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Natural Disasters

If you’re looking at the possibility of flooding, taking the right actions will help you to get your home back, regardless of what Mother

I remember that every good lie is based upon a grain of truth. So I have to accept that there is a grain of

Always have a tsunami-evacuation plan, always keep an emergency survival kit in your car, know the area, be cautious and react quickly after an

After experiencing a few scenarios involving floods, I can tell you it’s almost surreal how quickly flood waters rise and how powerless it makes

Hurricane season is here. For the next months, anyone living along the cost will be watching the weather and checking the National Hurricane Center’s

The best way to survive a flood is to be gone before it starts. If that is not an option, making sure your attic

Hurricanes are a major threat to life. They are the most damaging natural disasters, having killed thousands of lives and homes for the past

A massive solar flare hitting us directly would have the exact-same effect as an EMP attack from North Korea, Russia or whatever “axis of

A tornado can wipe out an entire town in minutes. Seeing the destructive power such a violent storm can cause, it’s important to prepare

Floods are one of the hardest natural disasters to protect your home from. The sheer power of huge quantities of water is hard to

No matter how much flooding they say you should expect, always plan for a little more; something like eight inches more so your home

The idea of losing everything is one that we tend to ignore. Instead, we prepare as if everyone else will lose everything, but we’ll

We’ve all been hearing about the forest fires in California; a problem aggravated by drought and a lack of sufficient water for firefighters to

For some, there probably won’t be a return to normal. Those people will end up having to start over, either in the same place

The combination of the wind and rain is destructive, by flattening structures and flooding occupied areas. It's your decision: whether you bug-in or you