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Sanitation & Hygiene

It’s bad enough that we have to worry about other countries using chemical warfare on us; we’re already getting slowly poisoned just by breathing!

1 in 7 U.S. adults say they have taken steps to reduce their risk of getting Zika, according to the latest analysis from Pew

The best way to defeat bacteria naturally is to approach your battle from all sides. It sounds simple, and it generally is. Here are

Why on Earth are you still brushing your teeth with a product that’s packed with so many questionable ingredients? Make your own toothpaste at

Being clean is a morale booster and a health necessity, but what happens if you have little to no water and still want, or

Most people don’t realize that bleach will start to lose potency after about 6 months. It’s OK though – we have a couple better

Is there any special treatment that you should apply in order to prolong its life? And are the septic bacteria a part of this

Building your own outhouse is a cool DIY project with lots of benefits, one of which is that you’ll already have a waste disposal

Right now, we can still rely on modern technology to do all the work for us. But what will happen if SHTF and the

With Ebola out of control and finding its way to other continents, your health and information are the best assets you have to stay

Managing waste after SHTF can make a difference between life and a very painful death. Read on the do's and dont's of off-grid waste

You put money aside to build up your survival supplies, and you have to protect them. Beware of these pests that lurk around!

One of the biggest causes of death in a post-SHTF situation is going to be disease and pestilence and biting insects will be one

When SHTF, you have absolutely no way of knowing when you will get another chance to stock up on supplies. What if you ran

Women will possibly face unique dangers in a post-SHTF world, and have a few personal concerns that we’ll need to consider.