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This attack presents an extremely difficult problem; both from a defensive point of view and from a legal one. It was a tragic event,

The North Korean dictator clearly declared war on the United States. We could very well find ourselves living in the aftermath of an EMP,

Natural disasters like Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have become watershed moments for various presidents. See how these events are used to make Trump look

Each disaster is dragging us closer to the edge of the cliff of financial collapse. How many disasters the country can absorb, before they

Something bad IS definitely happening to our atmospheric environment that is NOT natural and far from normal. It’s time we all should seriously start

It is clear that the crisis with North Korea isn’t ending anytime soon, as they continue to test missiles. But one of those could

These people are the main driving force behind a one world government, trying to bring all the governments of the world under a central

Last week’s altercation in Charlottesville, Virginia has dominated the news all week long. Democrats, the media and even some Republicans have attacked the president mercilessly over his comments about the attack, faulting him over not condemning white supremacists in particular.

There’s absolutely no question at all, based upon the video evidence, that both sides went there spoiling for a fight.

Advances in technology tend to displace workers, as Artificial Intelligence is the biggest job displacer. We need to make sure that we are not

Regardless of what the mainstream media and others on the left say, those of us who consider ourselves conservatives aren’t racists. Race just isn’t an issue to us. We look at people to see how competent they are, not the color of their skin.

Of course, that doesn’t stop progressives from calling us racist, as one of their mantras.

Kim Jong-un is not someone you’d want in charge of a country that has around 20 nuclear warheads. We have all the reasons not

Did you take any advantage of the summer days and tested your wilderness survival skills? Hunting, hiking, reading nature’s signs, building shelters and learning how to start a fire – they are all perfect to prepare you and sharpen your survival skills and senses.

These guys did the same, and came back from the wild to share their stories.

Before the primaries had even begun for the 2016 presidential election, an ultra-secret organization met in Telfs-Buchen, Austria.

There, amongst other pressing matters of business, they decided who should be the next American president. Looking at it in hindsight, it’s clear that their vote was for Hillary Clinton.

The fails of the group may not be over, but these are people with money and the influence that money can buy. We’re on the edge of the financial crisis and they will work to perpetuate it. Because when everyone else suffers, they become richer.

The sun causes us lots of problems too, between the ultraviolet light it emits and the frequent solar storms. The latest warnings confirm it.

The success of the missile test made on our Independence Day has suddenly made the threat from North Korea much more real. What's next?