Survival Kitchen: How To Revive Cast Iron Cookware

SVP cast iron skillet

They’re practically indestructible and will last literally hundreds of years. You can’t imagine a survival kitchen without cast iron pots and skillets.

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7 DIY Ways To Remove Odors From Your Pantry

7 DIY Ways To Remove Odors From Your Pantry

Ugh! You open the door to your pantry and your nose is assaulted with a nasty odor? Here are 7 DIY solutions to get rid of it!

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How To Make Lye At Home

How To Make Lye At Home

Knowing how to use what you have on hand to make what you need is one of the hallmarks of a true prepper. So, let’s make some lye!

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How To Make Soap On A Rope For Survival

Soap on a rope

Keeping your body clean is vital for keeping your overall health good. So here is how to make your own soap on a rope for survival.

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How To Make Your Own Aspirin For Survival

Survival Aspirin

Knowing how to make a natural pain reliever in a survival situation can be a life-saver. Here is how to make your own aspirin.

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Survival Food: 5 Hearty Soup In A Jar Recipes

Jar Soup

Nothing warms your belly better than a delicious soup. Pack your favorite soup in a jar and enjoy a hearty meal whenever you want!

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First Aid During Winter: Can You Handle It?

Freezing man

You can provide adequate first aid and take care of yourself even in freezing weather. Follow these steps and meet the challenges.

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Surviving Off-Grid: 4 Recipes To Cook In A Haybox

Haybox Cooking

From mouth-watering chili to delicious vanilla ice-cream, here are four tasty recipes you can cook off-grid in a haybox.

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How To Speak Survival Abroad: SOS Signs And Languages

How to Speak Survival Abroad

Are there universal words or gestures that transcend language barriers so that you can survive no matter where you are? Sort of. Let’s see them!

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Healthy Ways To Lose Weight After Christmas

Lose Weight

You’re scared to step on the scale after the winter holidays? Get back in your skinny jeans without giving up the good stuff. Here’s how!

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How To Choose Warm Clothes For Cold Days


The right clothing can quite literally be the difference between living and dying if you’re caught outside in bad weather.

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Small Spaces Survival: Growing Food Upside Down


Did you run out of solutions on growing food in small spaces? Think outside the box and turn traditional gardening upside down! Literally!

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11 Reasons To Stockpile Castor Oil For Survival


Old timers used castor oil for everything from colds to parasitical worms. Here are 11 reasons to stockpile this multipurpose item.

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8 Bentonite Clay Uses For Survival


Bentonite clay has been used for centuries. Here is why it should have a place in your survival planning or homesteading daily life.

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11 Gifts Under $25 For Preppers

Gifts for preppers

Looking for the perfect gift for the preppers in your life? Check out our list of 11 + 1 useful and practical gifts ideas under 25$.

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Survival Lessons From The Old: One Pot Meals

51194722 - one pot

The cowboys and settlers did it because they only had the luxury of one pot on the trail. We do it today because there are so many recipes out there that are delicious and fast.

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