Did The Dark State Create Harvey?

Experts agree that Harvey was NOT your grand-daddy’s typical Hurricane.

This mega mystery storm has meteorologists unnerved as to its strange formation and inexplicable, atypical pattern behavior which inspired some reporters like one from the New York Times to write an article entitled “Harvey, The Storm That Humans Helped Cause”.

An agenda based commentary derived from certain points of view from the global warming activists. But the article is a focus on the point that represents an important reality that too many of us are still apathetic about.

Something bad IS definitely happening to our atmospheric environment that is NOT natural and far from normal.

But some of us know the terrifying truth. It is important to start to prepare yourself because it’s not what you think, and new shocking evidence indicates that “Frankenstein” weather might be here to stay…

It All Started With God

Ever since the Almighty wiped out his creation of flawed disobedient humans with horrendous floods, weather manipulation was always a smoldering ember in the souls of following generations of even more flawed people who eventually desired to get around to playing god, themselves.

Weather manipulation became serious business after aircraft were invented and science had a better comprehension of the physics and chemistry of our atmosphere. After all, rain was essential to everyday life and prosperity.

Indian rain dances and praying were one thing, and shooting fireworks into the sky to stimulate the thunder gods for rain was another, but good old hard scientific genius always comes through if you’re persistent and have enough money.

The dark state powers took a great interest in weather manipulation. They saw GeoEngineering as a means to expand and sustain their growing world power base through its proprietary agenda based exploitation.


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Weaponizing the Weather!

In WWII, Weather was a major battlefield factor. Had the allies or the enemy benefitted from satellite weather observations like we have today, the entire course of the war may have been different.

In Viet Nam heavy Monsoon clouds drifted over the country for weeks at a time. If they were to suddenly ‘dump their load’ at the time the enemy was bringing supplies down the Ho Chi Minh trail there would be major damage to their efforts because the trail would be so muddy that every soldier and piece of equipment would get irretrievably stuck and be sitting ducks for air strikes.

So the military tried something called “cloud seeding” on the trails to help make it rain just at the right time and place. Weather Weaponization science has been around a long time.

But nevermind warfare, what about weather as civilian population controls?

What if the people someday had enough of totalitarian rule and planned mass disruptive anti-government demonstrations to exercise their constitutional mandate to demand physical removal of the current regime and restore the Constitution? But the mass rallies were…CANCELED, due to extremely inclement weather? Because it was so dangerously cold, wet, and stormy you couldn’t even stand outside and hear yourself protest!

That would be far better than water cannons, tear gas, sound frequency devices, or frying your skin microwave weapons for crowd control. And you wouldn’t have to endanger your riot police or pay them overtime?

Fast forward to 2017 and ‘we’ve come a long way, Baby’ when it comes to weather manipulation.

We all know by now that about the only thing the government does well anymore is lying to the public. This is why most people don’t know about how advanced weather manipulation science has become. Serious details of it stay out of public reach under sanitation cover of military black projects.

And we finally realize that anytime government PTB gets an opportunity to politicize scientific technology to further their proprietary power agendas, they take full advantage and lie through their teeth about it.

Like the CIA recently saying to Congress “No, we don’t spy on our Citizens with NSA computer surveillance technology”…all the while collecting everything you privately say and do online and everywhere else,and storing it for future government ‘necessity’.

Even the FBI (no surprise there) lied to Representative Chavett’s face in a hearing not long ago about not maintaining a facial recognition base of all citizens! It looks like weather manipulation now might be fitting into the overall totalitarian program.

Video first seen on WeatherWar101.

The Great “Climate Change” Hoax

Notice I didn’t say global warming? That’s because we’re really not talking about that as a cause of anything of the magnitude we all may be in direct catastrophic experience of sooner than we want to believe. Even “climate change” is technically not adequate because all weather, by definition, IS climate change in and of itself, in its perpetual dynamics.

But pay attention closely now. The environmentalists and global warming proponents tend to believe that humans are a huge cause of our radically changing environments, particularly the alleged deleterious carbon “warming” of our average normal environment, thus the notion “global warming” which, by the way, is not supported by all scientists.

There’s an ongoing debate in the science community that if there really IS a climate situation where the average world temperature is warming up so rapidly that soon you’d be able to fry an egg on the top of your bald head, you should get huge amounts of verified scientific studies and comparisons and analysis to prove that beyond any doubt.

But that is simply not happening. Melting ice caps are a specious indicator because there’s a constant fluctuation in melting and freezing with glaciers over time in different regions.

While there are weather/climate events around the world that seem to be extreme, these are mostly isolated incidents in the bigger picture. And maybe something more insidious as we are starting to learn.

And one side of the scientific community claims to have proof that there’s barely any minor elevation of any significance in the world average temperature if you compare all the past data over the years? Which could just as easily lean back toward global cooling at some future time in the greater cosmic schema, given enough time.

As far as specific human cause examples sometimes affecting weather in certain parts of the world, this is correct to some extent.

Giant oil spills and heavy pollutions do have some effects on the relative environment, but these are not expanded enough to represent a major global change. And damages occur in specific local areas. Which can be cleaned and managed. While the rest of the world barely blinks.

Of course humans should always tread lightly when the risk of carelessly damaging our natural environment exists, but this planet has endured tens of thousands of years of humans and their destructive habits and barely frowned. It would take an unbelievable amount of human intervention to destroy the Earth.

And stupid humans who even try anything usually get a severe lesson in humility right up front. Ma Nature takes no prisoners. Most of our species would likely be extincted first, if we tried too hard to destroy the climate. Which leads us into the real deal here…

Know This or Die

Even if you don’t believe in global warming as a result of greenhouse gasses as the cause of anything, most of us would stipulate at least to some increase in adverse climate change. And, naturally (pun intended) the PTB want you to believe that.

All of us to some degree understand that orbit distances around the sun and the sun’s activity along with the Earth’s own roiling ocean currents, continental plate movements and volcanic disruption account for slow but often very different climate changes around the world.

But these take place gradually in the Earth’s greater time schema and eventually return to an average. And that’s how they hide their sinister agenda from you. The literally hide the details and manifestations of their GeoEngineering experiments in the clouds so nothing can easily be determined at first glance, especially if it remains secret military business.

When they sometimes get busted out, like in the videos here, with obvious outside proof of serious chemtrailing activities, HAARP, and weather systems far too suspicious to be normal, they quickly dismiss any nefarious content by making unverifiable statements like “oh, don’t worry about that”, it’s just some science experiments in Solar Radiation Management to help keep environment from getting too hot.

This creates the illusion that the government is trying to help make the nasty old climate changes more user friendly for the folks.

And “naturally”, we buy it like bacon and eggs at Sunday church brunch. Never accepting the fact that these lies couldn’t be farther from the truth. And that the death and destruction from radical weather changes is caused by THEM. That THEY are CAUSING the deleterious climate change with their intentional weather control experiments!

And if there IS any kind of general global warming anywhere, THEY are causing that, as well.

Will Trump “Weather” the Storm?

The political writing is on the wall with Trump’s insider government deep state enemies.

Anybody who can’t see that just doesn’t have their glasses on, or doesn’t care. He’s not part of their karma club. He doesn’t flow with the status quo. He’s gotta go!

The interesting coincidence is that if the deep state needed something huge to take down Trump’s presidency with, outside of the constant barrages of agenda based criminal investigations and fake news media attacks nitpicking and distracting his efficacy as POTUS, you couldn’t get a better tailor made event than a massive natural disaster.

This kind of event puts immense pressure on the administration and tests the endurance of the nation’s already strained nerves by causing a level of devastation that will usher in everything from draining Federal emergency disaster funds and requiring untold billions more to even start a clean up.

In the meantime, hundreds of thousands of intrepid Texans brave everything from food and clean water shortages to disease outbreaks to insurance companies refusing to pay, to even huge alligators loose in the vast new instant neighborhood swamplands! And there’s no end in sight to the multiplying problems and domino effects.

This storm completely upended this administration’s Make America Great Again (MAGA) platform. Trump already is forced to equivocate on previous issues he strongly supported like funding for the Border Wall and other financial changes his administration promised in view of the coming debt ceiling votes.

But now he’s challenged with out of control complications that could easily bring down any president, and certainly a vulnerable one like Trump already is?

Another coincidence is the area in which Harvey decided to hunker down and replicate the great flood. Because it’s no coincidence that Texas was the brass knuckles in a political bar room brawl for the election. And it was the Texas electoral college that provided the tipping point for Trump’s election?

If Trump makes one screw up in the Harvey relief effort–which will be greatly hoped for and facilitated by his enemies—during the process of the salvation of Texas, now, his future chances for winning his favorite vote state again are ‘Gone Girl’.

And the Leftist mainstream media will circle like voracious vultures to pick the bones of every single problem with the Harvey Recovery right up until Trump either quits from frustration or loses in 2020.

Also, Texas was the one state that always represented a thorn in dark state totalitarian agenda. They always thought they could take on any Federal government jackbooting by simply seceding from the Union if they had to. After all, they were bigger than several countries in the world. And they have self-reliant resources to where they could easily survive and even thrive without Federal association in their own sovereign, global economy?

But they certainly can’t thrive and are barely surviving now! In this unholy abyss of destruction and economic devastation. Which will be hurting Texas for years to come. No chance for any delusions of secession in the foreseeable future.

Those of us predisposed to intransigent denial might say “You can’t be serious, no government, not even an evil deep state totalitarian regime would risk their own innocent civilians’ lives by intentionally creating a dangerous weather environment to ensure future political success for their agenda?”

Oh really? You think that secret shadow governments who allow Big Pharma to inject deadly poisons for profits into millions of our bodies from cradle to the grave in the form of mandatory vaccinations, or send tens of thousands of our nation’s best and brightest young people to worthless foreign countries to bleed and die or come back mutilated beyond repair would care at all about relatively “minor” human storm casualties and misery by comparison?

Or let that ridiculous notion of “the value of human life” interfere with their plans when they are on the verge of creating environmental weapons systems that will make them “masters of the universe”?

Hell No! They’ll even USE humans as lab rats like they’ve often done in the past! Why not, the planet’s getting far too overpopulated anyway?


Got your ‘glasses’ on yet?

There are very dark storm clouds forming on the horizon. It’s time we all should seriously start preparing.

The Earth will survive even if humans are a “cause’”of catastrophic weather control. But most humans won’t.

Maybe that’s the plan!

This article has been written by Mahatma Muhjesbude for Survivopedia.

Written by

Mahatma Muhjesbude is a former Spec-ops combat Vet, LEO, international security consultant, and private contractor. He has instructor level credentials and skills in various survival disciplines. He is a dedicated advocate of Liberty and Justice for all and a proactive defender of our Constitutional rights. He strongly believes that the best value you can give back in life is vital knowledge through experience, and that's why he's writing for Survivopedia, using a pen name to protect his real identity. You can send Mahatma a message at editor [at] survivopedia.com

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  • Must be some good info that we “peasants” are not meant to see, Mr. Muhjesbude! There were and still are, four large white areas on your article that would not download! Seems to be purposely blanked out! Thanks!

  • Very eye opening.i was very on the offense at first.reading it as a leftist PROPAGANDA Climate Change Push( Global Warming)but as i read furtherand noticrd all the other stories leaked around the world it ACTUALLY makes sence,and the population of the world blindly goes on accepting whatever happens like cattle we have became.Those who have awakened and took notice are made a mockery of and becomes silent through CONTROLLED media outlets

  • I noticed there was no proof of our being able to control weather, nor any discussion of how it is accomplished. Sorry, but this smells like Fake News to me.

    • Harrp

      • Les, it is HAARP.

    • Come on! We knew Texas was going to Trump. The real tipping point of the election were states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.
      This whole article is B.S.

    • I don’t know about fake news, anything is possible is possible especially with this out of control deep state government. But some things don’t add up. Harvey heavily damaged South Texas, home to most of the Texas libs. I haven’t looked at the Texas Electoral maps, but I’d bet most of southern Texas voted for killary, Also, if the gov’t can unleash such rains, why haven’t they done so in Kalifornia, owned and operated by the marxist left? Anything is possible, but some things still don’t add up.

    • We’ll look into that, invis, that admin say that one of the very important video links supposed to be in the article could not be inserted because it was ‘taken down’ from the web? Never underestimate the power of the power elite dark state if they don’t like the truth being told at some point. Try connecting again a couple times to see if the whole article comes up?

    • All you have to do is observe the chemtrails over the midwest to come to the conclusion that the globalist scum are causing many of the storms that are tearing our nation asunder in the East and South. Here in Missouri when we see the skies filled with chemtrails with their little tic tac toes and big X’s that there will be terrible storms to the east and south of Missouri. They are using ion generators to ionize the jet stream and move it around (negative repels negative. Charge the air near the jet stream with negative ions and you can move the jet stream) and build up electrostatic energy in the sky to create the storms. They knew a long time ago that ion charged skies combined with changes in the path of the jet stream can create terrible storms. HAARP in Alaska and Georgia are being used to help destroy our economy within and thereby collapse our nation. The worst has only just begun. It will take the people getting enough and rising up to stop it.

  • If there is an ounce of truth to this, it is despicable! I have wAtched other videos, Read and just sense in my heart that something is very amiss!
    I have been studying chem trails. Of course famiLy and friends think I am crazy. However, no normal jet woukd make the x’s that mark our skies. I have seen clouds unlike any I have Everseen. I have seen clear blue skies, become filled with white lines and within hours we Are blaNketed with a fake grAy white mass. I have seen a cloud line that never moved all day, evening or nIght!!! I Kept wqtching and recording and it was like we were liVing in a dome.
    I hate to think that men are so evil they would kill innocents, wildlife, Vegetation, all of Gods creation TO ACHIEVE their own evil agenda..
    I appreciate you writing this article, and as a Believer in end times and the soon call of Jesus, actually almOst nothing surprises me any more!

  • Every human on this planet has their own true source of the truth inside of them, given to them by their creator – GOD. Shown over our history by great prophets Moses, Abraham, Daniel, etc. We each and everyone have access to that same source instantly by becoming quiet and going within and asking for the truth. Each day that goes by brings to humans greater access to this inner source as they evolve with planet Earth. Learning how to become stronger and stronger in God’s truth.

  • If your conspiracy theory is to be plausible the besides targeting Harvey upon Texas then I suppose targeting Irma upon Florida makes sense!

  • Weather wars have been going on for a long time. If these people would look back at least 20yrs you will find articles on the subject -that they were doing. What do these dimwits know of harrp and many more on other subjects. Gov uses us for genie pigs people . they use weather even on the farmers and right now the farms out in Calif. —- they are in a drought. If you have had knowledge of watching the weather in a number of parts in the US for at least the last years you would know something is wrong. Hell people they can even cause earthquakes —–so damn well wake- up and I would guess that the weather people know of it as well. Look at the chemtrails we have had. Come on you can’t be that blind of things going around you.!

    • You might want to remove your tin foil hat. I think your brain is overheating..

      • Nah, my tinfoil hat is air conditioned. but you should put a sign on your forehead that says ‘closed for the season’.

    • That’s exactly right, Barbara. I have a lot of empathy for farmers. Not because I’m one…..I wouldn”t be strong enough. But they work themselves to death, only to be hammered besides by everything that corrupted big business and federal government regulations,, Monsanto, and now geoengineering can throw at them., If I was a farmer I would SNAP like a hard dry branch in a deadly drought!

  • Weather control Weaponized… Canadian PM Trudeau wisked Omar Kadhar GITMO youth 10.5 Million…we have him with the Weather Weapn in the end pages of Prime Rat at www Starzops1 com click top of homepage link Rat Paper then click Prime Rat and scroll the free pdf to the end pages (if an ad comes up just get rid of it, it’s free) on Omar and his weather weapon. he was doing me walking home for three times straight in a row with lightning overhead after then hit Houston and then Florida (running up Cuba/for Gitmo!) and no, they’re not stopping him. I fear for NY and MIrimichi/RCMP East Coast to follow…. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  • I didn’t understand anything about the video. What does WV stand for?

  • The elites don’t want you to wake up and see what they have been doing ———-They don’t want you to get ahead and be efFecient and control of your own lives. . They want you under their thumb people. Know this they are going to also want your money and your food. They want you totally controled by them. That is why fighting them is a most and to get them out of our country and out of our gov. We are up to our waist in the BS and its time to look around and get ready.!!!

  • Interesting article, but a NEW YORK TIMES reporter. Are you not one of those who supported Gore in his invention of the internet? Your complete (partially correct-partially fantasized ) article is almost an exact take off of the snake oil salesmen who manage the Arora conglomerate. Global warming, so what, the moons and other bodies in our solar system are all heating up from the activity of our sun. at 82 I have pretty well heard it all, but I would have to spend several hours researching to find all the things you are referring to and blowing out of normal, including ‘harp’ . and many. Years ago all the great minds said that in a few short years we would be an ice ball due to carbon from burning fossil fuel. I guess the GOV figured out they couldn’t take as much control as making us believe we were heating the earth would allow them to do. .I came back from working in new jersey in the mid 60’s (can any of you remember that rioting, raping and looting?) and built a concrete and steel house to partial cancel some of the anarchy tools. Bullet proof pretty well, fire resistant (Molotov cocktail) Then some sob brought out rocket propelled grenades. African farmers are being forced to put up 15′ or so thick dirt walls outside their homes to defeat the RPG’s..I hate to tell Barbara, but it will take a very well organized force to create another civil war that we could win. and as they used to say when I was a kid – “White folks can only get together to eat”..

  • complete and utter nonsense! did the government create the historic forest fires in the west. Did they wait until the total eclipse past across the country. Did they create the historic 8.2 earthquake in southern mexico. and of course they must have created the historically strong hurricane irma and now Jose.. wake up america!

  • Lmao! Unmitigated bullshit.

  • I’m not buying this articles conclusions. Yes, the public sector as well as the private sector have experimented with manipulating weather. Both sectors had some very limited successes but mostly failures on any large scale. This is common knowledge available from numerous open sources.
    Making the conclusion jump to using weather manipulation to control human population assumes a larger degree of weather manipulation than mankind has been able to achieve.
    The hurricanes that have hit the U.S. recently are just storms that are coming in at the absolute peak of hurricane season. The power of those storms is too large for human manipulation.
    As people interested in survival and preparedness we do a lot of research and base our preps on our findings. Free and independent thinking comes along with that lifestyle. Since our nations founding there have been government conspiracy theories created and put forth by people who have lively imaginations.
    There are some brilliant people in public and private sector think tanks who put forth hypothetical ideas and scenarios. The overwhelmingly vast amount of these remain just fanciful ideas. That does not keep people from conjuring up unfounded ideas of conspiracies and world and/or human domination.
    Real world experience will lead a rational thinker to understand that a government that can not effectively and efficiently run most of its own departments (ie- Veterans Affairs, welfare, Social Security, or even your local DMV) is not going to be able to be able to fund, research, develop, implement and hide these programs from public view and scrutiny.

    • I totally agree.

  • OK. read the article on Harvey and decided to do some research on the history of HURRICANES that developed in the Gulf of Mexico. There were many HURRICANES that traveled into the Gulf and made it to land. There where 5 HURRICANE that I found that actually were born in the Gulf. galveston in 1900, audrey in 1957, camille in 1969, agnes in 1972, and alicia in 1983.

    As for the theory that the dark side was responsible, DOESN’T hold water. trump was a baby when the HURRICANEs were developing in the gulf. try blaming it on the russians.

  • There is an unexpected revelation exemplified in the comment section here. that proves how brainwashed so many of us are with ‘normalcy bias”.
    especially when it concerns the government. So many of us still remain imprisoned within our own minds with intransigent belief systems that result in the denial of truth that could set us free and eventually prevent us from ultimate totalitarian rule.?

    With the exception of a couple government trolls I feel sorry for those of you who take solace on the bouncing knee of Big Daddy WooWoo government and the nanny state to the point of where you imagine the government is…there to help you. And deny the real agenda to the extent that you purposely force yourselves to remain ignorant, even if the reality is right in your faces.

    Maybe i’ll keep trying to ‘Enlighten’ everybody. I see most don’t even really understand what a ‘dark, shadow, deep’ state/government really is.

    I’ll find some valid videos to post, but for right now. Start investigating the Geoengineeringwatch.com website more thoroughly to get a real grasp of how much you never knew of their abilities to manipulate the weather….and, of course, your minds.

  • HI , I’m not on here to fight or argue with anyone I just want answers . I have been hearing in Sanford FL a noise that sounds like a low flying jet that never leaves the area . It can last for about 20 to 45 min at a time The rumble lastnight it was very loud. You can hear it indoors . Lastnight i could feel it. Any ideas ? This has been happening about 2 years . No storms in the area.