Should The Police Be Defunded?

If there’s anything that has come out of George Floyd’s unfortunate death at the hands of a rogue police officer, it has been the defund the police movement.

While the idea of defunding the police isn’t actually new and in fact predated George Floyd’s death by many years, it received public recognition through the death of Floyd and has become a rallying cry for not only anarchists but the Democrat Party. It actually became one of the common themes at the 2020 Democrat National Convention.

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It’s important that we realize just who is calling for the defunding of the police. More than anything, it is ANTIFA (whose name belies their fascist efforts), followed by those who have hijacked the Black Lives Matter movement. In other words, it’s a bunch of anarchists; people who want to do away with law and order, so that they can get rid of organized government.

These are revolutionary groups, who are actively seeking in fomenting revolution. They want to bring down the government so that they can replace it with their ideas of a Marxist utopia. What’s sadly funny about this is that the Democrat Party supports them; the same party which thinks the solution to every problem is more government. But then, the Democrats have been becoming more and more Marxist through the years.

A number of city councils in some of our nation’s major cities have answered the mob’s cry to defund the police by taking actions to do just that, reducing the budgets of their city police departments by millions of dollars, sometimes by over 150 million. The city council of Minneapolis, the city where Floyd died, has passed a resolution to totally do away with their police department, replacing it with “social programs” of some sort.

To be honest, some of the ideas which have been floated as an alternative to the police answering every call seem worthy of study. Police are routinely required to answer calls that they are poorly equipped and trained to deal with, such as domestic dispute calls. If an alternative could be found for some of these situations, it might better serve the people, while taking that burden off the police.

But that doesn’t mean defund the police and put it in place now. Domestic dispute situations are some of the most dangerous that police are required to face. How long will it be before these social workers insist on police protection when they go on a call, totally negating any reduction in police workload?

It’s Not a Good Theory

If Minneapolis is any example, then defunding the police and using that money for social programs isn’t a good idea. There has already been a clear and measurable increase in violent crime in that city, due to the lower police presence. I’m not just talking about crime related to the rioting, but violent crime in general. They are currently 20 murders ahead of their average for the number of murders committed up to this time in an average year.

Violence in the Lake Street area, south of downtown Minneapolis has been so bad that business owners are closing their doors and moving away, including some nationwide chains. The lack of police protection, coupled with the looting and rioting has made doing business in that area too risky. When business owners can’t make more profits than what they lose to looters, there’s not much reason to stay in that location.

All this has led to citizens of Minneapolis suing the city over efforts to defund the police. Their claim, which makes a lot of sense, is that they are paying taxes for police protection. But that protection is being taken away from them for political expediency, to pacify the mob.

According to the Minneapolis City Charter, the number of police required for the current population is 743. But between budget cuts and a toxic work environment causing many officers to quit, that there aren’t enough officers available to meet that number and keep the city safe. Citizens who are behind the lawsuit are demanding that the City Council properly fund, staff, and support the city’s police.

As with many such situations, the problem here isn’t the police, it’s the politicians who are keeping the police from doing their job. Our police are doing the best they can, but when they are put under unrealistic restrictions that limit their ability to do their jobs, it’s not their fault.

What Can We Expect?

Up until now, the defund the police movement has only gained traction in Democrat-controlled cities. But that doesn’t mean that things will stay that way. The Democrat Party has taken the action of making the movement part of its 2020 platform, so if they gain control of both houses of Congress or the presidency, we can be sure that they will be pushing to expand the movement’s reach.

That’s not just true for the 2020 elections. With this becoming a part of the Democrat platform, they will most likely continue pushing it throughout the next four years and probably beyond. Unless the 2024 DNC repeals this part of their platform, we can expect this to be a continuous movement.

With that being the case, it is going to affect more and more cities, even cities with a Republican-controlled government, if the state government is Democrat or the city has a strong Democrat presence. If they can force some sort of a to defund law at the state level, it will end up forcing cities to adopt that change, whether they want to or not.

More Crime a Comin’

Considering the early results that they’re seeing in Minneapolis, it’s clear that defunding the police is going to have at least one major impact… an increase in crime. It may have other effects as well, but that’s one we can pretty much be sure of. Criminals aren’t going to all go on vacation, just because there is less police protection. If anything, they’re going to be seeing this as an opportunity to be taken advantage of.

Without proper police protection, it will fall upon us to defend ourselves and our families. While that has always been our responsibility, the frequency of incidents where people will have to actually do that is going to go up. Police reaction times will lengthen, even for emergency calls.

We’re already seeing some municipalities where the police are not being dispatched for lesser crimes, due to a combination of the rioting and lower police budgets. You can be sure that the criminal element has seen that too and is trying to figure out how to take advantage of it. They are clever enough to determine right where the line is so that they will know what they can get away with, without a police response.

Projecting this farther into the future, we will probably see a continuing increase in crime, with police being punished more and more for it. Democrats being who they are and with the political ideas they have, the increase in crime isn’t going to convince them that they are wrong, but rather that they need to double down on their ideology. So they’ll just defund the police more while blaming Republicans for the increase in crime.

What Can We Do?

With the potential that exists for this situation to continue deteriorating, we must all be ready to defend our homes and family, rather than depending on the police doing it for us. As preppers, we tend to be self-sufficient anyway, including in the area of self-defense. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t hurt to raise our situational awareness up a notch or two.

At the same time, we must be extremely careful about how we react to any potential crime. As a community, we are accustomed to thinking in terms of a post-apocalyptic time, when there is no law and order. That’s not what we’re referring to here. While there may be diminished law and order, you can be sure that if you shoot a criminal, it will be investigated. So if you’re forced to pull the trigger, or even to draw your gun, make sure that you are within the bounds of the law.

I’d even go a step farther than that; in that, I would recommend being sure that you have evidence to prove that your actions were reasonable. They now require police in many jurisdictions to wear bodycams for that purpose, why shouldn’t we? A 1080P bodycam with 32gb SD memory sells for as little as $30. That sounds like a good investment to me.

What About Vigilantes?

There is a strong possibility of vigilante groups forming, should the situation get out of hand. If that happens, it wouldn’t be the first time in American history for it. In the early days of our country, before organized police forces, vigilantism was commonplace. But it has become illegal in much of the country.

That’s not to say there isn’t a place for neighborhood watch groups. Most police departments appreciate citizens helping them by being their eyes in the community and letting them know when something is happening that they need to be aware of. Becoming part of a neighborhood watch group is not the same as being a vigilante, although it can sometimes cross over if you’re not careful.

Remember what happened with George Zimmerman? While he was eventually acquitted of the killing of Trayvon Martin, there are many who think he shouldn’t have been (and I’m not just talking about those who are seeing it through purely racial eyes). But even with winning his court case, Zimmerman has ended up having to move and has been plagued by negative press. His life after that shooting hasn’t been a bed of roses, but rather has been constant controversy.

This isn’t to say that you can’t defend yourself if you’re involved with neighborhood watch, just that you have to use extreme caution. But then, we have to do that anyway. The truth of the matter is that anyone who uses a firearm in self-defense comes under scrutiny. It has to be that way, to ensure that the law is not broken.

Then there are the McCloskeys

We’ve all seen the case of Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple who stood outside their home, armed, defending it from a group of protesters. From everything I’ve been able to gather about the case, they were perfectly within their rights in what they did, with the exception of the pictures showing Patricia pointing her pistol at the crowd. That can be considered as either brandishing a weapon or threatening with a weapon.

But the McCloskey’s live in a state where the Castle Doctrine is the law. They were defending their home, in fear of their lives, and there were people in the crowd of demonstrators who were armed. So they could probably beat any such charge on those grounds.

Nevertheless, Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner has filed charges against them for “felony unlawful use of a weapon and fourth-degree assault” a couple of what sound like trumped-up charges that shouldn’t stand up in court. This attorney has also reportedly had the pistol Patricia was holding reassembled because it had been rendered inoperable by the McCloskey’s for use as a prop in a court hearing (they are both lawyers).

I guess this shouldn’t be surprising, considering that Gardner is a Democrat and the Democrat Party has declared war on the Second Amendment. What this tells us though, is that we can expect more of the same, anytime any of us come against one of their pet revolutionary groups. That’s just that much more reason why we should all use extreme caution.

Consider a Less Lethal Option

I’ve started looking at less-lethal options to protect myself and my family. I’m not talking about pepper spray and tasers, which only work at arm’s length, but other options that have been developed for police forces.

  • Taser Pistols – Many police forces are arming their officers with these, providing them with a less-lethal option they can use on an uncooperative suspect. The advantage over other tasers is that they work from about 20 feet away.
  • Rubber Bullets – Rubber bullets are being made for some of the most popular pistol cartridge sizes. While they can still penetrate, they don’t penetrate as far, but rather transfer their energy to the target. This gives them good stopping power, without a high risk of permanent injury or death.
  • Less Lethal Shotgun Shells – Not only are there shotgun shells available with rubber balls in them, but also koosh balls, beanbags, plastic BBs, and pepper. This makes the shotgun the best less-lethal firearm option out there, allowing you a choice of ways to defend your home, with minimal risk of killing someone.

Why should that matter to you? Besides the fact that killing someone is emotionally traumatizing to both the shooter and the family of the deceased, using a less-lethal option looks good in court. If you are called into court for using “lethal force” in self-defense, any lawyer should be able to make a good case that you used a less-lethal option, when you had regular rounds available to you. That does a pretty good job of showing that your intent wasn’t to kill, as the opposing attorney will most likely say, but rather to stop the assailant from doing you harm.

Looking at it that way, a less lethal option is a good idea in today’s political climate. I wouldn’t replace my EDC gun with a taser pistol or a shotgun with beanbag rounds in it, but I would definitely consider adding those to my options for defending my home.

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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • Good article. The recent violence has inspired me to upgrade from a single action auto (1911) to a double action Beretta 92x. Since I am older it is more practical for EDC and my other force option is pepper spray.

  • no you should not defund the cops , help them there not all bad and there not all good they are people , look at the move escape from new york or the movie jerygo

  • Hell No, this is almost becoming a 3rd. World Country–Wake Up Folks, if you have No Law and Order-Chaos Prevails!!!

  • Come on. I read your emails to learn about survival and prepping. I don’t need to read your unfounded opinions about Democratic-controlled cities and how more social service agencies won’t help improve the safety in our communities.

    Police can’t do everything and shouldn’t be asked to. They are trained to respond to crime, not necessarily stop it before it happens. No reasonable person is saying that we should eliminate the police. Let them do what they are trained to do – use force to bring order. This particular response is rarely the answer. In most cases, we need other Kinda of professionals to use communication and relationship-building and resource finding skills to resolve the issues that people have, whether it be due to a mental health problem, unemployment, substance use, parenting, etc… Please stick to the survival and prepping lessons that you are so good at providing. Stop talking politics. It’s isn’t helpful here.

    • Thank you

  • Heck no the police should NOT be defunded. My daughter works for the local police department, There are 2 people who work there. The Captain and my daughter who is the secretary. That is the closest job she could get and that is 17 miles from our home. We have some crazy Demonrats who have been trying to close the office but this is the lowest the people of the town would let it go, Now we need to get the demon rats out of office so the town can get some people who have some sense in their brains

  • If you think the riots are bad, just defund the police, and see how bad it will get.

  • Madness. But then the totalitarian “liberals” have been off the rails for years. Defund the police? O.K. but don’t be shocked when people in various communities become their own police instilling immediate justice at the end of a barrel. The liberals want martial law so they can bring in their chronies in the UN to enforce it. Then when the dust has settled we can all bow down to king/God George Soros licking his boots to stay alive.

  • George Floyd’s was not the victim of an “unfortunate death” by “a rogue officer.” He was the victim of a murder, perpetrated by not only one officer but the other officers who were there and didn’t try to stop him.

  • At some admitted risk of giving credence to the admitted excesses of vigilanteism, let it be remembered that this country owes its existence to a people who “took the law into their own hands”; and what became of it? Well, just look at this country’s history (by way of comparison to any other). As James Madison aptly and powerfully put it, the ultimate authority rests with the people, and that’s the way it should be, whatever path that may take.

  • Just want to toss something out here for people to think about . . . We need some form of armed police force. No argument, there. However, we DON’T need a “militarized” police force. Why do the cops need military-grade weapons? Why do they need armored personnel carriers? The simple answer is that they don’t. Bill Clinton signed the executive order that gave any police force, military weaponry, FREE OF CHARGE. All that was required, was for the head of the department to write a letter and ask for whatever it was they wanted, and the federal government gave it to them. Ever since then, some cops in America look more like soldiers than cops. Some American cities look like Third-World dictatorships where soldiers are patrolling the streets with full-auto weapons while wearing full body armor. None of that is necessary to keep law and order! American cities were safe before Clinton signed his order, and we don’t need “soldier cops,” now. Everyone needs to keep one fact in mind: A dictatorship is also known as a “police state.” The terms are synonymous. There’s a reason for that. Any government that decides to become a dictatorship, whether it’s a fascist dictatorship by the Republicans or a socialist dictatorship by the Democrats, needs a powerful police force to keep the population in-line and crush any dissent. For that reason, I think we DO need to defund the police. I’m okay with cops having their Glocks and riot shotguns and body-armor vests. SWAT teams can have full body armor and semi-auto (not full-auto) AR-15s. They don’t need anything more than that. We don’t need cops who are armed as a military force. If a situation starts to get out-of-hand, the governor can always call in the National Guard. That’s what they’re there for. The problem with the police in America is that they have too damned much power! It’s like the old saying goes: “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” All that power has gone to the heads of American cops and they think they can do whatever they please. That’s why that POS cop knelt on George Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes until he was dead. He knew that he’d be able to get away with it. Only, this time he didn’t because he was on-camera. But, how many times do cops get away with that sort of thing because there’s no one with a cell phone around to record it? So, long story short . . . We DO need cops, but we don’t need as many of them as we have, and they don’t need to have as much power as they do. The laws that protect them and make them feel untouchable need to be changed. And, they sure as hell don’t need military hardware!

    • Well, Dale, what we really need is for people to obey laws and above anything else,, follow instructions given by police. if that would happen none of these incidents would have taken place, and it wouldn’t matter what weapons the police happen to have.. In my opinion, the BLM and ANTIFA groups sponsored by George Soros are a definite threat to the American way of life and police have the right to have the same weapons anarchist have.

  • hell no they should be doing more to stop this non-sence whatever i t

  • George Soros is at it again. He thinks if he can get the dummies in Ameriça to refund the police, he can move his own martial law in. Then they get to set up there own rules and ALL YOUR FREEDOMS are gone for good. Once you vote something like this in, you can’t go back. Wake up!! George Floyd was on phentenol. Three times the amount that is dangerous. Of course he couldn’t breathe!! But the cops didn’t make him take the drugs. Come on. We must be responsible for our own actions. The police are here to serve & protect and they do a damn good job. There’s only one race in the world. Get over this silly black lives matter. Everyone matters.

  • Get rid of all police? What sort of knot-head came up with that one? Just look at the Demon-crat controlled cities where those riots continue unabated. You’ll see what would happen to all of America.
    Does law enforcement need reforms? Oh, definitely. First, the “Police word is uncontestable truth!” has to stop. Cops routinely lie to get their way,and corrupt judges let them do so with impunity. Then there are the Power Trips. Some cops think they’re above the law (and,too often, they are) and they bully people just for sport. Lying, ticketing for false charges, illegal searches, open theft of property under the guise of “confiscation”.Drug dealing,,molesting children,sharing child porn, driving while intoxicated,open harassment,physical assaults,the list is nearly endless.
    Get rid of police? Of course not. We need them.But, the behavior of most of them desperately needs to be altered by holding them to account for grievous abuses of power.

  • My first post is gone. Will try again. Without police we automatically go into martial law. At that point, All our FREEDOMS ARE Gone and we never get them back. If there are problems inside some of the forces, The AG needs to get involved. The trouble is, the further up the chain of command you go, the more political the ppl become. It’s tricky but we have to take the good with the bad. George Soros is pushing for defunding police. Along with many other scary changes. He’s one evil man who wants power to run the world. He’s all for a totalitarian society. Don’t buy into their game. Don’t give up your freedoms!! If you are unsure, stick with the tried and true method until you’ve had time to read more about our history and really study things. Don’t vote democratic. It’s playing Russian roulette with your children’s future. Don’t throw your rights into the hands of a few. No matter how tantalizing they make it sound.

  • Have Americans absolutely lost their minds? Defund and or tie the hands of honest hard working police officers behind their backs is insane. The ONLY thing that stands between armed gangs of Antifa or riotous crowds are the good hard working armed Americans. Nothing good is coming from destroying American cities except we are being conditioned to think this is ok. Go to ANY other country in this world and try this crazy and see how far it gets you. STAND UP FOR AND BESDIDE YOUR POLICE OFFICERS ! Trust me when I say no police officer puts on a uniform and shows up to work for the money. GOD BLESS LAW ENFORCEMENT! MY PRAYERS AND SUPPORT ARE WITH YOU.

  • Hello,
    And, of course, the big shots supporting this craziness are ALL protected by ARMED security so they don’t give a flying crap if cop are around or not. It’s just the little guy that does not need guns or police. Ghost guns anybody?

  • Sure, go ahead and defund the police! Then citizens of this country can watch TV in the evening with a shotgun draped across the arms of their recliners to defend themselves against attack when someone kicks open the door of their home without saying “Police”! first. Think that can’t happen here? Look up the post-economic collapse crime activity in countries who lost their police departments (the police usually stop working when they stop getting paid.) or whose police departments were overwhelmed by civil unrest. Wake up people. The Socialists in this country are trying to take away the next to the last line of defense you have against violent crime. The last line of defense – is you.

  • I’m happy defending myself and perfectly capable of doing so. But, the police in America have too much power and they are abusing that power. We do NOT need a bunch of fascist cops who think they are above the law, marching through our streets and killing people, raping women, shooting people seven times in the back in front of their kids, etc., etc.! They need to be brought under control because they are OUT OF CONTROL. Yes, they need to have some of their money taken away. Yes, they need to be replaced in many areas with other services that can do the job better. But, most importantly, we need to change the laws that shield cops and make them unaccountable to anyone. They protect one another behind their code of silence of “the thin blue line” and that’s BS. They are NOT above the law! They are NOT above the rest of us! It says “To Protect and Serve” on the side of many police vehicles in America, but the cops are only interested in protecting themselves and serving their own interests! You’re the one who needs to wake up and look around and see the cops for what they really are, John. There are some good cops out there . . . I hope. But, those good cops need to stand up and be counted and turn in the bad cops. Until that happens and until we have laws to throw those bad cops in prison where they belong, we may as well be living in Nazi Germany, because American cops are damn near as bad as the Gestapo ever was!

  • I’ve noticed the last few months that Survialpedia is leaning more and more to the Right in its political views. I read Surivalpedia for its survival information and tips, which I find are usually thought provoking and practical to know. It matters little to me in a SHTF circumstances as to what political Party was in power at the time it occurred.. It matters little whether the Democrats, the Republicans, or it was an Act of God contributed to it. . I’m only interested in surviving the situation as best I can.
    Labeling Democrats as Communist, is like labeling the Republicans as a Fascist Party.
    The US is supposed to be a Democracy. Meaning a merging of various views and ideas into something we can “ALL” get along by.. And of course there will be extreme views in no matter how many Parties there are. We’re human. We’re greedy., self serving, with ego’s, and no one group, or ideal should dominate this Nation. For it to survive, we need all practical views meld together into “ONE”. If you doubt that, read the Constitution. It isn’t that difficult. It is probably the most well thought out and written document to ever be make by Man. It is NOT up to Congress to protect the Constitution and your rights. It is VERY clear in that. It in the end, is up to the people defend those rights. It is also up to all of us to not become manipulated bubble heads. .

    “ALL” the Parties thrive on “contributions” to influence this or that ideal. or view within that Party. Unfortunately the average voters are limited in their input into a Parties current ideals, to their voting every 2 to 4 years for the various candidates that represent that Parties ideal. Or at least as long as the “contributions” can maintain that Parties stance.

    The Oath of the Republican and Democratic Party are almost identical.. A member of either Party pledges to support that Party iideals and views first. That of the Nation second. And those of the People they supposedly serve,…….. third. (Kind of backward to me.)
    Notice that the Party is first and foremost concern. And no matter what changes, or circumstances that may occur to the Nation,, or the People, the Party will survive. In short, there is only one thing in our political system protecting “ME”, and that is the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Nothing else. And for Damn sure not Congress.
    Consequently I am neither a Democrat, nor a Republican. I am an Independent. I simply vote for the candidate that I feel will do the least amount of damage while in office,

    As I said earlier,, I believed that Surviorpedia is a very informative in bringing to the average Americans attention, and in advising them that circumstances” may not always go as planned, or that we cannot always control the circumstances Nature dealt us. Therefore, it is just good common sense to set aside a safety net,to assist in protecting and in restoring ourselves in times when “things” did not go as they were reprieved to go..

    However, in my opinion, political leanings, or philosophies of the author, editor, or Survivorpedia itself, should NOT be included in any manner,. We have enough problems to address in this issue, without including politics. Which is bottomless, and also makes Surviorpedia appear politically bias, and for sale, Thereby lessening its purpose for being, and the value of the message it is trying to convey. To say nothing of alienating half of your readers.

  • This is in response to a comment by JK and Dale on 08-25-20, I know you’re upset with the situation in our country and police shootings, but don’t take it out on Bill. He wrote a pretty good article with some points to consider as far as surviving the times. Maybe YOU should keep YOUR unfounded opinion to yourself. With degrees in Criminal Justice AND Sociology, I have studied the issues we are having today. They are nothing new, in fact, they are a lot LESS volatile today because of education and training that the officers receive. Many officers do have college educations. Do you? The numbers speak for themselves. Guessing that you are old enough to know what I’m talking about, you THINK you see more shootings today by police, or excessive use of force, because everyone carries a phone used to post video to social media, and they are programed to react, record and post. We couldn’t do that 20 or more years ago, and therefore, the general population (you) had no idea what was going on in other parts of the country but the numbers were there. I studied them. The Uniform Crime Reports (data collected by the FBI) show that we have less shootings of minority men today by police than before, in fact, there are more white men killed by police than black. I agree there still needs to be change to improve, but the answer may be in INCREASED funding for more intense training for specific types of calls for service. Many police departments cannot train officers the way they should due to lack of funding. Some departments cannot or do not give prospective police candidates needed psychological testing that would weed out potential bad apples. That is a very needed tool that every department should use but they don’t. Again, increased funding, not decreased funding is the answer. I don’t think you know what kind of training Officers get. Your statement of “use force to bring order” shows just that. Police Officers are trained in de-escalating situations to the best of their ability. They’re trained in the use of force continuum. Google it, maybe you’ll learn something! Using force is the last option, and they really don’t want to do it but they do because they have to. Your stupid idea of sending social workers to domestic disturbance calls just won’t work because they are just too unpredictable and dangerous. Many times, the abused will take the side of the abuser and attack the officer. I’d like to see what a social worker would do when called to a domestic disturbance in a prominently gay area and when knocking on the partially open door that now fully opens, revealing one man on his back near the door with another man mounting him on top, holding a knife deep in the lower man’s chest. What would you do?? How about a social worker going to another domestic call in the housing projects involving two brothers arguing over food, only to arrive seconds after one brother is shot to death by the other over the sandwich. How about a call to a mom and pop fight. Sure a social worker can calm down the situation, but what happens when that worker pulls into the driveway and an old man steps out onto the front porch holding a shotgun? What do you do now, oh liberal one? You see, it’s training, training and more training that’s needed, not lack of it. I know because I’ve seen it countless times. I have 33 years in law enforcement training and experience. I know first hand what goes through an officers mind when faced with calls that I’ve described because I’ve experienced them, and more. I’m sick and tired of liberals like you who think they have all the answers. Have you ever thought of training children at a young age to love one another and obey the laws and respect authority, not fear them? Have them learn the 10 commandments and live by them. Have you ever read them, or are you just another young atheist with no morals or values? You and other liberals like Maxine Waters, AOC, Pelosi, Schumer, Beto, Kamala Harris, Sharpton, make me sick. Bill White was just trying to tell people to be careful. To consider using less than lethal means of defending yourself and to think smart. He wrote a good article and told the truth about democrat run cities and the chaos there. I admit that I am ashamed that I once was a democrat, but I think for myself, saw the light, and now vote Republican because the democrats have changed so much due their hatred for our President and moved too far to the left. If you love this country and our freedom, you should all consider voting republican in November because once this country is taken over by the far left, it might never recover. Oh, and by the way JK, George Floyd’s autopsy showed that he was already dying of a massive drug overdose. He was already losing his lung function before being placed in the car. The coroner said that if not for the officer, Floyd would have died that day anyway. He wasn’t a hero. He was a thug who spent time in prison for shoving a pistol into a pregnant woman’s belly while others robbed her after he pushed her into her apartment. He had just committed a felony and was out of his mind on Fentanyl and Methamphetamine.

  • As an American, who served by the way, brought up my children to follow the law, and had 1, who when of age became an Officer in another state for 15 years, not only seen way more than should have; ( because he was a training Officer, a detective , a narcotics Officer, and a Homicide Officer- in those 15 years, ), but had to resign when the city politicians allowed, and supported the violence in that city, also told the Officers who were supposed to protect, told to do nothing, only watch, as the city was vandalized and destroyed!, this dedicated, decorated, and highly responsible Officer( my grown Child; realized, as the force was being defunded, by high ranking officials and politicians, recognized the futility, of the efforts over 15 years; to protect and serve! This country is being threatened, but not by anarchist, like our founding Fathers who wished to make a better lifestyle, but today by extremist, who want to destroy this country for there own PERSONAL Gain, and agenda! Do you wish to live like some countries where if you don’t believe and follow what they tell you, they cut off your and your family’s heads? This is what this country WILL become!

  • The problem with catchy phrases us that they rarely tell it like it is. Defund has never meant abolish. It meant that we recognize that the police have been given a lot of extra non-law enforcement jobs and maybe we should take them away and give them to someone more qualified to do them. But when you do that, it means hiring someone else to do that. In my city of Albuquerque, the cops used to take drunks to jail. Now instead they take them to the drug rehab center and the techs watch them until the following morning. We feed them and check their vitals every couple of hours. But to take that job away, you need to fund it. So you defund the cops to run the drunk tank. You don’t abolish the cops, you take funding away for non-law enforcement tasks and give that funding to other agencies or programs.