The Domino Effect of EMP

Of all the myriad of different disasters that could strike the United States, an EMP would be one of the most devastating. Our modern society depends so much upon electronics, as well as the computers that run just about anything.

Very little of this is protected from the effects of EMP, including the power grid that we need to run it all. It is even questionable whether our nuclear power plants could survive an EMP, without the possibility of catastrophe.

The United States has many enemies around the world, some of whom have blatantly declared their desire to destroy us. While not all of these countries have the capability of shooting a nuclear device into the stratosphere, in order to create an EMP over the United States, some do. What technology our enemies don’t have could easily be bought on the world market.

How It Starts

In the first few moments, the effects of an EMP will be just like a power outage. Actually, most people won’t be able to tell the difference between an EMP and any other power outage. There is no obvious sign that an EMP has occurred, other than the loss of power. In fact, most of the power generating stations and other services won’t even recognize what had happened, instead thinking that the problems they were experiencing were localized.

The first hours to a day of any EMP will look to everyone just as if they were having a regional blackout. People will be surprised to see that their whole city is blacked out, rather than just their neighborhood. They’ll probably speculate about what has happened, but few will think of suggesting an EMP.

With the power out, a number of things we all depend upon will stop working immediately. Most stores won’t be able to sell their merchandise, as their computerized cash registers won’t work. Gas stations won’t be able to pump gas and traffic lights will go out. City water will probably still flow for that first day, as most cities have water towers to store water for high usage times and maintain water pressure.

Nobody is going to realize that anything more major than a localized power outage is going on, because communications will break down. At the beginning everyone from individuals to state governments will deal with the problem as if it is a localized problem.

It will probably take the better part of a day for the government to verify that an EMP had occurred and several days for them to get the word out, as all means of communications will be down.

Many hospitals and other critical operations will be able to continue functioning for at least a week, as they almost always have backup diesel generators with enough fuel storage to keep them operating for at least a week. Although the electronic controls to automatically switch on the generators won’t be functional, the manual controls will be. Of course, the electronic equipment in the hospital, which doctors depend on so much, won’t be working.

When the Panic Attacks

The panic probably won’t start until the second or third day. The first sign of that panic will be a run on the stores. Actually, we’ll probably see a two wave run on the stores.

The first wave will happen within a couple of hours of losing power, as people run to the store for flashlights, batteries and candles. The second wave will happen once they realize that things aren’t going to get better quickly and try to buy all the food, water and survival supplies they can.

As most people won’t have cash to use in the stores, being used to using credit and debit cards, they will steak what they want, causing riots and violence in the stores. Stores will attempt to lock their doors to keep people out, but looters will break the glass in the doors and windows, stealing what they want.

This will start with food stores and quickly spread to liquor stores, pharmacies, hardware stores and sporting goods stores. Within a few days, widespread looting will become commonplace, with no stores being safe.

emeffectBy the end of the first week the news will have spread throughout the country that we have been the victim of an EMP.

This will cause fear, as people misunderstand what has happened and wonder what will happen next. Companies will be shut down “temporarily” as it will be impossible for most people to work. This will begin to create concern as well, as people won’t be earning money.

Without the ability to pump gas our distribution networks will break down. This will cause widespread shortages, most especially of food.

About the only food that will be available will be what people have on hand and what is produced locally. Even local produce will be limited, as there won’t be fuel available to get it to market.

When people’s food stocks start running out, we’ll see the next wave of violence. This one will start as public protests, but turn into mob violence. People will want someone to blame for their problems and will seek out those that they can accuse. Anyone could end up a victim, but the most likely are politicians, business owners and the wealthy; people who would normally be in a position to do something about the problem.

The fact that they are impotent to do anything won’t make a difference.

By this point, we’ll see a general breakdown of society.

The End of the Society As We Know It

Most people will be unable to work and earn a living. Even if they could, they won’t be able to buy the things they need. People will have to turn to survival mode, seeking out what they can do to survive.

Those who are prepared will hunker down, trying to make the best of the situation and avoid drawing attention to themselves. Some others will turn to violence, seeking to steal what they need. The vast majority of people will sink into a quiet desperation, trying to find out a living in any way possible.

The EMP will not only cause a collapse of society, but a financial collapse as well. A huge portion of the population will be out of work.

emp-efectEveryone’s money will be frozen, as there won’t be any way to get to it. The small amount of currency that is available in the open market will quickly fall away to bartering, as people try to get what they need.

Many will die, either of starvation or freezing to death when they can’t heat their homes.

Recovering from the effects of an EMP will be a long, drawn out affair, lasting years.

It won’t be possible to rebuild the electrical grid quickly, as the suppliers for the equipment will be unable to work without power. Rebuilding will require replacing and reconstructing an enormous amount of equipment. In the time that the electrical grid is being rebuilt, people will gradually find other ways of doing things which don’t require electrical power or electrical energy.

Although repairs to the electrical grid will probably be completed in three to four years, the country as a whole will be set back by decades. People won’t be able to just pick their lives up where they left off, as much of what they did before will no longer exist. New companies will have to be started and people will have to find new ways to live their lives.

The effects of an EMP would be with us for the rest of our lives.


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.

Photo sources: 123RF

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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • Thank you for sharing your insights. As one who is disabled and over 60 years of age I am resigned to knowing I probably will not make it through these troubled times. Although I know that I will meet Christ on the other side, I am concerned for my beloved wife and children. They are not sure of what you speak and I am wondering if you may have survival information for those who are skeptics.

    I have always known our power grid and electronic dependence has been our countries Achiles Heel. If you have a form of preparation for those we love and want to protect after we are gone or any info I may edit into a palatable guide for them…please let me know.

    May our Loving Father G-d Bless you with His Love for you and yours,

    Robert Casey…Shalom

    • Read:
      One Second After
      by William R. Forstchen

      Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse
      by James Wesley Rawles

    • Robert; Your G-d will not subject you or your family to His wrath! BEFORE TSHTF Jesus will have called his church-body home to be with Him until….. Please do not concern yourself with how to “SURVIVE” the coming chaos. Simple faith that the LORD will keep His promises is all that you need. IF you are a believer you have nothing to fear, as our LORD instructed, “fear not….”. Read your Bible! Pray always, And keep the faith. G-d be with you!

      • As a man of faith I think you are a little mixed up I believe the times of today and the ones that may follow are a test of your faith and understanding of that. You will live through these times just like Jesus died on the cross this will be are cross to bare.

        • Well Leigh, that is great. Ya gotta have faith! But, my God is telling me to arm myself and prepare for, not what HE created, but, what man has created. And it ain’t gonna be pretty. If you would have told me, what I believe today, twenty years ago, I would have told me – you nuts!

        • Ron – before he calls me though, I’m going to try not to starve or thirst or get shot…Faith has nothing to do with survival….God, whoever your God is, gave you this instinct – he built you, remember.

        • Every believer’s got to be prepared NO MATTER WHAT KIND of believer you are; pre-trib, post-trib, rapture, no rapture….you gotta be ready for any or all. No one knows precisely what’s going to happen or when our Lord arrives. All I know is be diligent, be wise, be faithful, and most of all, love the Lord. Everything else follows.

  • I can’t help but wonder just what your objective is by presenting this scenario? What ax do you people have? Clearly you are basing your scenario on speculation and assumption (of the initial event) and while such an event would certainly create hell on earth and life as we know it would end, I find it irresponsible to pursue fear-mongering. Life is filled with uncertainty and stress even in normal times (if there is such a thing), and as such people are uneasy and worried about the future of their home, family, state and nation. If you are seeking to scare the population into ‘buying’ something for survival, then you should be far more candid and less geared to creating desperate fear. Right now people in the US and the world for that matter, have a great deal on their plates, from economic crisis to safety, terrorism from multiple sources and from within our own government. Nothing is stable as it once was a few decades ago – and from all appearances things grow worse each year. To add your EMT scenario without substantive proof, but merely conjecture, is not solving anything, not even your possible intention of promoting some scheme for survival.
    It is true that far too many people in the US are ignorant of what is really going on behind the scenes, what the many threats to the nation and its people are, or how badly things can go from here on out – but promoting fear is NOT a solution, merely a different form of terrorism and as such should be viewed with distrust, doubt and disgust.

    • This isn’t fearmongering. Far from it. This is reality and it could happen tomorrow. Will you be ready? I venture to guess not. This isn’t designed to sell a survival product, just a survival mentality. That’s something nearly extinct in this country. When we get too comfortable, we drop our guard and that’s when things start to go wrong. No, no survival product here, just a heads up to motivate anyone to prepare the following:
      1. water
      2. shelter
      3. food
      4. form a group (choose carefully)

    • Google “Carington Event.” This is very real.

      We were almost hot with such a blast in 2012:

    • wake up K Sweet. Heed this messsage

    • The US Gov ran a similation of an emp attack in the 90s and concluded 96% of the US population would be dead within a year. If you want to know why this article is posted, it is called be a prepper. If we could get 40% of the population prepped we may come out on the other end a functioning society. If most have your attitude, YOU will DIE. By the way the The scientific community started talking about this event taking place in 2002 on NBC, and they said somewhere between 2014 and 2018 it is almost certain to happen.

    • We’re on to you K Sweet….you MUST be a troller because NO ONE can be THAT blind. You MUST be aware China cyber-attacks us 24/7 and requires constant defense. So, to post your comments is just meant to push our buttons. Nice try.

    • Sweet – if this was 20 years ago, I would have said these survivalists are crazy…but, today is quite different, and, beside the daily threats, there is so much more with the economy, the dollar, etc. that no longer do I believe them to be crazy or playing on fear. Most of them believe we are susceptible to various dangers. You (me) have to decide the degree to which we prepare based on what we believe to be the degree of threat. We’re not in Kansas anymore!

      • Tom, you are so right about that! Over the last year or so, I’ve been looking at things that I can do to be a little better prepared for what may happen. Not making drastic changes in my lifestyle but small changes that might give me a leg up if things really go south! We can all do some things that will make a difference. Just realizing what is happening at the time will be some help!

    • I do not think that things would have turned out so well for Noah had he thought that g-d was fearmongering. That Being said these guys aren’t g-d, but do have very viable information. Remember, knowledge is power, it’s up to you what you do with it. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best, because g-d helps those that CAN NOT help themselves.

  • This is painted with roses! I feel the basics accurate. But lets be dismal in our descriptions: Day 2 – Druggies and dealers will realize the easy theft of pharmacies, hospitals, and old folks with lots of scripts. Say 3 – Eater shortages will force normal folks to desperate means to care for first their families in the end – Day 4 Look out for yourself is the rule. NO one can be trusted, especially your best friend & Neighbor. Don’t worry you’ll learn the hard way. Folks will begin to gather strength in militant groups, some positive some as gangs. Day 5 – Violent types are tired of dog food for dinner, so they roast a kid, yes as in child and the grossest of humans will become cannibals. Then is slides downhill from there. Those who have a law in their community, will have capital punishment for simple theft as everyone must depend on each other for survival, so those who express nay variance form what the community calls the law, such as taking an extra canteen of pure water, could suffer first banishment and then after those make raids on the community the community will use the only solution, Death by Distrust. Think about it. Watch a few disaster movies such as Mad Max, Solyent Green, Survivors Omega Man, Walking Dead, and see what happens. Each of these uses a different theme but each is the same in finalities!

    • Kelly…you’re comments are the most realistic. Check out “TAKE SHELTER” & “THE ROAD”- they are THE most compelling movies portraying very real scenarios. PLEASE EVERYONE….DON’T GET CAUGHT UNPREPPARED !!!

      • Thanks for introducing a little rationality into this debate.

  • A nationwide EMP attack, by enemies of the USA or natural phenomenon (sunspot blast) will have the same result. And our enemies don’t have to be ‘advanced’ enough to launch something from their own turf…..a junk freighter with a launcher can get plenty close enough for a launch of some kind of one-shot home brewed missile to make it above Kansas or somewhere and ‘poof’….time travel to the civil war era technology for 99.9% of the population. The sort of rosy picture you’ve described, I feel, will be the best possible scenario, with the more likely version happening far more quickly and violently. Those that make the first month may make the next 6 months. The early die-off from riots, disease, gang violence / looters and hunger will finish off most of the population of nearly all urban and suburban areas. Unless you already have or can rapidly form a group, you will almost certainly be among the casualties.

    • There are government studies that show that 90% of Americans will be dead at the end of the first year after an EMP event. This article is a very rosy picture indeed. Contrary to what the first poster wrote this article is almost in denial as to what will really happen. This is why the government is stock piling food and ammo. They have billions of rounds of hollow point ammo and millions of MREs already distributed for future use for their survival, not for yours. The government is expecting something bad to happen and you would be well advised to follow their example. Stay safe my friends, stock up on food that will keep for years, not weeks, and plenty of ammo as there will be no more available without killing for it. Most importantly keep your head down and trust no one.

  • People should take this matter seriously. It really can happen here…..

  • Will the emp destroy the computers in automobiles and thus make them useless ?

    • Yes. Any auto built before about 1970, that is not running at the time of EMP will function. Even the older models will cease to function at EMP if they are running. Alternators, generators, distributors, and coils will be fried. Only good part of this is that it is easier to repair these on older cars, if you can find the parts. Bicycles will still work, and so will horses.

      • All vehicles and anything with wires will be rendered useless.

        • Does anybody know if DVDs & CDs would get zapped. I have a DVD/CD player in a faraday cage (and a fully charged power cell to recharge it several times) Do I need to put the discs in the cage too?

    • There is some debate about cars. Some scientists think the metal body of the car will act as a Faraday cage, others disagree. However when it is out of fuel it won’t matter will it?

    • Couldn’t you locate the electronics of the car, place a cell phone near it, close the hood and try to call the phone? If it rings, it is not protected. If not, you should, in theory be protected. I wonder if anyone has tried this experiment. Hmmm…I think I know what our next science fair experiment might be.

  • Wouldn’t those driving automobiles with computers realize something is up when their cars die?
    I do however agree with much of what else you said.

    • No doubt that those with non-metal bodies (Corvettes) will notice it first. No one is sure about others, but large trucks will be stopped, as they use fiberglass in the hoods and cabs, so the engines are not protected.

  • Read the book “One Second After”, it is about an emp attack on the US that was written by an expert on the subject and projects a much worse result than the author does. There will be no car or truck working built since 1980 because ignitions are computerized. Every airplane will fall out of the sky. Every computer chip in the country will be fried. No phones, no radios, no TV, no communication. In one year 90% of the population of the US will be dead from starvation, illness, exposure, and murder. Read the book.

  • Woulda metal fileing cabinet work as a Faraday cage?

    • Yes but you need to isolate what you put in them from the touching the any metal of the cabinet. Ideally, filing cabinet, insulation, metal box, insulation, object to be protected. A box wrapped in aluminum foil will work. There are those who well tell you the cabinet needed to be grounded but, if not done properly it worse then being ungrounded.

  • K Sweet needs to know that a Federal government did an EMP study and published the report on the same day the 911 Report was released. It was largely ignored because of the prominence of the 911 Report. An interesting novel based on that report is entitled One Second After. The documentation in the book would be helpful to any honest investigation. Preparing offers some peace of mind just like car, health, and life insurance. But knowing Jesus and being born again (John 3) is the most important prep for life and eternity. We must pull our heads out of the sand.

    • I’m with David T here, there are many things we can do to prepare for the worst, but none is as important as preparing for the very worst, and that is to meet your maker unprepared. Neither an EMP or a PHD can disable or fry the most important chip of all, and that is the heart within us all that only the love of God can bring to true life. Folks, we don’t need to fear if we know Christ, this will be a very exciting time, the love we have for one another within us all (we may not even know we have) will rise up from within us. Without the distractions of the lies, TV greed and money world that has been imposed on us. Fear itself is our enemy and we will see that Love conquerors all. We will see for the first time for many of us some incredible acts of love in these times ahead. Life for many will begin on this day. This is only my view and I know most wont agree, but I have been homeless in California 17 years ago, and I now support and work with the homeless in London, I am not completely ignorant to the realities of hardship, but it is in this very hardship that I have seen the most amazing miracles and acts of love from one human being to another. Nothing but God Himself is more beautiful and resilient than the spirit of man. Be encouraged, be prepared.

      • The debates of recent with the socializing of America has encouraged me to consider prudently the purchase of a firearm and resources for survival. Although this measure seems right for these last days of our Republic, it tends to work on those fears that you mentioned even if they may be hidden deep within our psyche. The reality of the over abundance of G-d’s Love for His own gets lost in the immense information overload that we access daily. For those of us who do believe “and” follow The Lord, these are the days of increased exercise in the actuality of living by Faith under our Fathers Love, bridged to us by Christ’s sacrifice that we may live within His care and protection. His Word to us states that there will be for believers two paths to take. The first being the wide path which I see as the one where we revert to our old mans manner of thinking and desemination, but the second is the narrow path, the one that leads us back to our Beloved Father G-d by the guidance He has provided in His Word, empowered by the Holy Spirit as we choose His Will over our own. In the day that the EMP’s strike America will be a promised day for revival if we who profess Christ as Savior hold onto Him instead of our own weakened nature.
        Thank you for raising this all important matter for the Christan body as a whole. On that day we will surely see the wheat separated from the chaff. In closing, if you believe that Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Light of life then prepare yourself. Study the Word and become wholly dependent upon the personage of the Almighty and the promises for His Faith-filled followers. Those two paths are before us. Choose you this day which one you will follow. Shalom.

        • Here, here! …and “pray ceaselessly ”
          …and ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ !!

  • The picture written in the above story is seriously rosie. At the same time that the 911 Commission came out with their findings, another Congressional Commission came out with their findings. It was the EMP Commission. If you don’t want to put up with all the scientific data, you can read a book called “One Second After”. It is fiction, but it was based on the EMP Commission’s findings.

    I just read this book a few weeks ago! It is based on fact, not presumptions as some have stated above. There is a very real possibility that this could happen, either by a nuclear aerial explosion or simply by a major eruption of a sunspot. The results will be devastating and very few people will be ready for it. It could happen tomorrow or never! But it is a good idea to have some idea of what is going on. Those that realize what is happening, stand a better chance of surviving if they know what to do.

  • You’ve really got to wonder if the repairs to the grid would be complete after 3 or 4 years or if at all. Those people who do the repairs have to survive the riots, have food, water, shelter and security for themselves, when others don’t have any, plus have transport to go to the places that need repairing. Will the army step up to the mark? Much of the army will abscond, head home to be with relatives and loved ones. The only way the soldiers would stick to an organised army would be if the country were under attack.
    I think with the lack of electricity, the domino effects of rioting, disease from lack of sanitation, the absolute panic, would send us back to the dim dark ages. Can you imagine the smell in the city with all the rotting bodies? Besides a hardcore survivalist grid electrician, who else would have the means, physically, mentally and materialistically, to get the grid back up and running?

    Robert; the best thing for people in your situation is to move, before it happens, to a small country town. In times of hardship, they might seal off the town and plan for community survival.

    • Small towns, in the country, private communities all have their advantages! I live in a small community that could be barricaded off and a lot of us that live here can survive and probably do well should this ever come to pass! We are thinkers tinkerers and survivalist all rolled up in one!

  • All electronics–cell phone, watch, portable radio–will instantly become useless junk. That will allow those who know to tell others what it is. Especially if my mechanical watch is working when your new Seiko has quit. No automobile will be safe, as anEMP can hit any part of the car that daylight can. All dashboard instrumentation–gone.

  • Something omitted. Foreign invasion. Considering the fact that ALL electronic communication, outside of shielded government equipment, would be wiped out, the fact that all mail would cease to move, the end of the electrical grid–even Guatemala, with Ann intact army/equipment, could conquer this nation. I’m betting this would be China’s first strike, to get their trade debt paid–by force. Funny how GATT,NAFTA, and CAFTA all play into this.

  • I think you grossly underestimate how quickly people will recognize an EMP and start panicking. All they have to do after the power goes out is look at their digital watch or pull out their digital phone. Those are not tied to the grid and if they are out IN ADDITION to the power being out, that is a pretty good indicator that an EMP has hit. I think enough of the population is aware of what an EMP is and what the ramifications of an EMP are that the population in general would be reacting to the severity of the situation almost immediately. Personally, if an EMP hits, I will recognize it very soon after it hits just by checking my watch and my phone and maybe confirming with another person checking their cell phone. It’s debated whether the electrical components of the transportation network will be impacted (some argue they are shielded, others say they are not). If the transportation network goes down (even just a portion), EVERYONE will know an EMP has hit. A downed transportation network would be the final nail. I debate internally whether I would alert others as to what happened or make my way asn quietly as possible to the supermarket to get a jump on the looting. What isn’t discussed here though is what happens if ONLY the US is hit? How does the international community respond?

    • Under the right leadership We could blow the Country that did that to us to Bits We Have Our NUKE Subs One EMP Couldn’t knock the whole USA BUT WITH OBAMA IN CHARGE WE WOULD ALL BE DOOMED.

    • Of course if even only 1-5% of automobiles are affected by such an event there will many accidents and grid lock. Most planes are pretty good Faraday cages, just look at how many lighting strikes hit planes every year, yet most people are not even aware that the plane has be hit. not saying an EMP won’t hurt them but when they are flying they are isolated from other outside effects. The lost of control towers may be a bigger problem.

  • I wouldn’t be so hard on K Sweet. His opinion has something to be gained from. I believe that there are only two base human emotions. FEAR and LOVE. From those two stem all other emotions that we experience. Fear breeds anger, jealousy, greed, hatred. Fear makes hasty and often times unintelligent decisions. Fear has its place in surviving a momentary danger… run for your life! Fight for your life! Jump! Whatever. If a person does not control or balance their fear they may become distrustful, isolated, psychopathic, even murderous if it were to come to that. Love on the other hand breeds acceptance, kindness, trust, motivation, happiness, a sense of community, creativity… any of these things sound important to a post collapse scenario? Many people want to focus on the bad guys and no doubt there will be bad guys. But I like to think that the large majority of people on this earth are inherently good. We are not murderers, rapists or thieves now and while a relative few will become so, the rest will seek to form communities and thrive together. What’s more is that many preppers tend to think of the unprepared as panicky, sniveling refugees that would piss their pants if the phone went dead. In reality, humans are wonderfully creative and flexible and RESILIENT. Some will simply take longer to accept the changes than others. Believe it or not there have been multiple mass extinctions throughout human history and we have persevered, not as thugs and cannibals, but as communities and families. Those of you that reference a movie or fictional book fail to realize that movies are made to sell. Who would buy a story about a social collapse in which people grew organic gardens and made their own clothes? BORING! What makes the creators of those stories experts on teotwawki anyway? I know many will criticize my opinion, but keep this in mind. If you were to approach my home with an evil intent, it will not be my fear of you, it will be my love of life and love for my friends and family that motivates me to shoot you in the face!

    • I love your comment. In my humble opinion, the best one on this thread.

    • TODD!!! YEEUH.!! YOU ARE THE MAN ! TU EL HOMBRE !! How subtle you draw in the reader with seemingly deluted hippy dementia, then slam home the punch line of reality in the last sentence. True genius. Every word is true. I wish I could join YOUR survival camp. You sound like only person I could trust.
      ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ !

  • An Invasion! Of course… Why has no one else ever mentioned that. It WOULD be Chinas perfect follow-up to a cyber attack/EMP. It would be our weakest moment.

  • Concerning EMP and other F***up the world we live in items.. I had occasion to research something that our government did back in the day (60s – 70s). What they were testing at the time was a special device that effected the marine mammals, whales to their eventual demise. The whales beached themselves for no “apparent” reason and could not be saved by any means. Something had effected their brains totally. There are many kinds of energy ‘waves’. Please research HARP and HAARP google it? I know one of you technically bright people will see the vast implications. Check out the “crazy” theories as well. Perhaps one of you can digest the material and print it here in a way all can understand the important parts that seem to apply to our ‘now’ and for tomorrow. And for you former hippie types a blast from the past: Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they are not out to get you! 😉

    • L O L !

  • Actually I am not worried about a trying to survive a man made EMP because the nuclear exchange that would automatically follow would take me out.

  • I have read just about everything you can find on an EMP strike. Most articles are missing the most dangerous part of an EMP strike. Nuclear power plants rely on grid power to maintain cooling pumps and they have backup generators but most of them are not hardened against an EMP strike. IMAGINE a 100 o so nuclear plants melting down because their electronically controlled generators will not run !!!!