March 2016

big women guns

In the brainwashed minds of anti-gunners, women sit around like Sleeping Beauty and only wake up when some charming, rich prince gives them a kiss. But in our real world, women are routinely raped, robbed, murdered, beaten, and tortured because they cannot defend themselves against criminals and terrorists.

To make matters even worse, gun grabbers and gun control advocates want to enforce a poisonous doctrine that will leave women demoralized and worse off than expected if a major social collapse occurs.

Have a look at how gun grabbing advocates routinely use social pressure to bully and intimidate women into believing that self-defense and personal safety are not as important as “the higher civic good”.

Survivopedia: The Socialist States Of America

Someone recently posted a meme on Facebook, claiming that the United States was already socialist in many ways. The meme quoted a number of benefits that we as Americans enjoy, claiming that they are ours because of socialism.

Amongst them, it talks about the 40 hour work week and weekends off, both inventions of Henry Ford, who was probably one of the nation’s ultimate capitalists.

big yeast

Bread, beer, and wine are all foods that have been part of history for eons, but they all require yeast to make. What if SHTF? Packaged yeasts are great, but they have a shelf-life and in order to make your own bread daily, you’d have to stockpile way too much to get you through.

Isn’t it better to know how to make your own?

Read on, and you’ll have the yeast to make bread, alcoholic beverages and other goodies no matter what happens!

spring sings

You wake up and it’s a bright, sunshiney day, and the feeling of spring is in the air. You think that tomorrow may be a great day to put out your seedlings and uncover your bushes.

Unfortunately, tomorrow dawns bleak and chilly, and that hint of spring is nowhere to be found. Good thing you waited to put your plants out.

There are some signs that will give you a good idea of whether or not spring is here to stay, and that’s what we’re going to discuss today.