Why Do We Witness The Wanton Destruction & Mob Rule Nowadays?

For over a month, the nation has been treated to the spectacle of a massive temper tantrum by those on the extreme left, and the coddling of those destroyers by leftist politicians.

I’m not talking about the legitimate demonstrations that have been going on. Those are guaranteed rights under the First Amendment of the Constitution. But there’s nothing in that amendment which gives anyone the right to destroy anything.

Yet destruction marches on.

I can almost understand the removal of Confederate statues, even though I don’t agree with the methodology. After all, what country builds monuments to the losing side of a war? But that’s not the point. The destroyers have reached the point where they are destroying just to destroy.


We can see where this is going by what’s being destroyed now. They’ve torn down the statue of a man who was an abolitionist 30 years before the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, as well as a statue of Frederick Douglass, a famous black abolitionist. As far as I’m concerned, that proves this is no longer about black lives matter. Now they’re talking about tearing down statues of all our historic figures and even “white” statues of Jesus. Apparently they think that he was a racist too. But perhaps the one statue that most proves this is about destruction and nothing else is the statue that was torn down of an elk; yes, an elk.

If destroying our nation’s monuments isn’t enough, there’s been an increase in flag burning going on as well. Now I realize that’s nothing new, but it’s a rather clear statement of where the mob is coming from. They don’t see the flag as a symbol of freedom, as it is seen around the world, but one of oppression, following the warped teachings they’ve been hearing.

I recently wrote about the current conditions in our country looking more and more like revolution and this destruction is making it look more and more that way. Tearing down statues, burning books and destroying other things associated with a nation’s history are all part of the Marxist playbook for revolution. In their world view, it is necessary to destroy the past in order to create the future. Perhaps that’s because they don’t have anything better to offer.

Sadly, many leftist politicians are unwilling to punish those who are unwilling to take any action towards making these people pay for their criminal actions or even put an end to the wanton destruction. Worse than that, it seems like some of them are even applauding those who are breaking the law. Isn’t that what the mayor of Seattle did with CHOP?

This sort of support is only emboldening the mob, giving them more reason to keep destroying and demanding more and more of society in general. It is convincing them they are right and that they can get whatever they want.

Let’s Keep it in Perspective

In reality, the mob that I’m talking about is a small percentage of our overall population. Even so, they currently wield a big stick and they’re using it very effectively. They’ve learned the lessons of political correctness and previous work by the black lives matter movement and are using that to allow the tail to wag the dog.

What do I mean by that? I mean that this small group of people is dictating what major corporations, cities and even society is doing. They are setting the standard which everyone else must meet and they’re doing it through threats and violence.

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This is strangely reminiscent of the NAZI party’s Brownshirts, their personal army of rabble-rousers. Few pay any attention to this group, but the Sturmabteilung were the NAZI party’s “paramilitary arm,” otherwise known as “thugs.” Their official function was to act as guards at NAZI rallies and assemblies, but they also disrupted the meetings of other political parties and were busy intimidating everyone from trade unions to Jews. Eventually, they were disbanded, but only to be replaced by the SS, which should give you a pretty good idea of how squeaky clean they were.

Historically, intimidation has been an effective tool used by many in politics. We even have it in our own history. The “shoulder strikers” of the mid-19th century were often employed by politicians to intimidate election officials, their opponents, and businesses, all in an effort to get the vote to go their way.

That’s a whole lot more similar to what’s going on today than most people realize. The current mob isn’t changing the culture at the ballot box, at least not yet; they’re changing it by threatening companies and politicians to meet their demands. Failure to heed those demands can lead to violence, financial ruin, and destruction.

I think it’s becoming increasingly clear that this isn’t accidental; nor is it spontaneous. Just like back when the Black Lives Matter movement started, there have apparently been advertisements, soliciting to hire paid agitators. The most likely culprit behind that movement is George Soros, the far-left billionaire who has made it his mission to bring down America. Somehow, it always seems to come out that he’s funding every anti-American movement and group out there.

Coincidentally (yeah, right… some coincidence), Soros also funds the Democrat Party, and just about every Democrat candidate there is, the more radically left, the better. At the same time, he spends millions of dollars trying to suppress the Republican Party and anyone who has a conservative message and a platform to voice it.

Just as coincidentally, the far-left politicians are the same ones who are supportive of the anarchist message of ANTIFA. In other words, they are supporting a terrorist movement, which is using violence to bring down American institutions, American history, traditional American values, and traditional American culture. They’re just using the current Black Lives Matter protests as camouflage. Like Rahm Emmanuel, former mayor of Chicago said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

Where’s this All Going?

If I can add another coincidence in here, which really isn’t a coincidence, all of this is happening at the same time that there’s a concerted effort to silence conservative voices. Granted, that’s not anything new. Political correctness has always been about silencing conservative voices. You either parrot the PC message or you get called out and cut off.

But the efforts to silence Republican and conservative voices are increasing all the time. A large part of the reason why the president is always tweeting is that that’s about the only way he can make sure that his message gets out to his followers, without being corrupted by the left-wing’s media lapdogs. They have become so good at misquoting his words, that they can now outright lie about them with a straight face. He could say “black lives matter” and they’d turn it into “kill the blacks.”

We now have a situation where Facebook is censoring the president’s posts and having them “fact-checked” by people who compare them to the New York Times. If they don’t agree with what the Times, a clearly leftist publication, says on some topic, those posts are marked as “untrue.”

Many people are seeing this as an effort to win the November election, but they’re being a bit to short-sighted. Those on the left aren’t just interested in winning the next election; they’re not even interested in winning every election. They’re only interested in total control. That’s their end game.

Talk to any strong Democrat and they’ll gleefully tell you that the Republican Party is going down. That’s what they want. Hey, I might not like the Democrat Party and what they stand for, but that doesn’t mean I think we should eliminate them. Our country needs to have at least two strong political parties, and it just so happens that we only have two. Neither is indispensable.

Communist China has one political party and look where it’s led them. The same can be said for the former Soviet Union. Perhaps they were a bit more hypocritical about it, as they still had elections. But there was only one party on the ballot you could vote for. It really made election day exciting.

When there’s only one party, the country falls into the trap of that famous quote about absolute power. Yet there are those who want just that. We’ve got them on our side too, but there are a whole lot more of them on the other side.

With the left in full out conservative suppression mode, it really questions the ability of any Republican candidate to win in the fall. That’s a scary prospect when you think about it. The way things are going right now, if the left ever manages to gain total control of our nation’s government, as they did in former President Obama’s first term, there’s no saying what they will do. But I’ll tell you this; they’re probably going to work overtime to make sure that whatever they do can’t ever be undone.

The other thing they’ll probably do is try to make it impossible for Republicans to ever regain power. They’ve already floated a number of proposals which will put them in permanent control, including immigration amnesty, vote by mail, and stacking the Supreme Court. They want their way and they aren’t going to allow anything to stop them.

Taking it to the Next Step

Kicking Republicans out of power and keeping them out of power isn’t all of it. Not by any means. During the last few years, the far-left wing of the Democrat Party has gained tremendous power. They have made it increasingly clear that their goal is to turn the United States into another socialist country. That will soon be followed by the United States becoming a failed socialist country.

They say that the hardest thing to kill is a bad idea and socialism sure seems to prove that point. It is being taught in our “institutes of higher learning” (almost a parody) and talked about fondly by the “intellectual elite.” Any time anyone brings up the fact that socialism has never worked, they brush it off, saying that “nobody has done it right before.”

Perhaps the reason for that is that socialism can’t be done right. To do so requires perfect people, who are totally unselfish and willing to give their lives for the collective. But we humans aren’t like that; not even those who are trying to push socialism down our collective throats. They’re perhaps the worst of all because each and every one of them is interested in pushing socialism for what they can get out of it, whether that be some financial benefit or political power.

One of socialism’s biggest errors is that it doesn’t give anyone any incentive to do better. You can’t get paid more for doing more, so why bother? That one thing is enough to cause socialism to fail. Without anyone being given any incentive to do more, society can’t move ahead. People need their needs met, but they also need to know that they have an opportunity to better their own lives.

Should the more socialist wing of the Democrat Party ever gain control, it will be the end of the United States as we know it. Oh, it might still exist in name, but that’s it. All the technological advances that our country has been known for and all the wealth we have generated will become a thing of the past. Without the ability to start a business, build something for ourselves and better our own lives, people will stop putting forth the effort. We, just as many other countries have done before, will fall.

Just Let Me Say…

The United States isn’t perfect. We have our flaws. We have a checkered past. And we still make mistakes today. But this is the greatest country the world has ever spawned. Even with all our failures, we are the most altruistic country in history. We are the ones who run to help, whenever there is a need. We are the ones who protect the underdog and cheer him on. We are the police of the world and rightly so.

Maybe it’s time for people to stop concentrating on the bad that this country has done and start looking at the good once again. I’m not talking about ignoring the bad. No, I believe in learning from our mistakes. But it’s hard to have pride in a country when you don’t see the good that it has done.

When I listen to Black Lives Matter and others on the left, I hear a common thread. It’s the same thread that’s calling for the destruction of our monuments. That thread is that this country is all bad; it’s never done anything good; in fact, we’re somehow guilty for everything bad that has ever happened, anywhere in the world. No wonder they want to destroy our past and our heritage; they don’t understand what it is.

That’s the mob which wants to rule. They want the rest of us to bow to their ideas of who we are; ignoring history, except those parts they can use to make our country look bad. Well, I for one won’t bow. I’ll admit we’re not perfect, but rather than using that as an excuse to destroy, I’d much rather use it as an excuse to build. One thing that has made the history of the United States unique is that we have always improved. That’s what needs to come of this, not wanton destruction and mob rule.

Written by

Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at] survivopedia.com.

Latest comments
  • Bill, I agree with much of what you say, but you are looking at things from one point of view, only. You’re not looking at the whole picture. You think that the Republicans/conservatives are 100% right about everything while the Democrats/liberals are 100% wrong about everything. And, that’s where YOU are wrong. The Republicans have a long-established record of caring only about the wealthy and the white. If you are rich and have white skin, the Republicans love you. If you are anything else, they don’t give a damn about you. That is how the Black Lives Matter movement got started — because as far as the Republicans are concerned, black lives DON’T matter. The Republican party has embraced white supremacy and anti-black racism since the 1950s. Even now, as I write this, the Republicans are working all over the country to suppress the black and minority vote, denying blacks, hispanics, etc. their Constitutional right to vote. They are violating the Constitution in order to get Trump re-elected and to retain power for themselves. How can you justify that? You can’t. The Republicans claim to be the “patriotic” party, but violating the Constitution is NOT patriotic. It is treason. Trump always blames the Democrats for “voter fraud.” Yet, during the 2016 election, there were only four cases of voter fraud in the entire country, and every one of them was a Republican who voted for Trump more than once! You accuse the Democrats and the Left of trying to destroy America by embracing socialism, yet it is the Republicans who are destroying America by embracing fascism. Let’s look at Trump . . . He has violated the Constitution over and over and over, again. Yet, Mitt Romney is the only Republican who ever speaks out against him. Trump lies constantly. He called the Covid-19 pandemic “a Democratic hoax,” and over 130,000 Americans have died from it, so far, and those numbers are rising, daily. Is that a hoax?! Joseph Goebbels — Hitler’s minister of propaganda — said, “Truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” Trump NEVER tells the truth, about anything! So, what does that say about him? Seems to me that he’s following the Nazi playbook, to the letter. He constantly attacks and insults anyone who disagrees with him. He has fired respected generals and diplomats from his administration because they told the truth and it angered him, so he got rid of them. Trump wants to be a dictator. He has “joked” about not leaving office and serving four or five terms, but was he really joking? I don’t think so. I can go on and on about Trump, but the point I want to make is that most of the unrest that you are complaining about that is taking place throughout America, right now, is the result of people who are terrified of Donald Trump because they realize that he wants to set himself up as the next Hitler. Just like Hitler, Trump has embraced white supremacy and he has repeatedly made racist statements about hispanics, Muslims, and blacks. Trump has abused the power of the Presidency to pardon his friends and supporters who have committed crimes. He got rid of Jeff Sessions and installed William Barr as his Attorney General and Barr violates his oath of office and the Constitution by excusing all of Trump’s crimes instead of filing charges against him, as the Constitution requires him to do. Trump has subverted our Democracy and is taking America down the road to Fascist Totalitarianism. Many people see this and realize what is happening to America, and that is why they are out on the streets, demonstrating. That said, there is no excuse for the violent and destructive crimes that a small group of individuals have been committing and using peaceful protests as a cover. But, who is committing these crimes? Are they fascist instigators who are trying to give Trump an excuse to declare martial law and use federal troops “to restore order” just like Hitler used his brown shirts to burn down the Reichstag so that HE could declare martial law and seize total control of the German government? Several peaceful protestors have been shot and killed by unknown snipers. The police have made no arrests, and don’t even seem to be investigating these murders. Doesn’t that strike you as suspicious? You can’t see the forest for the trees. You are focused totally on the Democrats and you think they are trying to turn America into a socialist country, while you are missing the fact that it is Trump and the Republicans who are turning America into a fascist dictatorship. I don’t know where America is headed, but wherever it is, it doesn’t look good. As for me, I am far more worried about the Republicans and their rush toward fascism than I am about any threat that may be posed by the leftists of the Democratic party. Yes, some of them espouse socialistic ideas, but those ideas are about helping people such as universal health care. I don’t consider universal health care to be a bad thing. Every other Western country in the world has it, why doesn’t America? I think that all of the fear-mongering about the Democrats and socialism is a smoke screen coming from the fascists. Just like a magician who misdirects your attention by having a beautiful young woman as an assistant so that the audience is focused on watching her while he’s slipping the rabbit into his hat; the fascists want people to worry about Alexandria Ocazio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, while Trump and William Barr and Michael Flynn and Roger Stone, et al are destroying our democracy right under our noses.

    • I feel sorry for you, because you won’t really understand how wrong you are until the boot of the leftist totalitarian State comes down on YOUR neck. The reality of that will be a hard and necessary lesson for you. I hope you remember this post. It’ll be ringing in your mind if you live, “damn how did I get it so wrong?”

    • SOROS must be your god. Where did he get his money ? he must of been a Nazi in the last world war.and confiscated stolen money from Jews and countries overrun by the NAZI.

    • Dale, I cannot help but believe that you are a reporter or a syndicated columnist (communist ?) working for one of the so-called Main Stream Media – either video or print. Correct me if I am wrong.

    • Oh, yeah. The Republicans passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act over the kicking and screaming Democrats because they only care about white people. You’ve got your head so far up your ass, you’ll never see daylight.

    • If he were the dictator you described him to be he’d have called in the National Guard to Seattle, but he let state and local governments handle the riots largely by themselves.

  • dale,
    it was the republicans (specifically Abraham Lincoln) who freed the slaves, it was the Republicans who wrote the Civil Rights laws back in the 60’s. it was the Democrats who created the KKK, opposed the civil right movement in the 60’s (until pressured by popular American opinion to support it). It is the Democrats who run most of the large cities in this country, where the non-white population is oppressed, under-educated (by which i mean brainwashed into believing that the white man hates them), have created government programs (which Democrats claim is to “help” them, but in actuality makes them dependent on the government – thereby controlling them), and used by the Democrats as pawns in their attempt to gain absolute control of the country. Republicans believe in self-reliance, not dependence. The Black Lives Matter and Antifa leaders even admit that they are trained Marxists out to destroy free America. Trump does not want to be a dictator, but Obama sure did (he wanted to amend the Constitution so that he could be elected to more than 2 terms). You need to find an old (unaltered) history book and read the principles this country is founded upon.

  • Dear Dale,. Pot. Kettle. Apparently you forgot to crack open ANY history book. Democrats fought to maintain slavery, Republicans fought to abolish it. Republicans PASSED a “reparations for slavery” bill in Congress shortly after the civil war, which was REPEALED by Democrats. Democrats created the KKK, blocked anti-lynching legislation, and deliberately segregated the federal government. Republicans fought against all of that. And won. Democrats continued to fight against racial equality and celebrated the KKK and it’s white supremacy ideology right up until they realized it had become generally unpopular. They will support BLM until it becomes unpopular, then abandon and disavow them as soon as it becomes clear Americans do not support them. Please do some actual research before you post inaccurate “facts” in history. And unless you have “scientific evidence” that you have psychic powers, you DO NOT know what anyone else is thinking.

  • World War 3 is on OUR Doorstep. The Bible says 1/3 of men are burned by FIRE. A megaton warhead is 11 Million Degrees. The New Testament can be read in 10 or 12 hours.

    The Old Testament with some hard names read in 45 or 50 hours. Deuteronomy 4:30 tells of Latter Day Tribulation. We have an ignorant Generation and will NOT escape War.

  • I tried Amazon to get Bill Whites book and they don’t have any listed at all. Where can I buy a copy? Leland Freeborn called the Parowan Prophet because I warn of Nuclear War near Christmas. Google my names and learn to live. 100 million will die in USA and Billions on earth. 1/3 of Humanity killed in 7 years of War.

    • Hello Leland,

      Thank you for your message. One of my colleagues will contact you ASAP and will help you with your order.

      Alex, from Survivopedia.

  • Sue, please learn to read before you criticize. I said that the Republicans have embraced white supremacy and anti-black racism SINCE THE 1950s. I am well aware of the history of the Democrats who were once nicknamed “the Dixiecrats” because of their racist beliefs. In the 1950’s they made the jump to the Republican Party due, in part, to George Wallace’s attempt to prevent the integration of schools that was ordered as a result of the Supreme Court’s “Brown vs. the Board of Education” decision. The Republicans became the party of racism and white supremacy while the Democrats became the party of Civil Rights. You are correct that the Democrats fought against Emancipation in the 19th Century, while the Republicans fought to free the slaves. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. Don’t confuse the Republican Party of 155 years ago with the Republican party of today. They are NOT the same.

  • Well, Dale, since I was born in the 1950s, I think I have a pretty good handle on what actually happened. I was in elementary school when desegregation occurred, and there was a lot of debate over it. Democrats opposed it, Republicans supported it. I lived through the ensuing years, observing the changes.

    Where is your evidence that there was this “jump to the “rebublican party”? Didn’t happen.

    Have you ever actually MET a republican? We are, and always have been for EQUALITY, and a color blind society. Many did and still do fight for EQUAL rights. Perhaps you should invest in a good dictionary and/or thesaurus. If you did, you might discover that words like “all” and “some” are not synonymous…when President Trump said, “…some (illegal aliens) are criminals”, the word “some” is important. Likewise, “America first”, does not mean America only”.

    You seem to be projecting your biases onto President Trump and more generally, Republicans. Perhaps you’ve forgotten that Eric Holder referred to himself as “Obama’s wingman”….when, exactly did Wm Barr do so in reference to Trump?

    Another word you might want to look up is “objective”. I happen to align more with the ideals of the “republican” party than I do with extreme liberal progressives, but in keeping with those ideals, I make my decisions based on my personal philosophy. I do not blindly follow anyone, and (unlike many on the left) I DO NOT hate. That will rebound on the hater.

    Listen to what each party actually says and does, objectively, taking emotions out of it, and you will be quite surprised by what you find.

    And stop hating half the population of this country.

    • Sue, You are my HERO!! Good job girl! At first I thought you were my sister and sent her a text, but sadly you aren’t. You’re still my hero though lol.

    • Sue, My July edition of Firearms news has a very good article which exposes the historic parallels that are occurring now with regards to what happened in the Weimar republic in the early 1900’s and early 1920’s. It exposes the radical groups that advertently and inadvertently brought about the downfall of the Weimar government that sat on their hands while the radicals took over and hitler got control. We see the same thing as the republicans that brought about an un-necessary civil war on this continent , now sit in silence while the antifa Marxists take over. It is a very good article and wish everyone could see it. Neither political parties are concerned about the everyday citizen. Only our president and a few others are really concerned about the citizens.

      • Republicans? This is a Marxist uprising.

  • I was also born in the 1950s, Sue, so I lived through it all, too. Yes, many of the “Dixiecrats” changed over to the Republican Party. Research it. If the Republicans are so all-inclusive as you say, why are they moving Heaven and Earth to suppress the black vote?! Shouldn’t they WANT blacks to exercise their Constitutional Rights?! Explain that one to me, please. I don’t fool myself into believing what people say or claim to believe. I make my decisions based on what they DO. As the old saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words.” No, William Barr didn’t say that he was Trump’s wingman, but he sure the hell PROVES it by covering for Trump, regardless of how Trump abuses the office of the Presidency. The entire Congressional contingent of the Republican Party (with the exception of Mitt Romney) excuses Trump’s overstepping of the Constitution or they remain silent. At least the Republicans who were in Congress when Nixon was in office had some balls and some patriotism. They were going to join with the Democrats to impeach Nixon and remove him from office, so Nixon resigned. Look what happened with Trump’s impeachment. The Republicans in the Senate refused to allow witnesses who wanted to testify to Trump’s crimes, because they didn’t want the truth to come out. They covered for Trump every step of the way. And, yeah, I hear what Trump SAYS, but I also see what he DOES. Those kids that he was separating from their parents and locking up in cages . . . Let’s see . . . How many of them died while they were in there? Three, that I can remember. I guess they must have been the “some” of the illegal aliens that Trump considered to be criminals, huh? That’s why they were separated from their parents? That’s why some of them died? That’s why some of them have still never been reunited with their parents and maybe never will be? Yeah, let’s lock up those big, bad, kiddie criminals! Wouldn’t want them coming up here to rape our women and murder people! If the Republicans care so much about equality, as you claim, and are for a color-blind society, as you say, why are they the ones who always block any legislation that is designed to help minorities? Why did Rand Paul — a Republican — block the anti-lynching bill that was introduced in the Senate a few weeks ago? Why have Republicans been blocking that bill for the past fifty years? Why are they the ones who are in favor of keeping up Civil War memorials that were erected in the Twentieth Century to intimidate blacks? The men those statues and memorials are honoring were traitors! They made war against America! They tried to destroy this country! And, the Republicans want their monuments to stay up? Why? I don’t remember ever hearing about a statue that was erected in honor of Benedict Arnold. He was a traitor, too. Where’s his statue? But, Benedict Arnold wasn’t trying to preserve the institution of slavery and keep black people in chains. If he had been, I guess he would have gotten a statue, too! Oh, yes, Sue I’m very objective about what people say and what they do. I hear the Republicans talking the talk, but they sure the hell don’t walk the walk! When they start living up to the things they SAY, maybe I’ll change my opinion about them. Until then, I guess I’ll just have to keep calling them out on the things they DO. I guess the difference between us is that I don’t buy into the BS. Just because someone says that it’s so, doesn’t mean that it is. I put my trust in truth, not propaganda.

    • I’m not going to vote for the party of God haters and baby killers.

  • Dale & Sue, – your are both correct – halfway. In this time of hate we are all searching for truth. Both of you spoke truths, from your sides. At the end of each point y’all made I was saying to myself – yes – but, but, but…. I’ve always been fascinated by history, feel we should study & understand it, BUT….know we are all imperfect. Slavery, bigotry and oppression is wrong,, we all agree, BUT – it was the norm at the time our nation was in it’s infancy and we grew out of it and learned from it. Is there existing racism – oh heck yeah. Racism is alive & well on every continent on this planet. Is racism worse in America – oh heck no! America was the most liberal and accepting country in the world. I said WAS because our present government “leaders” are battling for power and using the backs of the people as their podiums. We need to LEARN from the past, but not LIVE in the past. As far as our government goes, all career politicians and all their perks need to be cancelled. Money & perks is what they work for, NOT for us, BUT..we must do this fairly with our eyes & minds open. It’s not the Dems vs Repubs – it should be us controlling them, but not through violence. Peace my bother & sister.

    • Mike, I really do like your sentiment. Cast a gentle net and be ready to release. And Peace to you, my brother.

  • Dale, there is a problem with your last statements. It sounds like you really are falling for the BS/ propaganda from the left. They have quite the narrative. Did you know that the “news” people on the msm are either married to or related to or somehow paid by a Democrat politician? They really are Fake News. I would suggest for your own peace of mind, down the road, to ‘play the devils advocate’ for just one month. Refuse to listen to the msm on tv and papers and on the Internet. Search out only information from people that pay attention to what our President is actually doing. Do it as though your life depended on it. Because that is really what it is down to right now. Keep this thought in mind as you search, every time they say something is a conspiracy theory, understand that there is something there that is really important information that they really don’t want you and I to know. They’ve learned to insult people by calling them conspiracy theorists, expecting them to hang their head and walk away like a good little sheeple. Don’t let them do it to you! BTW — those ‘families’ that are being separated, I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in what the news is telling you about them. Trump and his team have been working nonstop on the child trafficking business and are very much aware that many people who claim to be parents are not. Be a Truth Seeker. Good luck!

  • Mike and Donna . . . I agree with both of you, wholeheartedly. I’m fully aware that the Democrats are not the “good guys” they present themselves to be. I have voted for Republicans, 3rd party candidates, Democrats, and I’ve written my own candidates in. I have one rule I live by: ALL politicians are liars and crooks. I hold my nose and vote for them, because that’s the way the system is set up. We need to get rid of the two-party system. We need a 3rd or 4th or 5th viable political party in this country to spread the power out. Each party could focus on one, main, area, such as a Green Party that would focus on protecting the environment. The parties would have to cooperate and compromise to get what they wanted because no, one, party would have enough votes to get anything done without support from other parties. That’s the way government SHOULD work. Also, there should be term limits for every office, from local school board, all the way up to the Presidency. Two, four-year terms and that’s it. You could never hold ANY political office, ever again. While I’m pipe dreaming, here, I’d also like to see a “draftee” government. Everyone who was 21 years, or older, would have their names go into a lottery for a political office. Four or five names would be chosen for each office. If your name was chosen, you couldn’t refuse to run. You’d be drafted, just like when we had the military draft. Campaigns would be paid for by a fund made up from taxes, and everyone would get the same amount of money and no one could spend more than that. Elections would be done by a “preferred ranking” system where everyone voted for ALL of the candidates and ranked them by preference: Choice #1, #2, #3, etc. A threshold would be established that each candidate had to get a minimum number of votes. Any candidate who didn’t meet the threshold would be out of the race and have their votes assigned to the candidate right above them. That would be about the closest thing I can imagine to a “perfect” system. No political parties. No “professional politicians.” There would be a constant turnover of elected officials so that the bad ones (There will always be crooks) would be term-limited out. It’ll never happen, of course, but it’s nice to dream!

  • I just went through a lot of “survival blogs” and it is amazing how many were abandoned in the last 5 years. One was still publishing and had COVID-related posts but nothing concerning the Marxist uprising. Crazy.

  • Most confederate monuments are to honor and remember the confederate dead. These were many southerners great grand father that fought. For there homes (period). Just as today’s soldiers serve (even when the cause maybe distorted they deserve respect.

  • So… I found this website based on the article of vehicles that would “survive” an EMP attack. I like what I saw and decided to read a bit more. Survival and Prepping topics always interest me. Reading this opinion piece and the comments afterwards gave me a bit of pause. I am black woman for context.

    1. It’s sad that most comment sections devolve into political divisiveness. I am independent because from my viewpoint, neither party can be fully trusted and I don’t see what the appeal is to be loyal to any party.
    2. Make no mistake that the confederates fought for the right to keep slaves. “”If we ain’t fightin’ to keep slavery, then what the hell are we fightin’ for?” – Nathan Bedford Forrest. I think its a bit deceptive to say confederates fought for there homes. They indeed fought for a lucrative lifestyle that caused mental, psychological and physical harm and even death to other human beings.
    3. There is audio of Republican Lee Atwater describing the abstract use of language, which we would call today Dog Whistle politics, to code how to prop up white supremacy in politics without overtly excluding other races. He was quoted as to saying this in the 1980’s. His quote in full can be viewed under the Southern Strategy header of his Wikipedia page it interested.
    3. The root of BLM is about police brutality, excessive force and lethal force when it is uncalled for. What it has evolved into is beyond me. But a quick dive into the history of racial interaction in America may give insight on why a group of people would even have to say that Black Lives Matter.
    4. “Urban riots are a special form of violence. They are not insurrections. The rioters are not seeking to seize territory or attain control of institutions. They are mainly intended to shock the white community… But most of all, alienated from society and knowing society cherishes property above people, {they are shocking it by abusing property rights”. – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 1967

    I think HONEST conversation and more importantly EMPATHY is needed today. Though America may be this great country, the past still haunts us and it may be haunting us because we haven’t fully acknowledged how closely we are still connected to it. How there are families and corporations who have greatly benefited from the past. How ideas, biases, trauma, and policies are passed down throughout generations. We are not so far removed from it. And we should be careful to not succumb to any delusions about the reality of race in America.

    I do plan on viewing a few more articles on this site. Just thought I would share my two cents.

  • Thank you for a very fine comment, K. You hit every point, perfectly. The huge sticking point in race relations (black vs, white) in America, today, is the fact that the entire economic and social structure of America was built on the idea of white supremacy. That was the only way that those white “Christians” could try to justify the enslavement of another race of human beings. They had to convince themselves that they were “superior,” so they created the idea that blacks were “animals.” If we were just animals, then it was perfectly fine for them to own us, beat us, rape us, and kill us. The problem is that the idea of white supremacy continues to exist in America, today (most notably in the Oval Office), and a large percentage of whites (I dare say, even a majority of them) LOVE it! Ever since the radical right, white supremacist book, “The Turner Diaries” was published back in the 1970s, right-wing whites have longed, ardently, for a “race war.” Why do you think they go out to gun shows every weekend to buy AR-15s, Glocks, body armor, and thousands of rounds of ammo? Because they’re getting ready for the day that they can go out and kill ni**ers. And, I’m sorry, but the truth of the matter is that the Republican Party supports this line of thinking. Why is it that every red state in America has enacted some kind of legislation (voter ID laws, vote in-person laws, etc.) to try and suppress the black vote? I brought that fact up, twice, in this thread and no one has addressed it, yet. The Republicans say that they are color-blind and all-inclusive, but that is a lie. They hate blacks and want to rob us of our Civil and Constitutional Rights and they are using their political power to do just that. They can deny it all they want to, but their actions speak louder than their words. They call themselves “Christians” but, until they begin to live up to the teachings of Jesus: “Love thy neighbor as thyself . . . ” “Whatsoever you do unto the least of my brethren, you do unto Me . . . ” nothing will change in America. I can’t help but wonder if the coronavirus isn’t God’s punishment on America. We are the richest, most powerful country the world has ever known, and yet we have the highest rate of infections and the most deaths of any country on earth. Why is that, hmmm? We should have the FEWEST number of infections and the FEWEST number of deaths, but the exact opposite is true. Maybe God is trying to tell us something. I think that Americans, black, white, and everything in-between, better start listening.

  • Hello Dale,
    Please explain how requiring an ID, such as a drivers license, is such an undue burden?
    Best regards,

  • It shouldn’t be, Ed, but it depends upon how those ID laws are structured. Some of these red states refuse to accept forms of identification for voting, that are accepted anywhere else. Some require a specific ID card that is JUST for voting. To many people, that is not an undue burden, but the Republicans are very skilled at requiring forms of ID that most blacks don’t have, and then, they make the process of obtaining those IDs burdensome for blacks. All of that exploded immediately after the Supreme Court struck down the Voting Rights Act which required federal government oversight of states that traditionally denied blacks the right to vote. Once that decision was announced, the red states had a field day and started writing laws to keep blacks and other minorities from voting. One of their latest tactics, that they have been using during the primary voting this year, is “poll watchers.” These are people with no government authority or official capacity, who show up at polling places (sometimes carrying guns in “open carry” states). They, then demand to see the IDs of blacks, hispanics, etc., even though they have no right to do so. Sometimes they tell people that they are at the wrong polling place and are not allowed to vote. Their tactic is fear and intimidation, and it works. Most minority voters are not going to risk their lives by forcing their way into a polling place that is being “guarded” by a bunch of neo-Nazi types, carrying AR-15s.

  • There’s also a flip-side to this Marxist/Antifa coin- radical libertarians known as the Boogaloo, mostly made up of ex military and LEOs. They’re purposely trying to foment the next civil war.

  • Probably, no one is following this thread, anymore, but I just have to respond to Scott Todd’s comment when I said that Trump wants to be a fascist dictator. He says that, if Trump wanted to be a dictator, as I claim, he would have called in the National Guard to Seattle. Since this thread went live, we have seen Trump deploy a “secret police force” in Portland and Seattle and he is threatening to send his storm troopers to other states, as well, over the objections of those states’ governors and the mayors of the cities, involved. These “federal troops” wear uniforms that bear no insignias or name tags, which makes it impossible to identify who they are and hold them accountable for actions which are clearly un-Constitutional. Whenever their faces are visible, every single one of them is white. No blacks or other minorities. They are forcibly removing people from the streets and throwing them into unmarked mini-vans that bear no official city, state, or federal identification. Where are they taking those people? Are they ever seen, again, or are these unidentified thugs “disappearing” them? Who are these guys? Where did Trump get them? The administration claims that they are composed of Homeland Security, ICE, BATF, and Border Patrol agents. However, all of those agencies have minorities among their officers. As I said, all of these guys are WHITE. If they really are the federal agencies that Trump says they are, where are the minority officers? So, who ARE they? Are they even Americans? Maybe Putin sent some Russian soldiers over here to back up his boy, Trump. That’s what he did when he wanted to back up the president of Ukraine and annex Crimea in 2014. He sent troops wearing uniforms without insignia, who were driving trucks without identification, into Crimea when he wanted to conquer it. What do you say, now, Scott? Do you still think I’m wrong when I say that Trump wants to be a dictator? Name me any other American president who has EVER pulled any sh*t like this! If Trump is a true, blue American, why is he doing the exact same thing that Putin did in Ukraine in 2014?!

    • Well, Dale, sounds like you’d like us to ignore the quantity and severity of the infractions which have been going on in these cities for almost two months now. These are not special storm troopers as you’re trying to get us to believe. There is a special service which protects federal buildings of all types. Recently it’s gotten to the point where the attacks have gotten so severe they’ve had to deputize some border patrol agents to help protect these places. They aren’t grabbing just any protester, only those who attack federal property, and no, they aren’t being disappeared.. There was a video of a protester being grabbed and I found out they only had to question him for something like 10 minutes before they knew they had the wrong kid and let him go. Their uniforms do have an insignia but they lack name tags as quite a number of federal police had gotten doxed which allows these malefactors to target the cops and their families at their homes. They do wear numbered badges. Any marked vehicles would instantly become a target. Time to turn off MSNBC and Democracy Now.

  • Actually, I don’t watch MSNBC and I’ve never even heard of Democracy Now. Just going by what I’ve seen and heard from a wide variety of news sources. Thanks for the feedback, but it still doesn’t explain why Trump is sending these clowns in where they aren’t wanted. If local governments request federal aid, I don’t have a problem with it. But several mayors and governors claim that the feds are just causing the violence to escalate. Trump is flirting with violating the Posse Comitatus Act. You say that their uniforms have insignia, but I haven’t seen any and, if the reporters on the scenes are telling the truth, they haven’t seen any insignia, either. I’ve seen plenty of Federal Police — who are charged with protecting federal buildings — and their uniforms and vehicles identify them as such. If they are who you say they are, then why not have Federal Police emblazoned on their riot gear and use vehicles marked the same way? As for not wearing name tags to prevent them from being doxed . . . Well, I have no sympathy for them. The feds sure the hell know who WE are! They’ve got facial recognition software and cameras on every street corner! Why shouldn’t we know who THEY are?! When the “police” are running around, hiding behind masks and keeping their identities secret by not wearing name tags, that’s what makes them SECRET POLICE! The story of every totalitarian regime might have played out differently if the populace had known who the secret police who were murdering and imprisoning and disappearing people, were. Then, they could have hunted the secret police down and turned the tables on them. That’s the whole point behind American law enforcement officers being required to identify themselves. We’re supposed to be a democracy! We’re not supposed to have “secret police!’ Those guys knew what they were signing up for when they took the job! If they didn’t want anyone to know who they were, they should have gone to work for the CIA!

    • Wheeler has absolutely no say in the matter as they’re FEDERAL officers protecting FEDERAL property and they’re detaining those who are trying to destroy it. This federal force exists whether there is rioting or not, whether some mayor or governor wants them there or not- it’s basic civics (which if you graduated in the last 30 years you probably never had any of it in school.) If these insurrectionists want to destroy Oregon and Washington STATE properties and their mayors and governors are too weak to put a halt to it, these troops won’t be grabbing those individuals. Trump may be unique in what he’s done, but then we’ve never faced a full-fledged insurrection within our borders.

  • Okay, I’ll concede you a point on the fact that they’re federal officers protecting federal property, IF they’re really federal officers. But, that still doesn’t excuse the whole “secret police” thing with the masks, no name tags, no insignia, and unmarked cars. Whether we’ve gotten to a fascist dictatorship, yet, or not, unidentified “federal officers” are a very slippery slope that leads directly to fascism. That’s how I started this whole thread off, if you remember . . . I said that the Republicans were marching toward fascism, and you seem to be proving my point . . . assuming you’re a Republican, that is. And, we are NOT facing a “full-fledged insurrection.” We had that from 1861 – 1865. It was called the Civil War. And, in a very roundabout way, that brings us back, full-circle to White Supremacy, which is exactly what your “insurrectionists” are demonstrating about. Yeah, it’s unfortunate that a bunch of thugs have hijacked peaceful protests to loot and burn and damage, but the demonstrations are legitimate. Countries all over the world recognize that fact. That’s why so many of them have their own demonstrations going on in support of the Black Lives Matter protests here, in America. Billions of people around the world can’t be wrong. It’s just the white-supremacist racists in America who are against the demonstrations. Everyone else recognizes the truth behind them, and supports them. But, getting back, once more, to how I began this thread, WHO are those thugs, REALLY? Hitler used his “brown shirts” very effectively to sow destruction and discord, and that gave him the excuse he wanted to seize control of Germany. ARE the thugs Antifa, or not? It’s very easy to blame it on Antifa, just like it’s easy for a looter or an arsonist to call themselves Antifa, when they’re really working for the other side. Call me paranoid, if you want, but I see a very disturbing parallel between what Hitler did and what Trump is doing. Have you ever thought about Trump’s hatred for Antifa? “Antifa” stands for “Anti-Fascist.” The group was founded on the idea that, if Germany had a version of our Second Amendment, and the German people had been armed, Hitler never would have seized control, World War II never would have happened, the industrialized murder of six-and-a-half million people never would have happened, etc., etc. Why the hell would an American president be AGAINST an organization that is AGAINST fascists? Think about it . . .

    • “…but the demonstrations are legitimate. Countries all over the world recognize that fact. That’s why so many of them have their own demonstrations going on in support of the Black Lives Matter protests here, in America.”

      You need to spend your time finding out who is really behind BLM because that would answer most of your questions. There are actually a number of groups with similar names, but the primary one is BLM Inc and it’s international. THAT is why the protests are happening all over the world, not because of any legitimacy on the part of the riots. This BLM has $1.6 BILLION in assets, much of which came through organizations like the Tides Foundation, which is run by George Soros, AKA Spooky Dude. Money going to them is funneled through Act Blue and another group called Thousand Currents, The original BLM organizers are three radical Marxist lesbians who want to destroy not only capitalism but the nuclear family as well. Thousand Currents has all kinds of Marxists on their board including Susan Rosenberg who spent time in prison for her part in terrorist activities as part of the radical lesbian May 19 group back in the late 60s. This was all exposed on a Glenn Beck TV special and Thousand Current broomed all the “who we are” data from their website the next day! Spooky Dude and other uber rich elites want world control, he’s even said so much himself, and collapsing the US is what’s needed for them to grab power. White supremacy is a boogyman. The KKK is next to non-existent. And I’m not playing the “heads they win, tails I lose” game of the White Fragility crowd.

  • Thanks, again, for the feedback. Lot of information there I was unaware of. I don’t know, man, it looks like we’re screwed no matter which way we turn: Fascists to the right of us, Socialists to the left of us! I know good and well that there are filthy-rich people on both sides who are looking for world domination. Don’t get me started on the Bush family, Cheney, etc. The whole militarization of the police started with Bill Clinton. I remember when he signed the order or bill (don’t remember which it was) that gave military equipment to any police department that wrote a letter and ASKED for it. That’s the first step toward fascism. That’s why the synonym for a totalitarian dictatorship is a “police state.” Why do we need cops with military hardware? Who are they going to fight? The only answer is, US! And, that’s exactly what we’re seeing with these protests. Remember the 75 year-old guy that they pushed down and he cracked his skull open and was bleeding from the ears? The other night they attacked a group of women (mostly white) who had placed themselves between the cops and the protestors. This is NOT what America is supposed to be! What it all boils down to is both sides want us fighting one another so we’re not paying attention to what THEY’RE up to. I really and truly hope that Americans wake up and smell the coffee before it’s too late. As I said, before, ALL politicians are crooks and liars . . . Democrat, Republican . . . ALL of ’em. They’re sure as hell not working for us, so who are they working for? That’s the question that needs answering. The really scary thought is, what if they’re all working together toward an agenda that we have no idea even exists?

  • I should have added that I still believe in the reason behind the protests. The system of white supremacy that America is built on has got to go. America was founded upon the high-sounding words: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” As long as people with various shades of brown skin, or slanted eyes, or a different religion (guaranteed by the Constitution), are considered inferior by America’s white population, America will be a lie. That’s what makes cops think it’s all right to murder black people, because they know they’ll get away with it. And, yeah, I know that cops kill more whites (in numbers) than they do blacks, but proportionally, they kill more blacks. Point is, the cops don’t need to be killing anyone, unless that person is trying to kill them or someone else. I’m all in favor of “defunding the police.” And, no, that doesn’t mean getting rid of the police, it means taking away the money that pays for some of the things that cops do, now, and giving it to other organizations and services who can do the job better, without the threat of killing people. If someone is mentally ill and they’re walking around, talking to themselves, dancing and singing, you don’t need someone showing up with a gun on their hip to escalate the situation. Send in a van with medical professionals who can talk them down and get them to a facility that can help them. That’s the sort of thing that “defunding the police” means. But, we need to go way further than that. We need to get the military hardware out of the hands of cops. They don’t need it. They have no legitimate use for it. The problem is that they have it in the first place. Because, if they HAVE it, they’re damn well going to find a reason to USE it. And, like I said before, the only people they’re going to be using it on, is us.

  • Politics: “Poly” as in “many”, “tics” as in “blood suckers”.

  • Amen, Edmundo. Another thought occurred to me . . . Remember when the Obama administration ordered 2 billion rounds of 5.56 NATO ammo (the ammunition used by M-16 assault rifles) for the department of Homeland Security? Why the hell does HOMELAND SECURITY need 2 BILLION rounds of M-16 ammo?! That’s probably more ammo than our troops have fired in the entire 19-year history of the War on Terror! Homeland Security only operates on American soil. It doesn’t wage war in other countries. The only possible targets for that ammo is US — the American people! Add that to what Trump is doing, now, sending his secret police (including Homeland Security officers) into cities where they aren’t wanted or needed, and you’ve got to wonder what’s up. Needless to say, you should also be very, very, very worried.

    • I definitely share the skepticism towards the militarization of police, but those federal police very much ARE needed to defend these federal buildings as they’re being attacked by insurrectionists. Screw it if Wheeler doesn’t want them there, he has no say in the defense of federal property. If Trump were the dictator you’re making him out to be the live ammo would have been used by now. I strongly suspect that’s what they want in hopes of making him look worse. If you go to the Terrence K Williams Facebook page and scroll WAAAY down to four days ago as of today, he has a video recorded by a woman from the former Yugoslavia on the eerie parallels between the civil war in her country in the late 90s and what’s going on in the US today. One thing she doesn’t do is blame Trump for all that’s going on. As I said in earlier replies, you need to know who is behind BLM and Antifa. You won’t like what you find out. They’re masters of misdirection and they sure have you looking the wrong way. Have the final word if you must, but until you do some study of who these people REALLY are, it’s pointless to continue to answer you.

  • If you’ve been paying attention to what I’ve been saying, Scott, you’d know that I’m not supporting BLM and Antifa. I’ve said, repeatedly, that the thugs who are hijacking peaceful protests could be misdirection. What I support, and will continue to support, is the movement to end the system of white supremacy that resulted in the callous and calculated murder of George Floyd and countless other, unarmed and innocent blacks, at the hands of the police. White supremacy is responsible ALL of the BS that blacks and other minorities have had to put up with from whites for the past four hundred years, and that we continue to put up with, today. THAT’S what I am against. Maybe BLM and Antifa ARE the boogie men you say they are. But, if you want to talk about history, then let’s talk about history. Both Hitler and Mussolini used their brown shirt and black shirt followers to cause chaos, riots, looting, etc, and make it look like it was their enemies who were behind it. That gave them the support of the populace and allowed them to seize control of the government. So, maybe BLM and Antifa are the bad guys you say they are . . . But, it’s just as likely that they’re working FOR the fascists to sow discord and chaos to give Trump, or whoever, an excuse to declare martial law and unleash the full power of a militarized police and bring in federal troops. That’s a possibility that you simply refuse to consider. You support Trump, no matter what. I hope you’re not drinking bleach, because some of his disciples are doing that . . . or, at least gargling with it. I support the people who are out there, peacefully protesting the system of white supremacy. I DON’T support the thugs or the looters or the arsonists. Your problem is that you are blindly loyal to Donald Trump despite the fact that he has repeatedly violated the Constitution, has no respect for the rule of law, and is an egomaniacal narcissist who cares for nobody but himself. I’m not loyal to ANY one person, especially not to that extent. I’m loyal to ideas and principles and morals. I support what is right, not what is wrong. White supremacy is WRONG. Donald Trump supports white supremacy. The peaceful protestors are AGAINST white supremacy. Therefore, the choice, for me, is pretty simple.

  • Whether anyone is still bothering to read this thread, or not, maybe someone, somewhere, will read this one day. I just have to add a couple more things because someone needs to say them . . . Scott Todd claimed that “The original BLM organizers are three radical Marxist lesbians who want to destroy not only capitalism but the nuclear family as well.” Come on! ” . . . three radical Marxist lesbians”?! Can’t he hear how ridiculous that sounds?! The “truth” he’s trying to present is a prime example of what the U.S. Intelligence agencies have been warning us about: Meddling in American politics by foreign actors — probably, the Russians. They’re trying to turn us against one another by spreading the most outrageous lies and conspiracy theories, online, and people like Scott buy into them because they get picked up and repeated by self-serving demagogues like Glenn Beck and by websites like this one. THAT’S WHAT THE RUSSIANS WANT! They’re probably laughing their asses off every time someone talks about “three radical Marxist lesbians!” It’s just like this Q ANON crap, where Hillary Clinton is supposedly using a pizza parlor to run some satanic child porno sex ring that eats babies and Trump is waging a secret war against them. Please! All that BS is coming from Russian government hackers who are using social media to spread lies that are so stupid and ridiculous that even a five year-old wouldn’t believe them! Yet, some Americans are so gullible that they accept it as truth! People need to wise up! Where is the proof of any of this? It has been debunked over and over and over again, but there are Trump supporters out there who still believe it! If it was true, don’t you think Trump would just come out and say so? Wouldn’t he get Bill Barr to launch an investigation into Clinton? Wouldn’t he send his secret police or the FBI or federal marshals, or SOMEONE to raid that pizza restaurant?! As much as Trump lies — because he lies about EVERYTHING — even he hasn’t gone that far, because he knows that it’s bullsh*t! The other thing I want to point out is Scott’s fear that peaceful protests are somehow going to bring the “Great American Empire” crashing down. First off, that’s ludicrous. But, even if it wasn’t, Scott seems to forget that the right of peaceful protest is enshrined in, and guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. It doesn’t matter that Trump hates the Black Lives Matter protestors and the fact that they are protesting against the system of white supremacy, IT IS THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO PEACEFULLY PROTEST!! Secondly . . . Any system that can be brought down by peaceful, non-violent protest DESERVES to be brought down. Case in point, the British Raj in India. Mohandas Ghandi brought the Raj to its knees and forced the British to end its rule in India without ever firing a shot or engaging in violence of any sort. The British killed a lot of innocent Indians because, like Trump, they were angry about the protests and they hated the protestors, but in the end Ghandi won and the British left. If America is so rotten and corrupt and evil that peaceful protest can bring it down, then it should be brought down.

  • Dale- check BLM website, they were formed by 3 black lesbians, and they consider the nuclear family as whitr supremist and hope to destroy it. Just read their own website!!

    “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families….We foster a queer‐affirming network. When we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking”

  • Okay, Wolly, I’ll take your word for it and I stand corrected. If I’m wrong, I admit it, so I admit it. It just sounded so ridiculous that I figured it had to be something dreamt up by Russian trolls. I’m still against white supremacy, but anyone who thinks that the nuclear family is “white supremacist” has their head so far up their ass they need a window in their stomach! Thanks for setting me straight!