel the westward expansion of the United States, as the government was giving a quarter section of land to anyone who proved up a homestead. What that meant was setting on the land, building a house, clearing land and planting crops.

Families by the thousands, many of them European immigrants who didn’t own land or have the franchise to vote in the countries that they came from, jumped at this opportunity.

For clarity, a quarter section was one-fourth of a square mile. Since a square mile is 640 acres, a quarter section was 160 acres. While that is a very small amount of land by modern farming standards, in that time, it was rare that a family farm could cultivate more than 40 acres. The rest of the land was used for cutting timber for fuel and hay for feeding their livestock.

To the black population in Africa, their lack of land ownership relegates them to being second-class citizens in their own countries. This is easy to understand, when we see it in the broader picture of how land ownership has helped identify one’s position in society, throughout history and around the world.

What’s Being Done About This?

In 1991, when Nelson Mandela was voted in as president of South Africa and apartheid came to an end, 85% of active farmland was in the hands of white owners. Today, 22 years later, only 12 percent of farmland has been transferred to black ownership. This has caused considerable consternation on the part of the majority-black population.

Reactions have been mixed, but mostly negative; in some cases, even violent. Many African politicians have used the issue of farmland as an effective part of their campaigns, especially amongst the poorer parts of the population. Calls for expropriation of white-owned farmland and redistribution to blacks have increased, with some governments taking action on it.

I think it’s important here to keep in mind that racism works both ways. I live in an area of the country where whites are by far the minority and I see racism against whites, commonly referred to as “reverse racism” all the time.

In the majority of Africa, whites are the minority, even though they have had considerably sway over their countries politics and economy due to the lingering effects of the colonization period.

So the call to expropriate this land clearly has a racial overtone to it, whether it is justified or not. To the black majority, this land has been stolen from them by the whites, or to put it more correctly, the white ancestors of those who own it today.

Sadly , this racism is strong in parts of Africa, just as it is strong in parts of the United States. Just a few short years ago, in 2015, calls for land expropriation were mere political rhetoric. President Robert Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe since their independence in 1980, was one of the first, threatening to take land from white farmers and white animal sanctuaries by force if necessary.

That threat turned real the next year, as farmland was forcibly taken from white farmers, driving them out of their homes and even killing them. the land grabs were poorly organized, often leading to people invading white homes and land, committing crimes against the inhabitants in the process of taking their homes.

Sadly, there have been very few cases where the new owners of the land were properly prepared to manage it. This has resulted in many of these farms failing, reducing the country’s overall farm output and hurting the very people that the land grab was intended to help.

South Africa has jumped on the expropriation bandwagon as well, with their legislature approving a bill in 2016 to seize white-owned land, compensating the owners. Of course, the value of that land is to be determined by a government adjudicator.

Somehow, I doubt that those fine government employees will be caring a whole lot about the hardship they cause for the white owners. I would be surprised if the value they determine the land is worth is close to the value on the open market.

Land seized under this program will be redistributed to the disposed majority of South Africans. In other words, to poor blacks. According to President Zuma’s statement at the time this law was passed, land distribution will have to take place in accordance with the law; not following the violent land grabs that have happened in neighboring Zimbabwe.

But that was 2016. Things are different now in 2018. Those who stand behind the land grabs in South Africa were not satisfied with driving white land owners out of their homes and off their lands, paying them for it. Rather, many were calling for land grabs without compensation.

As of this writing, it is highly likely that a change to the South African Constitution will pass, which will allow the government to grab farmlands owned by whites, without compensating them for it in any way.

The major political figure behind this change is Julius Malema, a radical Marxist opposition leader. In a recent statement, he said that “The time for reconciliation is over. Now is the time for Justice” by which he means outright confiscation, without compensation.

Malema calls the white land owners “criminals who stole our land.” This is an unfair statement. At the absolute worse, they are descendents of those who stole the land. None of them were alive when that happened, nor are there any blacks alive today, who were alive when the colonial governments took over those lands.

But it appears that Malema may not be satisfied with just stealing farmland from those who currently own it, regardless of how they came to that point. He has left a threat hanging in the air, saying recently that he “was not calling for the slaughter of white people… at least for now.”

I’m sure there are many people right now, who are wondering how long “now” is going to last. Threats like that can’t be taken lightly, especially when they come from those who are already getting their way.

Apparently the Marxist rage in South Africa isn’t going to be satisfied by merely stealing everything that white farmers own, it’s going to take blood to satisfy it.

This is causing some to start talking seriously about offering sanctuary to South Africa’s white farmers, who are already in danger, as I talked about a few weeks ago. They may very well need that sanctuary, if the violence that’s already happening increases. Looking at what has already happened in Zimbabwe, I’d say that chances are, it will.

So, What Does this Mean for Us, here in the United States?

There’s an incredible amount of parallel between the anti-white political rhetoric that’s going on in Africa and what’s going on here in the United States. While the black population of our country is only 12.3%, according to the US Census Bureau, some parts of that population are very outspoken.

We’ve already seen the amount of violence that Black Lives Matter and other similar groups have brought to our country.

All told, minorities make up less than 40% of our total population. So if all you look at is the numbers, it would seem that these minorities can’t do anything close to what is happening in Africa. But the numbers don’t tell the whole story.

There are some very large and very violent groups amongst black and other minority populations, such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter and La Raza. Taken together, these groups could cause major damage to our society.

But that’s not all. The Democrat Party and pretty much everyone else on the political left has thrown their support behind these violent radical groups.

Former President Obama was unequivocal in his support of Black Lives Matter, publically declaring his appreciation of the work they were doing. His justice department pushed for greater leniency for black criminals, citing the high percentage of blacks in our penal system as being indicative of racial bias in the courts.

Black Lives Matter has already called for whites to give their homes and other property to blacks, to pay off the racial and cultural crime of slavery. Racist agitators, like Barack Obama and Al Sharpton have added their voices to this cry.

Although there is not a single black alive in the United States who was ever a slave, nor is there a single white who was a slave owner, their stand is that all whites are guilty of slavery and therefore owe all blacks some sort of reparations for it.

While this idea is absurd on its face, there are those who are pushing things in this direction, and not only people of Afro-American descent. A large number of Democrat lawmakers agree that whites need to be punished for their “white privilege” and racial crimes, even if they have never committed a single crime on the books.

In the political correctness of today, being white is a crime. Worse than that is being a white male. Those of us who used to be called WASPs are supposedly the worst of the worst, guilty of intentionally oppressing everyone around us. In this system of guilt-driven politics, it is supposedly only right that we give blacks what we have worked hard to get for ourselves.

Fortunately we have a president in office that stands up against political correctness. If Hillary Clinton had won the election, we would have found Obama’s policies continued. This would have meant a continuation of the fascism of political correctness and the continuing attempt to silence the voice of the American people, especially those who can be classified as being “white.”

Personally, I am opposed to racism of all sorts. As with many other conservatives, I only see one race, the human race. Some of us are darker and others are lighter, but we all bleed the same color. The identity politics that the Democrat Party is pushing is only serving to split us apart.

As long as identity politics continues, we are only a few short years away from the same sorts of things happening here at home, as we are seeing happening in South Africa today. At any time, we are only a few short years away from the types of land grabs that are happening in South Africa. We are at an even shorter amount of time away from racial civil war, especially in the larger cities.

Black Lives Matter has called repeatedly for out-and-out war against the whites in our population. Clearly, those who are calling for such a war aren’t thinking clearly, as there are many more white gun owners in this country, than there are black ones.

Such a war would be disastrous for the black minority, unless it became so politicized that every white who tried to defend themselves from a crime were automatically sentenced to prison for their “hate crime.”

That could actually happen. It’s actually amazing that the Democrats didn’t take better advantage of the first two years that Obama was in office, when they had control of both houses of Congress.

Should they ever gain that advantage again, while having a Democrat in the Oval Office, it could be disastrous for the country. Our rights would be trampled, especially the rights of the white conservative majority.

Written by

Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at] survivopedia.com.

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  • This is nothing but a power grab and there should be a civil war in SA before this happens. As far a loopy Maxine Waters et al yowling about slavery reparations, they might better address the issue to the Islamic countries who actually enslaved millions of Africans and sold them to Europeans.

    • While I agree with you, these people are not interested in facts. They are interested in what they see, are told, and want. They will take what they want, and leave dead bodies behind. That is the way of blacks in that region, as well as in America. Tribal mentality, and brutality is all they understand. No African nation, run by blacks alone has ever had a true representative government. It has all been based on who has the most power. These people are to stupid to realize that in order to have a farm be productive, they have to know how to operate the farm. Obviously they do not. They turn to someone else for help, and soon are no better off than they were before they got the land. As these people do this land grab, to get their so called justice, everyone else that used to but from them needs to find other places to get the farm products they used to get from South Africa farms. They can have the farms taken by murder, or without compensation, but they will have no place to send their produce, if they ever produce any. They are to stupid to realize they are not ready for the take over they want. They are poor, and they will stay poor, because of their own stupidity. I think all other nations need to boycott them for the attrocities they have, and will continue to commit.

    What about Anthony Johnson the BLACK SLAVE OWNER ?
    What about the IRISH SLAVES who were treated worse than Black Slaves ?
    What about Black slave owners who owned white slaves ?
    Why is no one speaking up for the WHITE SLAVES ?
    Where are the reparations for the Whites ?

    • Ross, very few people know about what you are talking about. Next in line, while what you say is true, these others do not meet the desired agenda of those pushing the issues. The people that you mention do not have the voice that the blacks have, nor do they stand out as a decernable group, as the blacks do. I agree with you. Personally, I think that if the blacks REALLY want something to whine about, all of their welfare should vanish. If they can not be content with what they do have, then let them have nothing at all in government support. All the little girls that either got pregnant, or borrowed a baby to get on welfare should lose those payments. The idea of have a kid so that the rest of the country pays their living for them is wrong. I have no issue with those who through no fault of their own are poor, but I have a MAJOR issue with those who MADE themselves poor. All of this needs to end. I will say that in hiring workers, race, color, creed, religious belief should have no bearing on the selection of who gets the job. The best qualified should get the job. That, without bias for any race, sex, or government quota system to be met for the work force population. If a company chooses the best they can get and they are all white males, then that is the people they hired and the rest of the applicants were not as good as those hired. That said, if they are all black, or all female, if they were the best ones for the job, then they were the ones hired. The ones that did not get selected need to go home, and improve their skills.

    • Right! Pandora’s box is going to Shock them. Blacks had More slaves then you could ever ever guess.

      Didnt have a prob until i left the south Then i found out what racism was from the black race. I was Raised to be kind and giving to blacks because they are “slow” fouNd out its just plain ole low IQ.

      They have a very difficult tIme following the rules of society.

      They are the best at sports, music and turning a perfectly good country into a “shithole”

  • I read on another forum that a portion of the land now now owned by whites in South Africa was land that the earliest whites, the dutch, had converted from useless swamp land. In that case, i would find it hard to see how that land can have been “taken” from the local natives. Also, if native Africans of that era were farmers, were they raising much more than they were living on?

    • It is land, and that is all these land grabbers know. They do not have the education to know more than what they are told. Your reasoning, to more modern and better educated people makes sense. To these poor, under educated people, all they know is what they were told. It is land, and they want it. It would be true justice, however, to return that land to what it was before it was improved. That, of course would anger the land grabbers because they would see it as destroying the land. They are to under educated, with little knowledge, much less any caring, for history. It is land, and they want it, NOW! You do bring up a good point about the land being swamp land. Return it to what it was, complete with a good crop of crocodiles if there were any, then, then let the grabbers and murderers have the land they so desperately want.

  • Reading your article does have some merits, however to assume all afro-Americans are on board with the more stringent demands of the “Black Lives Matter” movement is somewhat foolish. Their demands might appeal to the less educated, but to the educated class of Afro-American “Upper Low Class” to ” Elite rich class”, those demands do not sway the majority.

    The gains achieved since the Civil Rights Act may be under siege now by those of the “Alt-Right” mentality, but the more level headed political representatives of “People of Color” will prevail. Those who believe that homes should be arbitrarily given up to appease past injustices are a foolish minority bent on satisfying their own short-comings..

    I and many others do not see this movement going “National”. Common sense will and must prevail..

  • This reparations idea is nothing more than welfare.. The American people will have to be disarmed before this is tried! Besides, the American Indians have suffered through more than any other minority in this country. We took their whole country from them, killed hundreds of thousands of them and then herded them onto reservations destroying their way of life..

    • Again, “we” didn’t take shit from anybody. The son guilty of the sins of the father? What about the atrocities on settlers and immigrants by “the noble red man”? history is history because it happened in the past. Let’s leave it in the past and learn from it.

      • I was speaking of the Indians as they relate to black people who claim we owe them for what happened generations ago. You don’t hear Indians calling for reparations. No, we are not responsible for what happened years ago because we were not here and neither were the blacks who are looking for a handout. I hope I have explained my thoughts more clearly.

  • This article is largely informed by ignorance. I refer to the fact that the largely black population in SA has less claim to the farmland that the whites that have improved it and provide nearly all the produce that feeds the whole population. The vast majority of blacks were immigrants that came after their own areas were famine-ridden to the place that could feed them. The remnant of the original black population, Bantus, are a suppressed and scorned minority in their own country and that is oppressed by the other blacks. Communists, like the terrorist Mandella, who forgo their claim to continued oxygen with every political and social act (crimes), are, IMHO, filth. Those that write articles like this one, are helping the wrong side and should get educated before spouting such trash.

    BTW, why does my comment appear as I write all in caps? I did not input it that way.

  • Hey Mark, I’m in Grafton. Where are you? I suppose that you have been to Porcfest. I’ve been a few times but give it a pass lately.

  • Well hell! Some of my ancestors did own slaves. There is nothing i can do about that. But if they want to take from me, they’ll have to settle for brass & lead!

  • The black Africans are unable to utilize the land for agricultural production as whites can. Never forget sub-Saharan blacks were stone-age savages when whites went there. Their intelligence is lower, and they were never able to develop a written language or even understand and utilize the concept of the wheel. Although they like to complain and are encouraged by whites and black race hustlers who use them to do so, they would have far less where is not for whites sharing their knowledge and creations with them. Whites create civilizations. Blacks seem not to be able to do so. Although it is fashionable to denigrate whites and especially white men, people flock to nations founded by white men.

    Black lives only seem to matter when a black is killed by a white. In Chicago, even with its strict gun control, blacks seem to kill each other for sport. To a young black male, the most dangerous thing is another young black male, not a cop. You don’t see Jackson and Sharpton lamenting those lives lost. To call attention to it would only highlight black dysfunction.

    Although slavery is an abhorrent institution, the blacks in the US who are descendants of the slaves are far better off than the black African descendants of the blacks who sold them into slavery. And where in this day are we most likely to find slavery — Africa? If we think about it, we are all at least partially enslaved because Uncle Same helps himself to a portion of our income — the fruits of our labors. Isn’t that what a slave master did?

    Blacks can function and be successful, but they need to understand their strengths and limitations. They do well in sports but are not likely to be as successful in areas where greater mental acuity is required. Unfortunately in this age of political correctness, saying anything that is not laudatory of blacks is not allowed. In the movies and on TV shows blacks are portrayed and the brightest and most moral, yet in real life this is not usually the case.

    Perhaps all would be better off had we left them to their own in Africa as we do the natives in the Amazon jungles.

  • I read all these comments and some were interesting some just outright stupid!!!!!!!!!!!I have traveled to south africa and saw the brutal system in which the Whites used on the native population,taking all the natural resources and selling them to the highest bidder and the human damage was and is still being felt in that country and others around africa..i read in comments about blacks not creating civilizations ever heard of egypt, carthage,nubia and others pick up a book that is written by people who do real research and don t have a agenda{liberal,conservative,moderate}they are all fu and crooks!

    • What have they done lately? Within the last 2000 years.

  • Of course, as usual, nobody cares to read or learn from history. Before the european showed up, the Zulus were stealing control of tribal areas from what ever tribe was in the way. And when the Dutch and british did show up, providing work for many in mining and agriculture, black people from all over the southern half of africa showed up.

    • The Zulu only celebrated their 200th year of existance in 2017. go figure

  • YOU NEED to reprogram this page to accomodate the posting party, as the all caps format is open to errors.

    • I believe this message to be erroneously attributed to me. Please remove my name.

  • I have ASKED to be removed from this site’s messages, as I joined for the sole purpose of survivalism/preparedness. But instead all this site sends now is this race garbage intended to incite hatred and divisiveness in Americans. Drop the hate. Stop shoving that stick into the beehives. And most importantly, STOP sending me more emails from your site. I will hit “unsubscribe” every time you send me more nonsense.

    • Sympathize.

  • It is too bad that there are still numerous African Americans (And Foreign Africans) who cannot bring themselves to pick themselves up and decide to amount to something without blaming “The White folks”. I can see both sides, as I am white with a white husband and daughter and son. Our daughter married a black man and they had four bi-racial/white daughters. Her husband worked for me in my office products business for a period of time, then decided to start his own business of painting and renovating homes. they later divorced and each re-married. we are all still on good terms and see each other occasionally. Of course, the girls are now adults and have their own children. they still keep in touch with their dad. Unfortunately, the youngest daughter passed away at age 14 due to diabetes. As I see the racial divide, some of the blacks who create a negative attitude seem to be from broken homes without two parents to encourage their children to pick themselves up and decide to make something of their lives, It is sad for those who seem to have the attitude that someone else owes them something.

  • Not all cultures are ready for democracy. It requires a level of involvement that many don’t want or understand. eVEN IN THE us WHERE VOTER APATHY IS LOW, PEOPLE ARE STILL MORE INVOLVED IN GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS THAN IN MANY OTHER PLACES AROUND THE GLOBE. Land ownership as defined by many in western countries is different than land usage which is popular by many tribal people. tHIS ALWAYS CAUSES DEADLY CLASHES AND SOMETIMES OUTRIGHT WAR. The quote “White people bring civilization” merely shows a lack of understanding and respect for any system of civilization that is different than our own. It is easy foR ANY people who feel oppressed and without any hopE, to think that the past was an easier, calmer, gentler time. tHEY TEND to forget that it was often full of famine, disease, and war, AND THAT lIFE WAS HARSH, BRUTAL AND SHORT. Those who want reparations romanticize the past and don’t understand that THEY can never go bacK. tHEY HAVE NO PLAN FOR THE FUTURE, NO IDEA OF HOW TO GOVERN, AND NO CULTURE THAT WILL ALLOW THEM TO THRIVE IN THE WORLD AS IT EXISTS TODAY. i FEAR THAT THE CONTINENT OF aFRICA WILL CONTINUE ON THEIR BRUTAL AND DESTRUCTIVE PATH FOR MANY GENERATIONS TO COME.

  • Sorry, like so many others I’m having trouble with the capital letters in the comments section.

  • If anyone really wants reparation they need to go after those responsible. The same ones who run the U.S. government today… RICH PEOPLE! They are a greedy and conniving bunch. Just look at welfare… they take a percentage of every workingman’s income, give it to those who blame everyone except themselves for their lot in life who then spend it. And where does it end up? In the pockets of the rich people! The same goes for illegal immigrants. Politicians, controlled by the rich who turn them all into millionaires, choose to NOT enforce current laws nor to change them. Who benefits? Not the taxpayers with their pockets turned inside out.

  • Thank you for the comment Amechi.

    • Slavery worst thing in American History? Not a chance. The treatment of the original inhabitants was INCALCULABLY worse. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qr-lCJp9v1E
      Watch at the cost of your ability to sleep at night.

  • All of mankind originated from Africa. About 60,000 years ago people were forced to flee Africa to the cold north by those who remained in Africa. That was the true ‘original sin’. Many of the people, that were forced out of Africa, died, We even had to face the last ice age 26,000 to 13,300 years ago. And yet here we – now white men – are with a much higher average IQ and far more advanced technology.

  • I started coming to this page for the deep, rich information that was given about surviving and being self sufficient. And then it got more political, and now it seems all that is presented here is how every nonwhite, nonchristian, nonnative born american is the enemy and the liberals want to just hand everything over to our enemies. Except Russia, they’re cool. I will gp ahead and admit that I am a liberal, so there you go, 90% of you can go ahead and just ignore me now. But you all have to agree, being a liberal and a prepper is not just a rarity, but an inhospitable place to stand. Anyway, my ultimate point is if the SHTF for real, chances are political affiliation is going to take a real quick back seat to working together just to suvive. Good night everybody.