September 2015


Kitchen listSo you’ve grown your garden and raised your chickens or cattle. Your herbs are ready to dry as are your beans and peppers. The question now is what are you going to do with it all? You have a ton of work ahead of you and having the proper tools is imperative.

If you want to build your stockpile and preserve all of the food that you’ve worked so hard on, you’re going to need some basic items for prepping your food at home.

Homemade jerkyJerky can be made from just about any type of lean meat that you can think of. It’s a great food for a survival situation because it’s lightweight, nutritious and energy-dense. It’s also easy to make; the Native Americans and many other civilizations were making it long before food dehydrators and commercial packaging were in existence.

I make this all the time, or at least I did when I still had kids in the house. The only problem that I ever had was that even if I made 3 or 4 pounds of it (which is a LOT of jerky) there still wouldn’t be any left by the time I got home from work every day. I got pretty good at taking out my own stash before I even let the herd of teenaged boys in the house know that it was done!

Jerky survival foodIf you’re only preparing foods to survive, it doesn’t have to be fancy but it does need to be safe and nutritious. Some foods aren’t nutrient-dense but they are packed with carbs that will give you energy to keep going.  You need to learn how to prepare these foods BEFORE SHTF. Today we’re going to talk about some basic foods that you need to know how to prepare for survival.