A History Of Poverty

What has 50 years of giving handouts to the poor gotten us? According to census data, we’ve reduced the poverty rate by a whopping three percent!

Merrick Garland For Scalia’s Place In Supreme Court?

All-in-all, the Supreme Court nomination is a definite hot potato. The candidate that Obama has selected doesn’t make that easy either.

How Our World Is Changing: Christianity Under Siege

Those of us who are conservatives, who believe in the Constitution, as written by the Founding Fathers, must take a stand. Christianity is under siege.

What To Expect In 2015

There are so many problems that people aren’t looking to see what good thing is coming, but rather which bad thing will blow up next in 2015.

What Makes Us Strong Enough To Survive?

Prepping to survive crisis isn’t necessarily all about our personal survival. So WHY do we preppers do what we do?

Is Ferguson Going To Rip The Nation Apart?

Could the killing of Michael Brown – the young Afro-American from Ferguson – be the spark that reignited America’s historic racial feud?

What The 2014 Midterm Elections Mean To Us

The sweeping victories by the Republican Party should be a pretty clear message to Washington that We the People aren’t happy with how things are being done.

Is Ebola Coming to the New World?

It is one of the fastest killers out there, with one of the highest mortality rates and it made its way into US. Is a pandemic on its way?

Airliner Shot Down By Russians; Where is America’s Leadership?

The change in our military’s leadership; or rather, lack of leadership, has put the world in danger. And the world sees it…

The EPA’s Latest Land Grab

EPA started as a government agency to protect our corner of the world, but now becomes the political arm of the environmental movement. Is your land safe?

5 Critical Patriotic Skills that Make America’s Survival

Get your pride back, America: it’s in there, so dig deep and get back on track!
Make every day Independence Day!

Flash Alert: A New Islamic State Is On The Rise!

Informal spokesmen from the Islamic State have already started tweeting about how they will be in New York within a month. So be prepared!

The Real Reason Why Obama’s Fostering Immigrants

Like most of Obama’s other actions, this one too is clearly going to hurt our country… We just don’t know how… yet

The Vegas Shooting – More Ammo for the Gun Control Crowd

The Vegas shooting has a rather eerie shadow around it… with the mainstream media linking the shooters to patriots. Is there more to it?

Obama’s Sneaky Attack on Coal Power

The coal-fired electrical power industry is investing billions in upgrading the system, but they are hampered by bureaucratic red tape.

The Bilderberg Group. Democracy? What Democracy?

Is the Bilderberg Group deciding the end of our freedom? And are they expecting us to just accept it?