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Making sure that your first gun purchase is a successful and useful one is very important for long term responsible and rewarding gun ownership.

The latest news out of the UK are the most surprising. For the first time in history, the murder rate in London has managed

It’s about as regular as clockwork. Every time there’s another mass shooting, the gun control crowd talks about restricting the Second Amendment; enacting the

Having little or no money is not a good reason to get stuck with a poor quality gun because there are many firearms that will

When building an ammunition stockpile, you are always going to be pressed for room and money. There are ammo types that can be used

Even if you buy a good quality gun and take proper care of it, a gun is still a tool. As such, it will

Everyone has heard the oft-repeated mantra that “guns kill people.” Likewise, we’ve all heard the snarky responses that have been made to that, such

Movies and TV present seemingly magical scenarios where the good guy always wins and high impact action scenes are over in a matter of

Before you even begin comparing a bare bones Springfield Mil-Spec 1911-A1 Pistol with an upgraded version it is important to know what purpose you

Since defensive, hunting, and target shooting all require specific adjustments, it shouldn't be a surprise that most shooters wind up modifying their weapon to

There were more guns in American Churches this past Sunday, than there have ever been before. This is a change for the better. It

The best self defense firearm for you is the one you are proficient with, and carry with you when you need it. Here's what

How do you know what rifle scope to buy from all the products available on the market? Here are the hints you need to

There is no such thing as one holster that will work for everyone, let alone one design or body placement that everyone would agree

If you expect to defend yourself efficiently with a gun, there is no substitute for practice. Follow these tips to build your own wooden