Off-Grid Survival: How To Cut And Split Wood

You can use wood for heating, cooking and even for running your car.
But do you know how to chop and to split the wood?

Did You Buy a Gun? The First Things To Do After

Shooting makes one of our list of top 6 things to do after buying a gun, but there are some other equally important things to take care of first.

How to Test Gold And Silver When Bartering

If you were to come upon somebody offering you a couple of gold coins for one of your rifles, would you be able to tell if its real?

How To Use Alcohol For Survival

People will always demand alcohol for consumption, medicine, fuel, and trade. So demand is bound to increase, as supply will diminish.

The Rookie’s Guideline To Gun Ownership

You just bought your first firearm. Now you need to learn how to shoot safely and effectively whether for hunting and/or self-defense.

DIY Survival: Make The Most Of 7 Trash Items

Learn how to refurbish now instead of replacing! When every drop of water and ounce of food counts, nothing can be considered waste.

Rules for Carrying Firearms Across the US

Carrying firearms across United States requires for the carrier to be willing to comply with each state’s jurisdiction.

Prepper Skills: Metalworking

In the event we do have to rebuild society after disaster, blacksmithing and metalworking may become crucial skills.

Choosing The Survival Gun That Suits You

There is no such thing as the perfect survival firearm and everyone is entitled to equip themselves in the matter they deem most fit for a survival situation.

Top 5 Ammo Types for Your Survival Guns

Some ammunition is considered more viable and effective for survival use than others. Availability is key when it comes to weapons and ammo selection.

Protecting Your Devices from an EMP Attack

An EMP could result in a total grid-down scenario and loss of all things electricity. Among the most at-risk after an EMP are the individuals than require medical involving the use of electronic systems.

Protecting From Spying Eyes On Your Metadata

There are many different tools and precautions you can use to protect yourself when using the phone and Internet, but there is no guarantee they’ll be safe from the NSA.

Keeping Your Guns At The Ready – Do’s And Don’ts

If SHTF and looters come knocking, they aren’t going to wait patiently while you run to your safe and load up. But if your life is on the line the best gun will always be the one you have on you that’s ready to fire. So you know how to keep your guns at the ready?

Essential Tools for Home Survival

For many preppers, gear is the name of the game when it comes to disaster survival. And there are certain tools and equipment that can be live saving when SHTF. Let’s see some essential tools to keep in your home to give you a much better chance at surviving a disaster.

Winter Survival Hunting – DO’s and DON’Ts

Granted hunting and gathering food are often the most difficult aspects of a survival scenario in any time of year, but sustaining your caloric intake during winter is critical to survival. Unfortunately, the cold, wet, and windy conditions brought on by winter […]

How to Make Alcohol at Home

In today’s times, alcohol is more than just a thirst quencher, religious symbol, or bartering agent.
We now use alcohol as a disinfecting antiseptic, chemical solvent, in products like antifreeze, and as fuel. With such versatility, alcohol is one product whose demand will increase […]