The #1 Greatest Moral Failure of The Liberal Left

The Parkland, Florida shooting seems to have become the media event that won’t go away. With almost two months since the event, it is still topping the news; or rather, the activist political movement that has been created from it is still topping the news. This is especially true for the media’s new anti-gun darling, David Hogg.

Hogg seems to be making a career of displaying his poor temper, learning well the leftist tactic of name calling, including the part about using it on anyone who doesn’t agree with his political views. He hasn’t yet seemed to figure out that those who he publically bashes have the right to reply in kind, trying to hide behind his youth as a shield. But that shield only works when you treat everyone else with the respect that you expect to be treated with.

I wasn’t surprised to find that Soros, Bloomberg and all the usual suspects were funding Hogg’s anti-gun protests. While this is supposed to be a “student run grass-roots protest” it is anything but that. The surprising part though is that Planned Parenthood, one of the biggest lobbying organizations in the country, is also supporting him.

Considering that Hogg is officially playing hooky from school, until the schools become “safe” I guess it’s good that he has someone paying his bills. Without an education, he’s not going to make living any other way than by being another loud-mouthed rabble-rouser who expects the world to do everything his way.

But “safe” is a relative term and there are many ways of achieving it. If students bringing guns into schools is considered unsafe, then the thing to do is keep them from being able to do that. How? By using metal detectors to check what they are carrying and requiring clear backpacks so that security officers can see what is inside, without having to stop and search each and every backpack that each and every student is carrying.

Of course, that’s not the response that Hogg and his friends wanted, so they are complaining about their Fourth Amendment rights being violated. Hmm, I wonder who is coaching them on that. I seriously doubt that any of them have bothered to read the Fourth Amendment for themselves.

So Hogg Incorporated is busy causing trouble and the same groups that get behind every racial anti-American movement are involved. You know that a bunch of teens couldn’t have organized a nationwide movement like their more experienced mentors did. Besides, they have needed the media contacts to keep the story alive and to keep Hogg’s face before the cameras.

Amazingly, this supposed grass-roots movement is demanding the same things that all the other anti-gun movements have; elimination of AR-15 “assault rifles” (which aren’t assault rifles) and elimination of “high capacity magazines” (which are really just normal capacity magazines). They’re going farther than that though, demanding that all semi-automatic firearms be made illegal. But the difference is that they seem to be making some headway. At least some politicians are listening to them, both at a state and at a local level.

Deerfield Village, a suburb of Chicago, in Illinois has banned these guns, posing stiff penalties for citizens who don’t get rid of them. This, by the way, from the same sort of people who say they don’t want to take our guns away. I would imagine that there are citizens in that town who will be looking to see how quickly they can sell their home.

What About the Rest of the Story?

While David Hogg, the new communist figurehead and his movement are capturing all the media attention, there are others who are clearly more deserving of it. In addition, there are those who have alternate plans for safety, who are being totally ignored by the media.

If the March for Our Lives was truly about school safety, then it should have included a variety of points of view, talking about a variety of ways to make our schools safer for our children. After all, isn’t that the supposed goal? Sadly, it’s not. The real goal isn’t to talk about school safety, a very important issue that needs to be talked about, it’s to talk about gun control and to vilify anyone who doesn’t agree with their leftist agenda of disarming the American public.

Then there are the heroes of Parkland, who are the ones who really deserve media attention. Anthony Borges, a young man who all but gave his life in defense of his fellow students, is being largely ignored by the mainstream media, after spending almost two months in the hospital and undergoing nine surgeries. He is responsible for saving at least 20 lives, by bravely holding the door closed. This cost him being shot five times.

Then there’s the coach, Aaron Feis who died, shielding his students with his own body. The media has said very little about him. Would that man not have made a much greater difference in the lives of his students, had he been able to use something besides his body to protect them?

President Trump has proposed arming teachers as a means to make the schools safer, a move which has received great acclaim by those on the political right and has been rejected outright by those on the left. Yet the facts back up Trump. Not only is gun-related violence lower in areas where a greater number of citizens are armed, but school shootings are unheard of in Israel, where all the teachers are armed.

First Guns, Then Knives

As we know, the issue to the left isn’t one of safety, it’s one of disarming the public. They can’t achieve their goal of a one-world socialistic government as long as the American public is armed. The only way that their plans can succeed is by redistributing the wealth of America and they can’t do that, as long as patriotic Americans have the ability to resist the United States being absorbed into the one-world government.

So they will continue to work on disarming us. But will that make us any safer? Not at all. Nor will it make the liberal snowflakes who want to be disarmed any safer. The bad guys will still have guns and they will still be waiting for the police to arrive… just in time to outline their bodies in chalk.

This has been proven out recently in London, where the murder rate has actually surpassed that of the Big Apple for two months in a row. A sudden increase of knife killings in London has made these numbers go topsy-turvy, disproving the lie that gun control makes us safer in the process.

England has long been known for their strict gun laws, which have been held up as an example by the progressive-liberal left. But as many of us on the right have said over and over again, getting rid of guns doesn’t make the world any safer. People killed each other for centuries before the first guns were invented and they will continue to kill each other, even if the left manages to take our guns away. The only real difference will be that it will be harder for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves.

So, what’s the answer to killings in a country which doesn’t have many guns? Obvious; get rid of knives too. London’s mayor, another progressive-liberal icon, has decreed that the police will now by stopping anyone who looks like they may be carrying a knife and searching them. After all, according to him, there’s no reason why anyone needs to carry a knife.

Yes folks… insanity has set in. And this is where our Democrat Party wants to take us too. If they have their way, they will continue to restrict our rights, taking over more and more of our lives, until they have us all living in padded cells.

Should the World Be a Safe Place?

I think it’s time that we look at a more basic question. That is, should we even expect the world to be safe? I mean, really, is there anything about this life which would naturally lead us to expect life to be safe? Can we totally eliminate skinned knees on the playground and broken hearts from broken relationships? Can we flip a switch and turn off cancer and other serious diseases? Can we eliminate the possibility of cars having accidents and tell Mother Nature that she’s not allowed to do any more hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and earthquakes?

The reality is that the world we live in is a dangerous place. It always has been and it always will be. There are many places in the world today, where you would die, if you went there unprepared. That will never stop. We can’t even stop it here in the United States, let alone in the rest of the world.

Part of the danger in the world is that of predators and prey. The food chain consists of animals eating plants and animals eating other animals. Each species has its place on that chain, with many species being both predator and prey in turn. Mankind is at the top, and even from that vantage point, we are occasionally prey to other, lower species.

Even within mankind we see the system of predators and prey. But there’s a difference here. While there are still human predators who hunt animals, the ones which receive the most attention are the ones who hunt other humans, not for food, but simply to kill them.

As long as this category of predator exists, there will be pain, suffering and violence in the world. Even if we could eliminate all other sources of danger, we would still be faced with the danger of these two-legged predators. They are one of the oldest parts of our society, harkening back to the time when Cain killed his brother, Abel.

These predators won’t put down their guns, just because law-abiding citizens do, any more than a cheetah will stop hunting if you give it meat. Hunting is part of their nature and no amount of social engineering will take it away. The only thing that will take it away is them coming up against someone who can beat them at their own game.

This is the old analogy of the wolves and the sheep dogs. Sheep, left alone, are easy prey to wolves. But when the sheep are protected by sheep dogs, the wolves look for easier prey. The sheeple in our society need sheep dogs too and there aren’t enough in the nation’s various law enforcement agencies to protect the sheeple from all the wolves out there.

Those of us who can, need to be sheep dogs. That’s why we need armed resource officers and armed teachers in our schools. No child of any age should have to sacrifice their life to protect another from the two-legged predators amongst us. But it needs to be limited to those who can. Not every teacher is apt to being a sheep dog. So they shouldn’t even try. That should be left to those who believe they can stand in the face of danger and protect others; and they should be trained and equipped well, before we expect them to do so.

Safety Comes From Knowledge

Danger is useful in that it is a teacher; and learning is a necessary ingredient to growth and maturity. One who never faces any sort of danger whatsoever is not going to mature. They’re never going to learn how to deal with difficult or dangerous things. They won’t know how to make decisions. All they’ll ever be is children in big bodies.

Part of maturity is the ability to face danger and come out on top. This is not limited to just violence, but can be seen to apply to financial danger, emotional danger or even the danger caused by sickness and disease. The flu can be a killer, if one doesn’t know how to take care of themselves.

Herein lies the secret to safety… knowledge. If it is impossible to make the world a totally safe place, then the only true safety comes from finding ways of dealing with those dangers effectively. Knowing how to care for yourself and protect yourself from disease is one way of using knowledge to face danger effectively. Knowing how to use firearms and survive a firefight is another.

It is interesting that almost every gun control advocate out there is afraid of guns. Hardly any of them have ever touched a gun, let along really knowing anything about them. They show their ignorance, every time they open their mouths to talk about how dangerous guns are.

There are roughly three times as many people killed by drunk driving than by gun violence each year, if you take suicide out of the equation. Yet these people who are afraid of guns pretty much all drive cars. What’s the difference? It’s not that cars are never used to kill people; the law says otherwise. If a drunk driver kills someone, they are tried for vehicular manslaughter; they don’t get off scott-free. No, the difference is that the person who is afraid of guns isn’t afraid of cars, because they know how to drive a car.

Those on the left would dismiss this analogy, saying that it isn’t right. Cars aren’t used as weapons. But then, most guns aren’t used as weapons either, even though guns were originally created to be weapons of war. But to one who understands weapons and tactics, anything can be a weapon.

But the reality is that they aren’t afraid of cars, even though the statistics show how dangerous cars are, simply because they have confidence in their own ability to drive a car. Most of us believe that we can avoid an accident, and we can point to accidents we have avoided as proof of that belief. But the reality is, there are accidents that can’t be avoided.

Let’s take this a different direction. You and I would probably be afraid of someone attacking us with a double-bitted axe, unless we happened to have a gun in our hand Why? Simply because we don’t know how to defend ourselves from that axe. If we did have that knowledge, we would prepare to defend ourselves; not prepare to wet our pants in fear.

The difference is knowledge. Quite literally, the only way we can make the world a safe place to live in, is with knowledge. Knowing how to survive that axe attack makes the world a safer place for us. Knowing how to survive a hurricane makes it a safer place for us too. Every danger we know how to protect ourselves from, makes the world a safer place of us… but just in that area. Likewise, knowledge of firearms and their use, makes the world a safer place for us, in the world of gun-related violence.

Sadly, our knowledge only works for ourselves and those who are closest to us. I can protect my family with guns or those who are eating in the same restaurant that I am, but that’s about as far as it extends. My knowledge doesn’t do you any good, unless we are together or we share that knowledge.

I can’t make the world a safer place for our school children. Only those who are there can do that. So, the key to making that place into a safe place is making sure that there are sheep dogs in the schools, who are ready to protect our children. Whether those are teacher, police or retired military doesn’t matter; it just matters that their teeth are sharp and they know how to use them.

Written by

Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • It’s a fact that every 50 minutes a person dies do to drunk driving, that’s 27 people a day 9,855 a year, 15% of those are under 21 year’s of age that’s 1,480 kids that die from drinking and driving. Last I looked it’s illegal to drink under 21. Now how many kids have been killed by other kids with guns? Let’s make car’s and trucks illegal then we can save the lives of 1,480 kids from drunk driving accidents.

    • Or make booze illegal?

      • Wouldn’t work. Remember Prohibition? If you want it bad enough, you can still get alcohol (or guns), even though they are illegal.

  • Mr. White is right. The world is not a safe place. Neverhas been and never will be. ‘Gun Control” is not about guns it is about control. Just look at how many of the members of our government have armed body guards and ask yourself why they vote for stricter gun laws.

  • Excellent article. Thank you for a voice of logic and reason.

  • I lay this at the feet of obama . In 2012 , obama issued a E.O. and the head of the Justice Dept. eric holder made it happen . Where in a effort to lower arrest numbers , no teenagers were to be arrested except for very serious crimes. The arrest numbers went down and Parkland was able to get more financial aid from the federal govt. and also the state govt. So, if the fbi and sheriff barney fife had been able to do their jobs and report cruz to the instant background check People . CRUZ would NEVER BEEN ABLE TO PURCHASE AN-15 . I also believe that is also the reason the the police stayed outside and never went in to the school and confront the shooter .

  • I believe in having self protection. I believe in protecting our children in or away from schools or home. I also believe there is something missing from the ptoblems we are experiencing with guns. It is NOT the guns that are shooting our children or family or friends. It is the persons using the guns. These “children” and “people” using these weapons are killing because they have not been taught NOT to use these weapons. First, they have not had parents to teach them right from wrong. They don’t know what evil is. They have not been taught to be CARING of others! They know not the “Golden Rule”, the parents have cheated them out of knowing how to be responsible for their actions and the consequences of doing wrong. There has been no childhood discipline. Probably never were punished for talking back to their parents .Teaching children is loving them. Correcting their behavior is loving them. Telling them how to behave, guiding them is loving them. Too many of today’s children are being raised without caring parents. Obviously they act out without being disciplined. David Hogg is an example of demonstrating unguided free will.
    The other problem these kids have is they are watching violence, shooting, fighting, killing for NO reason on TV, movies, and especially VIDEO GAMES!!!! They are even making violent animated games for small children.
    Just look at the number of NASTY girls demonstrating their viscous behavior. Sharing their bodies to “impress “ boys! Promoting sexual behavior. Then resulting in UNWANTED pregnancy’s! Then on to abortion clinics. And not being accountable for their horrid mistakes! Who pays for all this crime and killing babies? Should they not be accountable because they were irresponsible for themselves? Their parents should be responsible for NOT teaching their kids to be respectable and responsible. The general tax payers are NOT RESPONSIBLE for negligent parents children. I could go on and on about people failing their children by lack of guidance!!! If they are brought up properly, children would never go nuts killing. They must be taught self discipline!
    Society has gone BAD because of neglect….
    For the time being as it is, put armed guards in the schools! Maybe even gun sniffing dogs.
    It is going to take a generation to correct children’s behavior IF teaching the little ones starts NOW. And start some decent parenting classes for students parents NOW. Too many kids are taking over the adults by their selfish behavior. Kids like David Hogg. Who the hell does he think he is? He is just a monster child. Shut him up! Good luck with that! He probably pushes his parents around because they are afraid of him! Guess they got what they deserve for not raising him properly!
    If you have guns in your home, LOCK THEM UP!

    • Linda, I (and my wife), raised 3 boys. I had firearms around the house all the time. I carried a pistol almost all the time. My sons NEVER mis-handled a weapon because they were TAUGHT that firearms are not toys, they are serious tools used for a specific reason–to protect self and others. My sons (and my wife) were taught that a firearm is NEVER used just to intimidate someone. Firearms are used to protect life and stop those who would unjustly destroy life. I also am helping to teach my grand-children the same lessons about firearm handling. Excellent article, especially about firearms being a tool that is to be used in a specific way. Again, guns don’t kill people–People kill people. Interesting that we hear so much about blacks being killed, yet no one ever seems to mention that the ones who kills blacks are primarily OTHER BLACKS. America is the ONLY country in the world (that I’m aware of, that recognizes the natural right of mankind to protect him/herself with firearms. Also, don’t forget that the 2nd Amendment is there to provide the citizens with a means of resisting a tyrannical federal government.

  • What bothers me so much about this Parkland shooting & Hogg. Why isn’t he upset at the real villains in this shooting. The school had an armed guard who’s only job was to shoot back & he didn’t, he should not only be put in prison as an accomplice, he should have to pay back every cent he was paid. The police failed those 39 times to disarm this kid, the FBI knew & did nothing, the principal put money before the safety of his students he’s responsible for. They all piss me off & he didn’t even shoot at me. I know Hogg was safely out of harms way, so maybe that’s why he’s not mad at the people who’s responsible for all the death & destruction. If anyone has the chance, ask Hogg that question, I’d like to hear his answer.

  • Guns are LOUD! Loud noises are scary, particularly when you are not in control of them. So gun-haters probably are starting off any association that they could have with guns from
    being a POSITIVE, because guns are fun,, to being a NEGATIVE because guns are LOUD and scary. Cell phones AREN’T loud and scary, but distracted drivers using them kill and maim exponentially more people than all the gun situations combined and multiplied. I looked up the statistics for 2016 – the last year with records then and the comparison was ABSURD. Any unnecessary death, pain or grief is a problem, but let’s try to show the haters a truth and get away from the emotion and fear of noisy objects.

  • Here is the Fix:
    Let anybody who has a Concealed Carry license carry their gun into school. Just like they can carry it anywhere else.

    The state of Utah has done us all the favor of running this experiment. For well over a decade, in Utah, anyone with a concealed carry permit can carry their concealed handgun into a school. Teachers, administrators, support staff, visiting parents; anybody. Furthermore, teachers and staff don’t have to tell anybody if they are carrying, not even if they are asked.

    There have been no instances of any teachers going berserk and opening fire on their students.

    There have been no instances of any students stealing a teacher’s gun.

    In 2014, a teacher managed to fire her pistol in the ladies’ room when she was re-holstering her pistol after using the facility; she destroyed a toilet. As far as I know, there have been no other accidents.

    There also have been no school shootings. None.


  • The greatest moral failure of the left? How about funding the sacrificing of our future children at the altar of convenience?

  • Why do Liberals insist on calling AR-15 rifles and the like “assault rifles”? I was in the Army for over 25 years and NEVER assaulted anyone. We mostly used our weapons for DEFENSE. If I shot you in the a** with a “Red Ryder carbine-action two-hundred shot range-model air rifle with a compass in the stock”, that would be considered an “ASSAULT WEAPON”. If I hit you with a hammer, the hammer would become an ASSAULT WEAPON. My fist in your face would be an ASSAULT WEAPON. Anything you use to injure another is an ASSAULT WEAPON. Get it?
    My Drill Sergeant in basic told us that our rifles, bayonets, grenades, etc. were only tools. We are the weapons! A hammer is a tool or a weapon, depending on INTENT. A bolt action .single-shot (no high capacity magazine) becomes an “assault rifle” if you shoot someone with it.
    Liberals, DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS? Instead of banning guns, why not ban people? Guns NEVER fire in anger by themselves. It takes a human finger on the trigger.

  • Another thought. How many school shootings are committed by adults over 25? How about studying why kids hate each other enough to bring guns to school to kill fellow students.
    Seems to me that’s where the problems are>