Futuristic Weapons You Need To Know About

The more gun grabbers spout about the problems caused by guns, the less attention we all pay to the alarming disparity between the weapons available to legitimate governments, and on the other side, large scale deviant groups including organized crime syndicates, international terrorist organizations, and various wealthy groups.

Failure to take stock of this disparity can give you a false sense of security, especially if you are misinformed (like the vast majority of gun grabbers are) about what AR style weapons can actually do when up against real military weapons (regardless of who possesses them) such as machine guns, tanks, rockets, and advanced space based weaponry.

Have a look at some of the weapons that you cannot own or operate without restriction because of government rules; yet may become completely available to terrorists or anyone else that has an interest in taking from you in an event where social collapse creates massive food and key shortages.

5 Conventional Military Weapons

When you aren’t paying attention to global issues, it is fairly easy to believe that the United States and Russia are the only two countries making significant progress in the development of new military grade weapons.

Aside from the fact that China is also making enormous strides, you might be surprised at what other governments are developing insofar as weapons that can be used to wipe out large numbers of people. Regardless of whether these nations are or are not our current allies, the fact remains a pitiful AR or AK style platform gun is no match for these weapons. While many weapons being used or developed by the United States and many other areas could easily fit on this list (including Russia’s hypersonic missiles), this list is more dedicated to weapons that might be obtained and used by terrorist organizations and deployed on our own soil.

While larger and more expensive weapons still pose a serious threat to civilians, in my estimation, the following 5 represent the ones we are most in danger from insofar as non-military or non-government oriented invasions or attacks.

  • Chinese Laser Guns – When the news came out about China’s new portable laser guns, many people were understandably skeptical[1]. The fact remains, however, militaries around the world do have vehicle mounted laser systems that can wreak havoc on civilian populations. More than a few sites claim that there are no laser frequencies that can burn skin, burn clothing, and set gasoline on fire. On the other hand, nano based lasers are already being used in skin therapy, as are other lasers. Who is to say that the laser beam has to be just one frequency? Is it not possible that the Chinese gun simply send bursts of different frequencies? By the time you consider newer battery designs (such as graphene batteries[2]), wireless power systems, and even near field technologies, a portable laser gun may well be in successful testing stages.
  • Syrian Gas Weapons – There is no question that Syrian gas weapons are some of the most deadly on Earth. No matter whether they are being developed in conjunction with Russia or they are the inspiration of Assad himself, these bombs appear easy to deploy and kill thousands of people in a matter of minutes. As an aside note, Assad has medical degrees – and hence likely expanded knowledge of biochemistry from Damascus University and Western Eye Hospital in London. It should also be noted that even if Syrian gas weapons are not being deployed by the Syrian government, the fact that terrorists groups have their hands on these weapons and may be actively using them should be even more troubling. One must ask how long before they are either smuggled out of Syria and used in other countries, or, worse yet, the plans for duplicating them right here in the United States. Never forget there are many cheap materials that can be used to make gas bombs. I will say it again, while gun grabbers ignorantly demand control or outright confiscation of comparatively expensive guns that pose equally comparative low threat to large numbers of people, there may be dozens of terror cells this very moment making gas weapons based on Syrian technology. It is also important to realize there is a first time for everything. Just because planes weren’t flown into building before to blow them up didn’t mean that 9/11 would never happen as it did. Statistics mean absolutely nothing when terrorists have the kind of access they may have to Syrian gas weapons and other military grade devices throughout the world.
  • Italian and Israeli Bioweapons and “Ethnobombs” – DNA testing is one of those benign looking things that anyone interested in family origin or history is bound to love. Today, you can find out where each side of your family came from, and even find out more about what kind of diseases you have an increased risk of getting. Insofar as pioneering cancer treatments, we are even finding ways to successfully enhance immune system cells that can target specific genes in cancer cells and attack them instead of healthy cells. While these life saving advances may be wondrous, there is a dark side to all the DNA research going on. Did you know that this same information can be used to engineer bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens to kill you while people with different ethnic backgrounds will survive with ease? To add insult to injury, the cost of advanced microscopes and DNA modification equipment is getting cheaper and may well be within the purchasing power of drug/organized crime syndicates, and terrorist groups.

Even though there are supposedly fictionally based stories[3] about Israel developing “ethnobombs”[4] that can be used to target middle eastern people while leaving Israelis unharmed.

While you may not think this is a big deal, or that it can’t affect you because you don’t have certain genetic traits, never forget that the art of war is as much about inserting the genes of the invaders into the conquered population as it is about destroying the primarily male operated military of a nation. Many innocent people may unknowingly have middle eastern or other genes that will make them targets for ethnobombs. How low will any given group go when it comes to collateral damage in situations where they feel they are threatened economically, militarily, or even in respect to national pride? Do our Democrat leaders really understand the consequences of failure to be respectful of nations (like Israel and Russia[5], both of which they appear hostile to) that may be pioneering this kind of warfare agent?

  • Germany’s Schutzenpanzer Puma Tank[6] – As old fashioned as they may seem, tanks still represent powerful weapons for eliminating large numbers of people. The Schutzenpanzer Puma Tank is a relatively new and lightweight tank that can travel at close to 50 mph and can be armed with grenade launchers, machine guns, and auto cannons. To add insult to injury, this tank can easily be modified and adapted to meet a wide range of needs without having to rebuild the whole vehicle. For example, if they want to add a laser gun in place of a machine gun, chances are this tank will be able to accommodate it. Even though the United States has all kinds of tanks, they is the possibility they will simply buy this model from Germany rather than build something different here. To me, that says the Germans have the edge on this technology. If a terrorist group gets their hands on the plans for this tank or finds a way to buy them, it can spell disaster for a nation that is not able to build something better in a similar weight class and capacity.
  • Russia’s AK12 Assault Rifle – The AK12 is basically an upgrade to the AK 47 and similar platforms created by Kalashnikov Concerns. It is said to be lighter in weight, has better cooling, and better capacity for mounting specialized scopes. While American citizens cannot obtain these guns, don’t be surprised if there will be a plethora of them available on the black market. If you are concerned about what kinds of guns terrorists or other radical cells in the United States may be looking to arm themselves with, this would be an ideal gun. Not only will an AR platform gun fail miserably against an AK12 (even in single fire mode), gun grabbers will never figure out that the biggest gun related threat to their safety and ours is guns coming in from outside the country; perhaps even smuggled in by the illegal migrants who get past border patrol in the millions each year.

Interestingly enough, mainstream media rarely if ever reports on the fact that Russia has a growing presence in South America. In fact, it is speculated that trade between Russia and various nations in South America has increased by almost 50%[7]. Chances are you already know about Russia’s willingness to sell military grade weapons to just about anyone that can pay for them. It would not surprise me one bit if our porous border becomes a very easy point through which AK12 weapons and highly motivated “migrants” can take over and control sanctuary cities and then occupy other places where gun grabbers and their laws will only make the situation worse for law abiding citizens.

Quite frankly if you think Nigeria and it’s problem with Boko Haram are bad, it is entirely possible that situation or worse can wind up occurring right on American soil within 5 years. Never forget that it all starts with gun control and the disparity between the weapons law abiding citizens have versus criminals, which includes those people who come here without permission of our government.

5 Weapons Available to Law Enforcement

There is no question that black market military weapons can wreak havoc on unarmed civilians. On the other side of the equation, our law enforcement officer also have some high tech weapons that can be used for non-lethal riot control as well as ensuring that our society stays as safe as possible. As you consider these weapons, it is important to note that gun grabber laws also make it very hard for law enforcement officers to deal with the kind of black market weapons they may be up against in a very short time. No doubt, as anti-police groups gain increasing degrees of traction in the United States, you may even see law enforcement officers banned from carrying conventional guns even as they have to deal with criminals and terrorists armed with true military grade weapons such as the AK12.

  • LRADS and Sound/Sonic Based Weapons – Long Range Acoustic Devices are weapons that utilize sound speakers to broadcast certain signals over fairly large distances. These devices are usually used for crowd control in situations where a riot may occur or violence is beginning to increase in intensity. While they are mostly used to warn people to not block roads, or to direct them to specific areas, they are also commonly used to send signals that deter wildlife from going into certain areas. There are also signals that can be used to deter humans from engaging in specific activities. It should be noted that this technology is also growing at an alarming rate, and civilian groups can also purchase these weapons. Among other thing, sonic weapons can be used to cause permanent hearing loss, nose bleeds, and other forms of physical injury.

  • Thermal Scanning Devices – Chances are you already know that intelligence gathering is a very important activity when you are seeking to capture someone with as little problem as possible. For example, if a police officer has a warrant to arrest someone, it would more than likely be of help if they can pinpoint exactly where their target is within the home. While they are standing outside the door with these devices, they can easily watch the person go from room to room, and perhaps even speculate on whether or not the person is about to pick up a weapon. In a similar fashion, if someone makes a move to escape from indoor or outdoor settings, thermal, or heat signatures will easily reveal their location. While it is possible to wear devices that will block your heat signature, most people aren’t aware of just how prevalent these thermal scanners are. Not only are they readily available to law enforcement officers, civilians, including terrorists and criminals can obtain them with ease online. For less than 500.00 you can buy cell phones with thermal cameras, while night vision goggles combined with thermal binoculars cost well into the thousands. Remember, very often terrorist groups and organized crime syndicates have plenty of money. For them, pairing cheap migrant “soldiers” (or possibly even kidnapped children with potential to rise through the ranks) with these kinds of devices can easily spell a situation where citizens unarmed by gun grabber laws will be at a disadvantage and won’t even be able to run away because the thermal scanners will reveal locations with ease.
  • Doppler Scanning Devices – When you want to find out where a gun or other metallic object is, or where a person is located, there are many devices that can do the job. For example, metal detectors available to treasure hunters can find objects even when they are buried in the Earth. As far as can be determined, the police don’t have scanners yet that can detect metal objects from a distance. They do, however, have doppler based systems that can provide very detailed information about what is going on inside of a building. This includes detecting if a person is present and even how rapidly they are breathing. While these devices cannot send a signal through metal, they can more than highlight metallic objects based on the signal from surrounding materials. In order to use these devices, they must be placed against the wall. Civilians can also purchase simpler devices to see plumbing, wiring, and other internal wall structures. Devices such as the Walabot may be useful for many household applications, but should be of concern to anyone wondering how criminals and terrorists can use them as part of intelligence gathering on applicable targets.
  • Dashcam Intelligence Cameras – If you thought facial recognition systems were a long way off in development, you may be amazed at the AI based systems available in police cruisers. When combined with multiple cameras, the system can see 360 degrees around the vehicle in order to detect and report on everything from license plates of interest to recognizing faces. Newer systems are also integrating archival footage from surveillance cameras throughout any given community. While it may not make much sense for criminals and terrorists to pay for these systems and deploy them, hacking them may be of interest. Unfortunately, there is no way to know how secure the systems are out of the factory let alone whether or not IT administrators in law enforcement organizations are following the strictest protocols for keeping the data secure. By the time you factor in the integration of community based surveillance systems from stores, banks, or even citizen households, the IT security equation becomes a true nightmare. As useful as these devices may be or become to law enforcement groups, that does not mean they don’t pose a risk to people unarmed by gun grabbers even as terrorists target citizens of interest from miles away and spy on their every move.
  • Laser Dazzler – If you are familiar with the laser sights on a gun, then you may already know that a larger beam can easily lead to loss of eyesight for a short period of time. Laser Dazzlers utilize a green laser beam to disrupt eyesight. Some devices also use other laser frequencies to disrupt the sensors in cameras and other electronic devices. While the Laser Dazzler devices are non-lethal, they can disrupt your eyesight enough to prevent you from taking action to defend yourself against criminals and terrorists. This is why they are so dangerous in the hands of people that have criminal intent. Today, civilians and law enforcement alike can purchase laser Dazzlers, however the number of laser beams available in a single device may be different based on the market they are sold to. It should also be noted that blue beam lasers are also becoming more common. When properly focused, these lasers can cut through various materials or burn them. No doubt both devices can be purchased by any terrorist that wants them regardless of any laws designed to prevent them from obtaining them.

Space: 5 Weapons for Communications and Information Gathering

When it comes to futuristic weapons that will be difficult for civilians to deal with, there is no leaving out a rapidly growing number of space based weapons or weapons designed to interfere with links between satellites and the ground. Surprisingly enough, there are some devices that are well within the affordability range of terrorists and other wealthy groups. Failure to take these weapons into account can be an extremely costly mistake.

While President Trump is more than correct in his assessment that the United States needs to be wary of foreign nations that are rapidly building up their space based intelligence gathering satellites and other devices, less expensive devices should also not be overlooked. As you look at this list, it is very important to think long and hard about what your tax dollars are used for as well as the lack of access and information that you have about a wide range of risks from space weapons. If the average citizen is not informed about what is going on in space or unable to come to terms with the technologies, rest assured it will spell disaster in a time of need. No matter how much you may want to believe that a major social collapse will simply throw us all back to “low technology” times, the fact remains space based weapons, even at this stage of development could spell a fatal ignorance.

  • Carbonite-2 Surveillance Satellite[8] – UK – This satellite was launched in 2018, and is capable of providing high resolution, color images of something as small as car on the ground. The data, gathered from a little over 300 miles up, can be transmitted to a data center, or a fighter jet in a matter of minutes. No doubt, it could probably just as easily be transmitted to drones or other devices. Why is this important? In a time of major social collapse, many people planning to bug out think they can use ATVs or other off road vehicles to skirt around road blocks or other impediments to travel. With this kind of satellite technology, you simply won’t get very far because the satellite may well pick up your movements and report them in a matter of minutes. By the same token, later on in time as the crisis moves out from the prime event, even farm vehicles on a homestead in the middle of nowhere may give away the fact that you have food, or other resources of value. If you are planning to simply escape the chaos and live quietly under the radar, technologies like this won’t allow you to do so. It does not matter whether a government owns them or a rouge group hacks into them and takes control, the fact is there is no corner on Earth where you will be able to live without some machine spying on you.
  • IGS Radar 6[9] – Japan’s Intelligence Gathering Satellite – Japan’s latest surveillance satellite was also launched in 2018. As with the UK’s Carbonite-2, the IGS Radar 6 is also stationed in orbit approximately 300 miles from the Earth and is designated as a low orbit satellite. This particular satellite can transmit accurate and highly detailed information regardless of weather and lighting conditions on Earth. At this time, Japan somewhat admits that the satellite has a military function because it is meant to spy on North Korea. They also claim that the satellite will be used to monitor sites of natural disasters. Do not forget this satellite possesses a number of different radar technologies and may have resolutions as good as, if not better than the UK satellite. Now think about that in the context of a situation where you have an underground bunker, are planning to carry out a range of activities at night that might be picked up by this kind of satellite. Without a question, tech savvy people and hackers will also feel the pressure of a social collapse in terms of obtaining food and other necessities of life. Just because you don’t know they are watching you via hacks into this kind of satellite doesn’t mean you are safe from surveillance. Remember, when it comes to winning any kind of battle or skirmish, knowing what your adversary has on hand, and the element of surprise are two key elements. It doesn’t matter of a rogue group gathers 20 people to attack your stockpile instead of 5, or uses black market machine guns instead of AR platform sporting rifles. The fact is this kind of satellite technology puts you at a huge disadvantage. Given how many foreign countries are spending money on these kinds of satellites, perhaps it would be a good idea for taxpayers to remember that all government revenue comes from the people. It would also be a good idea to remind politicians that all the foreign aide being given to these foreign countries is just part of a picture in which American citizens can be (in a roundabout way) endangered by this spending.
  • Nano Satellites – Did you know that you can build a tiny functional satellite for around $25.00 USD[10]? By definition, nano satellites can be made up of little more than a circuit board with a solar cell and a few computer chips, or they can go up to 3 – 5 pounds in weight. The next time you look a gallon of milk in the supermarket, consider that there are literally hundreds of satellites in orbit this very minute that are actually smaller and weight less. Many of these satellites are owned by private citizens from different countries and are used for imaging, weather monitoring, and other purposes. Up until just a few months ago, it would cost over $60 million dollars to get these satellites into orbit. Today, that price has been slashed to around $5 million dollars, which is well within the range of mildly wealthy individuals and groups[11]. If you thought hacks on government manufactured satellites was a threat to your privacy and safety, please consider that these private satellites are far more dangerous. It does not matter what kind of radical group develops satellites and gets them into orbit. The fact is even a tiny satellite, or a group of tiny satellites can be used to disrupt communications or cause other problems. Given the tiny size and propulsion needs of these tiny satellites, it would not surprise me if they can be shifted in and out of specific orbits so that cameras currently able to provide images of cars will also be used to provide clear images of people. To add insult to injury, detecting these satellites, even by government agencies may be difficult if not impossible. If there is one technology in this article that every prepper should be learning more about, it is nano satellites and how many are deployed by citizens of various nations. Given Putin’s hints about space based weapons, it would not surprise me one bit if nano satellites are very much part of what he is hinting at. Remember, drones that fit into your hand can be used to fire bullets and deploy other weapons. Today, drones can also be aligned in relation to each other to provide lighting effects and achieve other goals[12]. What happens when tiny satellites deployed by terrorists and other rogue groups have the same capacity? While mainstream media has offered virtually no coverage of nano satellite technologies, the fact is this is a huge threat to our safety and a measure of just how much disparity exists in the weapons available to terrorist groups vs average citizens. It is, and remains my contention that all citizens need unfettered access and training with taxpayer funded machine guns, taxpayer funded rocket launchers, and taxpayer funded military/law enforcement satellites in order to balance the consequences that are sure to come with the increased deployment of these space based technologies, the amount of data they can gather, and how they can be used to launch attacks on anyone of interest to the satellite owner. Never forget that while the 2nd Amendment is commonly used to discuss gun rights, the 4th Amendment also guarantees us the right to be secure in our property, paper, and effects. Clearly, guns are only one tool in a large arsenal of weapons now needed to defend and secure those rights at the individual level.
  • GPS Jammers – There are two kinds of GPS jammers that you should know about. First, there are satellite jammers being created by foreign governments to knock out satellites and terrestrial communications systems. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that China (the very same China that Clinton sold supercomputers to during his presidency) is leading the way in terms of both space based and terrestrial jammers. Today, it is believed that North Korea, Russia, China, and Iran, are all actively seeking to disrupt both civilian and military GPS satellites that are used for many different purposes. The second kind of GPS jammer is also illegal to own by US citizens[13], however terrorist groups and other organizations own and operate them with virtual impunity[14]. These are terrestrial based systems that are often manufactured in China. While the FCC continues to try and stop people from obtaining and using these devices, anyone that wants one badly enough can obtain them. Aside from blocking GPS signals, these systems can also disrupt cell phone and other wireless signals. Given the rise in driverless cars, wireless medical devices that dispense insulin and various drugs, there is a very clear risk associated with these jammers. No matter whether a foreign nation with hostile intent or a rogue group gets ahold of them, it can spell death and chaos for millions in a matter of seconds.
  • Space Based Cell Phone Hacks and Data Contamination – If you’ve ever had a email account for any length of time, there is a good chance you think you’ve gotten an email from a person or company that you know. Creating fake email headers is something that is easily mastered by hackers and many others that wish to cause harm online. The same can be said of imposter websites, texts, and other electronic media that pretends to be produced by a trusted provider. Now let’s go back and look at the GPS jammers and nano satellites. What happens when a rouge terrorist groups puts a satellite the size of a can of soda into orbit that doesn’t jam GPS signals or cell phone signals. Instead, let’s say instead of directing GPS users safely out of an area, it leads them directly into a waiting ambush? Or, perhaps just as bad, whenever you look something up on your phone, you wind up pulling up a fake site with wrong information even though you think you are accessing a trusted site? We’ve all seen evidence that cell phones, computers, and GPS systems can be hacked with virtual impunity. While there haven’t been any news reports about space based data contamination and cell phone hacking, don’t be surprised if it isn’t in the works or past successes simply haven’t been discovered.

Inner Space: 4 Weapons for Controlling the Mind and the Masses

When looking up into the skies brings you questions about what kinds of electronic eyes are looking down on you, it is all to easy to try and retreat to “inner space”. If you believe that your thoughts are private until you express them, then you may not realize just how many weapons are aimed at finding out what you are thinking and controlling your mind.

Here are five devices you should know about and pay attention to. While some are old, proven methods for behavior modification, others rely on devices that are rapidly becoming available to governments and terrorist organizations.

  • Mind Reading Machines – This is yet another area that has seen tremendous advances in the last few years. The first breakthroughs in mind reading machines focused on being able to take thoughts about pushing a button on a keyboard or moving a limb and turning that into tangible action. Today, mind reading devices can literally read the text of your thoughts and put them on a computer screen with approximately 90% accuracy[15]. Perhaps soon visual images will also become transmittable to computers based on what you are thinking. While you must still wear physical gear to make these devices work, it won’t be long before they can be disguised as other devices that you routinely wear. This includes VR glasses, bluetooth headsets, earbuds, and perhaps even implantable nano chips. If a satellite that would normally weight thousands of pounds can now weigh less than a loaf of bread, rest assured the footprint for mind reading machines will also get much smaller in the next few years.
  • Mind and Body Control Devices – Speaking of using our own minds against us, I can’t help but make the observation that every mass shooter had something… off… about their eyes and expressions. It’s hard to explain “the look” – but it really does stand out in all the photos of these people. More than once I have wondered if these people were somehow brainwashed via subliminal seduction or some other method used by terrorist groups. To my thinking, what these terrorists claim as their activities is bad, however what they are hiding may well be much worse. From that perspective, I find these mind and body control devices especially chilling. Right now, fully wired devices like the “Backyard Brains Human-Human-Interface that cost less than $300.00 are available for educational purposes[16]. Basically, these devices take your thought about moving your arm and transmit it to another person that is hooked up to the device. The other person moves their arm based on your thought, not their own volition. Less than 30 years ago, most people thought Tesla was crazy when he said that wireless communications would become the norm. Today, we are charging batteries wirelessly and communicate worldwide without the use of wires. My guess, it is more than likely wireless devices already exist that can control the mind and actions of others via devices similar to this one. While the government may or may or may not have operational devices, there is no telling what black market groups and terror organizations are working on. Remember, even though government employment attracts its share of talented people, there are also some overwhelmingly talented people that work for organized crime syndicates and others that have plenty of money to bank roll just about any kind of research. There is no question that these kind of devices have ethical dilemmas attached to them, however, when you are talking about black market groups, any such questions disappear.
  • Nano Brain Implantation – Today, many people say that if you believe in implantable mind control devices, you are probably also a hopeless tin foil hat conspiracy theorist. While RFID devices may not be the most ideal technology for this purpose, nano implants are another story entirely. In fact, there are already nano brain implants being used and studied to a sufficient extent to conclude these devices can and will very soon be used to control both the behavior of individuals and the masses. At the current time, nano brain implants are being used in medical testing for the purpose of delivering chemotherapy drugs[17]. If one drug can be delivered using this method, then it stands to reason other drugs can as well. This includes mind altering drugs designed to control behavior, stress levels, and anything else of interest to whoever is implanting the device. Given the increased reliance on medical parameters for gun ownership, the increasing power of conventional doctors over how the government interacts with the people should be of interest to everyone regardless of their view on gun rights. When the government becomes the validation for who can and cannot practice medicine, and the medical providers can use laws to determine how people are treated, some very serious problems can occur. Aside from delivering drugs, we must not forget that our thoughts and feelings also emerge, in part, from electrical signals that move from one neuron to another. Over the last few decades, it has been well established that applying tiny amounts of current to the brain can release memories, cause involuntary muscle movements, and elicit many other responses. If a nano device can deliver a drug, then it is more than likely it will also be able to deliver electrical stimulus. Since these nano devices literally feed off cellular processes, a single implant could forseeably control a person for a lifetime. As a case in point, a device was discussed in 2016 at the IEEE conference that improves and enhances memory[18]. Admittedly, nano brain implants could have some benefits in terms of eliminating crime and bullying, or improve learning capacity (schools would become virtually obsolete), it can also be used to create what amounts to slaves to those who design, program, and implant the devices. If we are going to go down this road, we as citizens have a responsibility to become educated about these devices and also human behavior. Never forget that as painful as distress is, sometimes you have to change your life instead of stay stuck in a bad situation. A device that limits stress responses or prevents the feeling of distress can easily keep people trapped.
  • Mind Altering Intestinal Parasites[19] – Even though parasites are some of the oldest living creatures on Earth, they are also the subject of all kinds of research. This includes using them to create bioweapons. Today, many doctors that see patients with various mental disorders rarely test for parasites because, supposedly, our food and water supplies are safe. One has only to look at the turkey, beef, and romaine lettuce scandals to realize that our food supply is in a horrible condition. While you may be willing to overlook primary food hazards, do not forget about the Duncan Hines box cake mixes and Pepperidge Farm crackers were also recalled because of concerns about contamination with salmonella. Unfortunately, mainstream media did not take an opportunity to discuss the fact that a number of food and water borne intestinal parasites can cause hallucinations and other mental disorders. Without a question, the lack of information on this topic can spell disaster. While everyone is watching for terrorist groups to develop poisons, it is entirely possible they are bio engineering bacteria and intestinal parasites that release the kinds of toxins that cause mental instability. What better way to destroy a nation than to destroy the mental wellness of the people in such a way that they take to destroying each other?

If you were thinking that smart bullets (bullets that can change trajectory based on heat signatures, etc), robot tanks, and nuclear bombs were the biggest threat in terms of futuristic weapons, then you may not realize just how many technologies can be turned against civilians. Regardless of the level of trust you have in this government and politicians, the fact is the United States does not exist in a void. Other governments are also developing these devices, and, most likely, so are terrorist groups and organized crime syndicates.

As you look at these different weapons and consider the potential for their use before, during, and after a major social collapse, it is also just as important to consider how you view your government and the way science and medicine are changing our world. This is not the time to step away from doing meaningful research on emerging technologies or the way politicians are looking at these technologies. Never forget that this is your country, and you also have a say in how it is run and what goes on.


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Carmela Tyrrell is committed to off gridding for survival and every day life. She is currently working on combining vertical container gardening with hydroponics. Tyrrell is also exploring ways to integrate magnetic and solar power generation methods. On any given day, her husband and six cats give thanks that she has not yet blown up the house. You can send Carmela a message at editor [at] survivopedia.com.

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