Putting An End To School Shootings

The Valentine’s Day school shooting in Parkland, Florida has set a new record, but not one that anyone would normally call attention to. The record, in this case, is one of liberal media bias, something that has become more and more obvious in the last few years.

Specifically, the left-wing mainstream media has managed to keep this shooting and their efforts to use it to push for gun control in the headlines for over a month.

Granted, the media had some help in doing this, with the supposedly grass-roots student walk-out in protest of gun violence on March 14th. But as much as the progressive-liberal propaganda machine would like to have us believe that this was a grass-roots student movement, it wasn’t.

The event was organized by the same organizers for the woman’s march that happened shortly after President Trump took office.

Now, here’s the interesting part; the woman’s march and the various organizations who collaborated on organizing that event have received $246 millions from George Soros, the financier behind every anti-American movement out there.

So, what was this really all about? Obviously it was about gun control. Soros is also one of the major powers behind the one world government movement, which can’t succeed as long as We the People have the ability to fight back against tyranny.

The armed citizens of the United States is the largest army in the world; and while we are not organized as an army or equipped with modern high-tech weaponry, we could stand off any attack by any army the UN could muster.

Those who underestimate the power of armed Americans as a fighting force have forgotten the lessons of the Vietnam War and other similar conflicts, in which armed insurgents, having nothing more than personal firearms to use as weapons, were able to hold off major military powers.

We lost that war, even though we clearly had the technological advantage and more firepower at our disposal.

The students who participated in the walkout have been duped by the progressive-liberal establishment. That’s not too surprising, considering that the vast majority of educators at all levels are Democrats, the party of progressive-liberalism.

As Adolf Hitler once said, “Let me control the textbooks and I will control the state.”

Hitler understood that controlling what children learn will control their worldview as adults. Clearly, the progressive-liberal movement has learned to follow his example, and is hard at work indoctrinating our children into their political ideology.

This makes it easy for those same liberals to manipulate impressionable children (including teens) into following blindly along the path that the liberal elite create, becoming mere pawns in the hands their “betters.”

Interestingly enough, if you look at the signs that these students were carrying on the day of the walkout, most don’t talk about gun control. Rather, they talk about fear and ending the violence in the schools. The signs which talk about gun control are mostly teachers for gun control, not students.

But to those in the mainstream media, the two are the same. The way to get rid of gun violence is to get rid of the guns. That’s why the cities with the highest rates of gun violence in the country are Democrat controlled cities with the strictest gun control laws in the country.

As we all know, liberals want to eliminate guns entirely. Not just eliminate them legally, repealing the Second Amendment; but repealing the laws of physics that allow guns to work.


Since they can’t do that, then the next best thing, from their point of view, is to get those guns out of the hands of people who they can’t control… in other words, the American public, especially conservatives. Then, they can turn the United States into a true police state, ready for the one world government.

But that’s still down the road a ways. The leftist propaganda plan to turn the American people against guns isn’t working. Oh, it’s strengthening those who are already on the left’s attitude against guns, but that’s all it’s doing.

On paper, those of us who support the Second Amendment are winning, as the laws of our country and especially of the several states, are becoming more positive towards guns, with more states making it easier to carry concealed, passing open carry laws and even scrapping gun control in favor of Constitutional Carry.

Nevertheless, we can expect the anti-gun crowd to continue pushing to take away our God-given rights to defend ourselves, just as they have in other countries.

This is their solution to the problem of school shootings, even though it has been fairly well proven that what makes schools such attractive targets is that they are gun-free zones.

Cutting to the Chase

The left loves to blame these shootings on the NRA and legal gun owners in general, demonizing us as a bunch of murderers, who get their kicks by body count. But the reality is, if we were really as dangerous as they say we are, they wouldn’t exist. We would have killed them long ago.

Nobody is pleased by murder, except the same sort of mentally disturbed people who commit it. Yet according to some conspiracy theorists on the right, some of these events are orchestrated by leftists in an effort to force gun control.

While I’m sure that there are those who will try to benefit from it, politically or otherwise, I would no more blame anyone on the left for causing these horrific events, than I would blame those on the right. Painting any group of people with such a broad brush is merely verbal bullying; it is not an effective means of discussing policy.

The question that stands before us as a nation, is how to stop these sorts of events. While we can all agree on them being horrible, when it comes to talking about how to stop them, there is no agreement at all. Those on the left opt for more gun control, while those on the right opt for good guys with guns, to counter the bad guys with guns.

In such a debate facts and statistics should be important; but sadly, they are not. At least, they are not to those on the left. They are being ideologically and emotionally driven, not bothering to look at the facts. Of course, the facts don’t back up their ideology, which probably makes it hard for them to take an honest look at them.

But the facts are rather clear.

Fact #1

The first fact is that almost all mass shootings happen in gun free zones. While there are exceptions, they are far outnumbered by the ones which take place in gun free zones. But even within those exceptions, there are many which have taken place in places where one would not expect to find guns, such as churches.

It is clear that the type of criminals who commit these mass shootings look for gun free zones as likely targets. Since schools are typically gun free zones, that makes them an ideal free-fire zone for these lunatics. Added to that, is the sheer horror of someone killing kids, something sure to grab the attention of any news source.

Fact #2

No matter how effective a police force is, they are limited by law to operating in a reactionary mode. This means that unless they happen to be at the school when the shooting starts, it will take them anywhere from three to eight minutes to even arrive at the school.

So, counting on the police for protection only works if the police are stationed at the school.

As we saw in the Parkland shooting, even that is no guarantee of protection for our children. If there is any lessons that can be taken away from that particular school shooting, they should be about the failure of law enforcement. Despite around 80 warnings about that killer, law enforcement didn’t do their jobs.

That particular shooting should never have happened.

We should also keep in mind that this is not the only mass shooting where the shooter should not have been able to get their hands on a gun. The Southerland Springs shooter was ex-military, with a history of mental problems. His name should have gone into the NICS database and he should not have been able to buy the guns that he used in that attack.

Fact #3

There are a number of different studies which show that gun control doesn’t stop crime; it is purely a “feel good” measure, so that those who support and pass those laws feel like they’ve done something.

As anyone knows, criminals don’t obey the law. So unless all guns could be eliminated, worldwide, they will always find ways of getting their hands on guns. With somewhere over 300 million privately-owned guns in the United States alone, there is no practical way of eliminating them all.

But even if they were somehow all miraculously eliminated, the most readily available gun in the world is the AK-47, and that’s not produced here in the US.

Fact #4

Although the gun control crowd tries to downplay it, there are somewhere between 100,000 and 2,000,000 gun-related crimes per year that are stopped by law-abiding citizens carrying guns legally. Unfortunately, there is no single database of these incidents and most go unreported.

The only statistics which are gathered are those where a legal gun owner kills in self-defense, which is a very small part of the total times a gun is used in self-defense.

In roughly 70% of the cases where a person who is legally carrying a gun concealed, they don’t have to fire a shot to stop a crime. Merely making it known that they are armed, by showing their gun, is enough to cause the criminals to flee.

By and large, criminals don’t want a murder rap hanging over their heads; their prime motivation in using a gun is to intimidate. So they will flee, rather than fight.

Fact #5

Criminals of any type, but especially those who commit mass murder, avoid places where there are armed guards. As previously noted, they don’t want a gunfight; they want to commit their crime and get away. That’s why there are so few attacks on the president, even though there have always been many people who hated each and every president we ever had.

Armed guards are not a perfect solution to crime, but they are the strongest deterrent there is. All passive defenses can be breached by someone who has the will to get thorough them. At some point, they have to be backed up by active defenses; someone with a gun.

Fact #6

As gun laws have become less prohibitive and more civilians have been armed, it has resulted in a net lowering of the violent crime rate, including the rate of gun-related violent crimes. Liberals love to point to the high number of gun-related killings in our country, but are somewhat dishonest in their use of statistics.

Two-thirds of the murders they refer to are suicides, and a large portion of the rest are gang-related activity.

Eliminating guns does not eliminate violence. Mankind has killed multiple millions of our own kind without guns. In the history of weapons, guns are the newcomers. Yet people killed each other with poisons, knives, rocks, sticks and a variety of other weapons through the years.

Eliminating guns would merely force killers to use other weapons, just as it has in other countries which have restrictive gun laws.

Fact #7

You can’t stop an armed killer with good wishes, warm fuzzies, or a cell phone. The only way to stop them is for someone to take them out of action. Whether that is shooting them in the head or throwing a net over them and rendering them immobile, something has to happen to stop their actions.

So, What do We Do?

It is clear, based on the facts that I’ve listed above, that the solution is to protect our children with guns. As a society we do that with anyone or anything else that is of value, so why don’t we do it with our children? Could it be that not protecting them is merely an ideological decision and not a practical one?


There are those who are more cynical than I, who would say that we don’t protect our children with armed guards because liberals want to point to these school shootings as a reason for gun control. I hope that those people are not right, as the idea that anyone would purposely allow our country’s children to be at risk. Anyone who would do such a thing is reprehensible.

Sadly, it is clear that we must turn our schools into armed camps, much like they are in Israel. There, teachers are all armed and there is an extremely low rate of school shootings. That’s rather amazing, when you consider that Hamas and other terrorist groups are constantly attacking Israel.

I don’t care if we hire armed guards, station police at schools, put military veterans to work as school guards or arm our teachers; we must protect our kids. Why not use all of those methods? The more protection we can offer our children, the better. That’s a much better use of our tax dollars, then many other things that schools waste them on.

However, anyone who is going to be around our children with firearms must be properly trained. A school is probably one of the worst tactical environments you can find. There are a lot of innocents around, who can accidentally catch a stray bullet. That would be tragic. Proper training is essential, so as to minimize the chances of that happening.

What Can We Do Personally?

Taking it to another level, what can you and I do personally to help guarantee the safety of our children? First of all, there are many legislative battles yet to be fought over this subject. Therefore, we must use the power of the voting booth wisely, electing representatives who will ensure our children’s safety and support our Second Amendment rights.

While those are merely two of many political issues facing our country today, they are important ones.

Secondly, we need to make our voice heard. Liberals are much better at making noise than we are. The reason why there is such a huge cry out for gun control, is that the liberals are all screaming the same thing and the liberal-controlled media is repeating it.

We need to keep raising the question of mental health, as well as denouncing the media for sensationalizing these killers and empowering them through their reporting.

Then, we must protect our own children. My children are grown now, so I don’t have to worry about them being caught in a school shooting. But it won’t be long before my grandchildren are in that position. So I am directly concerned about protecting my grandchildren.

When my grandchildren reach school age, they will be carrying backpacks to school, just like every other child out there. But they will have two items that most of those children don’t have. They’ll have a ballistic isnert in their backpack and simple rubber a doorstop.

One of the children who died in the Parkland shooting did so because he heroically held a classroom door closed against the shooter. Enraged, the killer shot through the door, killing him. His life could have been saved, if someone in that classroom had kept a rubber doorstop in their backpack.

Ballistic inserts, of the type I mentioned are readily available from a number of different body armor manufacturers. They fit inside the backpack, against the back wall. In the case of a shooting, the user puts the backpack on their chest, rather than their back, offering their vital organs protection from harm.

While not a perfect solution, this is enough to stop all pistol bullets, providing some protection.

The other thing I will do, is teach my children what to do in the case of such an attack. I will go into their classrooms with them and help them to identify the best hiding places. I will show they how to escape and when they are big enough, I’ll teach them how to fight back.

My grandchildren are too valuable for me not to do this. How about yours?

Written by

Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at] survivopedia.com.

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  • nice article I am hoping to go to lansing MI this coming week to a rally for gun rights

  • If people do not wake up soon the problem is only going to get worse and I believe the fight will start in the streets soon.

  • Excellent article, but… Some doors in school open out, not in. Teachers have a plan for all kids to bunker down behind the Teachers desk. I do not think the plan will allow for a maverick student to hide elsewhere. I agree with you , but the rules in play , you need to be aware of. Your Grandchildren will not be the only students in the room. Usually 22 plus kids at one classroom.

  • Try hornet spray as an up close deterrent. It shoots an aimed stream 20 feet. Check legality of carrying in back pack. 20 feet is too close but at least it is something.
    Yes, I am a teacher. Special needs kids who won’t run won’t hide and won’t stay quiet.

  • Why don’t they just install metal detectors at the entrances of all schools. That way security could search and seize any weapons brought into schools.

  • “ballistic isnert”

    Your/Any manufacturer recommendations?

  • I found this article to be very thought producing! My Grandkids are going to be Homeschooled but that doesn’t mean that I am not interested in the ways to make the schools for other kids safer! Maybe with President Trump we’ll find a way!

  • Any number of thing if not all things can be used too hide a bom of many sizes im suprised that the people have not tryed using more bond like the terist are doing all over the world They can do that and never be in danger of geting shot

  • agreed, education, and protection are necessary, nothing we can do about radical’s with mental issues, but teaching a child how to be respectful and responsible, will give all, a better chance at living in peace, and safety. Being Educated means not having to live in Fear, being prepared, is learning how to be Responsible , and knowing how to protect your family and friends,… and that confidence, that we can defend ourselves, translates into looking out for everyone,

  • To start, concerning Viet Nam, in 1969 we went into Cambodia and raided a headquarters. we discovered papers that stated not to engage American troops, Let the American anti-war movement win it for us, and the protesters did to the expense of all Americans killed from 69-73. I was there.
    Fact 4= no data equals no facts. Your opinion is well expressed, but can’t be considered a fact.
    Most Americans want the NICS updated and working. Even you stated he should not have been able to buy a gun. That is what most people want. People who should not have a gun due to mental issues should not be able to get one.
    You are very right about criminals getting guns. What is the solution? I wish I knew.
    However, I do agree with 90% of what you state. Good article!

    • I am also with freedom, rights (including gun rights) and power to the people as expressed in the comments. What I do not understand is that there is little to no discussion about the pharmaceutical drugs these shooters are on as well as the absence of fathers and positive male role models in their lives AND the enormous amount of all kinds of violence in the media especially Hollywood. And, I believe, we Americans need to address the violence in our history including the atrocities that has gotten us to where we are today which is not looking too good. Aho !!

    • I am not as worried for my children and my family of mass shootings as I am of the government eroding, assaulting, and then removing my Second Amendment rights. History has shown us what happens to a population that is unarmed. They become slaves, serfs and pawns to others – usually an elite class. That is the planned result and socialism is the tool used to achieve this state. In short, the new NICS rules are to allow the government to identify every single firearm in the country and to know who possesses or controls it. Hitler, Stalin Chavez and many others have used this to make lists of owners and then confiscate their weapons. Disarming the population has been a tool of would be despots since before the Roman Empire. Our Founders knew this and it is the true reason for the Second Amendment and they made this known in their writings. Perhaps this is why they and their ideas are under attack ny the Left today.
      Updating of the NICS ? It is to add those determined to be mentally ill? Is it? Maybe to some extent, yet as such it does not require a medical determination or a court order. It lets any relative, for example a spouse one is separated from, make that determination as well as sometimes neighbors and any police officer. There are no set standards. It now will cover any transfer of a firearm, even one such as the gifting of one from father to son. It is all about making the list.
      A friend went to a university lecture and one of the students asked, has there ever been a crime solved by the NICs. The student said no and then was greeted with hostile hoots and boos. The lecturer said, maybe there has never been a crime solved by the NICS. But it has prevented tens of thousands. The student said how could a person know this. More hoots and howls and the student was forced to leave the lecture.
      The NICS has become a means of gun control, because they are making a gun registry.

      You know what comes next.

  • Wonderful article, but I also think it is just a start.
    Yes, maintain our right to be armed, yes to teach our children to survive, fight when needed, protect others when possible and lead peers in such.

    But i have been watching society for 40 years with my eyes open as much as I have been capable of. I have put much thought towards the big picture of the broken parts of the large world of man kind, along with the results of those parts.

    What I am about to say has nothing to do with blame, just trying to speak out of truth of what I personally have seen. I feel there has been multiple things for multiple generations that have lead our society to the place where we find ourselves.
    Enabling of victom stances, Allowing psychological and medical terms to be used as excuses for poor unfruitful behavior, Fear driven teachings for generations, Feeding & enabling instant gratification, Feeding individualism vs community mindness and No real accountability with in every type of relationship and I could go on with this list of Broken Elements that has had a hand in developing to Communities and society that we are now living in.

    In order to change them we need to band together and come from every direction and rectify and undo every element that has feed into this environment to which we live.

    Now personally am just one woman that feels like I can see so much so clearly, yet feel so powerless at times. Because if it is left to one or only a few, no change can occur, I will just be put in a padded cell and everything continues on the progressive path that it is on.
    However, if we (all that can see all the elements) start fighting with educating and equipping each other and our children in all the elements that need to change, we may be able to make the changes that most of us (left, right, middle, upper and lower) desire to see happen.

    As Forrest Gump said “That’s what I have to say about that” 😉

    Keep it up in all you do and Keep broadening your view of the big picture, Fight like the lives of future generations to come depend on us, and Lord have mercy on on us all.

  • Good article about how the issue of gun violence is so politicized. Both liberals and conservatives are missing the point.about mass shootings, particular those involving the school shooting in Florida. We don’t need Hitler to tech us that controlling what children learn will control their views as adults. It’s common knowledge. Education as delivered through schools of all types is purely indoctrination whether it’s secular or sectarian indoctrination. It has been and still is used by U.S., state and local governments in delivery of education in public schools to shape the world view of their children as adults. The indoctrination is assisted by media, including Hollywood and TV personalities, political parties, donors, unions, religious groups and activists.

    As a baby boomer I have a vivid memory of the Duck and Cover education about what to do if as a child I saw the blast of a Russian atomic bomb. I was told: “Duck and cover!” If you were in school after seeing the blast the best placed to do so was under the student’s desk.This so-called Civil Defense message from the Defense Department was taught in every public school in the country. It was paid for by U.S. tax payers and supported by the National Teachers Association. As a result of this education the children were taught to believe that Russians are evil killers.of innocent children. This indoctrination controlled what the children learned about Russia in order to control their world view as adults. Just look at the hysteria today over alleged Russian interference in the Ukraine, the 2016 election and Syria. Many baby boomers are in control of government, political parties and media today. These people in their influential positions express their world views about Russia in a negative light. The indoctrination of Duck and Cover worked. Thde feaar of Russia prevails.

    If not careful indoctrination from government with the support of the media will educate our children into believing that gun ownership is evil, as evil as the Russians, and use of a gun for self-defense is merely an illusion put forth by right-wing extremist. What so many seem to miss in the latest gun issue and school safety is that incidents like Parkland and others are very rare events in the world of gun violence. Of the millions of school students who attend schools in the country 5 days a week for at least 6 hours a day the vast and overwhelming majority of them go to and from school safely without incident. What seems to grip the school shootings issue more than anything else is fear. Nothing more drives the discussion. Very little of the blame is pointed at the actual shooter.

    Some fears are reasonable. Others are not. The fear that unless we ban ownership and possession of certain guns or increase the age limit for the purchase of them or increase information to be obtained in a background check all of the schools in the country are subject to what happened in Parkland is one of those unreasonable fears given the rarity of school shootings.

    What we need to focus on is not more guns to protect children in schools but indoctrination of our children to recognize the difference between real fears and unreasonable ones in order to not allow their world views t be driven by hysteria.

  • Bill, I related to and liked everything you wrote. But I also did a little fact checking with a life long friend who lived in Israel for many years. Here’s what he wrote back. The para about Israel is quite simply inaccurate; teachers are not armed.

    • I lived in Israel for 6 years. That is true,.because they have armed police or soldiers at schools. Yoiur friend must be a lefty as he sort of misinformed you.

      • Yes, they have armed security in almost every school…. they also have well trained and armed personnel on every one of their airliners. No more mass shootings and No more hijackers.

  • California just passed perhaps the strictest gun control laws in the country. But, they totally violate the Constitution.
    The Ninth Amendment says: The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people..
    The Tenth Amendment says: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. California Constitution, Article III, Section 1 states: The State of California is an inseparable part of the United States of America, and the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land.
    Any infringement upon the right to own and bear arms of any type, is prohibited by the Second Amendment; thus, California is without authority to make gun laws that infringe upon that right. Simple as that.
    In District of Columbia v. Heller (2008), the Supreme Court handed down a landmark decision that held the amendment protects an individual right to possess and carry firearms. In McDonald v. Chicago (2010), the Court clarified its earlier decisions that limited the amendment’s impact to a restriction on the federal government, expressly holding that the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment incorporates the Second Amendment against state and local governments. In Caetano v. Massachusetts (2016), the Supreme Court reiterated its earlier rulings that “the Second Amendment extends, prima facie, to all instruments that constitute bearable arms, even those that were not in existence at the time of the founding” and that its protection is not limited to “only those weapons useful in warfare”. In other words, the restrictions placed by California on various weapons is in direct violation of the United States Supreme Court’s decisions in 2008, 2010, and 2016.
    In the Heller decision, in 2008, the court pointed out:
    “Just as the First Amendment protects modern forms of communications, and the Fourth Amendment applies to modern forms of search, the Second Amendment extends, prima facie, to all instruments that constitute bearable arms, even those that were not in existence at the time of the founding.”
    The Heller Court also determined that “keep and bear arms” was not limited to use as a member of a militia, but for the purpose of “self-defense” of the person and his home.

    • You’re absolutely correct James, so how are they getting away with this literal crime against the Law of The Land, and why are we allowing them to?

    • I don’t think that politicians or people on the Left give a rat’s butt about the Constitution unless they find it useful to themselves.

  • Look, these kids around the nation have joined the Parkland victims not because they understand anything, but because it is now another fad in their lives they can get excited about, like saggy-pants or padded bras or eating Tide-pods (detergent) or other silly stuff that gets them excited. Granted, the shooting, any shooting, is not silly but their arguments are simply short-sighted and immature. Letting immature children challenge inviolate constitutional freedoms is stupid in itself.

    We are close to war from the outside, and close to civil war on the inside from Islam jihadists and Leftist pro-socialist movement. There is no way the hundreds of millions of Americans are going to part with their guns, no way. If pro-gun folks or socialists or jihadists press them into a civil war, who do you think will be the losers? Not the Second Amendment folks. Consider what happens if Americans were disarmed, and the terrorism kicks off. Do you think the police can handle that all on their own? Americans are the militia. It is not about folks deciding to become a member of the militia; they are intrinsically militia. The only question is what organized troupe do they join. That is the right guaranteed by the Second Amendment and Bill of Rights, as well as the Fourth Amendment.

    • Amen

  • We’ve got jihadists in the Muslim enclave in Riverside, on the land belonging to or near the land of March Air Force Base. They have been weaponized by minority personnel from the Base itself who sympathize with Islam. That is a fact. It is a No-Go Zone, like many others around the USA. You think they are going to stop radicalizing others or give up their weapons and go back to the Middle-East without a fight? They are here for no other reason than to bring terrorism and slaughter to Americans and, like they have already done in North Africa, they will go after school children. I take it you haven’t see the ISIS-posted video of about 300 yards of ditch filled with the bodies of young Christian children murdered, hundreds of them? Have you? Have you seen the 15 or so little children ISIS crammed into steel cages, poured gasoline on them and burned them alive? We’re not going to let that happen here. We love our children. Recently an Al-Queda leader called for attacks to begin (everywhere), and they’ve said before to attack the children. Just two days ago, right after the Al-Queda leader’s call for violence, a small truck loaded with 3 gas bottles and cans of gasoline tried to attack the Fairfield CA Air Force Base, got run off into a ditch and then set himself on fire along with the gas. Disarm Americans?! No way.
    We have the Second Amendment to protect ourselves from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Gun-grabbers will NEVER overturn the Second Amendment. Never.

  • Our company (www.big6llp.com) has addressed all these issues for final protective shelter for both active shooter or tornado (VAST6). In-classroom collapsible ballistic shelter that is only 29 inches thick when not in use, opens in less than 20 seconds, and is custom built for individual classroom populations and any limiting building considerations. The Level 8 ballistic composite material allows cellular and radio traffic without interference and absorbs the bullets, trapping them to reduce ricochets. . Lights, fans, and battery back-up is standard. FEMA grants may also be available. Our approach was like the fire prevention model. The schools still need to do most of their procedures but as the last resort, this level of ballistic protection will greatly increase survival chances.
    This is at least a good possibility but the amount and type of incoherent excuses abound when presented to superintendents, SROs, etc.

  • Regarding fact 3, if all guns could be made by magic to disappear, violent criminals would then invade my home in a group of 6 or more armed with machetes or clubs.If my wife, and son and I are similarly armed, they still prevail. In medieval warfare,the army with greater numbers usually won. The efforts of the “useful idiots”could actually have a positive effect. I am hearing that the NRA and Gun Owners of America are seeing an increase in donations/membership. Also is the fact that for decades the left has said,”we don’t want to take your guns”.But they have now broken cover and revealed to everyone that was the plan all along. Law abiding gun owners are waking up, and hopefully will dig in their heels now and fight back (legally of course) One of the Founding Fathers said, ” We must all hang together, for if we do not, surely we will all hang separately. “

    • Ben Franklin said it at the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

  • At the beginning of this article, I was like, oh another conspiracy theory piece. But I commend the author on some common sense suggestions for dealing with these types of situations. The key thing here is that the ‘protesters’ are not willing to engage in meaningful conversation, as they have been ‘co-opted’ by the propagandists.

  • Some curious history of mass shootings. And why is the FBI and local police implicated in negligent participation in nearly all of the recent mass shootings?? As yourself if the violence and insanity of the left could not escalate to where they would shoot people to try to achieve an agenda.


  • Thank you James Lewis for presenting the facts in a well thought out logical order. Every American needs to read your wise words.
    Every true patriotic American citizen will agree with you. The liberal movement is not comprised of true patriots. These people will
    Never agree with your wise words of truth. They have a new vision for America. Like Obama the imposter, they want fundamental
    Change and burn the constitution. We are heading into very chaotic times of violence, rage and disorder. These liberals love big government,
    Hate big business and think like socialists. They also support the new world order, which does away with sovereinity. It’s all going to come
    To a head and explode. All true Christians must get right with God and be prepared.

  • Many have referenced people of 30 years ago to today’s people. What has been increasing are mental health issues such as Neurodevelopemental Disorders. A component in this disorder is this:
    The general theory of crime holds that self-control is established in early childhood through three major factors:
    • the strength of the parent-to-child emotional bond
    • adequate supervision by parents, parents’
    • ability to recognize punishable behavior, and appropriate discipline by parents.
    This will not be an overnight fix and for now we need to keep people safe. Arming teachers who could easily be overpowered by a student if not the answer. With an armed guard you have a variety of very scary events. AIM, REACTION TIME, PREPAREDNESS, ADRENALINE, AND THEN PRAY THERE IS NOBODY ELSE IN THE CROSSFIRE.
    I have a door available from Italy with a weapon sensor in it. It has been keeping banks in Europe safe since the late 70’s.
    Then with state and local government savings from attendants on metal detectors we can direct that money to mental health.

  • If all guns could be eliminated with the wave of a wand, how long would it take for guns to show up in the U.S.? A month? A week? A day? It would only be hours, as the criminal element that runs drugs across our eve- so-porous borders also brings guns with them. There are other criminals who deal in illegal guns that use the same crossing points as drug runners, so guns would be in the hands of criminals in a matter of hours. Now, if we had better border security, such as a very large wall, we could reduce, but not eliminate, the number of illegal guns from coming into the U.S. The cost of a simple wall is nothing to the cost of crime perpetrated by criminals who cross our borders illegally to do their criminal business. They are aided by the liberal left which wants our borders open so that “future voters” will be able to access to our polls and keep them in office. Right out of the socialist handbook.

    • I am a retired Border Patrol Agent. Several times in my career, I participated in the seizure of weapons shipments into the US. Customs seized far more. Most were arms being smuggled into the US by criminal organizations to sell to other criminals. Some were even weapons capable of automatic fire, such as real military versions of AK-47s and M-16s and FN-FALs. There are many arms and ammunition factories even in South America. They sell to brokers who sell to criminal gangs and cartels who smuggle them into the US.

  • Mr Lewis………I like your style, Sir!