December 2015

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This year has been an interesting one, to say the least. While I can’t say that I like much of what has happened since January, there has been little time for boredom this year. Between terrorist attacks and the Black Lives Matter movement, there has been enough unrest and violence to keep anyone awake. Nor does it look like any of that is likely to end.

Regardless of the numbers coming out of Washington, the nation is not doing better. We all know that the government is cooking the books, putting out false data. But the reality and the numbers don’t match. Unemployment is higher than ever, as indicated by the workforce participation rate, and prices are going up all over, defying the “official” inflation rate.

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Today’s modern vehicles are built with the latest safety and life saving systems available. Even with all of these new systems it is still the driver who has the control of the vehicle, and he/she is responsible for driving that vehicle responsibly.

Depending on the type of accident, these new and improved safety features may save your life or greatly reduce your injuries in a vehicle accident, however there are no guarantees. Learn what to do after a crash to increase your odds of surviving and doing as well as possible.

What’s so special about cabins? Well, maybe a better question is what’s NOT so special about cabins! They’re quaint, functional, sturdy and can be built so that they’re easy to defend.

Which brings us to the current subject – building your own small cabin. It’s pretty awesome to build something using your own hands and skills, especially when you can scale it up later to build a full-scale one, don’t you think?

Christmas Prep Blog ReviewI hope you had a wonderful Christmas next to your loved ones, and that you found the time to enjoy their presence and their tokens of affection! But although Christmas Day is behind us, that doesn’t mean so are presents and the joy of giving.

So, we’ve put together a list of wonderful Christmas presents you can easily DIY without wreaking havoc on your budget.