Survival Lessons From The Old: One Pot Meals

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The cowboys and settlers did it because they only had the luxury of one pot on the trail. We do it today because there are so many recipes out there that are delicious and fast.

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3 Ways To Add A Rooster To Your Flock


Adding a rooster to your flock will bring you many advantages: you’ll have happier, safer hens and fertile eggs for hatching.

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How To Wax Food For Long-Term Storage


Waxing fruits and veggies for long term is common, but here is how to use wax to preserve even jams, jellies and cheese.

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Why Vertical Gardening Is The Way To Go For Survival

Vertical garden

When it comes to growing your plants, space is a problem, but not for vertical gardening. Here is how to start your own vertical garden.

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4 Easy Solutions For Lighting Your Indoor Plants


Lighting is an integral part of growing your food indoors. Here are the best tips for lighting your plants without getting noticed.

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How To Make Bannock For Survival

Bannock for Survival

Do you need a quick bread, easy to cook over a campfire? Then you need some bannock! Here is how to cook bannock for survival.

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7 Ways To Prepare For An Economic Crisis

Economic Crisis

A financial crisis is imminent. Here are seven lifestyle changes that can help you and your family to survive the meltdown.

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Senior Preparedness: What Types Of Food To Store?

Senior Preparadness

Here are a few senior preparedness tips for building your survival stockpile so that you’ll have what you need when SHTF.

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Top 5 Versatile Foods To Survive Nowadays


Choose versatile food as much as you opt for multipurpose items when building your reserves. It’s about money, space and resources!

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How To Survive Eating Wild Winter Edibles


In winter, it’s still possible to dig through the snow and get to wild edibles. They’re delicious and some of them are packed with carbs.

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FAQ On How To Pressure Can Bacon At Home

How To Pressure Can Bacon

We’ve had some questions about canning bacon. Yes, you can home can bacon so that it will be there, in your food stockpile.

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5 Survival Recipes You Should Know by Heart

big pemmican

From pemmican to hardtack, discover 5 delicious recipes to fill hungry tummies during hard times that you should know by heart.

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Wilderness Survival: How To Catch Edible Frogs


Remember that frogs are a delicacy when you survive in the wild, and the idea of hunting gives you chills. Here’s what you need to know!

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50 Things To Stockpile On A Budget This Fall


This is a good list to use when stockpiling for winter weeks ahead. Follow our tips to get the best offers on the market!

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Prep Blog Review: How To Eat Right When SHTF

Eat Right When SHTF

Having a balanced diet is pretty much of a challenge considering the limitations one has to face in a survival situation. What would you do?

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Secrets Of Dehydrating Fruits For Long-Term Storage

dried fruits

There are several advantages to dehydrating foods for both homesteading and prepping purposes. Read the article to find out what they are!

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