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Sanitation & Hygiene

Have you thought about your teeth for after life as you know it ends? With other things on your mind, caring for your teeth

Besides these tips, my family also has DNA samples and fingerprints, and although this may seem an extreme measure, I have a logical approach

The best way to keep yourself and your family safe (both now and when the pandemic finally passes) is to keep your guard up

Experts advise you to make a list of missing products in advance so as not to prolong your visit to the supermarket while thinking

Stay safe, eat well, boost your immunity via supplements, vitamins, and minerals (C, A, D, zinc, selenium, magnesium), enjoy the sunshine, and don’t despair.

A face mask is only one part of the equation, social distancing and proper hygiene are equally important to protect you (and also others)

To be extra sure that your clothing is fully disinfecting, you can dry your clothes on an old-fashioned clothesline, where the UV from the

When it comes to more complex situations like providing oxygen in an enclosed room, you may find that you will still need to bring

People around the world are concerned about the effects of this dangerous COVID-19 disease, causing it to dominate news reports and websites on every

If you can’t breathe easily inside your home it will also make getting a good nights’ sleep difficult preventing you from being your best

The report of the first victim of the Chinese coronavirus, here in the United States, has sparked concern about a potential pandemic affecting us

There are no less than 4 types of fluoride present in our drinking water: calcium fluoride, sodium silico fluoride, sodium fluoride and fluosilicic acid.

As part of their emergency preparations, survivalists get their dental work caught up and prepare a dental first aid kit to help them deal

This is a good time to review your bug in plans to ensure that you can stay in your home for an extended period

Dust is one of the most common causes of allergies and can lead to other diseases. This is why if there’s dust in your