Prep Blog Review: Tips for Your Food Independence

When preparing for disaster, there are a lot of steps that you should take into consideration for your survival. Food storage is probably the most important one of those steps, whether you are choosing the proper food and building the stockpile, or starting to grow your own food for you and your family.

You’ll find below some tips for being food independent, and also a few ideas for composting your garbage. We found them for you these days, when stumbling upon other blogs and preparedness sites for our weekly prep blog review.

1. What Is the Best Kind of Milk for Food Storage

milk“Milk is something that most families consume in generous amounts. However, when it comes to storing it, most of us realize pretty quickly that fresh milk won’t last more than a couple of weeks at most. As a result, milk is often an item that is frequently omitted from a family’s emergency food storage.

But why should we let a short shelf life prevent us from storing an American food staple? Something that is not only delicious and versatile but that also contains healthy vitamins and minerals such as large amounts of calcium?”

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2. You Should Include This Perfect Survival Vegetable in Your Garden


“Although any proper survival garden should have a wide variety of plants in order to completely satisfy your nutritional needs, there is one vegetable that is practically designed with the prepper in mind.

It survives the strongest storms and winds, produces many nutritious fruits, it’s “fruits” are easy to pick and store, and provide valuable protein and starches for muscle development and energy. Furthermore, this vegetable is one that even many picky eaters will willingly bite into given half the chance!”

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3. 5 Easy Steps to Composting

five-easy-steps-to-composting-(1)“Getting compost together isn’t difficult, nor is managing it.

There are just 5 easy steps to composting to get you on your way to all the black gold you could ever want!”

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This article has been written by Gabrielle Ray for Survivopedia.

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  • Very useful tips! Suggesting the potato as the ultimate storage vegetable is brilliant, there are literally zero people that I know, that don’t love them!