7 Benefits Of Working From Home

Working from home or otherwise what is called remote working has become quite popular in the last decade.

The emergence of remote workers has been attributed to the advancements in technology. At the moment, you could be having the headquarters of a company in Europe but have workers in America.

Some of the technology that continues to facilitate remote working include:

  • Conferencing technology such as Zoom, Google hangouts as well as Skype
  • Employee monitoring tools such as Asana
  • Performance management technology such as 15Five
  • Communication solutions like Slack

While working from home has been enabled, it presents the challenge of keeping the company’s information safe. Often, remote workers stay connected to their employer through frequent contact on the internet. The safest way to enhance cybersecurity is by using VPN software such as NordVPN (check this NordVPN review for further consideration). This service ensures that users:

  • Stay safe online even when using public WiFi.
  • Privacy is upheld
  • Can connect up to 6 devices to other platforms
  • Speeds are higher and stable when browsing

However, working from home is not for all professionals. Below are job opportunities that you can do in the comfort of your home:

  • Virtual assistant: With numerous companies and businesses automating their operations, there is a growing niche for virtual assistants. The job description for this position involves distributing business files to other employees, writing and responding to emails on behalf of senior executives. Depending on the industry, the job may sometimes require you to create and write content.
  • Web developer: despite the growth in technology, very few people can create and maintain their website. If you want a job as a web developer, you could be employed by a company or work independently. To be great at your job, you will only require a good computer and a fast internet to work at home.

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  • Travel agent: This job requires you to harness social media platforms to get clients then help them plan their trips and adventures.
  • Freelance writer: In these changing times, there is a need to have writers to create content and articles to fill up the internet. If your interest is in writing, you will never lack an opportunity to work in this industry and the beauty of it all is that you can comfortably work from anywhere.
  • Data entry: All businesses generate or deal with data at some point be it from research or surveys. Therefore data entry workers are always in demand. For you to thrive in this position, you only require a computer and have good typing skills.

Other jobs that you can do from home also include customer service, data analysis as well as a social media manager. In short, the list is endless. You simply need to find what you are interested in and get involved. It is worth mentioning that you can also put up your business while running operations from home. In case you did not know, some of the top business conglomerates in the world at the moment such as Amazon, Disney, Apple, Google, and Mattel started from home.

For you to work from home successfully, there are certain hardware tools that you require to be productive. These essentials include a home office with an office desk preferably a minimalist desk and an ergonomic chair to sustain in as you put in long hours. You will also need computer equipment such as high-speed internet, printer, scanner, external webcam, noise cancellation headphones with mike as well as a landline.

If you are thinking about transitioning to start working from home, here are the benefits you are likely to get from this shift:

Promotes work-home balance

The advantage of becoming a remote worker is that you get flexible working schedules. This means you get to choose when you start working and when you stop. Some companies give you the liberty to plan how you work so long as you bill the required hours per week. Such flexible schedules allow you to attend to other personal responsibilities thereby balancing your life with ease. Maintaining this home-work balance reduces stress and ensures that you do not experience burnout while working which might negatively impact your productivity. This balance also enables you dream bigger and work towards achieving those long-term goals that you have.

Reduced or no commute

When you work from home, the only commute you do for work is going to the next room which serves as your office. Research studies conducted among working-class people have shown that commuting to work causes stress which in turn lowers productivity when employees get to work. Work-related stress can lead to the development of mental health issues such as depression. Apart from stress, commuting to work has also been linked with time wastage. If you happen to live in a big fast-paced city, you will often run into traffic which wastes a lot of time.

Work flexibility

The advantage of becoming a remote worker allows you to get jobs that are out of your current geographic location. With more companies taking their businesses globally, you are likely to be employed by a multinational company to oversee its operations in your current location. Location independence also helps you live in a place of your choice. While some certain jobs might require you to move to live cities where the mortgage and rent costs are high, working from home only turns you into a “digital nomad.” You can choose to never move from your current home or even buy a home in a region you have always wanted to live in.


Working from home saves you a lot of money you would normally spend on professional wardrobe, parking fees, gas, transportation, car maintenance, as well as work lunches and coffees. All this money that you do not spend ends up remaining in your bank. Research conducted the Global Workplace Analytics revealed that remote workers save up to $11,000 per year.

Working from home is also favorable for employers. When you are running a company, you are able to:

  • You save on money by renting an office space
  • Costs incurred to maintain office equipment are also reduced
  • You can get international talent to render services at a slightly lower rate
  • You also reduce the money you pay your employees as commuter allowance among other fees

Remote working is eco-friendly

Climate change and global warming continue to be a major concern due to our carbon footprint. Working from home ensures that you do not drive every day thus, you do not pollute the environment. Additionally, remote working has also promoted a paperless culture. In the next decade, the use of paper will be completely forgotten. Also, working from home helps you keep tabs on the bills you pay for your utilities. By so doing, you limit overconsumption of heating, unnecessary lighting as well as air conditioning thereby preventing global warming.

Customized working space

When you work from home, you get the opportunity to choose what you need for your home office from your desk, chair, to the color scheme of the office walls. You could also install soundproofing in your office to block external noise that might lower your concentration levels. You get soundproofing materials installed in your office when you are remodeling it. Based on your taste and preference, the cost of installation, as well as labor fees, are affordable.

While most onsite offices might not have natural lighting, when designing your office, you could ensure that there are large windows to allow light into the room. A customized office also boosts productivity. Research has proven that having natural light in an office makes you healthier, happier, and content.

You might think that getting to pick some of these elements is a small issue but the truth is that they impact your put immensely. People who work from the home claim that being able to choose these items gives one a satisfying feeling that one is happier with where they work.

Enhanced productivity

Productivity is affected by numerous things especially when you are working onsite such as office equipment, culture, politics, team members, as well as conflicts. These factors have the potential to distract you such that you fail to meet your targets. When you work from home, you are in control of some of these parameters.

Additionally, working from home teaches you to be disciplined hence there is improved performance. A home office is often quiet and calm because you do not get interrupted by your colleagues who want to talk about their personal life in the office and narrate how their weekend was. You are also spared from office gossip and politics that can lower your productivity.


The benefits of working from home are endless. However, you will need to develop skills to perform most of these jobs that you can do from home. Depending on your interest, there are numerous platforms online where you can learn to perform the tasks of the job you wish to have. You also need to program your mind so that you minimize home distractions, set your ground rules, put up a functional space, as well as leverage technology to be more efficient.

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