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Survive with kids

If you and your family are stranded in a small space or hidden shelter, you’ll need to have a plan to keep your kids entertained. Otherwise you’ll all end up on each other’s nerves and the already serious situation can quickly become much worse.

It’s essential to be as prepared as possible, so take time now to integrate some of these ideas. That way they don’t seem as strange to your children.

20003767 - road sign stating gun free zone

Of all the groups of people harmed most by gun control, none are as obvious as children. Not only are children senselessly murdered in gun free zones, kidnapped and tortured, the anti-gun movement hides behind the innocence of children and uses them as emotional triggers.

If we are ever to liberate our nation and the world from the waste and horror caused by gun control, we must have clear understandings about how these laws hurt children, and how we must change not just our government, but global governing bodies as well.

SVP special needs child

Do you have a family member with special needs? I do. My oldest son, Owen, was born with Angelman Syndrome. It’s a deletion on the maternal 15th chromosome.

He’s completely non-verbal, globally developmentally delayed, has hard to control epilepsy, and eats anything he can get his hands on as a result of Pica. He’s also one amazing kid with a cheerful personality. He’s a fighter—surviving more in his short life than most people have to in a lifetime.

That’s how I know that prepping with a child with special needs is a bit different. It requires some serious thought, and some creativity. Read the following article, and you will see what I mean.

Bugging In KidsNo matter whether you have a new baby, a young child, or teenagers living with you, they will depend on  you in a crisis situation. If you have decided to bug in instead of move yourself and your family to another location, it may be weeks or even months before they can resume any kind of normal activities.

Needless to say, during that time, you will need to find ways to meet their basic needs as well as others that you take as a matter of routine. Here are some very important areas to consider that go beyond the basics of food, water, clothing, and shelter.

kids survival skillsWhat would happen if a disaster, natural or otherwise, were to happen while your child was away from home? Would he be able to find you and get home safely? Could he tell a police officer or a teacher how to find you?

There’s no way that you can plan for all possibilities so the best way to keep your child safe, and get him safely back to you, is to educate him and teach him what to do well in advance. PREPARE him (or her)!