People lived before the grid even existed but when our electricity driven society will fall, how long will you survive?

A space weather event could knock out the power grid and the only preparations that you can count on are those you’ve made yourself.

A computer can make it easier for you to survive. Here is what you need to know about taking your computer off-grid.

Think about how your home would resist to an EMP blast. Will you have enough heat and food? Will your OPSEC be the same

There is so much to learn about EMP survival, and so little time. I’ll point you in the right direction: here's where to start

What are the Government and Big Corporations saying about the EMP danger? Solar flares or man made nukes?

It is one thing to say you can do without electricity, and then actually be able to achieve that goal. Are you ready?

A solar superstorm would have roughly the same effect on the side of the Earth that it struck as an EMP. Are we prepared?

You can use this guide to determine how EMP sensitive your own vehicle is, as well as during the process of searching for viable

Did you know all you need to determine whether you are experiencing a regular power outage or an EMP are only three transistor AM/FM/

A high electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) will likely change the elements of your defense.
Can you see how?

Destruction of the grid, regardless of whether it is by intent or by accident is actually not all that hard to accomplish. Do you

The worst problems after an EMP can be reduced by using older technologies, which are far less vulnerable to an EMP. Learn how to

The US is still the most powerful nation on Earth and we have many enemies, so it makes sense we are the most likely

Is the US power grid able to survive an EMP attack that could take us 100 years back? Find out how vulnerable we are