Climate Change – The enemy we keep on fighting

Global warming or climate change is an old enemy we keep fighting without entirely aware of its whole existence. We’ve been hearing about it for the past 50 years or so, and we still haven’t managed to build a preparedness plan on it.

We’re noticing its effects more and more lately, and even if climate change may very well lead to human extinction one day, we still seem unbothered by it. We believe there’s more than enough time left to do something about it. Climate change is here to stay, and you can no longer ignore its effects, and you must prepare for what’s to come.

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For the last two decades, there has been an intense debate regarding climate change, and there are three sides “waging war” in the spotlight, the believers, the non-believers, and the neutral. Regardless of which side you stand on, it has become apparent that the weather patterns are changing, and Mother Nature is throwing more violent tantrums than ever.

What’s causing global warming?

You’ve probably seen people arguing on TV about the amount of CO2 we’re dumping into the atmosphere and how the greenhouse effect will kill us sooner or later, but you’re probably wondering how does all of this work.

The greenhouse effect was first studied in 1896 by a Swedish scientist named Svante Arrhenius. Since then, it was the main subject in debates conducted by the scientific community regarding global warming.

If you think of our planet’s atmosphere, we could compare it to the glass roof of a greenhouse since it acts both as a filter and as a transmission medium for all incoming solar energy. This roof protects us from ultraviolet radiation while at the same time it traps sunlight or heat energy beneath, slowly radiating it back beyond the atmosphere.

Due to significant CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, heat energy can no longer pass on and escape into space. Such blocking action leads to a warming of the planet, and to keep it simple, it would soon be like living in an oven for us.

CO2 emitters have been on this earth long before humans have started to take over, but there has always been a balance between emitters and absorbers (elements that remove and retain CO2). We are burning more fossil fuel, and we are wiping out natural CO2 absorbers such as forests. This has led to an irreversible effect that many believe will trigger irreversible weather patterns that can lead to extinction.

2019 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming Digest #13

What does this mean for us?

In 1974, the CIA issued various reports on climate change, warning our government about the challenges we will face in the future and giving global warming the proper attention it deserves. Here is n extract that sums up the overall situation we may soon face:

“It is increasingly evident that the intelligence community must understand the magnitude of international threats which occur as a function of climatic change. These methodologies are necessary to forewarn us of the economic and political collapse of nations caused by a worldwide failure in food production. In addition, methodologies are also necessary to project and assess a nation’s propensity to initiate militarily large-scale migrations of their people, as has been the case for the last 4.000 years … The politics of food will become the central issue of every government.” – CIA report on Climate Change 1974, page 31.

Climate change will have a significant impact on the world, and it will affect every one of us in one way or another. We need to understand that a change in weather patterns and the rising sea level due to the melting of the ice caps will lead to mass migration, but the spark that will ignite the fuse for the next world war will be food.

Food has always been a weapon and a commodity that helped built but also crumbled empires. People have always thrived on a surplus of food, and they managed to advance as a society when such a resource was plentiful.

The absence of food was the reason that started numerous wars and made us kill each other. The events we read about in history books may very well repeat themselves if food, the commodity the world depends upon, will once again be in short supply.

How can you prepare for climate change?

Climate change has been an excellent source for journalistic doomsaying, but for us preppers, it’s just another reason that makes emergency preparedness common sense at this point.

We have been ostracized by society since the 80s, and nobody bothered to have a talk with us and get our honest opinion on prepping. The media has somehow always managed to find and put in the spotlight the most “eccentric” of us (to put it lightly), and we all had to suffer for it.

Coming with the year 2020, when the Pandemic struck the world and people were running like crazy from one store to another fighting for a few rolls of toilet paper, there was a sudden shift in people’s mentality. Suddenly, everyone was like, “maybe those crazy preppers were right after all,” and folks all over the world started to understand that prepping is just a means of assuring one’s future.

Back in the day, everyone was a prepper, and storing food for the winter and for times of scarcity was an everyday activity. Nowadays, it seems that such activities are back on everyone’s agenda because no matter what your opinion on preppers is, food will always become a primary concern for you and yours.

Preparing for climate change needs to follow two simple patterns, getting out of harm’s way and having the means and resources to push forward and see the next day. Here’s what I mean.

Getting out of harm’s way

Climate change will lead to mass migration, and one of the main reasons for such an event will be the sea level rise. Those living in the coastal areas will be forced to move to dry land, and that’s a worrying fact considering that NOAA states that almost 40 percent of Americans live in such densely-populated areas.

This will become a significant issue for our country and every nation with highly-populated coastal areas. When people are forced to move inland without having anything planned, certain places will become “crowded,” leading to conflicts. Escalating tensions will eventually lead to wars for the available “dry land.”

Long before we will have to wage war with other nations for our land, there will be a more pressing matter we need to attend to. We will have to take care (or deal with) domestic refugees, those people that can no longer use their beachfront properties.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we can’t find solutions for all of them since we know that the US is no joke when it comes to supersizing, but we have to look at the bigger picture. Not everyone will be willing to have their way of life affected by domestic refugees, and those in need won’t wait patiently in line for FEMA to come to the rescue.

Without a doubt, there will be conflicts that will lead to much larger movements, and we have to admit that the government can’t take care of all of us. Those who live in secluded areas will probably be fine, but those living in a densely populated place will have to compete for resources.

You can imagine how a scenario that involves cramming people together can turn into an apocalyptic environment when resources are cannibalized. There will not be enough of anything to go around.

This puts a new perspective into mind if you look at your living area.

And before we move forward, I have to specify that the “Rambo” scenario depicted by many preppers, the one in which they will defend what’s theirs at any cost, is just not feasible. You will risk your life for a few cans of beans, and it’s not worth it, to be honest, no matter how good of a soldier/fighter you think you are. There will be just too much competition for you to handle.

To sum it up, staying out of harm’s ways means always keeping some distance between you and the thing that threatens your safety. As people will be pushed more inland, you will have to either bug in and keep a low profile or move to an environment that makes survival difficult (if not impossible) for the average Joe.

On the other hand, if you become a domestic refugee, you should have by now a plan to start fresh somewhere else without putting yourself and yours at risk.

Having the means and resources to push forward

We have to come back to the food issue since this will be your central concern regardless of whether you live in a densely populated area or live in a mountainous region where you have learned to become self-sufficient.

In my opinion, the number one goal of every prepper should be to become self-sufficient and obtain that level of security that focuses on thriving and not surviving. It will be impossible to cover in a single article the topic of becoming self-sufficient since such a scenario depends on various factors such as:

  • Your living area (population density, flora and fauna, resources, etc.)
  • Your skills
  • Available resources (everything that is hard to obtain from natural resources)
  • Number of people dependent on you
  • Competition for natural resources (human and wildlife)

That being said, you should concentrate on adapting your lifestyle to the effect of climate change while taking into account the factors mentioned above. And since food is a topic we have to reconsider once more, here are a few suggestions regarding food security.

Traditional agriculture and alternatives

If you rely on producing your food, you have to consider other methods besides traditional agriculture. While adapting your crops by planting hardy plants depending on the changing weather patterns may work for a while, you will probably have to move your food production operation underground.

On the surface, it will become just a numbers game with rainfall increasing or decreasing, affecting your crop accordingly. You shouldn’t concentrate all your efforts on the classical garden, and you should look into alternatives such as hydroponics and aquaponics. These two gardening systems work great indoors since you control the growing environment and save water (which may be in short supply in certain regions).

Hunting, trapping, and fishing

All these activities require skill and practice, so you might want to consider putting some hours in the field now when the climate still allows you to take advantage of such food procuring methods.

Once you covered the skill and practice factors, you have to consider the human competition one. The game and fish you’re after is also on the craving list of others, and you can imagine that this may lead to inevitable conflicts. You should look into ways of hunting that camouflage your presence. Bowhunting and trapping would be your best bets in such a case since using a rifle may not be recommended.

As fishing goes, you may have to adopt a more discrete approach since you will probably not have the luxury of spending all your time casting a line on the nearest water hole. Fish trapping is vital here since it won’t expose your presence, and you will be able to take care of other survival chores while the traps do their job.

Since climate change will probably affect animal behavior and fish populations may suffer from constant temperature fluctuations, you shouldn’t have high hopes of bagging something quickly. Few species of land and sea inhabitants will adapt to the new climate.

You also have to consider the conservation factor. There is a high chance of the entire species being wiped out since everyone will try to get an easy meal. It’s already happening in our times when the consumerism trend is within a “normal range.”


The art of foraging is a lost skill, and few people can exist with what they can forage. A hardcore forager learns the truth about foraging after spending hundreds if not thousands of hours in the field. The reality of foraging is much grimmer than you can imagine, and you can’t just go into the woods looking for berries, stuff your face when you found them, and call it a day.

Foraging alone doesn’t provide proper nutrition, and it’s not sustainable long-term. Even foragers have to supplement their diets with what they can bag through hunting and/or fishing. And we’re talking here about actual foragers, not seasonal outdoor enthusiasts, the type of people that can forage all year-round. The type of people that can quickly identify the plants they search for without having to look in their field guide every step of the way. Such folks know how to transplant these plants for a sustainable foraging effort and preserve or transform plant material to last until the following season.

These people will tell you that foraging alone is not enough to provide a copious meal for one or more persons. Foraging only works if you combine it with other food procuring methods. For the average Joe, this food procuring method is mainly wishful thinking, and it just won’t work.

Other options?

Other methods of procuring food, such as scavenging and looting, aren’t worth mentioning, in my opinion. If you ended up in such a situation, you’ve already got the entire preparedness approach wrong. There won’t be enough to go around, and it will become just a number and muscle game.


This article’s point is not to convince our readers that climate change is real since this is no longer a topic for debate. You’re probably already noticing its effects without anyone having to point them out. Hurricanes are starting to form sooner and increase in strength each year, the fire season is more extended and more devastating, and dry areas are becoming drier each year.

There’s quite some thinking you need to do depending on where you live and what your skills are, and you may need to consider relocating shortly. I honestly believe that we will see the world changed in our lifetime due to global warming in ways we thought could be possible just in doomsday movies.

Written by

Bob Rodgers is an experienced prepper and he strives to teach people about emergency preparedness. He quit the corporate world and the rat race 6 years ago and now he dedicates all his time and effort to provide a self-sufficient life for his family. He loves the great outdoors and never misses a chance to go camping. For more preparedness related articles, you can visit him at Prepper’s Will

Latest comments
  • Climate change has been going on for millions of years. Ice ages have been coming and going. There were extremely cold temperatures, then extremely hot temperatures. All the pollution we are outputting is just speeding up the process. This isn’t a huge deal. Fighting nature never helps, and that includes the consequences it gives us for logging in the rainforests.

    • Exactly Right!

    • The Ethical loggers log the dead trees first. My husband worked for the Forest Service one year and he had a chance to talk to some loggers and they told him they preferred to log the dead trees because they started the fires we so so much about. He also said dead trees cause more trees to die and that was worse than the logging. They would only take trees that they found to be trouble to the forest. There are good and bad loggers and we must train them to be more ethical.

  • CO2 induced anthropogenic global warming is elitists driven junk science.
    However, the Grand Solar Minimum is underway and we are likely heading into another ‘Little Ice Age’ soon that could last up to 35 yrs.
    Climate change is mostly a result of cyclical solar activity.

    • Interesting that you mentioned the Grand Solar Minimum, Jason. Not many people seem to give that theory much credibility. But there are a number of scientists that seem to think it’s going to happen or has even started already. There’s a video on youtube by a female Russian solar physicist that makes a pretty good darn case for an upcoming Grand Solar Minimum that’s supposed to last for quite a number of years. At the moment I don’t recall how long she said it was supposed to last but something like a century. Don’t quote me on the length of time. it’s supposed to last for quite a number of years.

    • Correct, Jason, and Anonymous. And the easiest way to cut through the politically manufactured obfuscation is to compare actual recorded temperature elevations over the last few decades, Not withstanding the pockets of localized climate deviations obviously caused by anomalies like major oceanic damage from oil spills that affect currents that affect air temperatures, and areas in the atmosphere where the ozone layer was destroyed by out of control mega hydrogen bomb testing by the U.S and USSR back in the days. Oof course the destruction of O2 prroducing rain forests adds to the apparent changes, the overall greening of the planet still produces enough oxygen to maintain acceptable viability. because during Co2 increases in some areas, the plants will thrive and rebalance the overall atmospheric levels. So checking the average overall Temps and compositions over the last 100 years or so will surpirise many that it’s relatively meaningless in the bigger picture of panic and political agenda. Mother nature has a way of healing itself since the beginning of time, and no puny humans, despite their recklessness and environmental abuse will prevail at destroying the planet…without first destroying themselves.
      But it won’t be by greenhouse gases, or oceans rising to flood the lands, not in our lifetimes, a least. Of course, if we keep screwing around with weather manipulation ( to the very excessive state that currently exists, which includes the ability to Change the Climate, all right, from the expected standard of normal to some wild and dangerous experiments, and we keep letting them get away with it, Certainly there will be some very unholy storms and events making otherwise expected mild environments to become dangerous to live in.
      We also have a better chance of dying or going on life-support survival mode from engineered plagues like this last Wuhan debacle that was merely a test the Chinese were running on a selected mutation bounce bioweapon. This Coronaviruis attack was designed to not display symptoms until it was spread around, then it replicated a Sars virus. The next one’s gain of function will be the same except that the death rate might represent the deadlier hemorrhagic virus so it won’t just make a lot of people too sick to work and hurt the economy like it just jdid, but it will kill 90% of everybody infected in less than 48 hours.
      Then there’s the occasion catastrophic volcanoes, Earthquakes, Massive Solar Flares, Asteroid hits, that plague us regularly throughout history, And so far over the last few hundred years of modern mankind’s existence, we were ‘in-between’ events, I wouldn’t worry to much about ‘global warmning as such an end-times scenario the global warming scammers present it as. The most immediate one is a Non-all out nuclear world war with cyberattacks, plagues, and economic collapses..

      So like the article says, start prepping as much as you can. It’s got to be a way of life now.

  • This is total fear-mongering on your part. The Earth’s climate is always changing. This big CO2 scare is total BS! Without CO2 there would be NO life on Planet Earth. Furthermore, the warming of the Earth is being caused by the Sun, our Solar system, and the events that are happening in it.
    Right now there is a galactic interloper coming in for its 3,600 +- year elliptical orbit around the sun. It will reach parhelion on May 20th, 2021, or on May 20th, 2022 at the LATEST! When this happens all Hell will break loose on Planet Earth and the Earth will undergo a terraforming event which is unavoidable due to the gravitational tug of war between the interloper and the Sun fighting for gravitational control of Planet Earth. We will most likely undergo 2 pole shifts, which will cause massive earthquakes along all fault lines, resulting in massive changes along the coastlines with much of the coastal areas dropping below sea level, resulting in massive flooding, and death for any remaining along the coastal areas around the entire planet. The entire Earth’s surface will be terraformed. Much of the current coastal area will disappear and new land masses will be rising above sea level, creating new continents.
    Volcanoes will be erupting all over the planet, spewing noxious gasses and ash all over the planet, possibly hiding the sun’s rays and causing global cooling and the failure of crop yields, agriculture, and many animals as well as much of mankind will perish. So-called “global warming” will be the very least of your worries! This has already started! For reference check the Scallion Maps of the future for an idea as to the scope of the coming changes. Should we prep for THIS? Hell Yes! There isn’t much time remaining. Why do you think there is so much fake confusion and the focussing of much misinformation on Covid-19 as well as any kind of crap that they can throw out there to keep us all occupied and unaware of the REAL danger coming our way? The Global Elite want as many of us as possible to die in the upcoming catastrophe as possible so that when it’s all over there will be very few of us left for them to bother with.

  • Sounds like an article from Al Gore or Green peace.

  • Just how much longer are we going to put up with this End of the World Climate Change B/S? I am 92 year old Veteran and have heard this sky is fall chicken little stuff for over 60 years.. How much of this has dire ends have come to Pass. Answer: NONE like one of Crime Bosses Gore really stated ” Give up your wealth and freedom an become slaves to the Left Cult of MOB RULE and we will stop the earth from its wobble spin as it travels around the Sun. Cut All CO2 the life gas of all plant and green vegetation and all starve to death. & no oxygen to breath, How does that sound? This earth will become a barren Planet for nothing will grow. We need the Green house Gasses heat to complete the cycle of rain from the oceans to clouds which move over the land to provide moisture to grow plants & trees. Has any one really seen these Climate of doom they rave about?? I one looks they are totally bogus. Now we have the Crime Boss Biden and his Crew of MOB Rule in charge watch out for the worse is coming soon. Enough said on my part for no way can we cure the Stupid which is most of our population now. Have good day while you can. .

  • The scariest book I have read is ” Cold Times, preparing for the Mini Ice Age”
    I’m hoping my place will be ok. Lots of good tips
    I only have broody chickens, starting on the second breed.
    also have small silent animals.
    Too many head in sand people.

  • So many complain about “climate change,” but nobody seems willing to address the elephant in the room- China, which is building a coal fired power plant just about one a week. They act as if it’s all the US’s (and maybe the EU’s) fault.

    • The problem with China is that we expect 21st Century China when in reality we are confronted with late 19th or 20th Century China in reality. Our past use of coal burning plants ended 60-70 years ago, but China isnt as technologically advanced as the US. They use what their natural resources have. So even though coal supply is way down in the US, China still has vast acreage of mineable coal. So thats what they are going use. And when we point iut there usuage is destroying the planet , the Chinese see us a somewhat hypocritical since we used coal in past times in much the same manner as they are doing now.

  • The news narrative is propaganda to deceive people. the grand solar minimum combined with the geomagnetic poles shifting and getting weaker as they do.
    Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are also forming a quadrant which will create a magnetic vortex, thus having a greater gravitational pull resulting in greater and more frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity. changes in jet streams. America will be cold and dry, northern Africa will be the new grow zone.

  • Dear Survivopedia. CO2 is a trace gas in the atmosphere, Four one hundredths of one percent, or 400 parts per million. That’s 4 pennies out of a hundred dollar bill. Sounds like whoever wrote this article has bought into the global warming nonsense. I expected better from you. We have been in an interglacial period of the current ice age for about 14,000 years,
    Humanity should be preparing for the return of glaciation. The reason people fall for this nonsense is because most folks know very little about science. Check out the author; Ian Plimer who is a real scientist, not a hack paid to lie. otherwise your site has some very good information.

  • Return to a seashore where you played as a kid. You will see that there has been no perceptible change in the water level. I have seen photos of places like Miami Beach today compared with the 1920s. No difference. In part because Antarctica continues to increase the depth of its ice cap. Note that Gore and Obama have ocean front property. If they really believe in this stuff, they would not.

    None of the predictions in Gore’s “”An Inconvenient Truth” film have taken place. For example, he predicted that the Artic ice would melt every Summer, allowing a shipping short-cut between Europe and Asia. It would be a huge change in international trade. It has been 15 years. It has never happened.

  • No one even considers the fact that “one” medium sized volcanic eruption (and they are happening all the time) spews as much CO2 as a hundred years of the man made crap. I’m not saying that it’s ok to pollute but blaming man for all of this is ridiculous.

  • There is no preparation needed since climate change has occurred from the time of creation.
    Do as human kind has done for as long as we have walked this Earth – ADAPT.
    Climate change goes both ways from warm to cold and back again, it’s just that many lifetimes pass by before a cycle is complete.

    Just live life and don’t give climate change a thought beyond what to wear tomorrow.

  • Humanity reminds me of the frog in a pan of water at times. As long at the danger comes about slowly, it is considered an adaptable non threat. Climate change is something humanity is going to especially be affected by., simply because we could of done something about it. But unfortunately we did not, because we are settled in our ways, and don’t want to change.
    And it is true that the Sun does change its output over time, but it is very minor in doing so.
    You see the Sun is held together by gravity. And as a consequence, it is amazingly self regulating in its output of energy. If it puts out to much activity it expands, and in doing so, it swells up slightly and the fusion activity taking place slowly slows due to the increased spacing of the atoms of hydrogen attempting to fusie together into helium. Therefore giving off less excess energy in the process.
    People who quote these solar Sun cycles fail to mention that these solar cycles that cause ice ages happened over a period of about a 100,ooo years. However, Man then wasn’t a key player like he is today in screwing things up.
    Man until about the 1750’s had little affect on the worlds climate, until he developed his need for fossil fuels. Every form of energy we use in fossil fuels to supply our energy needs is yesterdays stored energy, that is added to the average output of the Sunlight falling on the Earth daily.
    And yet,,,,,,,,the Earth can only re-radiate back out into space only so much of that excess heat at night. So if the energy release of stored fossil fuels becomes a major factor, and the gases and smoke given off by that fossil fuel use and in turn blocks the ability of the heat to be dumped back into space at night, then things begin to warm up, just like your car does on a warm day, with the windows rolled up.
    The rain forest, and all the other plant life actually only supplies about 1/3 of the air we breathe. The “real” air maker is all the oceans.
    Now here are a few little known facts you can take to the bank.
    (1) I used to operate a large steam electric generating power plant that was coal fired. Just one of thousands around the world. It produced 800 megawatts,(roughly a little over a million horse power), of power, 24/7. You may think that is a lot of power, but it is a raindrop in caparison to that generated daily to supply our worldly energy needs..
    To do so, it took 10,000 tons of coal per 24 hours, and 5,000,000 lbs, of air “per hour” to burn it and heat up 5,000,000 lbs of water per hour to spin the turbine and drive the generator, with an efficiency of 32 % . Where did the rest of that 68 % of the heat go, ? Into the atmosphere as waste heat.
    (2) To top it off, Man today moves 15 times more earth than Nature does in a year, with its winds and water
    (3) You might consider the next time you see a picture of the Earth taken from say the International Space Station. And lets say it shows the edge of that big ball below with the Sun coming up soon over the horizon You’ll see a thin blue line about a quarter of an inch thick, that represents the Earths atmosphere, 65 miles thick. Beyond that 65 miles up is considered Space.
    But keep in mind, only a very few miles of that atmosphere keeps you alive. For example at 16,000 ft you must wear an oxygen mask to be able to have enough oxygen to think properly. At 30,000 ft you’ll die from lack of oxygen. That’s just 6 miles up. for you to breathe, and your various various fossil fuel engines to burn. The rest of the 59 miles of atmosphere acts like a shield, keeping out the dangerous radiation from space, and limiting the harmful ultraviolet rays and comic rays damaging your DNA..
    (4) Now look down at the Earth at night from the ISS at all the lights. These lights, are shinning “down at the ground”, lighting it up for the most part. They are not pointed up at the sky.
    I have often wondered if I were an astronomer on Mars, and I had just built my first big telescope, in say about 1800 in Earth years, and looked at the Earth. I would of seen when the Earth was in shadow, or at night, not much more than a handful of very small specks of light, from forest fires. or erupting volcano’s. By 1900 Earth years, the astronomer on Mars would have seen more and more curious specks of light, here and there across the land masses of the Earth. In say 25 more years he would see them forming into large groups, and their numbers growing rapidly and steadily.
    He might postulate that the Earth had a new form of plant life emerging that absorbed the Sunlight in the day, and gave off light at night, that was rapidly spreading over landmass of the Earth.
    (5) When the water is raised to a temperature of 104*F, “all” gilled fishes will die, Not from the temperature,, but from the fact that water does not retain enough oxygen in the water for them to survive. And this inability to retain gases in water starts to decline at about 80*F,
    Fish are also cold blooded. As the water temperature raises, the smaller they grow to, The fewer that can survive in any given amount of water.
    (6) Today, all the worlds oceans, other than the Indian Ocean, are not considered commercially viable.
    Take the Marlin Sward fish for example,. In the 1950’s these fish grew to almost 1800 lbs. Tuna were not unusual at 600 lbs. But now a Marlin at 600 lbs is considered at prized catch. A Tuna at 200 lbs. is now big. Much of this is due to over fishing. The rest is simply the habitat in the oceans are not as life supporting as they once were.
    .The melting of the ice at the North Pole is not something that occurs every 100 years or so. The ice on Greenland hasn’t melted in 75,000 years. Antarctica has never melted as far as I know. Both are now, at a remarkable speed, and from the bottom up, turning to a spong, All the glaciers throughout the world are in the process of melting, or have since disappeared. These take thousands of years to form, from yearly snow falls, and then compressed to about an 1/8″ in thickness a year.. They again are not 100 years melting events. True, in Natures Time Table, this event maybe common place in the 4 billion years that the Earth is felt to exist.
    The thing is, once the ice is gone,, what is going to absorb the extra heat ? The oceans ? They already are.. Look at the East Coast of the US. The weather is already beginning to generate unusual weather because the Gulf Stream is no longer flows as fast as it once was 20 years ago.
    For the weather to work as it has for thousands of years, their needs to be a cold spot, and a hot spot. The heat from the Sun shines onto the Topics. The the heat is drawn to the poles to be cooled and then flows back down to the Topics.
    Take away that heat sink on either end of the Earth, and the weather begins to stagnate and not circulate. Just like the pan of water our frog is in. It doesn’t start boiling all at once. It starts here and there in the hot spots. Then spreads out. Add smoke from forest fires around the Planet from the darughts created. There-by blocking more and more heat being unable to be radiated away into space,……. and things begin to change.
    What can we do ? We’re the frog remember. By the time we look around and realize how things are changing, we’ll be so cooked, we won’t be able to move.
    In the Bible, it says after the Flood, that God said He would never destroy the world again. But maybe if we don’t get our act together and quit worrying about bettering the Jones, and disregarding our environment like it was just for our enjoyment and use, He may just let us destroy it ourselves. After all, there were once uncivilized people who lived on the Earth under the rules of Nature for tens of thousands of years in near perfect harmony. Until someone got the idea that they had the best places to live, and decided to civilize them out of existence.