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Electric Equipments

Yearning for a power generator? Here are a few options you may be able to afford sooner rather than later, while you save up

Manufactured in the USA, in South Carolina, this is a mobile power system designed and built by Americans, with the prepper in mind.

Did you know all you need to determine whether you are experiencing a regular power outage or an EMP are only three transistor AM/FM/

From Edison batteries to Lithium Ion, and automobile batteries, there is truly no perfect solution for off gridders.

As much as you’d like to live entirely without it, electricity is an integral part of day to day life.. You need a better

Despite their name, Rocket Mass Heaters are not complicated and in certain situations, it may cost next to nothing to build them.

More and more people are talking about going off the grid; not just preppers, but average middle class people as well.

Considering it only takes a medium-sized storm to knock down power lines, it makes sense to have a reliable power generator for your home.

Well, what is now commonly referred to as snowvember has brought a lot on our plates. Find out how to deal with it!

If you plan to use an usual generator as a backup power source, think twice. The noise most generators make makes them looter magnets.

If you are interested in cutting edge light sources that can be applied to survival situations, learning more about USB lighting will be of

Overall, versatility and durability make this a good choice for preppers. You can make this the core of an EMP survival kit

In a post crisis world, being able to obtain light with a low heat signature and low energy usage is going to be very

Bicycles have many uses beyond simple transportation. What about harnessing pedal power to drive your off-grid devices?

The Tesla Turbine is a fairly simple, EMP proof device that can generate power in just about any circumstance. Do it yourself and save