5 Deadly Myths Teens ACTUALLY Believe About The 2nd Amendment

There is no question that gun grabbers prefer to promote and use teens who are unaware of their Constitutional rights and the need to preserve them.

To those intent on destroying our nation, the further away we get from a more strict interpretation of the Constitution, the sooner we will be destroyed from within.

For teens that understand the Constitution as the foundation of our most important rights and the primary guideline for how our politicians treat us, it is going to be a lot of work to preserve what few rights we have left and regain all that has been lost. In particular, the way gun grabbers psychologically rape the public and manipulate political leaders should be a clear indicator of how the rest of our rights will be continually removed until our nation is destroyed. Here are 5 myths about the Second Amendment every teen should know about, and how to expose them for the false constructs they truly are.

Myth #1: The Founding Fathers Never Meant for the Masses to Have Guns

Aside from suffering from cognitive dissonance, gun grabbers have a habit of twisting both events and word meanings to advance their destructive agendas. Usually, to untangle the mess, you will need to use more than one or two sound bytes that sound good, but really don’t have much weight, let alone truth. If there is one thing that pro-Second Amendment teens should focus on, it is counter memes that get the truth out and accurately disrupt the cognitive dissonance sown by gun grabbers.

As a case in point understanding the intent of the founding fathers takes some work to get at. We must start off by looking at the actual text of the Second Amendment which reads:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

The Second Amendment, as with other parts of our Constitution has its origin in laws that were made for other governments. Our founders were philosophers and great thinkers that did not hesitate to communicate far and wide to find out what worked for other countries. In the case of the Second Amendment, they looked to the English Bill of Rights of 1689, which clearly meant for the people to have the right to bear arms for the sake of self defense. Based on this alone, it is obvious enough that our founding fathers meant for citizens to bear arms for self defense, and that both state and federal laws abridging those rights need to be overturned immediately instead of being expanded.

Not only did they engineer the birth of our nation and freedom from one of the greatest colonial powers on Earth, they had already gone through one failed attempt, the Continental Congress, when it came to forming our government. Anyone that says the our founding fathers were ignorant, narrow minded, or unable to grasp the ramifications of their decisions should be directed to read the life stories of these men, all the work they did to create the Constitution, and the life experiences they put into its design. Regardless of what their private lives have been like, and the mainstream views of the times on slavery, there is no question that when they came to the bargaining table to form the Constitution, they tried (with the exception of slavery) to use the best ideas. They also gave us the tools for oversight should our society, with due reason and careful thought over time decide to make changes.

When a gun grabber talks about the word “militia” they often imply that this means the modern military with all of the specialized training and special weapons. On the other hand, during the time of the founding fathers of our nation, and on these lands, the “militia” was NOT the standing army. Rather, it was composed of minutemen. These were civilians that trained themselves, provided their own weapons, and were able to take part in operations to defend the land and people alongside the military forces. If anything, the very word “militia” doesn’t just guarantee the civilian a right to own a gun, it entitles every civilian and group of civilians to obtain, keep, and train with military grade weapons without interference or regulation from the federal government.

Not only was the Second Amendment designed to give people the right to own guns for self defense, it meant for people to form militias powerful enough and capable enough to act in place of the military on home grounds. If gun rights advocates and groups were savvy on this matter alone, there is case law that upholds the right of the common people to buy machine guns and other military grade weapons. For example, in United States vs Miller, the Supreme Court upheld the right of civilians to own machine guns so long as they were part of a militia. Since the militia is not the military, anyone can create one, add members, and should be able to own machine guns without further interference from the government.

When it comes to AR, AK and other improperly labeled “assault weapons”, it should be noted that the civilian police and many modern militias chose to buy them and own them for that purpose. Technically speaking, if the NRA and other gun rights organizations really wanted to force the issue on this matter alone, they could simply support militias within each state and simply say each of their members uses these arms for practice and attending to such duties that a militia of the people may be called upon to perform in a time of need. More than once, I have found the lack of usage of the formation of militias as a means to protect Second Amendment rights decidedly disturbing.

It should also be noted that in United States v. Cruikshank, the Supreme Court indicated that Congress had no right to infringe on the Second Amendment, however the states could. This would be, essentially reversed later on in the case of McDonald vs. City of Chicago (2010), in which the Supreme Court clearly stated that the Second Amendment is covered by the 14th Amendment, which in part states:

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” 

As you will recall, the 4th Amendment of the Constitution defines due process of law:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Based on this and other evidence from the foundation of our nation and subsequent clarifications generated by the Supreme Court, all of the current “gun control” and “gun regulation” laws, including the “red flag” laws are, in violation of the 2nd, 4th, and 14th Amendments of the Constitution. But as you can see, it took almost 1000 words of text to even make a dent in all the false equivalences and cognitive dissonance created by gun grabbers. Try getting this kind of information across when people have the attention span of gnats. I sincerely wish the best of luck to those seeking to boil all this down into memes that will actually break through the cognitive dissonance and gun grabber emoting so that we can direct lawmakers to get rid of these laws and restore our rights.

Myth #2: The Founding Fathers Did Not Know About Machine Guns

Of all the specious arguments against modern guns, this is truly one of the worst. George Washington, one of the most respected authors of the Constitution wasn’t just a soldier, he was a general that directed a tiny army and rag tag militia on to victory against the world’s most superior military power. To say he had no knowledge or idea that modern guns would not come into being is truly a state of ignorance. As a case in point, during the times when the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were being written and ratified, machine guns were in their infancy. Here are several guns that go all the way back to the 1500s or were in use at the time that could easily have led the founding fathers to envision modern weapons:

Myth #3: Modern Education Provides More Information than Ever Before

Even though it seems like students have more homework and subjects to learn than ever, the fact is not much is actually of practical value when it comes to history and preserving our Second Amendment rights. If anything, schools are no longer teaching about points in history or current events that explain why the preservation of militias and having citizens armed with the same weapons as the military is so important. As a case in point, many pro-Second Amendment advocates point to Hitler, Stalin, and other heinous murderers that disarmed the people before carrying out their disgusting atrocities.

Recently a study released by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany indicated that teens in the US have substandard knowledge of the Holocaust, while 58% of the population believe it can happen again. Clearly, teens and millennials that don’t know how many people died in the Holocaust, let alone other attempts at genocide, are not likely to support the Second Amendment or understand why it is so important. Sadly, the education system that spawned this oversight is also likely to downplay self defense and the rights of an individual to protect themselves from criminals.

Myth #4: Problems Caused by Criminals Should Outweigh the Rights of Innocent gun Owners

In order to get to the bottom of this myth, we must understand impact of:

  • Cognitive Dissonance – In this case, gun grabbers are brainwashed into believing guns are inherently bad and no civilian should have them unless they are heavily regulated by the government. When the Common Core curriculums and schools use various manipulation techniques to guide the students to this conclusion, it is very hard for people to realize that “regulating people, not guns” is simply an end run to illegally regulate the right to keep and bear arms and misrepresent the definition of “militia”.

It should also be noted that cognitive dissonance will shape your actions during and after a crisis. Consider a situation where you have been told that white garments will protect you from the sun’s radiation, but pink ones won’t. Now let’s also say that you know both garment colors are an option, and are available to you at all times. Suddenly, you are exposed to radiation from a solar flare. For the sake of this example, let’s also say that the radiation is so severe your skin begins to turn red in a matter of seconds.

Because of false information generated by cognitive dissonance and the panic generated by the situation, you will more than likely pick the white garment instead of the pink one. This is more than likely exactly what we are seeing happen with gun grabber advocates that are survivors of a shootings. They have been schooled to believe “gun control” will stop these atrocities, and instinctively they promote this agenda despite compelling and overwhelming facts indicating gun grabber agendas do more harm than good.

  • False Equivalency – Basically, two things that are actually very different are treated as if they are the same. As a case in point, gun grabbers who are also likely to protest against “police brutality” and police shootings basically put the police in the same category as the criminals that rape, kidnap, rob, and murder. Gun grabbers also often aim to take guns away from people that need them most, or try to intimidate them into not carrying. As a case in point, gun grabber laws make it illegal to own guns if you live in Section 8 housing where women are routinely raped and murdered in their own homes because criminals know they don’t have guns.

Did you know that a woman in the United States has a higher risk of being raped (1 out of every 5) or a victim of sexual violence (approximately 1 out of every 3) than a deer has of being killed during hunting season (1 out of every 5.6)? People, regardless of gender that are at high risk for being targets of criminals are frequently intimidated and lied to about how guns work. Those who spread lies about how “hard”, “awful”, or “nasty” it is to display or fire a gun are not the ones that will have to live with being raped or seeing a family member bludgeoned to death during a home invasion when a gun would have saved innocent lives and the sanctity of the victim’s body. Consider, as a case in point, gun grabbing California Senator Yee who was arrested for trafficking in “illegal gun$”. No doubt, during his tenure he was surrounded by body guards who were well armed even as he did everything he could to take away guns from women, the poor, and the homeless.

As I have said many times before, gun grabbers are one of the biggest sponsors of the rape culture. “Allowing” a woman free access to an abortion isn’t the same as supporting and defending her Constitutional right to own and use a gun for self defense. Only in the mind of a gun grabber does a criminal have more rights than victims in a society where politicians and LEOs are bound by the 4th Amendment.

  • Subliminal Seduction – this is a somewhat dated term used to define visual or auditory content that causes you to make decisions based on materials that you aren’t consciously aware of. While earlier experiments appear to have been fudged, newer research in this field indicates it does work. When it comes to gun grabbers and their antics, the use of words like “Assault Rifle” to describe AR-15s, music types played when guns are show, and word choices are all used as subliminal influences. In fact, the constant barrage of using the words “Assault Rifle” may just be the reason why mass shooters are choosing this weapon specifically over others that are available!
  • Sensationalism – The bottom line is blood all over the place, people screaming, and trauma evoke emotions. We feel visceral pain, grief, and a sense of horror when people are murdered, raped, and subject to evil violence. That doesn’t mean it should be shoved down our throats in an effort to make a crime out of unregulated gun ownership and usage. That would be like outlawing and confiscating everyone’s cell phone just because some people who text and drive cause death and injury to thousands each year.

Our founding fathers were aware of the impacts of sensationalism and violence. It wasn’t just their job to write the Constitution, they had to argue for going to war, and, years later, the ratification of this document. Many of the authors such as Thomas Paine and other Federalists were masters in the art of using emotionalism paired with logic to achieve their goal. Without an understanding of sensationalism as a tool, it become very hard to form the memes necessary to break through the distortions created by gun grabbers.

Myth #5: Gun Control Reduces Homicides and Murders in Nations that Make Use of It

When gun grabbers realize that you may be onto their tactics, they use statistics. This includes pointing to countries like Australia where they say “gun control” is working. At the same time, they never talk about the genocide and other atrocities created by gun control even today. Here are three nations to consider:

  • Australia – Even by their own admission, Australians will tell you that they really don’t know if gun control is working or not. The laws were passed when crimes were already on a down turn. In addition, some speculate that Australia is actually awash in “illegal” guns and something must be done to actually enforce the laws. To add insult to injury, Australian statistics do not include gun related deaths of the aboriginal people. While progress is being made to stop the genocide against these people, thousands of deaths per year may have gone unreported during the years when “gun control” was touted as a success.
  • China – Many people don’t know how hard it is to live in China without winding up being executed by government officials. Consider Tiananmen Square and the ongoing genocide of the unarmed Tibetan people. These are the victims of gun control that no one wants to talk about.
  • Nigeria – This nation has some of the strictest gun control laws on Earth. Since February 14th, in fact just 2 days after the Parkland FL massacre, 19 people in Nigeria were murdered when a Boko Haram suicide bomber blew him/herself up in a marketplace. Between then and now, again, as two other times in the past, Boko Haram had raided local villages and took hundreds of teen girls captive. The people cannot defend themselves, and the military and police can’t either.

Did you know that the Constitution of the former USSR is almost exactly the same as the US Constitution? Did you know that many other nations have adopted our Constitution, yet went on to circumvent Second Amendment rights? The resulting genocides and mayhem are not worth the false claims that we are safer without guns in the hands of civilians.

It is my hope that every person will keep this in mind and do their best to promote the Second Amendment and ensure that full rights are restored.

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Carmela Tyrrell is committed to off gridding for survival and every day life. She is currently working on combining vertical container gardening with hydroponics. Tyrrell is also exploring ways to integrate magnetic and solar power generation methods. On any given day, her husband and six cats give thanks that she has not yet blown up the house. You can send Carmela a message at editor [at] survivopedia.com.

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  • Informative article. I agree with and love with all the arguments. But what are we going to do about it? The problem is that the Left owns our schools. We need to take back our schools and renew our commitment to educate our children. How are we going to do that? We need to organize. The reason the Left has grown so powerful is because conservative people just want to live their private lives. That’s respectable but it leaves a huge power vacuum that the Left has gladly stepped into. Hunkering down in the wilderness is not a solution. It’s an invitation to the rest of the world to take what they want. And they are. And they have been. That’s why we are in the predicament we are in today with our schools, our courts and our legislatures. Look at the Parkland students. They are brainwashed and being paraded by the media. They are the fruit of conservative neglect. What should we do? Here’s my suggestion: do what the Left has been doing for a hundred years: act local, think global.

    • Steve, its my belief that the place to start is with the department of education at the federal level, this is the monster that must be defeated since it is a communist strong hold that dictates the policies that must be followed in schools.

      If it could be done away with and the states could take back control of our schools, then we could better control them since they would be on a local level
      that would allow parents to better control what goes on inside the classroom.

      • I believe ;you are absolutely right. There are many things the fed govt has taken on that are actually the rights and responsibilities of the states. That is why I support the Convention of States movement.

    • Steve,

      Good question.

      I agree we need to take back the schools, and the instinct to just walk away from all the craziness created by the socialist agendas has created a vacuum that liberals have taken advantage of.

      For the time being, I think we have to use the tools they have created and turn them for our own purposes. Common Core can be used to teach about the Constitution correctly, and teachers can be made to follow the curriculum. We just have to elect leaders that will make it happen. DeVoss should be hot on this. I also think it is time to get rid of tenure so that teachers that use their position to brainwash can be uprooted and gotten rid of as quickly as possible.

      The most immediate answer is to pull the money and the students out of their grasp. That means homeschooling. For every student that isn’t in the classroom, the socialist agenda loses money and control of one more person.

      I’m not sure that I agree with returning all powers back to the state and local governments because the socialist agenda is using those governing bodies to push gun control and allowing illegals to run rampant all over our society. More like we need to return control to the citizens and use the Constitution to get rid of many state and local laws. Our government has “top down” and a “bottom up” approach to leadership. We have been so busy focusing on “top down” that we see how they were rotting away the foundation of our freedoms from the “bottom up”.

      The more people that see what is happening, the better chance we have of stopping it in its tracks.

  • I think the 2nd Amendment is written quite clearly for those who understand grammar (which I doubt today’s kids get much of in school)
    The comma in between the sentence about the Militia and the sentence about the people (is showing inclusiveness) and then the last one that is followed by “shall not be infringed” means BOTH SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!

    Those who try to argue otherwise (like Cenk (sp?) of the Young Turks), simply do not know how to read grammatically correct English.

    • You are correct Taylor Young!
      You would be surprised at how many people just cant see that tiny comma and have no clue as to its usage.

  • The founders knew the problems of standing armies [Politicians can’t keep from using them]. They knew the problems of unarmed citizens facing an armed government. They went with the idea that having the makings of an army was the best way to go and it still is.

  • The Article is great but I see one thing that is written is wrong in one point but in the end point about acting in place of the military on home grounds.
    It is written here that, Not only was the 2nd. Amendment was designed to give people the right to own guns for self defense. It meant for people to
    form Militias powerful enough and capable enough to act in place of the Military on home grounds.
    My problem with this is that the 2nd. Amendment did not give people to own guns! Rights do not come from Government, they come from God!
    George Washington and the rest of the founding fathers knew this and even put it into writing in the beginning of the Bill of Rights. (the first 10 amendments).
    The Bill of Rights, nor the Constitution, grants us rights. Our rights are inherent. rights granted by God. Our rights are listed in the Constitution to guarantee
    that Government does not try to take them and to limit what the Gov’t can claim as their rights or powers, but of course like all Governments they are always
    trying to find a way around the Constitution and claim they have the right to regulate guns, which they do not have that constitutional authority and even if
    they do away with the 2nd. amendment the right to defend ourselves does not go away nor does the right to own guns.
    They cannot take away a right that is granted by God! For any reason!

    • I noticed that too Ferd where the article said the 2nd amendment “gave” us the right, this right along with all the others were given to us by our creator.
      The constitution and the bill of rights is a written document that “displays” our rights for all to see.
      I also have heard other folks saying the constitution gave us our rights and I have heard people in the military talk about how they fought for our rights and freedoms. Now dont get me wrong, I do thank them for their service, but the only two wars that had anything to do with our rights and freedom were in 1776 and 1861, they really freak out when I tell them this stuff.

    • Ferd,

      My understanding is the phrase “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” is found in the Declaration of Independence, NOT the bill of Rights.


      Here is what I found for the entire text of the Bill of Rights, including the preamble.


      My understanding is the government is bound by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, however not the Declaration of Independence.

      • Ferd,

        I will add this.

        The Supreme Court basically reserved the right to interpret the Constitution via two cases: Hylton vs. US in 1796, and more important (especially for restoring 2A), Marbury vs. Madison in 1803.

        I am thinking the place to look for the establishment of the role of God in US law would have to be somewhere in other Supreme Court cases, or perhaps some at the state levels. Perhaps a good place to start would be in figuring out how Sharia laws communities are getting away with it.

        • and then use whatever they are doing for a better purpose – Ie. restoring our rights.

    • And this is why the Left is trying so hard to remove “God” from everything they can. If God becomes irrelevant then so will the fact that our rights come from him. Which means that our rights will be whatever the government says they are.

  • Ok, Good read. My kids understand and appreciate gun ownership. And they respect it! I always try to pass it on. We all should.

  • outstanding assessment..i only hope that it doesn’t take another revolution!

    • Paul,

      I agree!!

  • I cant believe some of this. Military grade hardware in the hands of untrained civilians????
    You need to know EVERY state has a “State Guard” that fills the role of mitilia.
    How do I know? I served in the Washington State Guard for 20 years (They called me Major).
    Why not join one and stop bitiching. State Guards are under the command of the Governor of the state, and, by law, cannot be used outside of state boarders.
    So, if you are worried about the federal Gov, join a state militia. Then get training on military grade hardware the right way.

    May Peace and Happiness follow you al
    .From a Veteran