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No matter whether you grow vegetables or herbs, they must have the proper amount of water for their needs in relation to the area

Your survival will depend on your ability to gather and produce your own food. You can’t let pests overrun your garden, as you need

Learn how sunflowers can be used for food, managing illness, and for making items that may be difficult to manufacture from other resources.

While you may still want to add other plants later on, never forget to see what is available in the “weed” category, or others

Feng Shui controls the atmosphere of a space, creates a more positive environment and controls the good fortune of those around us. It can

Even when you are a novice, just following those 5 useful tips and you would be able to enjoy a flourishing garden after a

The beauty of aquaponics is in the symbiotic relationship between all of the organisms within the aquaponic environment. The aquatic animals and other farmed

Oh, those wonderful mason jars. They have so many uses besides just preserving your food, and this one is one of my favorites. We’ve

While it may seem like a stretch to try and grow all needed food indoors, it is entirely possible. This means that you'll need indoor

That’s right – baking soda is useful in the garden in more than one way. And forget about using it only in your garden,

Why is straw bale gardening such a good idea for survival and homesteading? Great question. Let’s take a closer look.

This list of the easiest vegetables to grow, is for anybody trying to make a successful first attempt at gardening. Grow your own vegetables

It might take some work and effort to learn how to classify mushrooms, it will be well worth to know which to use for

Give your garden some love and it will give you healthy crops. There are so many things to do in your summer garden. What

If your goal is food independence, then you need to learn about permaculture. Here is how to start your own survival garden!