How To Survive With Kids In Small Spaces

Keep your kids entertained if you are stranded in a small space in a survival situation, with these fun and creative activities.

The Enduring Legacy of Gun Control

Far to many people believe that guns are only of use in a gunfight. When guns are only in the hands of the police, it is the children that suffer.

Natural First Aid For Kids That Preppers Should Know

The day may come when you can’t just head to the store and pick up another bottle of acetaminophen to treat your sick child. Here’s what to do instead!

10 Essentials For Prepping With A Special Needs Child

I know that prepping with a child with special needs is a bit different.
Read this article and see what to beware of!

10 Things To Prepare For When Bugging In With Children

Failure to take these matters into account will invariably make it harder for children to cope during a crisis situation.

How To Teach Your Kids To Survive A Disaster

What would happen if a disaster were to happen while your child was away from home? Would he be able to find you and get home safely?

5 Real Life Survival Stories To Learn From

Take heed to these stories, because these people have something that many of us don’t – they’ve been there and lived to tell about it.

Prepping With Kids For Off-Grid Survival

Living off the grid is a challenge, especially if you’re not set up with alternate sources of power. It’s a lifestyle that kids may find difficult.

Prep Blog Review: Your Family’s Survival Plan

Many of us prepper know that all the plans, strategies and struggles are to keep us, but more importantly our family safe!

Prep Blog Review: Autumn Preparedness

Autumn means new chores in the garden, preparing for school, fighting colds and more so are you ready?

Teaching Survival Skills to Children

Even if you’re separated for a few minutes or a few hours, if your kids know how to react, it can make the difference between safety and tragedy.

Single Parent Prepping: Less is Not Weaker

Build a stockpile big enough to get you through SHTF situation even if you’re a single parent and struggling just to put food on the table.

Toybox Treasures for Survival

Your children’s toys are not just that… their toy box hides real survival treasures.
Have you ever thought to use them as…

OPSEC: Surviving Based On Deception

Deception it’s not only a survival technique, but an art. Learn to master it and step up you OPSEC game in 3 easy steps!

Prepping With Kids? Mistakes To Avoid

Because prepping isn’t exactly mainstream, getting your kids on board, especially if you start when they’re older, can be tough.

5 Things Kids Should Know If SHTF

Teaching kids about survival is a tough thing to do, but it’s imperative that they know what to do and to understand WHY, not just HOW to prep.